A Sinuous Ritual

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The rain is coming down unusually hard tonight. You tighten your cloak as wait at the door. The least they could have done is let you wait inside, while they see if the Boroughmaster will see you. It doesn't seem like many people have been interested in the Boroughmaster's offer. Even the tavern keep scoffed once he heard why you were here. You thought he was just a prick, but now you are starting to doubt the whole thing. The idea of going back to the tavern and waiting the rain out starts to sound appealing.

Thunder claps and you tug your cloak tighter still. It's dark, you could pretend to be someone else and try again in an hour when the rain is done. More like tomorrow, with how unreasonable it seems to be to expect to see the Boroughmaster at this early hour. Gritting your teeth in the cold you brace yourself for the walk back. As you begin to turn, the door opens again. “The Boroughmaster will see you, but do make it quick. My master enjoys his solitude.” With a nod you follow the footman inside.

A fire roars off to your left, someone seated in an overstuffed chair. The footman waves you in that direction and quickly steals away to some other part of the residence. Several bookcases line the walls as you approach the Boroughmaster. “Boroughmaster, I have come...” “Yes yes, please remove yourself from the rug.” Looking at your feet, you see that you are standing on quite a large bear skin rug. A slightly muddy rug now you see as you take a step back. The man makes an audible sigh.

“Yes, you have come why? I have no need of a governess, and every other position I may need is already filled.” Taking a deep breath to regain your composure you respond “I was under the belief that you needed to have some vermin disposed of.” “Vermin? Rats? We don't have rats.” The gangling older man reaches for a bell and rings it three times. The footman returns moments later. “Please show the rat catcher the door, perhaps direct her to the tavern, I am sure those sorts would have need of her services.”

“The vampire! I am talking about the vampire!” You say with a degree of exasperation. “The vampire? Oh yes, bring me its head and You'll get your pay. Though, you look a little green to be out hunting the eternally damned.” Before you can defend your reputation, the Boroughmaster waves his hand and the footman takes you by the arm. It takes all your self control to not reach for your blade, as you remember that this isn't some bar you can just walk away from after.

'What pompous old tit appointed that pompous old tit?' You think to yourself as you are thrust off into the night. The rain is still coming down, and the fire had ruined what small resistance to the cold you had built from the travel and wait. 'Where does he get off calling someone green? He hasn't slain the creature, and he isn't offering nearly enough for anyone else to answer. Just because he happens to be right this time.' You continue to curse the man silently as you count out the coins in your purse, hoping to be able to at least spend a few hours nursing a drink, if not asleep in a bed.

Reaching the tavern again, you return to the smoke filled building. The weak fire was more embers than flame, but with all the windows closed as much smoke as heat filled the common room. Placing four dirty coins onto the counter you ask for a drink and a room. “Aye, I can do both.” The muscular man says as he places your money under the bar. He points to a door to the side of the bar, and pours off a weak looking beer and thrusts it towards you. Without another word you down the watery drink in one long pull of the mug.

You stumble off through the door, your head dimly aware of the beer. A sliver of light pours in from a tiny window. You see a straw filled mattress dimly. The room stinks of filth and rot, but it's dry and slightly warmer than outside. You wouldn't dare lie on the bare mattress naked, but your clothes will do. You do pull your sword from its scabbard and leave it by the side. You give your wet cloak a few swift flicks to get the worse of the water off. Finally deciding it's as dry as it will get, you lay down on the mattress and pull the cloak over you as a blanket.

Loud knocking at the door greets you in the morning. “Clear out! It's morning now and your coin was for the night.” A loud groan leaves your mouth, as you reach for your scabbard and sword. The only other thing you brought with you, a small kit full of the tools of your trade, is still laced into the side of the cloak. Your back aches from the poor quality mattress, and you stand stiffly, but you push open the door, and pass the tavern master.

The morning light is harsh on your eyes still, but even squinting you can see what must be the creature's home. As you leave Breyton, a branch of the road splits off and leads into the woods. The sign has been marked through to read certain death, and the branch hasn't seen use in many years. You hope that you don't stumble on a bear like the one that made the rug you saw last night as you set out down the dilapidated road.

