Alone for the Day

#Ropes #Restraint #Exhibitionism #Request

Sitting on the couch cross legged, you wait. Your laptop is on your lap, but you aren't actually looking at it. Just sitting out waiting for the instant your roommate leaves for the day. The package you ordered finally arrived, and the instant she is gone you are having fun. Your mind keeps drifting to the package in your room. Coils of soft rope, and shorter bits to weave into easy cuffs. A couple other fun things to toss into the mix too. You just need her to leave. The minutes tick on agonizingly, a subtitled video on knot tying playing again.

It should be her gym time soon, sometimes she has already left by now. But you can still hear music coming from her room, you really hope that she isn't taking the week off. Rocking back and forth you watch the clock slowly pass time. Finally you hear her door open, then shut. Moments later, she walks past you gym bag, in her hand. Tall with a muscular build, she obviously spends a lot of effort taking care of herself. You practically fly off the couch once her key clicks in the lock of the door. Running to your room, you open the closet. Pulling out the box, carefully hidden under other boxes in your closet like a forbidden treasure, you open the flaps. You checked the box quickly when it came, so you know all the ropes are there already, but now you get to pull them out and really feel them in your hands.

Running one of the ropes between your thumb and forefinger, you enjoy how soft the material is. Wrapping it around your finger, you pull it back and forth. The rope pulls silky smooth around your finger, without leaving any sort of mark or feeling like it was pulling. Realizing that you are grinning widely you calm yourself for a moment. Perched on the edge of the bed, you pull out the rest of the ropes. Several coils of rope long enough to bind arms and legs out to different points, and a long length to make a boob accentuating body harness.

In the bottom of the box, four shorter lengths meant to be fashioned into rope cuffs around your wrists and ankles. Pulling all the ropes out, you look at them again. Your heart beats faster, and you realize your face is flushed, with how excited you are to use your new ropes. Reaching under your bed, you pull out the box where you keep your wand. Setting it on the bed next to the ropes you start to pull your clothes off. You kick your socks into the open closet, and your top follows in a wad of cloth. Pulling off your jeans, they land near the closet. You work your tight panties off, and fling them onto the rest of your clothing from the day. Picking up the longest piece of rope, you lay it out on the bed. Placing the midpoint of the rope at the back of your neck, you tie a simple knot just over your cleavage, and one under.

A third knot at your belly button, and you loop the rope carefully around your girlcock. Pulling the two ends of the rope between your legs, you loop it up your back and around the rope at the back of your neck. One end runs under each arm and through each of the top two knots. You pull the rope tighter, your breasts popping up and forward through the rope harness. Carefully, you tie the rope ends off on your back, then adjust your breasts and girlcock, looking in the closet door mirror. You jump and, your breasts jiggle pleasingly in their rope dressage.

Tugging on the back, the harness pulls slightly but doesn't slip and tighten at all. In fact, the slight restriction feels kind of nice. The rope itself is so soft and smooth, dry but slick. Twisting in the harness doesn't feel like it would hurt even after extended movement. Taking one of the short cuff lengths, you fold it in half as with the harness. Wrapping the two ends around your ankle, you feel them through the fold and wrap them the other way. Pushing the ends through the same loop you wrap the ends of the rope around your ankle again.

One more time through the loop and you tie the ends off, making a soft rope ankle cuff. Tugging on the loop, the knot holds tight but doesn't hurt your joint or tighten more. You quickly make a similar cuff on your other ankle in moments, before starting to make one on a wrist. Only having one hand slows you down, and you end up using your mouth to pull the knot tight. Upon finishing the other wrist cuff you pull the longer coils from the bed and loop them around the feet of your bed, crossing underneath your frame. Tugging on one pulls the others.

Sitting back on the bed, you feed the ends of the longer ropes through your ankle cuff loops. Taking the wand from before, you place it on your thigh, aligning it on the head of your girldick. Stretching your offhand to the corner of your bed, you loop rope through that cuff. Turning on the wand with your one free hand, you close your eyes and enjoy the vibration for a moment before adding loops of packing tape to hold it in place. Reaching up to the corner with your unbound hand you slowly feed rope through that loop while the toy powers away on your girlcock.

