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Entry #2 – On AOC and “Ted” Cruz teaming up

So, here's how I see what's politically occuring – Ted Cruz knows he's on the outs with Trump, but he's still GOP loyal, and knows that if this system blows apart, he's not going to have any political capital whatsoever; the GOP reputation among cishetwhite people is already in the shitter, and again, most of these GOP candidates who are suddenly “standing against Trump!” are only doing so to go back to the old system of dogwhistle racism, misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia that we had before because they know that the less subtle you are, the more likely that the common person who “doesn't get into all of that political stuff”, “doesn't discuss politics in polite company”, and “thinks all sides are stupid” and “both sides are equally bad(because they're owned by the same corporations, don'tcha know)(read that: a group that's also majority cishetwhite and privileged enough to opt out of the conversation) is going to be to know who's neck to put in the guillotine. Ted also knows that his toxic, coconut ass is in a good position to put AOC over a theoretical barrel by using what little capital he has as GOP to “team up” with AOC because he believes that he's tarnishing her supposed purity with the left(ask me how shocked I am that a GOP/Libertarian supporter wants to “tarnish a woman”); his media assholes probably already have a bunch of young GOP members who “understand that whole Twitter thing” ready to post how she's “working with Ted”, and to keep pushing that media out so they can point back at her and say, “Look!She's working with the GOP!She's one of them!” to try to stop any left leaning momentum she has by any means possible. I dare say that they see how she could take over the position of Elizabeth Warren should she become president, and that terrifies them to their very core because they KNOW – not think, but KNOW – that the progress they've made toward turning the US into their own Gilead/Dystopian hellscape will be pushed back faster than a Lil Nas X Wrangler commercial on the CMT network.

In this case, however, some of the fault still lies with the Dems, though, because they shouldn't be working with GOP with a track record like his; if AOC had refused to work with him outright, the GOP would have went right to the same social media and cried, “Waaah!The Dems don't want to work with us!”, and spewed the same fuckboy bullshit script they always said when they used to be able to trot out “Ol' Maverick” John McCain and speak pretty words about “Bipartisanship” and “Both sides” as they planned where to stick the knife in the back of the left again while quoting the Frog and the Scorpion the whole time. They say that a person really shows you who they are when they have power, and we've seen what the GOP/Libertarians do every single fucking time, and we're now seeing this behavior yet again – there is NO reason to trust Ted(especially when Rafael doesn't even use his real name), and NO REASON to trust the GOP, whether it's people like Rafael, or these clownshoes piles of medical waste shit who keep “Standing against Trump!” nowadays when they never rode on Bush Jr, Bush Sr, Reagan, Nixon, or any other politician who engaged in endorsing the same policies that his predecessors did. There was no “golden era” in which this happened – the GOP/Libertarians are a bunch of sociopaths who are willing to bend reality as it suits them, and who keep tabs and dirt on Democrats to bend them back to their will when they need to, and I'm sick of people speaking wistfully of a time when the parties would work together when the GOP/Libertarians have always had the same goal – hell, they've had to rebrand so hard that they used to call themselves Democrats.

Does this sound like something I've said before?Ask yourself this question – is this me repeating myself for some sort of online credit, or am I saying this because yet again, I see a dog eating it's own shit?

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