You keep your hand on the hilt of your blade, in case something were to dive from the woods to accost you. It doesn't take long to notice that there isn't any wildlife, other than the occasional bird. Somehow that knowledge doesn't make you take your hand off of your blade. The road continues to wind through the woods, eventually reaching a river. The covered bridge that spans the river looks as poorly maintained as the road, and gives you pause.

Off in the distance you see the creature's castle sitting on a hill. That sight gives you the resolve to test the bridge. It creaks and groans but the bridge stays standing as you cross. You trudge onward, the morning sun rising towards midday. It should still be daylight by the time you reach the castle. This should be easy enough, and even the poor pay will keep you out of the rain for long enough to properly dry out.

It's now that you notice that while the road itself is ramshackle, none of the plants are overgrowing into it. As if nature herself was too offended to try to reclaim the land. That thought sends a chill down your back, and is the first time you have second guessed the wisdom of your plan. You grip the sword's hilt harder as you continue to trek to the castle, the rest of your journey is in silence, save for the occasional caw of a crow.

The woods clear out as you reach the peak of the hill. The gate through the outer wall is open and you draw your sword before stepping through. To your left you see stables, no sign of any horses from what you can tell though. The courtyard extends around the edges of the inner keep and presumably meets behind the structure. The keep's heavy looking wooden doors sit shut.

You take a deep breath and position yourself to give the door a mighty shove. As your shoulder makes contact with the door, both halves swing open effortlessly. You stumble but catch yourself before falling to the ground. The foyer is lit with the waining day's sunlight and a candlelight chandelier. A tattered rug leads to a grand staircase leading to a second floor balcony. There are several doors to either side of the staircase, all of the closed.

You almost jump out of your skin as the front doors close with a slam. No matter how hard you tug on the brass ring, the door refuses to budge. Turning your back to the door, you see that a path of candles lights the staircase. Instead of just taking the invitation up, you check each door in the foyer in turn. None of the three doors on the left move at all.

Your heart races as you approach the first door on the right. Someone is crying on the other side. Like the other doors, this one refuses to move even as you throw yourself against it. Finally, you wedge the end of your blade between the door and the wall and force the door open. The end day sunlight pours into this room, bathing the room in a goldenrod glow. The room is well appointed, with a desk and mirror, a fine bed, and a nightstand.

A young woman lays in the bed, crying and she sniffles to a stop as she sees you. “Help me, NO! Stay away!” The woman shouts in her panicked state. You place your sword back in its scabbard, and sit on the edge of the bed. The other woman winces as you take her hand and looks away from you. “You have nothing else to fear, I have come to slay the creature and after, I will escort you back to Breyton. The woman starts to cry as you say those words.

“The monster changed me, and I am not from Breyton so I fear they would be disinclined to care for one such as me now.” The woman turns to face you and you see that the left side of her face is covered in snake scales and a yellow eye looks back at you. You launch yourself off the bed, your back to a wall now as you draw your sword once again. “Stay back, demon!” The woman breaks out in loud sobs again, her body bending in inhuman ways under the blanket now.

Several heartbeats pass and the woman is still curled up on the bed, crying. You hesitantly put the weapon away and approach the bed again. “I am sorry, I just wasn't expecting to see” “A monster?” the woman cuts you off through her tears. “Perhaps the creature's magic will be dispelled by slaying it? Do you know where it spends the days?” The woman dries her tears with the bedspread and nods. “I can take you to the monster”

She pulls herself out of the bed and you see her lower body is that of a snake. The scales start to checkerboard into human skin under her breasts, which you catch yourself starting at before realizing she intends to roam the castle naked with you. You follow her back to the main hall, and she points up the staircase. “She will be in her study by now.”

The woman evidently has not had this form for long, she struggles navigating the steps and has to pull herself along with the railing. The second flood landing is filled with paintings of taciturn men, all dressed in formal outfits, and all looking like they are sitting in judgment of you. The pictures fade and flake as you follow the woman into the recesses of the keep.

She leads you to another sturdy door. This one swings open with just a touch from her hand, revealing a narrow, spiraling staircase. The woman reaches out with each hand to steady herself as she climbs up the steps. Light pours in from the part of the exterior wall with windows, leaving the rest of the climb in the dark. Another door creaks open in the darkness and you are forced to raise a hand to the unnatural light on the far side.

