Book Review: Killdeer

Killdeer by Anne B. Walsh #bookreview #fiction #scififantasy

Anne B. Walsh wrote my absolute favorite Harry Potter fanfiction. So I started following her when I realized she also wrote actual fiction.

I first read her collection of short stories all centering around cats (Cat Tales). Which of course is why I bought it. The longest short story in the collection was actually the first part of this novel, so of course I had to buy it too. (A scifi book involving cat people and space. It was an easy choice.)

The protagonist is a plucky young girl who doubts herself, but is brave in the face of her fear. It's cute and a fun read, and even has some gender transgression. The book describes the meeting of two cultures, one like our own, and one fairly different with different gender norms. But there are individuals who transgress those norms, which always makes me happy.

In summary: This is a quick and light-hearted feel good read. With cat people. And space ships. Purr....