A Change of View

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You lean back in your chair and finish the club soda you were nursing. The current show on stage is going well, the domme is painting up her pony sub in a coat of slick looking black liquid latex. The two seem to be having fun and soon the pony is led through the crowd. As the pony softly squeaks through the crowd, you admire the slick sheen on the pony's ass. She seems quite pleased as her hips give the tail plus a degree of sway back and forth.

While your eyes watch the domme work the pony's tail plug in and out, your mind wanders to the show you are going to give tonight. You startle back to the show as the pony's hoof clops on the stage edge. She's getting railed at the stage edge now, and only lasts a few more moments before she leaves a mess down the side of the stage. After she wipes the stage side clean, she leads her pony pet around the side of the stage and to a back room, perhaps for more intense play.

There is still a few minutes before your show is due to start, but you dislike being late, so you stand and go to the room you reserved for the night. It's one of the smaller play rooms, it has a basic bondage bench with hard points to bind to, and a rack for clothing, but lacks the fancy rigging that the larger rooms have. You slip off your tennis shoes, and pull down your jeans, socks, and panties in one movement. Tossing the clothes into a pile under the rack, you continue to undress.

The gray fitted tee comes off next, your breasts bouncing as it does. Finally you undo the clasps behind your back and let the bra fall to the floor. You pull the fitted leather pants out from your garment bag, already hanging on the rack from when you arrived earlier. You slide the tight pants on, and adjust your girlcock so it is front and center. The matching leather top is more of a struggle, finally fitting into place with a grunt. Another quick adjustment, getting your breasts at the diamond window on the top.

Finally, from the bottom of the garment bag you pull out the toys you brought. An oak paddle, an anal vibrator, and a cat o' nine tails, are both coming out to the stage with you. As you exit the smaller play room, you see that the staff has already prepared the stage as you asked. The St. Andrew's cross and a pillory are both out, and ready for you to use. You look out to the audience, your experienced eye gauging who would make a good volunteer for your show.

A staff member announces over the speaker system that you will be looking for a volunteer for your show tonight. From the stage, you see many eager people but you know who you want already. One woman, comparatively modestly dressed in a skirt and knit top almost raised her hand but put it back down. You can see the yearning in her eyes though. Without saying a word you point an immaculately manicured finger at the hesitant woman. She looks lost in her own world for a moment, then stands up and practically runs up and joins you on the stage.

You lean close to the young woman and ask her name, and whisper a safe word to her. She responds that her name is Ellen and that she understands the safe word. You grin wickedly, take Ellen by the hand, and lead her to the pillory. The thick wood of the pillory has been stained a rich mahogany color, and the holes have been worn smooth with rounded edges. You pull the pillory open with one hand, and push Ellen into place with the other. The top half of the pillory falls with a heavy wooden thunk, you then close the metal latch, and insert the locking pin, securing Ellen firmly in place.

Ellen gives the restraints a couple good pulls, trying to see if she can work her hand out. She continues to gently struggle as you slowly spin the pillory on its turntable. Her tartan patterned skirt covers her full, round ass, and thick upper thighs. She isn't wearing any sort of thigh highs or stockings, leaving you easy access to drag your nails slowly up her inner leg, up and under her skirt. You let your hand gravitate to between her legs and feel a small girlcock start to perk up. You hook the waistband of her panties with your thumb, and pull them down as you withdraw your hand. Finally, you pull the skirt up and over her ample ass, showing it to the audience.

You press the palm of your hand onto Ellen's ass and rub in a slow circle before giving her a smack. The impact ripples across her ass and down her thigh, before you slap her ass a second and then a third time. A bright red hand print adorns Ellen's ass now, and you run a finger across the impact spot and she wiggles as you do so. You rotate the pillory so she can see the audience as you show her the oak paddle. She bites her lip “Um, that looks like a lot of fun...”

The pillory turntable squeaks as you spin Ellen's ass to the crowd again. The paddle connects with Ellen's ass, causing more noise than pain, but still causing your restrained target to jump in the pillory. You give her a series of strokes, each one causing a loud clap and sending her ass and thighs rippling. After pausing for a moment to admire the growing impact mark you have left, you change your grip and swing again. Ellen lets out a loud yelp. After giving her another nine painful strokes with the paddle you return it to its place on the ground and rotate her around to see the next toy.

