Trans Fem focused adult stories

Painted Pony

Ponyplay, BDSM, Latex, Exhibitionism

Standing by the door, I indicate the large gear bag. You perk up, the club is always fun but there is only one reason for me to break out the worn old duffel bag. It's heavier than usual too. Holding the handle with both hands we leave and walk the short walk to the bus stop. The ride isn't long, but seems like forever. Something inside the bag is filled with a thick liquid which glugs occasionally as it shifts. You shift in the seat in excitement, it's been ages since the last time you got to suit up and these stops are only making it worse.

Finally, the bus arrives by the warehouses. Two blocks down the lit street and the converted unit bleeds lights from the row of tinted windows along the top. The club looks busy, and we take a place in line as the bouncer allows people in at a steady drip. When you finally make it in, you can see the stage is set up for a show. The dance area is filled with tables and chairs, people are mingling instead of enjoying the usual thumping party. You tug on my arm asking what is happening tonight. “There are a few kink shows happening.”

You nod, my vague reply par for the course by now. “Let's watch some of the show before we play!” I say, as I lead us over to an empty table. Presently heavy wooden stocks are pushed out onto stage by a pair of submissives, nude save for bridles, who are then locked in place. A pair of leather clad dommes walk out, girlcocks swaying as they do. One uses a crop to warm up on the first sub, as the other places her member in the subs' mouth. The beating grows in intensity, but the sub never breaks stride, bringing the domme to climax on the sub's face.

The dommes swap subs and positions, the show continues. The first sub stays as quiet and unmoving after their performance as the second did while listening to the first's beating. The riding crop now spraying droplets of sweat around the stage as the beating continues. Both of the silent, unwavering subs show off incredible amounts of self control and pain tolerance. releasing the subs, the dommes walk them both through the crowd by leads, showing off the deep purple welts covering both abused asses.

Grabbing you by the hand, I pull you away and over to one of the playrooms that run around three of the walls of the club. The door squeaks softly as I shut it behind us, before I take the bag from your hands and set it on the bench, where I unzip it and being to pull out gear. As you tug off your outfit and fold and place it on the bench you watch my pile the hoof cups, tail, crop, and bridle on the end. Next, a large paint can emerges out from the bag as well, then sweep your pile of clothes into the bag and zip it back up. Sliding the hooves next to you, I step behind you with the bridle and slip the fine worked leather over your face. The smell of the oils and the leather itself sends tingles down your spine as I tighten the clasp around the back of your head. “Finish getting ready, we are next.”

You ask sheepishly where your body suit is, hoping I didn't forget it at home. “We won't need that tonight, I have something else in mind instead. Now, hurry we don't want to keep everyone out there waiting do we?” You blush and shake your head, jangling the metal of the bridle. Stepping into the foot cups you bend down and fasten the buckles. Taking the opportunity, I swat your ass with the crop. The impact marks fades quickly into your skin. Sliding your hands into the front hooves, I fasten those clasps and attach a lead to your collar.

Taking the can and your tail in hand, I lead us out the door. The stage is clear by the time we walk to the steps, and all eyes are on you and your almost naked body. “Tonight, I shall turn this humble pet into a pony worthy of awe and admiration!” The crowd claps quietly. Undoing the lead from your collar, I whisper to you to strike a pose. You rear back, showing off your chest and girlcock. This is met with another round of polite applause from the audience. From behind you, a loud pop. Like a can of paint being opened.

As I walk in front of you, you see the can I carried is filled with a thick black liquid. However much it might look like paint, it smells faintly of plastic. I set it on the stage. In my other hand I have a small brush, which I dip in the liquid then I brush on your calves. The liquid is far colder than you expected, but you resist the urge to flinch. Slowly you feel me apply a thin coat of the material to your lower legs, down to the cuffs of your hooves. More of the liquid runs up your inner thighs as your girlprick starts to flare.

I paint up to the base of your member, leaving most of it uncovered. The cool liquid turns warm on your legs as it cures, leaving a dry coating that moves and bends as your muscles flex and strain to stay in position. Another wet plop and I begin covering your ass. You snort softly as the bristles tickle you while working between your cheeks. The brush clanks in the can as I let it drop. A few moments later, pressure at your ass then the familiar plop of your tail plug and your cheeks burn under your bridle while the crowd chuckles.

It isn't long until I have your back and stomach covered as well. Your legs feel fully dry now and the curing heat has dissipated. The brush clanks again and you feel my hands rolling your nipples back and forth, pinching and squeezing between thumb and forefinger. Once your nipples are fully hard, I start painting your chest. Working the brush between your cleavage and over both nipples leaving nice, ample, perky nipples poking under. As I cover your arms, you can finally see the thick liquid as it is applied all glossy and black.

Finishing the fast drying latex around your wrists, I daub some around your neck blending to your chest. The stage lights finish drying your painted on latex suit within another minute. As I run a moist finger down your back, you hear the latex squeak, then feel my crop. I reattach the lead to your collar, then walk you around the stage and through the crowd. Your uncovered girlcock rages from the attention and the sensation of the plastic on your skin. Guiding you ahead with my crop, I hold the lead and drive you around the club.

Finally, I stop you at the edge of the stage where your forehooves can rest on it. The lead drops to the stage, and my hands reach around you. One squeezes on your breasts, kneading and pinching through the material. The other strokes the underside of your girldick. Taking my hand away from your chest, I slowly work the base of your tail plug deeper into you. Your member flexes and twitches in my other hand as the plug touches your prostate. Wrapping my hand fully around your girlcock, I slowly stroke from the base, to past your tip.

My hand collects a slick of moisture from your member and strokes back down smoothly while I continue to push and pull the plug into you. The wells of pleasure start building in you, and you whinny not so softly before biting your lip and catching yourself in embarrassment. Faster and faster the plug rubs inside of you. My hand pauses near the head of your girldick and teases under it with a fingernail. As the pleasure from the plug builds and wells inside of you, you feel the seal around the latex break and the tail plop out and fall.

Wiping my member with your flowing juices I push into the gap left by the plug inside of you and begin stroking you again. My girlprick is much larger than the plug was and you cry out as it slides all the way into you. All you hear is the squeak of latex as I pound your ass. My hand speeds up stroking your member as mine speeds up penetrating you. In and out, down and up. I rub on your prostate as my hand tickles under the head of your girldick. The slapping of my thighs on yours and the peeling noise as they separate fill your head.

Your body tenses as the pleasure quakes within you. Shaking your head, you send them the metal parts of your bridle rattling again, then clop a hoof on the stage. Spurts of your seed hit the edge of the stage, piling on the lip before sliding down to the floor. Sweat beads down your neck, and the rest of your seed rolls down your thigh, each liquid adding an extra sheen to the latex. With a thrust so hard I slam your hips into the edge of the stage, my hard girlcock sends ripples of my pleasure, and my seed, through you. Breathing hard, you let your weight rest on the stage as the audience claps and I clean your mess up with a small towel from the duffel bag. Grabbing the lead, I tug and you follow me back to the our playroom. Even shutting the peep window, a soft squeaking can still be heard.$JennyFoxes

Rave Night

Exhibitionism, Drugs, Anonymous Partner

You look skeptically at Ashley as she holds an outfit for you. “It's cold out, and you want me to wear that?” The latex top and miniskirt appear far too revealing for your tastes. Loose jeans and a t-shirt and a hoodie over top would be much more your speed. She shakes her head. “No no, you will overheat super fast once we get inside! Fifty people dancing and rubbing and partying all at once makes a building heat up.” “Yeah, about that, I still don't know how you talked me into going to this. Couldn't we start out having like, a game night?”

The young woman sighs, her moderate chest bouncing as she shakes her head. “I want you to get out and meet people, not min max numbers for three hours. Now stop complaining, trust me, and strip. You have to at least try this on before you say no. It's gonna look great on you.” Rising from Ashley's bed you peel off your jeans and the tee you had on. She walks around you twice, then unhooks your bra. “I have a better one you can borrow for tonight. It'll perk up your boobs.” You blush, at hearing her talk about your body like that. “I love you and your tits, you know that. But this is a party. Dressing up and showing off is half the fun! Now dress.” She thrusts a handful of clothes into your hands and crosses her arms expectantly. Giving up, you put on the padded bra Ashley offered.

Slipping into the tight top, you struggle for a moment before getting both arms inside and sliding it down. Ashley straightens the back while you work up the miniskirt. Turning and looking in the mirror you grimace; it covers everything, but only just. You bounce on your toes a few times and see the white of your panties in the mirror. “Okay, I tried it on. How can I dance in something like this? Everyone will see my balls!” Ashley puts her arm around your shoulder. “No one is going to be looking, and no one cares there either.” “Besides, I keep telling you, that's a problem you could solve real easy!” Not dignifying her with a response, you start to look through her closet to see if there is anything in there you do like. The woman jerks you away. “Come on, I don't want to miss the bus.”

Ignoring your protests she thrusts precarious heels and a pair of fishnets into your hands. “Just get them on by the time we get there.” You wad up the fishnets and slip on the shoes to follow her out the door “Damn why won't you let me bring a jacket?” It is beyond brisk. Several minutes of cursing later and the bus finally pulls up. It is mercifully empty, so the two of you make it to the very back. Taking the corner seat, you slip off the shoes and discreetly work on the tights. Leaning on Ashley, you rest, until she tells you the club is next.