Pulling the last rope through isn't easy but you manage. Straining on the ropes as the wand buzzes, you cry out softly. By yanking on the rope you can bring your thighs part way together, but that pulls your arms to the corners. No matter how you stretch you can't close your legs. The buzzing of the toy seems to be growing in intensity. Shaking your leg doesn't knock loose the tape, just rolls the vibration across more of your parts. Your face flushing you moan out loud, and bringing your hands up to hide your face yanks your legs further apart. The waves of pleasure from the toy start to melt your attachment to reality. You writhe around atop the bed, the ropes pulling and tugging back. It feels like someone is holding the ropes against you as twist in your bindings. Moaning louder, you pant from the constant stimulation.

Something drags your attention back to the real world though; the front door opening. Your roommate calls out a greeting. You look to the direction of the noise and you see your door is open. Your heart rushes, her door is before yours but that doesn't mean she won't pop her head in. You try to hook your thumb under the loop you pulled on your dominant hand's cuff. You can almost reach it. The thump of her walking through the living room and down the hall to her door. There! You just got your nail under the rope, with a little work you can free yourself.

Her door shuts. Your heart calms. Unfortunately you dropped the loop from around your thumb as well. You start trying again, but her door opens almost instantly. Seconds later a knock comes from the wall next to your door. “Hey, are you ok? Usually your door would be closed.” “Uh, yeah I am ok. Just got myself into a little bit of a situation. I'll be fine!” Your heart jumps again. What if she comes in? “Could you close your door then?” The question sounds almost mocking, like she knows you can't. “Just uh, just one moment please, I need to get up.”

“Hah, I bet you do” Your roommate walks into your room, and strolls to the foot of your bed. Your face flushes bright red in embarrassment. The toy continues to rattle away while your roommate speaks, amused “You silly girl, it's far safer to have someone else with you.” She then tugs on one of the ropes running under the bed with her foot, yanking all four of your limbs tight to the corners of the bed. She leans forward, looking at the wand on your wand. “Hah, and you only set the toy to low!” She flicks the switch to the other setting.

Your breathing stutters. You don't use that setting for long because it knocks the wind out of you. Your roommate bends down, out of view. “Gonna tie the slack off so you can struggle harder.” Standing back up she walks to the door “I'll be right back, don't you go anywhere.” Every second feels like an eternity with the wand set to the high setting. Every time you suck a bit of air back into you, it gets knocked back out. Your roommate walks back into view, after a lifetime of stimulation, wearing far less and carrying a small pink leather bag. Putting the bag on the edge of the bed, she runs her fingers down your inner thigh as you struggle fruitlessly on the ropes. “Oh cutie, I have something to try would that be ok?” Her question soaks into your head and you struggle to answer her, through the toy. “Yes, please.”

The wand turns off, and with a rip the tape is gone. She undoes the ropes holding your wrists and ankles in place and rolls you onto your stomach. Pulling your arms behind your back she runs a small length of rope from her bag around your cuff loops pinning them back. Pulling your legs together she does the same thing, then ties your ankles to your wrists. She pulls you by the shoulders, she lets your head hang over the edge of the bed. Petting you softly, she runs a hand down your back, pausing upon your rear. “Just one last little thing.”

With a soft pushing feeling, she inserts something into your ass. The thing rumbles for a moment, like your wand but so much more intense. Walking back in front of you she waggles her hips for a moment, before slowly undoing her fly with one hand letting her girlcock flop out. She moves towards your face, turning her little item on, and as she pulls away, she flicks it back off. She moves her hips back towards you again, this time you open your mouth. She guides her member into you, your heart racing while she turns the toy back onto a low setting.

One hand rests on top of your head as you suck and lick at the girldick in your mouth. The other pulses the toy inside of you. She thrusts, letting your tongue race all around her as she does. The toy buzzes and you casually struggle on the ropes, enjoying the rub on your skin. She pushes her shaft all the way into your mouth, holding the back of your head in place. The toy maxes out inside of you, and you wiggle and pull on the ropes wildly. Your roommate makes a couple soft groans as her girldick twitches and pulses inside of your mouth. Finally the waves of vibration from the toy bring about your own release, spurting out between your stomach and the bed. Your roommate bends down and whispers “What a good girl, I'll be around in a bit to let you out” and leaves the room, toy still buzzing softly inside you.$JennyFoxes