You select the cat o' nine tails and wave the tips of the flogger in front of her eyes before letting the ends gently brush the side of her face. Ellen's eyes widen and you wordlessly rotate her ass to face the audience again. You start to apply the flogger by softly underhanding your swings. The cat o' nine tails tickle at the bright red marks that the paddle left. Ellen let's a soft giggle escape her lips and shakes her rear at you, almost taunting you to swing the little flogger with more force.

Now you bring the end of the flogger up and over your shoulder, and give her a bite with more force. Ellen cries out half in pain, half in pleasure. You swing the flogger again, even harder and and this time Ellen outright moans in ecstasy. As you continue to beat your volunteer, her sounds cause your girlcock to press and strain against the leather containing it. After you give her several strong bites from the flogger you drop the toy and press your index finger into the marks you have left, before dragging it down Ellen's plump thing and to between her legs, where her member stands fully hard and dripping. As you spin her to face the audience again you ask her “Such a good pet, would you like a little reward?” As your fingers tease her slender little part.

You look her in her watering eyes, as she answers yes. Grinning, you pull the locking pin from the pillory and flip it open, before taking Ellen by the hair and leading her to the St. Andrew's cross. You help her get onto the foot plates, before strapping her legs to the lower half of the X shaped device. You flip your index finger up, and she looks confused for a second before she realizes you mean for her to take her top off. She wriggles and out pops her tummy first, and then her full bust. She drops the top to the side and allows you to continue strapping her to the cross.

The third strap tightens under her soft tummy, and the fourth is high up enough under her chest that her breasts point forward. You take one of her wrists and pull it to the restraint point and bind her, before repeating with her other arm. “Hold on” you say to Ellen as you let the brake off from the cross's rotation point. The cross spins 180 degrees, and Ellen's skirt drapes over her stomach, her stiff girlcock open to all to see. You reach off stage and a staff member hands you the vibe, now sleeved and lubed.

You reach down and rest your index finger on Ellen's lips, and she sucks on it for a moment. Once your finger is moist, you pull it out and start to push gently into her ass. Slowly, your finger works down to the first knuckle and you probe in a circular motion. Ellen's hard member leaks down onto her skirt as you loosen her up. She whines as you pull your finger out, then exhales with force as the thicker vibrator replaces your finger. The vibe starts to whir away in her ass after you flick the switch, and twist the timer to gradually increase the speed of the pulses.

Another 90 degree spin and now Ellen is suspended horizontally, and you reapply the break. With a step to the side, you position your crotch in front of Ellen's face and slowly pull the zipper down, letting your girlshaft free of it's leather restraints. Your girlcock points pendulous at Ellen's face, and she licks her lips before reaching her tongue out for a taste. As her tongue reaches the head of your parts, your hand takes hold of Ellen's girldick.

You thrust your member into her waiting, willing mouth. Your thumb rubs along the underside of Ellen's shaft as your other hand runs though Ellen's hair. The vibrator slowly speeds up as the timer runs, your hips thrusting in and out of your stage pet. Her girlprick twitches in your hand as you stimulate her, your hand getting covered in her slick juices. Ellen moans in pleasure from around your girlcock, her hips trying to thrust into your hand.

Ellen wraps her tongue around your shaft and tickles at the bottom of the head of your member. You let out your own groans of enjoyment as she continues to bring you closer to release. Your thumb focuses on the end of her dainty parts, while the vibrator rattles away inside of her, finally causing her to let three tiny spurts of seed, and a bead slowly dripping from her to the floor. Your other hand slides behind her head as you shoot a powerful shot of your own girlgoo into the back of her throat. She coughs and sputters but swallows every drop.

You carefully remove the whirring vibrator and spin Ellen back to upright. Her arms fall limply to her side after you undo the restraints. You place your arm under her breasts as you release her, helping her to stay upright. She snaps back to reality enough to grip the sides of the cross as you let her legs free. Her knees start to buckle, and you wrap an arm under her shoulders and help her to the small play room where she can come down from the heady excitement of performing on stage.

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