The cold air bites as you step off the bus. “Just a couple blocks, follow the lights.” The bright lamps illuminate the street and warehouses all the way to the club in the distance. Blowing on your hands, you keep pace with Ashley. “And you've been here before?” “Stop being a buzzkill, it's a really great place. Plus you really couldn't do this kinda club downtown anyway! Out of the way is good.” Somehow that doesn't really quell your nerves. Freezing, you reach the line at the entrance. You can hear the music from outside.

You look up to the windows, seeing lights strobing through every color of the rainbow pouring out. Ashley pulls on your shoulder; distracted as you are, you didn't realize you were next in line. The bouncer looks you up and down skeptically, while Ashley pleads with her eyes. At last, you're ushered in. The temperature difference smacks you in the face, the club is practically a sauna! The driving bass line of the music thumps as Ashley tries to get your attention. Eventually, you see her waving at you. She points to the bar as she walks away.

Not interested in a drink, you mill over to the railing that separated the walkway from what was now the dance floor. The crowd sure appears to be enjoying themselves, bouncing and rebounding to the songs. Sniffing though, you smell something. It smells floral in nature. Lavender, it smells like lavender. To your left you see a woman wearing a tight black shirt with the word 'staff' in fluorescent letters. You ask her about the smell, you can't really hear her but you make out the words leak and gas. She is holding gas masks and hands you one.

Taking the blue painted mask, you breath deeply. The lavender smell seems to be much stronger inside the mask, much to your surprise. Coughing you almost drop the mask, but as you exhale the world feels suddenly very fuzzy. And the music pulses seem to make the lights brighter. “Oh no honey, that is the leaky one!” The staff member sounds much clearer now. She hands you the green mask that was in her other hand. A little dazed, but suddenly very happy you came, you put on the other mask and breath in deeply. Still lavender, but smokier. You cough and due to the mask, breathe in more when trying to clear your lungs. By the third lungful you manage to get the mask back off. Now you notice that Ashley has returned, sipping a drink. Waving her over you ask if you can have a sip. “Well sure, you can.”

Without waiting for her to say anything else you gulp down a mouthful of the sweet, fiery liquid. Snorting, “What was that Ash?.” “Rum and cola, helps me get ready for the evening.” She downs the rest of drink before taking the green mask from you, and breathing deeply under it. By now you realize that you have been swaying back and forth to the beat of the music. It's actually rather fun, now that you're here, experiencing it. Pulling on Ashley's arm the two of you move out onto the dance floor. She takes hold of you, and squeezes into the crowd.

The hot, throbbing mass of people bounces and pushes along to the music and you push back. Ashley finds someone she knows in the dancing crowd of people. She is a tall, beautiful woman, wearing bright colors and swaying as hard as anyone else. The two embrace and she hugs you. The woman pulls out a little mint tin, and passes something to Ashley, who swallows it. She offers the tin to you, and you take one. It isn't very minty and Ashley smiles as you swallow it too. The woman accepts Ashley's invitation to stay and dance with the two of you for a bit.

The lights pulsate and the music bounces and after an indeterminate amount of time, Ashley and her friend start to walk away. Turning as they pass you, the friend grabs you by the shoulder and points to the far wall. The party is a lot more fun than you expected, but you follow. The two of them walk to one of the doors, and you follow them both inside. A padded floor and bench, with what look like straps. The friend closes the door behind you, shutting out the flashing lights and dulling the thumping music. Somehow the room feels warmer than outside.

Ashley must feel the same way, as she pulls her dress off. You strip off your tight latex top, and a coolness rolls over you. Ashley's friend puts her hands on your shoulders, making you jump at first. She begins to rub them though, and explosions of pleasure fire off in you. She leans around and bites your neck softly, and your girlcock starts to stir under the tiny miniskirt. Ashley approaches, breasts bouncing and cock already hard. She stretches over and kisses you deeply as her friend reaches around and starts to fondle your nipples.

You feel your face flush – you don't even know the woman behind you. Everything feels right and good to you though, especially when Ashley pushes her tongue into your mouth. Running your hands down Ashley's sides, you hold her hips as she sways slowly and pulls your skirt down. She breaks the kiss, and spins you by the shoulder to face her friend. You kiss the woman, who runs her nails up and down your back. The feeling is like zaps of electricity coursing through you. Your knees feel weak and you slowly sink to the floor, eyes on the woman's bulge.

The other two women start to kiss, while Ashley's friend works her panties down. Her girlcock dangles in front of you, tantalizingly. Excitedly, you take it in hand and guide her member into your mouth. You run your tongue along the sides and under the head, and she moans loudly. As you bob and suck, the girldick expands. Your nails run between her legs and she wobbles. Ashley pins you into place with her hips, sucking the girldick of her friend while they make out. You suck on the end of her member, and stroke down the rest of the shaft to her ass.

She pushes Ashley a step back, and the two of them help you stand. They lead you to the bench, where the woman sits. Ashley turns you to face her and kisses you. As you make out with Ashley, somehow your panties go missing, freeing your own hard girlcock from it's cotton bondage. The other woman grabs your hips and gently lowers you onto her cock. You bite your lip, the new sensation intense. She bounces you gently, working her member deep into you. As you settle onto the feeling of her cock in you, Ashley reclines, moaning, onto your own girldick.

The woman behind you starts to buck her hips, the stiff girldick in your ass filling you satisfyingly. Ashley seems to enjoy riding on your girlshaft, as she digs her fingers into your legs to steady herself. The cock in you pounds harder and harder, riding Ashley through you. Faster and faster the woman bounces both of you. Warm feelings of ecstasy flow between the cock in you and Ashley on your own. The breath is yanked from your lungs as you feel the woman's cock twitch and spurt her load into you, her hand on Ashley's member as she holds you.

Ashley spills her seed on the padded floor of the playroom, and her orgasm shakes her on your girldick. Behind you, the woman bounces you again prodding you with her parts. The waves of pleasure, warmth, and love wash over you too, and you bite Ashley's shoulder as you fill her. The three of you move to the floor of the room, enjoying the feeling that everything is perfect for now.$JennyFoxes

Backroom at the Club

BDSM, Humiliation, Musk, Fluids, Face Sitting

Looking at your phone, you see it's getting on to one. You finish your drink, wave the bartender over, and settle your tab. The club doesn't close for hours yet, but you have an appointment of sorts to keep. Smiling, you stand up from your stool and walk out of the club. Dipping away from the line of lights, much like you did last week, you walk to the far end of the warehouse that houses the club. Peeking down, you only see darkness and the end of the club's dumpster. Hearing nothing, you carefully walk into the alleyway to the dumpster.

Peering past the edge to the dimly lit end of the alley; you see only a back door to the club. You pull your phone out again, and turn on the screen. One on the dot now. You decide to wait a moment and see if they come out the back, Suddenly a weight slams you to the dumpster. “Look who showed up, babe!” It is the excited, now familiar voice of the person you mentally labeled Leathers. “Hah, you were right, the dirty piggy really wanted round two; guess I owe you head later.” Leathers presses on you hard enough that she forces the air from your lungs.

“Well it's your lucky night, someone scored the key to the club's back playroom.” Denim, as if on cue, dangles a key before you, on a small dark blue plastic ring. Leathers leans off of you, and as you catch your breath, she wraps her arm around your neck and leads you away. Stumbling on the slick alleyway, you struggle to stay on your feet as Leathers drags you to the door you saw a few minutes ago. Denim walks back into your view, slides the key into the lock and pulls the heavy metal door open. Leathers tugs you into the back playroom.

Creaking on rarely used hinges, the door slowly swings shut behind you. The room looks much like the other club playrooms, except half the floor is bare concrete. “No one knows you’re back here, and no one can peek in on our fun.” As Leathers speaks, she removes her jacket. The woman pushes you to the ground, and you watch Leathers walk to the side wall. Before you can see what she is doing Denim prods you onto your back with a sharp heel. The shorter woman straddles you in her ripped fishnets, leans forward slowly and holds your face in her hand. She pulls you forward for a kiss, then you feel warm wetness in your mouth. Denim releases your face and slaps you, causing you to swallow in surprise. Flashing on the far wall next to Leathers is a small red light. “Smile, star!” She chuckles and walks back towards you.

Grabbing your hair, Leathers twists your head up to hers. “On your knees, filth.” Then she lets you fall back to the ground. Shoving yourself onto your stomach, you push up. The rough concrete digs into your hands and knees, and you look up to see Leathers grinning down at you. Denim grabs your hair and yanks your face down to Leathers' boots. “Get to work, you worm!” Denim commands you as one of Leathers' boots waves slowly in front of your face. Closing your eyes you stick out your tongue and give the leather boot a lick.

Strong flavors of leather and polish, backed with hints of the street and dust. You cough and sputter as Leathers moves the other boot about. Shaking your head, you try to refuse. The spike of Denim's heel presses into the small of your back, and crying out, you open your mouth. As you work at the other boot Denim whispers into your ear. “If you don't start in the dirt, worm, you won't ever move up”. You hear her jacket land somewhere in a corner before an arm wraps around your neck. She isn't as muscular as Leathers is, but forces you back easily.

A bead of sweat runs down Denim's arm and across your face. “Feels so much better to have that off finally. Looking good for the club can be quite difficult” She muses as she forces her armpit over your mouth and nose. Her gentle musk overtakes your olfactory senses. “She must really like being under your arm, babe.” Leathers speaks as she kisses Denim, her hand petting you gently. You give into your baser nature, licking Denim's underarm. Sweaty and musky, she tastes wonderful. Denim laughs softly “That tickles, you dirty worm you.”