The woman once again points, this time into the room “She is in there, already hard at work on whatever foul endeavor has her attention now.” You nod in the darkness, and pass the poor woman as you enter the room. “Show yourself, damned monster!” You fumble with the lacing holding your toolkit in your cloak and the leather satchel tumbles to the ground. Quickly, you snatch it back and force the top open.

The room appears to be empty, aside from a heavy wood looking table, next to a human sized pot. The chill races down your spine again as you consider that. The room is continues, lined with heavy book cases all the way down to a desk at the far end, with a full backed chair facing the desk. Shadows flicker in the candlelight as you walk past the candelabras, catching your attention.

You feel around in the leather satchel and find the dried aromatics. You grab the small handful and crumble it in your hand and sprinkle it over yourself. A laughter comes from the far side of the room. “Is that garlic and laurel? Have you spilled your dinner?” A figure appears from behind the chair. “Oh no, dear me, you think your little herbs will protect you?”

Reaching into the little kit bag again, you pull out a glass globe. As the figure approaches, you catch a brief sight of her face as she seemingly floats from shadow to shadow. You hurl the globe, and it shatters at the approaching vampire's feet, splattering water across her legs. She sighs “The pants are silk, do be careful with your little toys.” You lose track of her and the next moment, she is almost within arm's reach now.

There is only one item left in the hunter's kit and you let the satchel fall to the ground again as you wave a cross in front of the vampire's face. She roughly smacks your hand, sending the tool flying across the room. “You misunderstand me, I find your beliefs repentant, I am not repelled by it.” She leans forward, and whispers into your ear “Tell me, what is your next toy, little hunter?”

Your hand falls to the pommel of your sword, and you pull the blade out and thrust it forward, to only find air. Your target is still approaching you from across the room. “A sword? Really, you thought a bit of metal would be your savior?” You pull the weapon back, preparing to lung forward only for someone to reach around and hold them back. A forked tongue flicks at your neck “Now now, you should show Mistress some respect” the snake woman whispers.

The vampire approaches you and slaps the sword from your hand. “I bet you thought that trinket was silver. Do you want to explain why you have entered my home? Attempted, rather poorly, to kill me?” You struggle but the woman behind you is far stronger. “You kidnap and kill and have terrorized Breyton, of course Fpeople would rise up and kill you, you monster. Look at how you have hexed the poor woman behind me.”

“Hexed? You poor child, she is the crowning pinnacle of my science! I have given her purpose, and she is learning to love her new form.” The woman behind you grinds her hips into your ass, a noticeable firmness pressing into you. Grimacing, you strain your neck to face away from the vampire. She places a finger on your chin, and makes you face her. Her eyes are a deep black, you feel like you could fall into them. The only sensation keeping you in reality is the occasional tongue flick teasing you.

“Silly, silly girl. You came into the home of a vampire, armed with legend and toys. And why? Because someone told you that I was terrorizing Breyton? Stealing their women? It is Breyton that terrorized me! They send you cut purses to kill me while I sleep!” The vampire has become quite animated at this point “And why I ask? because I give the poor women of Breyton an escape from being married off to some swine herd who can't tell the difference between a pig and his wife.”

“She's telling you the truth” The snake woman intones from behind you, one of her hands drifting down, towards your breasts. “You could have so much fun, if you just listen to reason” You stop struggling, as the woman isn't actually hurting you “So you just, give the women a warm lunch and a pat on the back?” The vampire grins as you smart off to her “Something like that yes. The hunters though? I usually kill them. Useless insects invading my home.”

Your heart freezes upon hearing that. She looks you deep in the eyes again “You at least had the decency to be cute.” “Does that mean we can keep her, Mistress?” “Now pet, don't get ahead of me.” The vampire picks you up with one arm, and your sword flies from the ground to her other hand. She knicks your neck with the tip and pulls you towards her for a taste. “She would make quite a tasty snack, otherwise.”

