An Honest Mistake

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“Coming!” You yell, to whoever is knocking at your door. Your phone says it's almost three, and you are expecting your friend Sarah to visit today. Sarah is, as a matter of fact standing in the hallway of your apartment building. She walks in and slips off her tennis shoes next to yours. The muscular woman hands you her purse “I just need to freshen up, I have a few jars of weed in there if you want to pack one.” You nod, taking the bag to the living room as Sarah walks through the kitchen.

The sound of clinking glass comes from the purse as you set it down on your coffee table. You dig around and find several jars, some potpourri and some pot. Jack Harrer, Cherry Pie, Lemon Haze, all names you recognize. The last jar at the bottom of the bag however, Magic Nip, is a strain you don't know. Its name is written in a wispy handwriting, and looks like a re-purposed jar. You grab the bong from its place by the table and crack the jar open, excited to try a home grown strain.

The jar smells of a musky pine and the contents are well cured, just a couple spins of your grinder and you have a bong load. A flick of your lighter later and you pull the smoke through the bong and deeply into your lungs. Reclining with your eyes closed, you slowly let the smoke crawl out your nose. A tingle runs from your forehead, to the back of your head, and down your spine. Not waiting for Sarah to get back, your take another rip of the bong.

As you pull the last of the bowl through the bong, Sarah returns from her trip to the bathroom. She is wearing a tight workout top that shows off both her breasts and the six pack below them, contrasted with an above the knee skirt which flows around a bulge before flowing freely. She bends over the jars you pulled out and left on display. “Which jar did you use?” she asks while sniffing the air. Your head is spinning as the bowl you smoked courses through your body.

She takes the bong from your hands before you can risk dropping it. You point shakily at the jar at the end of the line. Sarah picks the jar up to see the label “Well, I wouldn't have suggested this one but what is done is done. Just relax and let it happen. I'll be here to take care of you.” Her words float through your head and you can hardly grasp the meaning. The brain fuzz from that bong was more intense than you expected, and are having problems remembering what you were just doing.

About the only thought in your head right now is how hot the room is getting. Without noticing, your breathing has gotten deeper and your tee shirt feels like its fighting you with every breath. Forgetting your friend is across the table from you, you start to try to peel your top off. “Here, let me help you before you rip it” Sarah works the fabric over your breasts and shimmies the shirt up over your head and along your arms. “Just lay back now, you might find the next few minutes disconcerting but I will guide you through it.”

You hadn't realized how nice Sarah is until now. Sarah helps you lay down on the couch and straddles your tummy. Her weight over you feels so nice, and the poking from her expanding bulge suggests she is enjoying it too. A ringing starts in your head and rapidly grows in intensity. You cradle your head in your arms, and hardly notice that it feels different than before. Your ears are shifting to the top and your face aches as it elongates.

“Uuuuuunng” you moan as your breasts begin to ache as hard as your head does. Sarah sees you writhe as the effects course though you and begins to knead your breasts in her hands. The burning pain fades as she works your flesh in her hands. The aching drains from your head, before the tingling burn travels down your spine and intensifying above your ass. “Oooohhrrrrow, hurtsss” is all you can utter as you wriggle underneath of Sarah.

“Oh yes, the tail” is all she says before she works a hand underneath you and helps you flip over to laying on your stomach. She undoes the button on your jeans, and pull them down to your knees. You can feel her hard girlcock bounce on your ass as she massages where the last of the painful tingle starts to fade. “How are you feeling, little one?” Sarah asks you. “Is it starting to feel good?” You mumble and slowly thrust your ass towards her stiff member. Turning back and looking over your shoulder at her “Please?” is all you are able to utter.

Sarah smiles warmly at you and reaches up to your head and scratches behind one of your ears. It feels so good, tingles run all the way down to the base of your spine. There is an intense, but not uncomfortable warmth building in your girlcock and rear. As you watch Sarah, you see something gray and fuzzy wave back and forth. A tail? Your tail? You watch it mesmerized before the warmth in you pulls your attention away again. From the awkward position on the couch you can only weakly thrust your hips back as Sarah.

Your friend stands up, muscular legs running up to the bottom of her skirt. The skirt itself is doing nothing to hide her erection. She pulls the skirt up and her thick girlcock stares back at you, it looks so delicious, but so fun. Arching your back you try to shove your hips towards her girldick as you try to reach it with your mouth as well. Sarah smiles, and runs a hand down your back. “Silly kitten, you can't do both at once.” You cock your head to the side at her, not sure what she means.

Sarah moves the table to the side and pats the floor. “Come down here if you really want it.” You crawl over to her on all fours before facing away from her again, your tail flicking wildly back and forth. She reaches a hand around your hip and feel her gently touching your member, and feel the burning heat mellow out. Your arms waver and fall out from under you, leaving you laying cheek and breasts down. This new position doesn't seem so bad to you as long as Sarah keeps rubbing your sensitive cock head.

As soon as her hand pulls away, the heat builds back up. You mutter “More, please” and slowly wiggle your hips at her. From your angle you just barely see her arm moving somewhere under her skirt. Sarah gets down to her knees, right behind you. You feel her hard girldick work at your entrance, and she rests one hand between your shoulders, and presses down holding you in place. Sarah's girlshaft pushes in and her hips slide to your ass, The hot ache starts to die away again as she does.

Sarah's hips pull away and pauses for a moment, before she pushes back into you. She does this a second, and then a third time, before pushing and pulling without stopping. Her member slowly, steadily pumps away inside of you. Her girlcock filling you feels so good, you hardly notice that her hand has returned to stroking your member. Sarah's fingers nimbly run along your shaft, and you melt in her hands. You wouldn't try moving from this position even if she wasn't holding you down with her other hand.

The hand on your member delicately teases the underside while pumping faster and faster. Your cheeks burn as Sarah carefully pushes you to the edge, then slows back down. Her hips don't spare your ass and her girldick keeps pounding into you even as her hand drifts to the base of your shaft and her fingertips knead into your bouncing girlsack. Your breathing deepens, even as Sarah slows down you feel a growing wave of pleasure from deep inside.

You feel Sarah's hips roughly bang into your rear harder and harder now. She makes several more full strokes of your member as the ripples of pleasure expands outwards from your core. The orgasm twitches and shudders through your body and you squirt a puddle of girlcum out onto the floor. Beads of Sarah's sweat drop onto your back, as she leans forward and steadies herself. With one hand holding you down, her other hand on the floor she is able to push harder into you.

You hear a guttural, almost beastly, grunt near your ear, and feel Sarah's thick girldick twitch as she thrusts one final time. Her hand moves from between your shoulder blades, to grasping you by the shoulder and pulls you close as she fills your ass with her girlseed. Her heavy breath on your neck sends tingles flowing through your body again and she spends a moment before withdrawing from you. Sarah lays down next to you and drapes an arm around your midsection.

Purring happily now, you look at Sarah again and nuzzle the muscular arm that is cuddling you. “Yours”, you say to her matter of factly. She looks at you smiling and sighs slightly “Well, I can't let you just be a stray. Plus you can hardly take care of yourself in this state. I'll need to get you a collar though.” You just lean into her cuddling you and repeat “Yours.” as you fall asleep in her arms.$JennyFoxes