The smaller woman drags you to the padded half of the room and drops you back to the ground. Leathers is facing away from you, waving her ass slowly as her skirt works down her hips and thighs before landing at her bootless calves. Turning with a twirl, she walks towards you. Stopping in front of you, she wiggles her toes. You stretch your neck to lick at her toes, before sucking on them. Strong hints of the leather in her boots, and salty sweetness of her sweat from the night in the club. Leathers groans as you work your tongue between her toes.

Getting on her knees she rests with her ass over your face. “Time for you to pay up on the bet, babe. I'll get comfortable over here first.” Leathers leans back, resting her hips on her ankles and forcing your face between her cheeks. Reaching with your tongue, you tickle her. “Oooh fuck, she is good with that. Come over here, I got something for you too.” It's hard to hear with Leathers' thighs around your ears but Denim walks before Leathers. Looking around Leathers' large cock you watch Denim drop to her knees and start to suck upon her shaft.

You continue to poke and prod at Leathers' tender entrance as her weight wavers over you. From under her cock, you watch Denim pull Leathers' cock totally into her mouth. Bobbing up and down on the girldick, a bead of her drool slowly slides down Leathers before landing on you. The musclebound woman quivers and shakes, her thighs squeezing your head. Rivulets of sweat run down her back and off her backside, onto your neck and down your face. Denim makes a muffled noise as you feel her chin hit your forehead and Leathers seems to hold her in place.

Leathers cries out and puts more of her weight onto your upturned face. Unable to pull in a new breath, you focus on continuing to please her as her cock twitches and pumps its load into Denim. She pulls away, and you hear her sit on the room's padded floor with a loud thump. After a long pause Leathers pulls herself off of you, and you gasp in a breath. Looking over you see Denim wiping her chin before making eye contact with you. “Oh, I think our dirty worm still has a lot to work to do.” The woman stands up and dusts off her knees.

Denim grabs your shoulder, and pulls you over onto your chest. She sits back on the padding, spreading her legs. Her short denim skirt does a poor job of hiding her panties, slick with moisture. Crawling over to her, you carefully work her panties down with your mouth. Your tongue teases Denim's labia, then Leathers gives your ass a rough smack. “Up on your knees and spread open.” Raising your ass into the air, you wave it teasingly at Leathers. She silently pins your legs down with her own as she gets in place, thumping her hard cock on you.

With hardly any other warning she pushes into your tight, waiting ass. In tandem with her partner Denim mashes your face in her crotch. Her sweaty musk sends shivers down your spine. Running your tongue along and inside her labia causes the woman to grab your hair. She squeezes her thighs as tightly around your head as Leathers did a few moments ago. Behind you Leathers slowly slides back out, pauses, then pushes back in. This time her hand trails down your hip and between your legs, finding your own swollen and needy little girlcock.

She runs her nails down your shaft “Work for it, you filthy pig.” Her girldick tickles your prostate as she continues to use you as her cock sleeve. The waves of pleasure are dizzying, though Denim running her nails through your hair helps you stay focused on pleasing her. Tracing within her labia and tickling across her clit, your tongue dances across her genitals. She cries out in pleasure and her body quakes, but she only tightens her thighs around your head. Leathers pounds into you harder and harder, one hand stroking your desperate? girlcock.

Working around Denim's clit with your tongue, you feel her breathing quicken and a rumbling groan. A splash of her fluid hits your mouth, and you lick deeper; aching to clean every last drop. The cock in your ass continues to slam in and out, hips meeting ass over and over. Leathers' girlcock twitches deep in you and she moans with pleasure as she fills your insides with her seed. Her hand continues to work your own girlshaft, the building monsoon of pleasure in you reaching a crescendo. Your own seed splashes on the padding of the floor.

Leathers pulls back and rises, letting the circulation return to your legs. Curling on your side, you writhe as the pins and needles feeling wracks your body. Denim gathers and hands Leathers the pile of clothing from the ground. “Looks like she enjoys being used like this.” Leathers walks back to the red light while sliding her skirt up. The light flashes off and she puts a small object into her jacket pocket. She stoops over you and ruffles your hair. “Don't worry about the key, the door will lock on by itself. See ya around, cutie.” She works her boots back on and takes Denim's arm as the two women exit the dark, cold room your clothes in hand.$JennyFoxes


Restraint, Exhibitionism, Furniture Play

Standing quietly in the dressing room, you watch me dig through the costumes in the back racks. “I know it's here somewhere, tonight calls for something a little different.” Finally after minutes of shifting outfits around, and I pull something out triumphantly. A suit jacket, with short skirt. The bow tie dangling off the neck causes you to laugh. “Something funny, pet? You should be dressed already.” The outfit I picked out for you tonight could be described as 'A piece of rope'. Picking the skimpy thing up, you reluctantly strip.

Standing behind you, I help you loop the rope between your breasts, between your legs, and up your back. Pulling the harness, the soft rope slips slightly then locks in place. Then I reach around and cup your breasts, jiggling them in the braided rope that lifts and separates. “Perfect!” With a finger in a loop of the rope I pull you along with me. We stop at the entrance to the dressing room and I pat your ass “You may wear a simple skirt and top for the ride to the club as well.” The relief is palpable when you hear those words.

Pulling a plaid knee length skirt and simple white top from the rack you toss them on, along with a pair of shoes then we head out. Stopping at the door, I order you to pick up the packed play bag next to it. The bag is heavier than you expected, and clinks with metal. The cool spring air blows up the skirt, and chills your girlprick. Realizing now that the rope precluded wearing underwear you pull the hem down. Seeing you blush makes me laugh, and you hoist the bag in both hands, using it to pin down your girlcock and skirt.

The bus is more crowded than usual, and we head to as close to the back as we can manage. The rope rides up as we sit through the bus ride. Every other stop or so you discretely try to adjust the bondage into a less arousing position, your member behaving badly without tucking. Adjusting the tie, I lead us off the bus and down the lit road to the club. Even in the distance you see there is a tent set up outside the entrance tonight. “It's a special event tonight, so everyone inside must meet the dress code. You shouldn't have much trouble changing.

Ahead of us in line, you see many people in similar fancy dress as mine. Shifting back and forth on your feet, you start to feel underdressed. Watching you get anxious I lean over and whisper “I always take care of you, all you need to do is strip down to your harness.” You slip off the skirt and top you quickly threw on, and can feel your cheeks burn as your face flushes. I lean over and kiss your cheek softly as you work off your socks and the butterflies in your stomach fade.

Inside, the club is playing symphonic music instead of the usual bopping dance music. As your eyes adjust to the light, you see that tonight is a special event indeed. Where usually there are tables and chairs around the bar, now the tables and chairs are naked submissive. A living buffet runs along the stage, with trays of food arranged on the naked, muscular property. We walk through the club, arriving at a far wall. A row of short benches have been pulled out, and several people are sitting farther down with living tables holding food.

I point at the ground, and you set down the bag. Unzipping the bag, I pull out several lengths of metal. With the metal in hand, I walk behind you. The chill of metal nips at your back as I threat the rods through your rope harness. The rods slide down, to your knees. Carefully I guide you to your knees. Instructing you to reach behind you with both arms, I lean you backwards until your hands reach the ground. Without any further help, you get up on your feet. Reaching into the bag, I now produce several short leather straps.

One wraps around each of your legs at the knees, and one around each wrist. Two final rods slide through the shoulders of your harness and slot into the wrist straps. Testing the bars, you find they limit your movement but don't support your weight. In the crowd, you recognize Emily, and her sub Ashley making their way towards us. Ashley is harnessed similar to you, while Emily is wearing a tailored black leather suit with jacket and tie. Emily begins to pull metal rods out and arrange Ashley into a chair.

While you watch that process, I pull a long narrow bag from the larger play bag. Unzipping it, I reveal a long piece of glass and place the plank on your chest and stomach. You stagger from the added weight for a moment but adjust your distribution and steady yourself. Beneath the glass, you watch Emily as I enjoy a meal. Our drinks roll back and forth in their glasses as you breath, and your muscles tense as either of us press down with our forks. Ashley shifts and squirms, as Emily leans back and rests her weight on the woman's chest.

Your member, already excited from being bound, slowly starts to press the glass to one side. You watch me lick a finger, then slide it out of view. Moments later you feel the finger run along the bottom of your girldick and slide your naughty piece straight under the glass. Twisting your head to the other side, you can see Ashley's own small girlcock poking it's head out from underneath Emily. Finishing my meal, I put my thumb over your nipple and press downward on the glass. You cry out and the glass table shudders drawing attention.

Waving a member of the club's staff over, he takes away our dishes while Emily and I start to rearrange slightly. We pull the piece of glass off of you, allowing you to take a deep breath and relax from the reduced load. Emily, muscular as ever, picks up Ashley. She places her living chair in front of your face. A brief tickle and you realize I have pulled the metal rods from your arms. “Lower down pet, Ashley has been a good girl and I promised Emily she could use you.” Flexing down, you line your mouth up with the lithe girl's member.

Emily guides her seat in place and your tongue starts to lick and tease the smaller woman's girldick. Emily walks along your side, a hand idly running along your abdomen. She reaches back and gently rubs the nipple I pressed on through the glass a minute before. Your leg twitches slightly, the stimulation still intense, though your moan is muffled by Ashley's member. Emily drags a fingernail softly down your cleavage, and along your abdomen. She pauses momentarily to tease as your belly button before drifting to your girlbits.

Your member is quite hard, and it twitches as she runs her fingertips along the underside. Running the tip of her index finger along the top of your girlshaft, she takes the bead of pre that has formed and runs it around the head of your girldick, causing more twitches. “Mind if I?” Emily asks me while holding your slick girlcock in her hand. Without speaking, I nod affirmative and watch as she slowly undoes the leather trousers and pulls her muscular legs out, one at a time. Her heavy girldick sits forward in her panties.