You go limp in her grip “I yield, you may do with me as you wish.” The vampire smiles again, her fangs in full view now. She drops you to your feet. “You are lucky, the last visitor became my new pet. This time, I need an assistant.” She walks towards the middle of the room, and her pet, the snake woman pushes you along behind her. As you reach the center of the room a ring of candles flash alight.

Her pet slithers around you, and works loose the laces of your jerkin. She pulls your cloak off and works the jerkin up and over you. Your breasts flop out and she flicks her tongue at your nipples. Her tail curls around your legs as her hands drift to your pants. The sword belt is quickly undone and drags your pants to the ground. You nervously note the snake woman's bulges.

The vampire walks a circle around you, spreading a circle of salt around the three of you. She traces five lines inside the circle, while chanting deeply in a language you don't recognize. After she finishes, the snake woman pushes you to the ground, her tongue forcing its way into your mouth and wrapping around your own. Her parts rub against your girldick. Despite yourself, you can't help but grow hard at her attention.

From your view on the ground, you see the vampire casually unlace her pants and step out of them. Her fingers run along the side of her shaft, and it sparks to life. The snake woman pushes herself off of you, as the vampire slowly swaggers over, her pendulous member swaying. Her pet leans over you again and whispers “On your knees when Mistress approaches.”

Your heart feels like it's about to explode out of your throat, as you roll over and push yourself up to your knees on the cold stone flood. She appears to ever so slightly float as she strides over to you, the slowly rising moonlight giving her a silvery halo. She pauses for a moment at the edge of the circle, and utters something else in the flowing, somehow both flowery yet gravelly language before crossing over.

She stands before you now, and rests a hand on your head before guiding your face to her member. Accepting your place in this you close your eyes and reach forward with your mouth. You run your tongue under the base of her girlcock, before tickling at her head. The hand that guided your head reaches down to your neck, and a nail runs gently through the knick she made with the sword before. The hand pulls away and you hear a slight sucking noise as she cleans her finger.

The vampire's hips thrust more of her girldick in than you were expecting and you cough around the powerful member as it bounces in and out of you. Her pet grabs you by the hips, and pulls your ass into the air. She slithers between your legs and positions her members squarely behind you. Her twin tips prod you gently before she eases one into you. Your eyes water as she pushes in deeply and holds you there.

“Relax little one, let it wash over you, and soon you will serve a higher purpose, Me.” She takes hold of the back of your head and thrusts deeper yet into you. Her member strains the limit of your jaw, and you are forced to hold your breath in this position. You tremble from the lack of air, and she lets you breath again as you approach the edge of consciousness. You greedily suck air from around her girldick, her musk overwhelming your senses.

Your head swims from the rush of air and the magic of the ritual. The snake woman behind you slides back out and pushes in her second tip, the two members pulling her into you while they stretch you. The two women slam you back and forth now, vigorously fucking you. A hand wraps around your own hard shaft and pumps you in rhythm, a soft moan escaping around the large girlcock filling your mouth.

The vampire is continuing with her chant, and you feel a wind blow through the room and extinguishes the candles, save for the candelabras around the circle. The next moment those collapse and set the salt alight with a green glow. You panic, as the flame races around circle and through the lines underneath you. The green flame jumps from the salt to engulf the three of you.

Neither of the women filling you act like they notice the fire, and you realize the flame has no heat, nor is it consuming you. The vampire finishes her incantation, and her thick, warm, seed launches deep into your throat, and you feel her thumb pressing on your neck, forcing you to swallow every drop. Her pet pounds away into you until her members stir deep inside you, and the twin spurts dribbles across your insides.

The thumb pressing on your throat, and the hand pumping your girlcock is too much for your body, and your own seed fires into the circle and burns away in a shower of sparks. You can still feel the vampire's seed course into your body. Somehow it feels like it's filling your veins and you curl up onto the floor, a burning ache alight inside you. Rolling on the floor, you grasp your head as the fire races to your face and a pair of fangs force themselves out of your jaw.

The next moment all of the pain ceases and you can breath easily again. Looking up, you see Her standing over you. You were calling her a monster an hour ago, now the only word that could escape your lips is Mistress. Grasping at the stone floor you pull yourself back to your knees and bow deeply before her. “Thank you, Mistress.”

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