A Brand of Devotion

#Restraint #Branding


With the last dish put away, you have finished your chores early today. Instead of spending the spare time pursuing an interest, you go down to the play room. Mistress has been busy preparing for this evening. You see some custom restraint bars by the bondage bench; they look like they have eyelets for small locks to run through, but these extend out from the metal a couple inches each. Off in the corner though is the star of tonight. A small portable forge sits heating a branding iron. Giggling with excitement, you sit on the bench and think about how tonight will go. You expect it will be painful, but even that idea doesn't help you to sit still. There aren't many ways to more resolutely prove your dedication to Mistress than letting Her brand you. With a good twenty minutes to yourself, you decide to spend them waiting here. Mistress has warned you that you must stay perfectly still, so you close your eyes and think about trying to keep yourself calm.

Your little meditation session is broken by the sound of Mistress walking down the steps. You watch Her from your seat on the bondage bench, as She walks to the forge and inspects the now glowing brand. She seems to find it to Her satisfaction and returns it to the heat, before She walks over to you. She takes your hands in Her own and looks you in the eyes. Her piercing brown eyes are penetrating and you can see excitement burning in Her piercing brown eyes too. “Are you ready My lovely pet? You want this as much as I do, right?” You nod and respond “Of course Mistress, I want this.” She smiles brightly, and pulls you to your feet. “Now, this isn't like a beating, you really cannot move or flinch. At all. Even the tightest straps will still give enough play to ruin the brand if you strain on them. But I have a way to gauge if you can stay still enough for this.”

“Yes Mistress, I will be perfectly still for You.” “I am sure you will, dear pet. Now, get out of that clothing, it's in the way.” The tight jeans fall to the ground, and your panties follow. You won't be able to wear those things for at least a week after this. “Everything, pet.” Mistress informs you. Your breasts flop out from the hemline along the bottom of your shirt. Once you are naked, Mistress looks you over again. “Now, I need all of your piercings out for this.” You feel somewhat puzzled, but wouldn't dare not follow an order. Within a couple minutes the studs, bars, and rings are out of your septum, labret, nipples, bellybutton, and girldick; quite the collection of metal really. Somehow, this makes you feel even more naked than you do just without clothes on.

Next, Mistress turns you around and lays you down on the bench. She picks up the custom cross bar pieces and feeds one under where your belly lays, one under your chest, and two around your head. The eyelets stick out and almost line up with your piercings. She quickly secures your wrists and ankles in the regular restraints then walks to your front. “Now, pet I am going to feed bar though the eyelets in the restraints and into your piercings. Then, to make sure you can hold still, I am going to have a little fun with you.” Sure to Her word, Mistress starts to fit a set of stainless steel bars though your labret, and septum. The slim bars are each thicker than your jewelry, and stretch your piercings slightly as they slide into place. The two bars force you to hold your mouth open, and you find you have a slight bit of trouble swallowing. While you work out how to keep from drooling on yourself, Mistress slides two more bars into your nipple piercings and screws the beads onto the ends. Tingles spread throughout your breasts as the bars spread these piercings slightly too.

The penultimate bar enters your belly button and keeps you from pulling your abdomen around. Reaching under the bench, Mistress pulls one final custom restraint out and slides it into position on the bench before threading a bar through the side of it then running the final bar through your girlcock “Now you look ready to try out, pet.” Your Owner steps out of view for a moment and then She walks in front of you, she waggles her girlcock just out of reach of your mouth. You stretch out to meet it until you remember all the pieces of stainless steel gently keeping you in place. Except for your tongue. She walks back out of view, and a quiet buzz emerges from behind you. She gently runs Her fingers along your ass, before spreading you open and inserting a small bullet vibrator. The sensation of it rattling inside of you makes you need to thrust your hips. You can feel the gentle tugging of the delicate bars in your lower piercings already and through a force of will, prevent yourself from doing so.

As She appears again, She has one hand on her girldick and turns to face you. Her other hand cups your ear, and She slides Her girlcock into your mouth. You can stretch your lips just so to close around Her member as She slowly thrusts in and out of you. The bead of precum you taste is sweet, and leaves a slick spot on your tongue for a moment. Mistress starts to pump Her hips into your face faster. You yearn to match speed with Her, to bob your hips and your head in time with the face fucking She is bestowing upon you. But you control yourself, though just barely. The thin bits of skin holding you in place wouldn't survive much of that. However, there is one small thing to be thankful for in this position; your mouth is pretty much a straight shot to your throat. When Mistress decides She has had enough of your mouth, She pushes Her girlprick down your throat and fires Her warm load directly into your esophagus.

With a strain you gag and cough, but don't move your head. Mistress bends down and looks you in the eyes. “Good girl, that's the first test. The next one will be harder, but if you stay still we can move on to the night's event. A warm buzz that isn't the vibrator running in your ass fill you upon hearing those words. “Prepare yourself, pet.” Mistress fits a thick, round, leather bit gag into your mouth and allows you several moments to close your eyes and try to find your center. The thwack of a riding crop breaks your moment of peace, but not your concentration. Whack, whack, whack. Three smacks back and forth across your cheeks. Now a continual series of hits in the same spot, just on the fullness of your ass. The building intensity is harder to stay still for than the face fucking. Getting hit in the same spot repeatedly is making you breathe shallowly, you almost sound like a panting dog at this point. You ball your fingers around the hand grips next to the wrist restraints, your knuckles turning white as your fingers bite into the thin layer of dense foam on the grips.

Now firm back hand strikes on the opposite cheek from the previous chain. The jolt from each strike threatens to strain your piercings against the bars holding them in place. The change from passively staying still, to actively pushing on the strike to stay still caught you for a loop the first time. Future firm hits don't wiggle your body from center nearly as much. As suddenly and with as little fanfare as the flogging started with, it ceases. Mistress pulls the little vibrating bullet from your ass with a slight plop and places both of the toys somewhere off to the side. She stoops to your level again, “My dear pet, you are so strong, and try so hard for me. Now you get your reward.” With that, she kisses you deeply, awkward open mouth position and all.

“My pet, brace yourself this is going to be harder yet.” You would nod if you could, but both that and more oral affirmations are beyond you. The unmistakable smell of antiseptic iodine fills the air as Mistress cleans the spot on your upper thigh that shall carry Her brand. She walks to the forge, and from the corner of your view, pulls out the red hot brand. As you watch Mistress walk out of view, it occurs to you exactly how much heat the brand must be able to carry to turn that bright a shade.“Now, pet.” You must steel your joints, close your eyes, and sink your teeth into the fat leather bit firmly. The burning sensation of the brand is simply beyond anything you have ever experienced. An intense heat that makes you want to flinch, recoil away, and scream in agony.

You can do none of these things, and though willpower, and the love of Your Mistress, hold your body still, in a silence that continues for what feels like an eternity. An unpleasant burning smell starts to fill the room and after longer than you could fathom in this state of pain, the brand is pulled away. That does little for the burning ache still screaming on the fat of your thigh. Your eyes water and you continue to bite the leather bit as hard as you dare. Mistress returns the brand to the small forge, before returning to your side. Something cool is gently rubbed onto the brand. You swear you can still feel the intense heat under your skin, but the surface is cooling under the medicated salve. Mistress dresses the fresh brand with a large bandage and starts to undo the restraints and bars. “Come, my sweet, dear, brave, loyal pet. You may rest with your head on my lap on the couch. You weakly smile, already thinking about how amazing the brand will look when it's healed.”

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