A Buzzing Sensation

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Four days ago, when you finally left Breyton, you thought that nowhere could be worse than home. As you sit on your bedroll in the middle of a gentle rolling grassland, you miss the dank place. The first two days trekking through woods was easy enough, you had a good supply of dried meat with you and two loaves of bread. The woods were simple to navigate and your belly was full. As you eat the last of your food though, you wonder if you should turn back. You haven't seen any game since leaving the woods, and finally decide that pushing on to new land is better than starving where you already saw there was nothing to hunt. You drain your waterskin and prepare to sustain yourself from whatever puddles or waterholes you can find along the way. After your disappointing breakfast you pack your small campsite up and take out your bow, once again hoping to find some meat for your dinner as you set out along your way to whatever may come next.

The morning sun rises slowly as you trudge forward, and a soft wind blows across the grass. Off in the distance you see a tree in your rough path, and you decide to make that your noon resting spot. You continue to scan the horizon, hoping to see a herd of deer, or even a lone buck. At this point you admit you would risk eating rabbit. The sun continues to climb in the sky and the tree slowly grows as you continue your slow pace towards it. You wipe a bead of sweat out of your eye, and vow to reconsider turning back while you rest. By the time you finally reach the tree, the full heat of the day has hit. While the tree is sparser than what you are used to up in the woodlands, it has enough shade to protect you from the worst of the sun while you rest for a couple hours. Once you drop your pack and bedroll, you upturn the last crumbs of your food supply into your hand and greedily wolf it down. Before sitting for your nap, you walk around the tree looking for a branch suitable to become a walking stick.

On the far side of the tree, you find something much better, some sort of insect hive overflowing with a thick honey! You can hardy believe your luck at this find, and even better there don't seem to be any insects left to guard the stash of precious food. You reach a hand in and pull it back out, covered in the dark, thick goo. One lick and your mouth and sinuses are full of a sweet and flowery honey. Much like the crumbs of food before you quickly eat as much of the honey as you can. Your stomach absolutely bulging, you stretch out under the tree with your bedroll to nap through the hottest part of the day. You loosen the draw on your pants to give yourself a little extra room, and find yourself to be extra comfortable feeling, so you loosen the draw a little more and slip your hand down to your girlcock. Nothing like a little midday fun to fuel a nice nap you think as you start to play with yourself. You could swear you ate so much it is pressing against your insides in a most pleasing way.

Before you can finish getting yourself up though, you find that you are having problems moving your arms, and the fullness in your stomach is starting to burn awfully fierce. Soon your arms fall limply to your sides and you are unable to do anything beyond breath slowly. As the burn in your stomach grows, your stomach physically balloons out as well. As you lay in horror, a low buzzing drone gets louder and a shadow is cast over your limp form. A beewoman Walks into your narrow range of view, clicking her mandibles. She walks around the tree, clicking more as she sees the far side, before returning and using her jaws to clip away your clothing. You can see her fully now, wide oval head with jaws at the widest part of the oval, connected by a thick neck to a large abdomen. She stands on two legs, a fuzzy muff speckled with pollen between them while she rubs four hands together, two ample sets of breasts jiggling behind them. She kneels next to you, wings still buzzing softly, and runs two hands down the side of your enlarging stomach, and down between your legs, before what you can only hope is a smile forms.

Her smile widens as she leans forward, and you realize that she intends to eat you. Her arms grasp your limp form and shove you into her mouth and down that wide throat. Still paralyzed, you lack any ability to fight her and find yourself crammed into her stomach the splashes of acid burning away at you on the outside as that damned honey is burning away your insides. You start to pray for a quick death now as you feel the beewoman take flight in a lazy, loping path. It isn't long until you finally black out, in her stomach. To your incredible surprise, you awaken and not inside of a creature's stomach. Your eyes can't seem to focus and all you sense around you is dim light. You try to move, but find that none of your muscles seem to work how they should. A shadowy figure leans into your vision, all fractured and multiplied. A soft, buzzing voice fills your ears “You are awake, finally. I knew as soon as I saw you, that you would be perfect, and you are lucky too. The hive is oh so hungry.” Your vision starts to settle, or rather your brain starts to understand how to process vision from your new multifocus eyes. Looking around in the dim light you see that your body is much like that of the beewoman standing in front of you, though you still can't control it very well. “You'll learn to move with more coordination in time, walking is a bit harder for you now, and flying is so complicated, though you won't need to worry about that.” She finishes with a buzzing laugh and leaves your field of view.

Feeling alone for a moment, you start to take stock of your new body. Your abdomen is extended and hairless compared to the beewoman who just left, and as you run your hands along your arms, you see that while they look spindly they feel so much stronger. Tracing down the length of your new stomach, you feel your hips, and to your shock, a small shadow of your former girlcock. It limply hangs alone, between the middle of your legs, very sensitive to your touch, but otherwise nonreactive. Before you can process that however, the beewoman from before returns, with several other bees behind her. Each one in turn approaches you and in turn forces itself on you with a deep kiss, before filling you with their load of that thick, dark honey. You watch in shock as your stomach grows larger and larger, slowly eclipsing the rest of your body. As your stomach grows, you can see into it, the dark swirling honey slowly turning a light amber as it expands inside of you. After the last bee finishes with you the first beewoman speaks up again “Now help her over, the hive must eat.” Those words send a new wave of panic through you, as you fruitlessly wave your arms in the air. The other bees take no notice and carefully roll you onto your stomach, legs high in the air from the bulge now. You can very slowly crawl pulling with your arms, but four of the other bees hold you in place. You struggle harder as a buzzing approaches from behind.

A soft hand touches what remains of your girlcock, and waves of pleasure crash into you, pausing your struggle. Soon the soft hand, is a warm mouth and a nimble tongue wraps around the entirety of your small member. The soft hand gently squeezes the base while the mouth sucks and licks. The other bees let go of you now that you have stopped fighting, and you moan softly while the bee behind you continues to work your girldick. You close your eyes and hug yourself with your arms as you sink deeply into pleasure. Your wings twitch twice as an orgasm wracks through your body, and your stomach feels ever so slightly less stretched. Moments later another bee takes the place of the first one and the process begins again. The beewoman knees down by you once again, “I said you were a lucky girl that the hive was so hungry.” before standing back up and taking a place in line behind you.

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