Ashley twists and moans in the bracing that holds her in chair shape, your tongue darting across the end of her member. Taking one of each of your nipples in hand I alternate rolling and squeezing Ashley and yourself. Emily slips her panties off and reaches a leg over you. She slides expertly onto your hard member, resting her weight on your hips for a moment as she wiggles and adjusts her positioning. Pushing herself back up, as if she were doing squats she then lowers back down. Her own girldick stiffening from the movement and stimulation.

Ashley, finally unable to contain herself, blasts her load off your tongue and into the back of your mouth. She blushes and squeezes her legs as close together as her chair frame will allow. Moving both hands to you I work your chest softly while Emily speeds up on your member. You can feel the tell tale scar between Emily's legs as her thick girldick bounces on your stomach. You flex and try to arch your back, the rods still holding you stiff. Wells of warm pleasure lap inside of you, growing like a storm as Emily rides your girlprick faster. Finally, you explode inside of Emily. She slides all the way down onto your member as it fills her with your warm girlseed. With a few flicks of her wrist, her girlcock lets a river of her own clear girlcum drizzle down your stomach and into the ropes. Undoing the rods that hold you in place, I whisper “what a good girl you were tonight” as I go along.$JennyFoxes

Working Woman

Feminization, Implied Sex Work

You check your phone again. No new mail, just like five minutes ago. Sitting on the edge of your bed, you fall back your phone next to you. It was a long shot anyway. A chance to live and work and socialize with other folk like you. Even an offer of well paying employment. Sighing, resigned to something else you curl on the bed and try to sleep your phone beside you. The buzz under the pillow wakes you. Groggy and with only the moonlight to see by it takes you almost a minute to realize you were atop your phone.

Nervously, you check your notifications. One email. Sliding in your passpattern you pop open the email. 'Congratulations! Your application has been accepted!' The email continues 'As per the posting this job involves close personal work with a variety of clientèle.' The rest of the email contains the address and parking instructions. Tossing the address into your GPS, you see it's a long drive, but not impossible to do in a day. Which is nice as your orientation date is the day after tomorrow. You toss a few things into a bag and set off.

Pulling out of your parking spot, you feel like you have just drank ten cups of coffee. As the hours pass, however, the powerful thrill turns in to anxiousness. What if this personal work is to difficult? Is dropping everything and moving at the drop of a hat wise? Catching sight of a mile marker, you are over three hundred miles into the trip. Bit late to get cold feet. Turning the volume up you just try to lose yourself in the rest of the trip ahead of you. Crossing state lines hardly registers as the drive rolls on.

Tanking up at the last gas station marked on your directions, you look to the horizon. Scrub, brush, and hills as far as you can see. Few changes over the final two hours except the sun setting behind the hills. Bouncing along the dusty trail leads you to a gate. Buzzing in, you enter the code from the email. The large metal gates slide into the thick, matching fencing and you drive to a small parking structure here in the middle of nowhere. Following the directions soon you're parked, walking to the only other building you can see. You can only describe the building as a mansion. Queer flags of various designs hang over most of the window sills. Dropping your bag onto the mat at the front door, you pull on the door bell. A ringing echo can be heard softly on the other side.

Seconds that feel like eternities pass before the door opens. An attractive woman in a short skirt and revealing blouse opens the door. She looks you up and down “You must be the new girl.” Hoping to break the tension you add “Not many clients look like me? Without a hint of amusement, she replied. “Hardly, our clients show up at the appointed time. Early can be worse than late here.” Your face burns in silent agreement to the woman as you enter the building. “I suppose we can make room for you tonight however, please follow me.” You find the room to be rather over decorated. Plush loveseat, plush recliner, and a four post bed with delicate canopy. Laced and frilled sheets. The bed is however as comfortable as you could have hoped for and hardly have time to toss or turn before falling asleep.

Your alarm goes off just after the sun rises. As you wipe the sleep from your eyes, the same woman as last night walks into the room. Your orientation will be in 45 minutes, here is a map of the facility for you. Make it to breakfast as well, you'll need it. After a surprisingly filling breakfast, you follow the map's directions to the far side of the mansion to what is labeled a 'conference room'. You take a seat in one of the chairs at the table. A tall, thin woman in a striking skin tight dress is already waiting there.

The door opens a couple minutes later and a shorter woman walks in. Her dark makeup, and long flowing clothing makes her look like a B movie event hostess. She pulls out a chair close to the first woman and pulls out a nail file to work on her tips while waiting. Promptly at the top of the hour the same woman enters the room and sits at the head of the table. “My name is Madam Kelly. And to cut to the chase, this is a brothel.” She continues “We however service a very special client base to ensure a safe, queer working environment.”

The prospect who was in the room when you arrived nods. “So we only service...” She trails off. “Yes people like ourselves.” Is the simple answer that Madam Kelly offers her. “It's a lucrative paying brothel, and well all of you knew what kind of work this was from the coy ads.” “And remember, just like the email promised, we do offer simply the best health care that money can buy. That is what drew you here in the first place.” Hearing this you just look down at the table and think about what that means to you. Leaning back, you listen to her continue.

You can see the other women try not to be shocked by the revelation. “We aren't just going to turn you off onto clients without training though.” Madam Kelly walks around the table, and hands each of you a key with a number etched onto it. “Second floor, east wing, your instructors will already be in the room.” As the others leaves the room, Madam Kelly tugs on your shoulder. “I will be your instructor, please proceed to the room, I will be along presently.” Nodding, you obey her instructions and head to the room.

When you open the door, you are surprised. The room looks to be fifteen feet or so to a side, tastefully decorated. A full sized bed, a dresser, and a desk account for the furniture. The bed feels comfortable as you sit on it. After a few moments you lean back into the mattress. You hear the door open after about ten minutes of waiting. Without looking up, you listen to Madam Kelly speak “If we both decide this is a good fit for you, this will be your personal room. This entire wing is the residence for the staff. She brings herself into your view.

“First thing, we will work on your wardrobe.” Opening the closet, she shows off a range of revealing clothes. Short skirts, and sleeveless tops. Bare midriffs. “You can wear whatever you wish on your time off, but most clients will ask for something special when you work.” “Well? Strip, you had better get used to showing off that body.” Blushing slightly, you pull off your jeans and t. She thrusts a bra into your hands and walks behind you. Fitting the cups on, she closes the clasp then reaches around to adjust your breasts.

She then works your panties off, letting your member fall out “Grab a pair from the dresser.” In the top drawer, you find several pairs of thin, lacy panties. Picking a color at random, you slide a green pair on. “Pull everything up front, that is why there is material there.” Blushing harder, you try to hide your bulge, as usual. She places her hand gently on it and adjusts that as well. Turning away from you she pulls a backless one piece from the closet and hands it over. Sliding into the tight dress, you watch her walk to the desk and open it.

“Don't forget your stockings and a pair of shoes.” Turning back into the closet you sift through packages of tights and fishnets and stockings, settling on a pair of dark full length stockings. All the shoes have much more heel than you have tried before though! Stumbling, you exit the closet. Catching yourself on the doorknob you look over to Madam Kelly. She looks up for a moment and waves you over. “Come here, we have work to do.” Balancing yourself, you slowly inch over to the desk before you finally reach the chair.

Sighing with relief you sit at the desk, your feet aching already. “I thought this would be some kind of uh...” She interrupted, not unkindly. “How to fuck lesson? I kind of assume you already know, but I'll see before too long. Before then you have to look the part.” She pulls out a rack of makeup and your eyes gloss over. She goes slowly slowly as she explains each layer “Now, the first rule is never touch your face”. Moments later she swats your hand as it moves to your foundation covered cheek. The Madam continues, hardly missing a beat.

She blocks the mirror, but you see the bright colors on the pallet. Nervously, you swallow, You've never had this much makeup on before. “You'll get the hang of this fast, most clients like the look”. Resting your hands on the desk, your nails dry as she goes back to your face. Half an hour later of work and explanation the Madam turns you to the mirror, and are surprised. The woman looking back never looked like this before. “Now, the next lesson is keeping that look during a session” The woman pulls your shoulder and you almost fall out of the chair.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she pulls her skirt up and takes you by the shoulder “Now, suck me off”. Falling to your knees, you lick and suck on her girlcock. Sliding it deeper into your mouth you let the end bounce on the back of your throat, bobbing faster as you hit pace. “Don't get your makeup on my thighs while you are down there”. You try to mumble from around her dick, but are surprised to feel her hands forcing your face farther down the member. Pushing back you try to keep from rubbing your cheeks on her thighs, while she works against you.

Madam Kelly lets up and you slide up from her member. She looks her thighs over for a moment then smacks your ass “Good job, now get your ass in the air.” Crawling onto the bed awkwardly, you take care not to break a nail getting into position. You can hear Madam Kelly pace. A shiver runs up your spine as a hand traces down your stockings. The dress is flipped up over your rear, and the hand rests softly on your ass. You lean gently into the hand grabbing at your rear, giving Madam Kelly a good handful. You feel her weight get behind you on the bed.

Holding still, you feel your undergarments working their way down your thighs. Moments later a hard cock thumps off of one of your cheeks. Madam Kelly's nails run gently up your freshly released girlcock, before drawing the bead of pre to your ass and fingering it into you. Her large member pushes its way in, causing you to cry out sharply. Madam Kelly laughs and pushes harder. Your eyes cross momentarily as she slams her hips against your ass. Before you can recover, she pulls out and slams in again, waves of pleasure echoing through you.

Biting your lip your head drifts to the pillow. Suddenly your head is yanked back. “Don't let your face touch anything” she admonishes you. Keeping a grip on your hair she continues to drive her girldick in and out with enough force to send your breasts swaying under you. Each thrust, sends another wave of pleasure through your body. Madam Kelly finally lets go of your hair, you fall forward but don't let your head hit the pillow. Her fingers dig into your hips as she pushes in once more and holds your ass in place as she fill it with her seed. She pulls out of you, and walks around the edge of the bed while you struggle to catch your breath from the power fucking. She tips your head up by your chin and looks you over. “I think that is enough for today, relax and compose yourself we start early tomorrow.$JennyFoxes


Restraint, Dronification, Hypno, Chemicals

Shaking my head, I just sigh. “I really didn't want to have to do this. I was hoping that we could reach an understanding with each other.” I click your leash in place, while you look up at me with a mixture of defiance and confusion. You resist even now, as I tug on the leash. You relent as I pull harder. We head, not down the stairs to the basement dungeon, but to the dressing room. “Pick something, it doesn't matter what, you won't need it for long.” Starting to feel like something is amiss, you quickly grab a modest skirt and blouse.

You fall in line behind me without protest, and I lead you into the car. After a short pause- pulling up the directions and sending a couple quick texts – I pull us onto the road and start the drive. You watch as the suburb quickly melts away behind us. The trees grow thick and the road narrows to a poorly maintained two lanes. As far as you can tell the thick pine curtain extends far off into the distance. Turning to look at me you start to ask where we are going. “Just don't. Don't talk. Don't do anything. Just. Don't.”

Shrinking back into the seat of the car you gaze out the window and fight back tears. This is beyond anything you have ever seen before. The GPS beeps about an upcoming turn, and soon enough a narrow unpaved road appears. We turn down it, still curtained by thick trees. The minutes feel like hours but we soon reach the end of the drive. 'Miss Kelly's Finishing School' Says the sign as we pull into the parking lot. For the first time in an hour you can feel your heartbeat run at a normal pace. This won't be as bad as you worried it could be.

Composing yourself as best as you can, you follow me up the steps and into the lobby of the school. The building is quiet, the only sound a pair of heels approaching. A woman opens the door labeled 'Office' “Welcome! We spoke on the phone this morning, is this your trouble maker?” You’re blushing as the woman points at you Wordlessly, I nod. “Well if you both would follow me back into the offices.” The woman points to a row of chairs outside of her door. “You may wait here.” I follow the woman into her office and you can hear our conversation.

“Rampant poor behavior. Not just talking back or performing poorly, or a lack of effort.” Seconds later the woman's response “Mmm, sounds like we need more than simple suggestions. We could start at a week-long battery and see how much more breaking she needs from that.” Sucking air in between my teeth I sit in silence for several seconds. By now you have turned in the chair and are peeking in under the blinds of the office window. “No, I think we should handle this in a more aggressive fashion. I understand you do that?” “Well yes. An intense deep wipe combined with a course of hypnotol. That would leave us with a mostly blank slate. Natural talents and learned skills would be retained of course; what would be the point otherwise.” “Yes, that is what we are doing.” Is my immediate response.

You swallow hard, this doesn't sound very good. Moments later Miss Kelly and I both walk from the office. Bending down I kiss you deeply. “I love you, pet. This training is for the best; both of us will be happier when it's finished.” Hugging you powerfully I finally let go. Waving her crop in front of your face Miss Kelly addresses you “Come now, before we begin you should be in the proper school uniform.” Not wanting to risk making whatever this training is go harder, you follow her out of the offices, and across the lobby to a dressing room.

“Strip” She orders you, holding a leather tipped crop in her hands. Whimpering softly you start to pull off the hastily selected blouse and skirt. The crop traces under your full chest, and down your stomach before lifting your girlcock forward. “You'll make an adorable drone.” Not quite understanding, you mumble out a quiet “Thank you.” Miss Kelly smiles subtly “Not many soon to be drones thank me for the effort.” She passes you red underwear and a matching padded bra, the combination of which show off your curves quite well.

From the rack in the end of the room, she pulls off a hanger with a black and blue latex miniskirt and top. Between the panties pushing your girldick forward and the short miniskirt, it's impossible to hide your bulge. Shifting it back and forth you blush at the realization. Watching you blush, Miss Kelly tips your face up to hers. “You won't have to worry about feeling embarrassed much longer.” She walks towards the door of the dressing room and you follow along asking “What kind of training is happening to me? What do you mean by become a drone?”

“You are going to become the perfect submissive, my dear. Your owner wants that, and I suspect you want that too. You wouldn't be in this kind of relationship, this long, without understanding your place in the world on some level.” She leads you to a room with a strange chair. “I mean I suppose...” you falter on agreeing with her. She waves at the chair “Please front down, legs in the stirrups.” Looking at the odd seat, you carefully work your way onto the contraption. “Face into the headset.” follow the direction, you feel a strap across your head.

Biting your lip you wager internally the risk of asking a question now. Two more straps across your back, and cuffs around your ankles and you are firmly in the chair. “My dear you are about to undergo rather intense mental and emotional reprogramming.” Your heart skips at this. Forgetting the strap holding your face in the headset, you try to turn your head. “It's a little too late to back out now, just relax and hold still. This intense a session requires medicine as well, and you don't want me to hit a muscle instead. You start to struggle.

The crop swats your ass thrice. “You stripped before a stranger, before letting yourself be strapped into that chair young woman. You know you need this even if you are too scared to admit it.” Miss Kelly responds with an icy calm. “Now, hold still” followed by a prick. A warm feeling spreads from your arm, through your body, and then your head. “Now be good and listen to the program” These are the last words you hear Miss Kelly say before earphones are placed over your head. The dark headset flickers on and text speeds by too fast to read.

Sunbursts of blue and red explode onto the headset before devolving into flickering static. A voice starts through the headset “You are no one, nobody, nothing.” It's hard to even think of the idea of struggling again, so much easier to melt into the chair and behave. You feel like you are flying in a cocoon of cotton candy now, the voice in the headset gently echoing “Drink of the River Lethe and forget all that you were.” Everywhere you dart your eyes the grainy static starts to twist and swirl and spin. You wonder where you are at now.

“Forsake your desires, forget your wants, become the drone.” Your mind feels so foggy now. Where your body feels like it's flying, your brain feels wrapped in layers and layers of delicate silks. Thinking is almost painful at this point, like electric shocks every time you try. Words float under the swirling static field. Follow Orders. Obey Commands. You are Drone #92401. Your eyes track the words Orders and Commands as they slowly leave the screen. Those words make you feel warm and safe and good. Is 92401 your name? 92401 is rather a nice name.

Somewhere in the distance you feel another prick, and a chill. “Submit to your Mistress, and crave Her lust at all times.” Your cheeks flush, and whine, me and my cock nowhere near you. “Her pleasure is yours, Your pleasure is nothing.” You breathe harder, your body heating up. The voice gets quieter and distant, while the static swirls fade from the headset. You very much feel like you are laying face forward in a chair now. Your mind isn't even reporting back that it exists, let alone if it's in the same reality as your body now.

The only feeling you have, the only thing you know, is that you exist for the pleasure of your Mistress. Just thinking about me makes your own girlcock twitch and drool. You don't even realize that you are whining out loud now, wondering where I am and when you can suck on me. Laying in agony the gentle heat from before is now a raging torrent of fire. You crave to be used, and filled up. Your girldick presses on the chair as the idea of being pumped full of girlcum day in and day out drifts gently into your head, as you idly lick your lips.

“Stand” You hear me say. Pushing yourself up without a thought, you are standing before me. “She still knows how to do everything she did before the treatment. But you will need to spend some time teaching her to do them again. Sex for example, or other more complex tasks.” You hear the words, and recognize they are talking about you; but that recognition doesn't spark a reaction. Leaning forward I look you in the eyes “What a perfect sub you are now, exactly as I need you to be.” The woman interjects “May I offer you a room to test her out?”

The woman opens the door and leads us both down the hall to another small room, this one with a bed. After showing us in, she closes the door with a click. “Tits on the bed, cheeks spread.” Without so much as a thought in your head you climb onto the bed and open your rear. I climb onto the bed behind you, and my girldick pushes its way inside. I slide it out and slam it back into you several times, then smack your ass with my palm. “Match me, drone.” You’re bucking your hips in time with my thrusts, while I support myself on your shoulders.

Crying out softly, you buck your hips against mine. The burning ache dying back to a dull roar, but still present. Digging your fingers into the mattress you push harder, knowing that only one thing can extinguish the blaze inside of you. Much to my pleasure, whenever I speed up you follow along perfectly. When I reach under you to squeeze a nipple you don't miss a beat. Pushing yourself up on your hands now I can easily cup both of your breasts while slamming my girlcock in and out, faster and faster.

Wrapping my arms under yours, I lift you back and up onto my girldick. Sitting you on my lap, I bounce you up in the air with each deep thrust. The shadow of your breasts bounce on the wall of the small room as you slide up and down on my hard shaft. With a grunt I pull you by the hips firmly onto my girlshaft, which explodes a load inside of you. “Good girl” I say as I lay you on the bed. Curling out next to you I drape an arm across you for several minutes “I think I want breakfast now, 92401”.$JennyFoxes

The Ranch 2

BDSM, Drugs, Group Sex

I wake you with a kiss. You blink your eyes several times and I kiss you again. Another tablet, you swallow it without protest. I smile and call you a good girl. Hearing that makes your whole body tingle. I sit next to you, letting you rest your head on my shoulder. Gently stroking your hair “We need to get you into the shower, you have a busy day today.” You open your mouth to say something, but after a moment the thought has drifted out of your head. Taking you by the hand I pull you gently up from the bed.

Cupping your breasts in my hands, I squeeze them gently, as I lean in for a kiss. Rubbing your nipples with my thumbs, I pull away from the kiss biting your lower lip. “Such a pretty girl you are. Everyone will be so pleased with you.” You blink several times, confused. I push you forward gently, and soon you find yourself standing in the shower, a jolt of water smacking yourself in the face. Coughing and sputtering you blink your eyes repeatedly as the water begins to flow in undulating waves and splattering into sparks.

The floor of the shower zooms at you suddenly and you throw your arms out to catch yourself. A second later you realize I bent you forward. Feeling the warm water wash down your back, it turns into a warm blanket. My arm wraps around you as your knees start to bend in relaxation. Remembering where you are, you steady yourself while holding the position. The wave of water moves to your ass and hips. Soon it feels like your girlcock is wrapped up in a tiny blanket and your eyes roll into the back of your head. Whimpering softly you start to space out.

A sharp smack later and you return to the shower. “Relax, but stay here dear. This is a lot easier if you can stay standing.” You open your mouth to respond, but find you can't even understand the mumbles coming from your mouth. Spitting out a bit of shower water, you just not. Breathing deeply you try to relax as much as you can without zoning out completely. Suddenly you feel something push into you, like a giant wiggling tentacle spreading you open. The wriggling and warmth feels so good though you can't help but moan again, and bite your lip.

An army of wiggling feelers tickle up your sides and grab your breasts. It isn't until you think to look down that you realize that the fingers of my hands are the feelers and you cry out in ecstasy as you figure out the tentacle in your ass is my tongue. Soon you find yourself wrapped in another blankety warmness, only this is actually solid. I rub the soft towel all over your body, drying you off from the shower. Pulling you by the arm “Come, you need to get something in your stomach before the day begins.” Nodding you follow.

You hardly see what I shove into your face. But your tongue tells you it's chocolaty and coconuty and herbish all rolled into one. “That should fuel you until lunch at least.” I continue to lead you along by the arm, back to the couch in the living room. “Just wait here.” You melt into the soft, full couch. Looking up at the ceiling, you realize the sloped wood has rails running crisscross the whole room. Near the peak, coils of black rope dangle. “Just relax, we will have you suspended up in the air for everyone to see in no time!”

The words muddle around in your head and you are still trying to understand “up” and “air” when I fasten cuffs around your wrists, thighs and calves. Pulling you forward, the soft lined strap that goes around your midsection tightens. “Take a deep breath” I cinch it. “Up we go!” I say as the world is ripped out from under you. You brace yourself, expecting a painful landing on the ground. Opening your eyes a few seconds later you find yourself laying on your back, but in the air. Looking around you realize that you are at waist height.

The straps around your torso support your weight, you feel a slight draft blow around you. Trying to move an arm you find the rigging isn't inclined to move. Without anything to hold on to, you can't meaningfully move you arms or legs. “One last touch” I say with perhaps too much enjoyment in my voice. The world goes black as I place a blindfold over your face. “We are having a party today, and you are my party favor. Be good for everyone and I'll have a reward for you later. You nod, causing a gentle swing.

As far as you can tell it isn't long until guests start to arrive for the party. Several women trickle into the house, mingling and chatting. Most at least admire you in words, while several run a hand down your side, or gently roll a nipple between their fingers. Before long, one rests her dick on your lips. Wanting to behave, like you were ask to do, you open your mouth letting it fall in. The woman gently cups one of your ears as you suck and stroke her girldick with your tongue. The member grows as you work, and she starts to thrust.

On your back in the air, the woman is able to force her cock deep down your throat, in a way you haven't felt before. Unable to breath when she is all the way in, you sneak air as she pulls back for each thrust. The deep throat fucking causes your own member to stir and grow. Another of the women gently strokes at your own girldick as the first woman slams deep into you, forcing her thin seed into your stomach. Slowly pulling her long cock out, you suck at the head, trying to get every drop out of her. The second woman now climbs on top of you.

You swing slightly as the woman centers herself on your hips, before she leans forward and takes hold of your breasts. Her warm mound against you stirs your semi hard girldick, while her fingers knead your breasts. Her thumbs gently rub your nipples, coaxing you to a moan. Balancing herself carefully, she sucks on one of your nipples. While she teases your breast with her mouth, she slides your girlcock into her pussy; warm and inviting. Using you as a living sex swing she uses the momentum of the rigging to slide you in and out of her.

You feel her hands on your stomach, her nails softly digging into you as she steadies herself. The swinging back and forth increases in intensity, and it feels like a gale storm is whipping past you. She cries out and the swinging slows as a moist warmth flows onto you. A moment later the woman pulls herself off of you with a wet plop, and then she spreads her squirt gently across your hips with her hand. You can feel her hot breath on your neck before she whispers “Thanks for the ride” and bites your earlobe softly.

You gulp down air, your head drifting freely. In the distance you hear yet another voice “Sit in front of her Ashley, both of you are going to please me at the same time.” The shuffling of people near your head, and then your face is buried in a soft ass. Warmth radiates from her parts and you can feel that near your forehead. Poking your tongue out, you lick at her soft opening. The woman stumbles for a moment before steadying herself. You can just hear her sub crawl into place and suck on the end of the woman's cock.

Licking and poking and prodding at the woman's entrance, you feel her thighs gradually tighten around your head. Then trembling, more stumbling, and mumbles from the submissive a few inches from you. The woman pulls away from your face, satisfied. Her submissive leans in, and kisses you softly. Her tongue tickles yours and she passes some of the woman's cum to you during the kiss. Resting her forehead on yours, you can hear her giggle softly and brush your cheek with her hand. “Maybe Miss will allow me a turn later.”

“What a good girl you’re being!” You hear me as I drag my nails down your side and across your hips. “I think you have earned a reward.” You can hear the motor of the vibrator before I tease your opening with it. My hand softly strokes your sticky girlcock. Pushing the vibe into you, I nudge it around inside. The twin stimulations feel amazing, waves of pleasure growing from your core and lapping out your limbs to your fingers and toes. Biting your lip to keep from crying out, your whole body shakes in the suspension. Turning the vibrator up as I work it in, you give in and moan loudly. I milk your girlprick in long full strokes, until you exhale and go limp, a spurt of your girlseed mixing with the cum drying on you from before. Seconds later, I kiss your forehead. “Such a good girl.”$JennyFoxes

Locked Up

Chastity, Exhibition

“This should help keep you focused.” As I speak, I pull your balls through the ring. “Comfortable? Good, it's gonna be on for a while.” Your girlcock grows as I try to slide on the cage. “I think you are enjoying this too much! Follow me.” Wordlessly you follow me upstairs. Down the hallway, past the foyer and dressing room, we end up in the bathroom where I point to the shower. You step in, waiting for me to join you. Instead I turn the knob on full blast. The freezing cold water hits you in the chest, and sucks the wind out of you. Moving the nozzle I wilt your disobedient girlcock with the icy jet, bringing it under control. “Ffffffuck, is that cold!” Moments later my crop meets your ass hard enough to leave an imprint of the end. “Yes Mistress, Sorry Mistress” In silence I return the crop to the counter.

With your girlcock is much easier to control, I turn off the water.. Grabbing the cage from the counter, I slide it over your girldick and through the ring. “Hold that in place, pet.” While you hold the cage in place, I slip the shackle of a small lock in place with a click. b”This should keep you in your place, though I would like a little test.” Tossing a rough terry towel to you “Meet me back in the bedroom when you dry off.” Toweling yourself off, and rubbing the wet footprints off the ground, you stretch and return the towel to the rack. The weight of the cage bouncing between your legs feels alien. It pulls slightly downward when you try a slight jump. Noticeable but not painful. When you enter the bedroom you see me lying naked on the bed. I spread out my legs invitingly, and you dive in without a word.

Sucking the head of my girlcock, your feel your own start to stir for the first time after that blastedly cold shower. Ours grow almost in tandem, until you hit the end of the shallow cage. Wiggling your hips as if that would help find more room only distracts you from your job. Snap! The bite of my riding crop on your shoulder draws your attention back to me. Laying the crop down on the bed, my hand gently runs through your hair as you suck and lick at me. Your struggling erection pressing harder and harder into the cage, you whine softly.

Ignoring the strain and pressure you bob your head farther and farther down my shaft. Placing my other hand on your head as well, I gently hold you in place as I blast a load of my girlcum off the roof of your mouth, and down the back of your throat. Gently, you clean every drop. “That's a good girl.” My head pets reward you. “Now, on your back.” Quickly rolling into your back, you watch as I push your legs apart and look at your cock straining in the cage. You feel several gentle tugs at the cage and bite your lip as I cup your balls in my hand. A finger poking through the bars probes under the head of your girlcock. Instinctively trying to hump the air drags the cage away. “Ah, it's got you sensitive already, doesn't it? Nodding your head you respond “Yes Mistress, it really does.” You watch me grin upon hearing this.

“Now, go get dressed. Something revealing.” You exhale hard at hearing this. “Where are we going?” I pause for a second. “I haven't thought of that, somewhere that you can be seen I suppose.” Nodding silently you walk out to the dressing room and dig through the skirts. You have a good idea of what I expect you to put on. There isn't much you can do to hide the bulge of the cage. The clacking noise also seems to have been a feature that I looked for, as far as you can tell. One skirt and tight top later you walk back out to my approval.

Grabbing you by the hand I pull you out to the bus stop. A quick, and thankfully empty, ride later and we are near the club. The night isn't as busy as some and within half an hour the both of us are inside at the bar. While you try to hunch over and hide, I turn you to face me. “Turn and face the crowd, pet.” Reluctantly you obey, then feel me gently take your wrist and put something on it. Turning to look, you see the bright green bracelet fluoresce in the club's lights. You swallow hard, realizing that I am volunteering you for physical attention.

As the night goes on more than one regular of the club passes by. Tall and muscular, Madam Kelly straddles your lap while she squeezes your breasts. Her thumbs gently press your nipples in, while her hips grind on you. Leaning forward to whisper to you, you scent her musk. Biting your lip as your member strains at the end of the cage you hear her say, “Aww poor baby, out to play and can't enjoy herself.” She drags her fingernails softly down your stomach before reaching under your skirt and thumping the cage on the barstool. Grinning, she stands.

You watch Kelly talk with another woman before pointing at you. Blushing, you watch as the other woman finishes her drink, before walking over to you. Recognizing her as Emily, and remembering her reputation as a sadist, you brace yourself. “Aww darling, you should relax more.” The woman giggles as she rests with one hand on the stool next to you. You watch her other hand wander under your skirt, much like Kelly's had. Unlike last time though, you feel Emily's nails through the bars of the cage, tracing along your member and causing your leg to twitch. She leaves you with the softest of tickles under the head of your girlcock. Whining softly as she walks away you turn back to look at me. “Mmm well I suppose that is enough stress testing. We had to make sure it worked. It's no good as a training tool if it's fun for you.”

Emily whispers something to me before walking back into the thin crowd at the club tonight. “Follow” is the only word I say as I get up. You trail along obediently, and we both get onto the stage. I walk to the bondage wheel, and wait for you expectantly. Leading you to the backside of the wheel, I carefully strap you in. Ankle and wrist cuffs, straps across your thighs and arms, and then several over your torso. Slowly I wheel you up and over, the stage lights becoming your floor. Your tight skirt falls, showing off your cage. You blush until your face glows almost as brightly as the wrist band does. You watch a pair of legs go from the stairs and walk to the wheel. Craning your neck you can just make out the figure as belonging to Ashley, Madam Kelly's pet, and a switch to boot.

Suddenly the shock of something cold on the back of your knee grabs your attention. Ashley is reaching up but you can't see the ice cube you can feel. Slowly she traces it down your inner thigh, rivulets of cold water running down your leg. The cube inches its way down. As the cube nears your caged girldick she removes it from your leg. Catching your breath, you lose it again as you feel drop after icy drop of water land on your girlballs. You bite your lip as the ice cube is run all over, and finally Ashley slides the cube into your tight cage.

Slowly, the room starts to turn again, first the stage approaches, then it dominates your view as you pass under the wheel. Still shuddering from the ice in the cage, you end right side up. Finally, I let you out of the restraints as the cube finishes melting next to your flesh. Taking you by the arm, we walk off the stage and to the row of private rooms. Finding one open, I lead you into it before shutting the door and sliding the window closed. “It's ok dear, we can let loose without anyone else watching.” I push you backwards onto the padding.

Holding your legs up I carefully push into you, and leaning forward as our pelvis and hips make contact I kiss you deeply. Slowly, deliberately, I buck my hips, pushing deeper into you with each thrust. The lock clanks on the cage, keeping beat with our hips. Your member once more strains against the cage as you wrap your legs around my back, pulling me even deeper yet into you. Taking hold of your shoulders, I meet your effort, dragging your body toward me as I drive into you, faster now. I lean forward again and our lips meet in a kiss before I pull away and you feel my hot breath on your neck. Squeezing your shoulders, I bite your neck as my girlcock rattles a load off deep inside of you. Whining softly you shake the cage as I fill you up with my girlseed. Pulling you onto your side, I hold you as we both drift off into a nap. As sleep overtakes you, you hear me mumble “My well behaved girl.”$JennyFoxes

The Morning After

Goosex, TF

Rolling over to keep the encroaching sunlight from your eyes, you awaken with a startle. Running through the woods and the rain. Getting so deep into the forest that the moonlight was totally gone. Feeling scared and running back to the small cave for sanctuary. Suddenly, you check yourself all over. The other occupant of the cave. You don't see or feel anything. Looking as far as the light stretches back in the cave, you fail to see whatever it was. Finding your clothes dry from laying out overnight, you quickly dress yourself.

The sunlight is so much brighter outside, and even squinting, your eyes hurt. Blinking and exhaling deeply you start walking through the woods again. Several minutes into the walk you realize you are heading back into the deepest part of the forest. Quickly turning right ninety degrees, you find the woods thinning again. Unlike last night, there isn't a cloud in the sky. Taking a branch and using it to push aside bramble and brush you make what you feel is a good pace through the unfamiliar setting.

Wiping the sweat from your brow, you wonder how large these woods could be. Taking a few minutes to poke around and look for some berries or shoots, you see that the forest continues to thin in the direction you are heading. Sighing, you sit and catch your breath. Standing back up and preparing to head back in the direction you came from, you catch sight of a handful of berries just a few steps deeper into the forest. Quickly you snap them up and toss them into your mouth. Tart yet sweet, your eyes water slightly as you swallow your meal.

Sighing in resignation, you head deeper into the forest hoping to encounter more berries. Just as they did last night, the trees grow larger, the forest denser. The sun's light breaks through fewer and fewer of the boughs, and a chill hits your arms even though it's midday. Your pace slows back to little more than a crawl. Wispy branches scratch and claw at your clothes as you wind through trees too big to reach around. You shiver slightly as the rips let a cool breeze in. Pushing past more brush you enter into a clearing. As your eyes adjust to the light, you see a lake filling most of the space. As you approach the lake, the lake reaches up to meet you! Stumbling and falling backwards in shock, you realize the lake must be a giant goo! Your heart pounds in your chest, and you struggle to breath.

Turning on your knees and pulling yourself up, you almost launch yourself back into the woods. Swiping blindly in front of yourself, knocking away branches and guiding away from the trees. You get a good two minutes into your run before you trip over a root and land in a bush. Thanking your stars the bush wasn't full of thorns, you pull yourself out and start running again. Pushing your body as hard as you can, you get far enough to see the sun cracking through the branches again before you let yourself come to a stop and get your breath and bearings.

Cleaning the dirt off of yourself and drying the sweat as best as you can, you feel far hungrier now than you did before you went exploring for more of those blasted berries. In fact that doesn't even feel like hunger. Your stomach is gurgling and your muscles feel rubbery. The thought of being sick out here in these woods alone- no, not alone, for somewhere there is a lake full of living goo and it knows you are here. You shudder involuntarily and try to get back up. After a couple steps you clutch your knees and sit back down.

In a nervous sweat now, you bury your head between your knees. Your stomach gradually calms and when no giant goo floods over you, leaving you naught but bones, your nerves do too. Standing slowly, you find you can keep a casual pace. The woods remain silent throughout. Watching the sun break through the branches lightens your mood. Without fear guiding you, it's easy to keep heading away from the middle of these cursed woods. As long as you haven't gone back the way you came you figure leaving the woods is your best bet.

Pausing in the late day sun and thin trees, you finally hear a noise break the silence. Something trailing through the woods making a lot of noise. No, someone moving through the woods, you can hear the distinctive clinking of metal. Biting your lips you stifle a tear. Finding a tree thick enough to hide behind you peek around. Much to your dismay and shock, you see one of the town's guards, Jedd, if you remember his name! Not the nicest person in town by a margin. You guess things must be bad if the elders send people into the woods now.

Pulling back as he turns your way, you hold your breath hoping to hear him wander away. The sounds get softer and softer, and you risk peeking again. You can't see him anywhere, he must have continued on his way. Turning back you jump to see Jedd facing you! “Shh shh, now don't make a noise who knows what awful beasts are here in this blasted wood.” He pulls you roughly towards what you assume is town. “We can't afford to lose anyone right now, so just make this easy on me; or I'll make things hard on you.” He leans into you.

You can feel his hips press into yours, and smell his warm, sticky, sour breath. Trying to pull away from him “Please, just let me go.” He scowls. “Now why would I do that? The town has need of you for the next lottery.” Jedd grabs your forearm and twists it roughly. To shock and horror for both of you, his hand drifts through your arm, as though your arm was made of jelly! He screams “This cursed place, it has already consumed you!” He fumbles for his weapon but you knock him down and break into a run, back into the deep woods.

This time you purposely head towards the thick heart of the forest. As you hit your stride, you realize how hungry you are and seconds later you come to a rough stop. Gulping air down like water you hear the guard behind you, loud and close. Exhausted, you turn to face him. He looks like he has seen a ghost, and is gripping his short blade in both hands so tightly his knuckles have turned white. “Foul witch!” He screams and stumbles towards you with the weapon raised. You turn away and raise your arm to protect yourself from the strike.

The blow never comes though, instead the man's piercing scream breaks the air again. Opening your eyes you turn and see that a goo has come from the woods, and wrapped itself around the guard's arms. You watch him struggle for several moments, before fleeing without his weapon. The goo turns to look at you, a featureless face forming once again. Now you realize it's the same goo from last night, and she came to protect you. You lean forward, and meet her in an embrace. Your tongue meets several tendrils from her in your mouth. She pushes you backwards.

Too exhausted to resist, nor even wanting to, you let her wash over your beaten and scratched body again. Her soft warmth feels revitalizing to you. Trembling you wrap your arms around her as she covers you. A warm tentacle reciprocates, cradling your head gently. Tentacles form around your girlcock, coaxing it to life, before one drifts farther down and pushes up inside of you. You cry out softly as you feel yourself being penetrated. The tentacle in you slowly swells, far larger than she could have gotten into you otherwise.

The goo girl swells around your breasts, sucking on both nipples at the same time. Touching the ground with one hand to steady yourself, you start to thrust into the goo, your girldick throbbing. As you push and grind, the tentacle inside of you matches, pressing and sliding. The tentacle playing with your tongue coils around it and flexes repeatedly before launching to the back of your mouth. Coughing you swallow something, while the tentacle in your ass expands and twitches. Your deep insides feel coated in a newfound warmth.

The flexing and twitching is far too much for your own member, and you can see your girlyseed spread into the goo before fading into her completely. Unlike the other night when she was content to wrap around you, the goo withdraws and forms back into roughly human form. Smooth and round and well endowed, she rises and pulls you back up. Standing, you feel dizzy and your stomach has changed from gurgling to twisting itself into knots. You try to sit back down, but she tugs at you wanting to lead you deeper into the woods. You relent and follow.

By the time she leads you back to the clearing, you can barely stand,feeling hot and clammy. Collapsing into a heap you look at the goo girl again, holding her tentacle in your hand. She leans in her forehead on yours, as you watch her tentacle melt into your hand. Watching, fascinated, your hand melts into a tentacle. Looking at her again, what was once a featureless face ripples with detail, beautiful plays of light and rainbow. Understanding now, you lean on her, trusting her to see you through the change that is happening to you.$JennyFoxes

No Such Thing as a Free Show

Rough Stuff, Watersports, Humiliation

Walking out of the club you decide to pace a bit while waiting for your friend. The bouncer pays little heed to you as you walk past her and slowly amble down the long side of the warehouse. You decide that you will turn around at the alley at the end of the building. You stop at the opening of the alley. You can’t see past the nearby dumpster, but you can hear noises from farther down. You listen for several moments, until you convince yourself you hear a woman cry out. Slowly you walk down the alley, avoiding the puddles and detritus.

In the flashing city lights, you can see nothing beyond the dumpster. The sounds are coming from just the other side. “Oh fuck, that hurts” You hear the woman breathlessly say. Balling your fists, your heart races as you prepare for a confrontation. Peering around the corner of the dumpster shocks you. Dropping your fists, you stay glued to your piece of cover. There is a woman alright; Leather jacket, mesh top,short skirt. Then another woman in denim, on her knees with her head under the first woman's skirt, eating her.

Biting your lip you stay and watch. “Fuck I could come in you right now” The standing woman says louder than she intended to, then continues. “Slow down, lemme enjoy this some more.” The one on her knees mumbles something as she continues to work between the other's legs. The standing woman pushes the kneeling woman back “Let's finish somewhere more comfortable, babe.” Denim Woman stands up, letting Leather Woman's cock swing low under the hemline of the short skirt. You snort in surprise at how large her cock is, alerting both of them. Leather Woman reaches down and quickly pulls her panties up, stuffing her cock into them awkwardly. Denim Woman faces the dumpster “Don't you fuckin' move you creep.”

Pushing yourself back from the corner you take a couple slow steps back toward the dimly lit street. You could turn to get away, and maybe outrun them to the street. However, something inside you tells you to stay where you are. Seconds later Denim rounds the dumpster corner and slams all five foot four of herself against you, pinning you to the cool metal. “You like watching girls having some personal fun? Well I think you can make it up to us.” Leathers casually walks into your sight. You see she is easily past six inches. Leathers runs her fingers through your hair “Mmm who do we have here? A little fan are you?”

She grabs your arm from Denim and yanks you roughly around the corner, completely hidden from the street. Throwing you chest first against the end of the dumpster, Leathers places an arm across the nape of your neck and pulls the arm in her grasp across your back, choking you. “What should we do with a dirty pig like this, love?” Leathers presses on the back of your neck as she speaks. Denim grins and looks you up and down “Maybe she should give her a chance to explain herself, maybe she has a good reason to be watching us in our tender moment?” Leathers leans off your neck enough for you to gulp down some air and gag at the dumpster smell. She twists your arm when you don't answer immediately. “Well? Anything to say?” Coughing and sputtering you manage a simple answer “Sorry, I heard the noises and I thought”

“Thought what?” Leathers cranks your arm farther behind your back. Denim interjects “Bet she thought she was going to get a free show alright.” Leathers throws you to the ground. You land with a rough thud, just barely keeping your face from landing in a foul smelling puddle. You try to get up, but a foot on your rear presses you back to the filth. “We haven't even started and you want to leave? You should have done that when you had the chance babe.” Turning your head to the street entrance, you watch Denim work her panties down, and then off. Twirling them on her finger, she slowly approaches you. “Everybody should know what a filthy pig you are.” Denim crawls on top of your back, her knees digging into your shoulders painfully, causing you to grunt. Her hand runs through your hair “Glad you are comfortable.”

“Unf.” Denim sighs softly, and a few second later you feel a wet warmth spread across your back. Droplets of warm urine land on your spine as the warm wetness spreads to your ribs and down your sides. The twin smells of piss and sex drift into your nose, exciting you. Twisting over you Denim wipes her pussy with your sleeve. Leathers' weight leaves your rear. Waiting several moments you push yourself up off the dirty alleyway. A sharp kick to your stomach and you find yourself on your side clutching your abdomen, Leathers' boots in view.

Leathers tips you onto your back with the toe of her boot, and you roll into a cooling puddle of urine. Spreading her legs open, she stands over you, her girlcock pendulous. Denim walks around to knock your skirt up. She giggles and presses her foot on your growing girlcock. Forcing your muscles to relax at this new threat, you rest your head on the asphalt alley and watch as a thick stream of urine sprays out from Leathers' cock and splashing onto your tits and face. The same soft warmth spreads across your chest, sticking your shirt to your skin.

The warmth outlines your tits before wrapping around and meeting the cooling urine streaks on your sides, warming them again. Bending down Leathers shakes her dick several times before wiping it dry in your hair. Denim smiles wickedly, feeling your erection hard under her foot. “Oh an even dirtier girl than we thought! All that abuse and you LIKED it? Well I think we both know what we are going to have to do with you.” Leathers laughs at this as the two women look at you, before dragging you farther back into the alley, the street lights disappearing.

Letting you fall back to the asphalt again, Denim straddles your chest. Her knees fall next to your ears and you can smell her pussy. “Oh her tits are soft, you have to try this.” She grabs a handful of your hair and pulls your face towards her slit, and leans in to whisper. “Be a good girl, and make me cum” She buries her crotch deep into your face, the smell of sex and piss fills your nose and causes you to cough. Denim twists your head to the side and continues “If you don't lick me clean, my girl will rip it clean off ya with her hands.”

Thinking she might just mean it, you open your mouth and start to probe Denim's labia. The sweet creamy flavors of sex mixing not unpleasantly with the other smokier hints. Your tongue drifts from stroking her vulva, to dancing across her clitoris and back again. Denim's legs squeeze your head tighter and tighter as you delicately work back and forth, her moans filling the alley. Her weight shifts forward onto your throat as you coax her closer and closer. Your ears ring as her world shakes and she squirts all over your face. Warm, and-

Remembering her threat, you carefully clean every last drop off of her. Gulping in air when she finally pulls herself off of you, you hardly notice how much girlcum is on your face. Leathers, grins and wipes your face up with her panties “There, all clean. Now open up.” She guides your mouth open with her thumb on your chin, then shoves the panties into your mouth. Denim hands her a strip of ripped fishnets “Knew these would be handy” she muses idly. Leathers ties the gag in place with the ripped tights before smacking your face.

“That's a good look for ya, now tits down ass up if you know what's best for you.” Leathers takes on a serious tone as she towers over you. With a muffled groan you push yourself over onto your chest. Trying to find purchase with your knees, you finally get into position. Leathers wastes no time ripping open your panties with her hands. You can feel the heat from her cock pulsating as she holds it over the hole she made. A bead of her precum drips down and lands between your cheeks. The head of her massive girlcock soon follows.

Leaning forward, she rests a hand on your head, pushing it onto the dirty ground. Her cock slowly pushes its way into you. Your cries are muffled by the salty, smoky panties wadded in your mouth. She slowly thrusts forward until her balls rest heavily atop your own. Just as slowly you feel her rock hard shaft slide most of the way back out. Her legs pin yours down, as she thrusts into you repeatedly. Her other hand reaches around and grabs your chest while she continues to slowly fuck you. “Hah you are right, her tits are soft!”

Faster and faster, her weight on your head causing your face to rub roughly on the asphalt. Squeezing your breast hard, she digs her nails in as she closes her fist before letting your head go. A sharp smack on your ass and she thrusts so hard your head hits a wall as she moans. You feel her warm seed dribble into you as she pulls her cock out. She squeezes the rest of her cum out of her girlcock on the roundness of your ass before pushing you onto your side with her foot. You watch as the two of them walk out of the alley. “Who knows what we would do to you if we caught you here again next week at the same time, babe!” Shouts Leathers as she and Denim turn the corner. You shiver in the slowly cooling puddle, your stomach aching. You slowly stand, rubbing the asphalt marks on your legs and arms.$JennyFoxes