Backroom at the Club

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Looking at your phone, you see it's getting on to one. You finish your drink, wave the bartender over, and settle your tab. The club doesn't close for hours yet, but you have an appointment of sorts to keep. Smiling, you stand up from your stool and walk out of the club. Dipping away from the line of lights, much like you did last week, you walk to the far end of the warehouse that houses the club. Peeking down, you only see darkness and the end of the club's dumpster. Hearing nothing, you carefully walk into the alleyway to the dumpster.

Peering past the edge to the dimly lit end of the alley; you see only a back door to the club. You pull your phone out again, and turn on the screen. One on the dot now. You decide to wait a moment and see if they come out the back, Suddenly a weight slams you to the dumpster. “Look who showed up, babe!” It is the excited, now familiar voice of the person you mentally labeled Leathers. “Hah, you were right, the dirty piggy really wanted round two; guess I owe you head later.” Leathers presses on you hard enough that she forces the air from your lungs.

“Well it's your lucky night, someone scored the key to the club's back playroom.” Denim, as if on cue, dangles a key before you, on a small dark blue plastic ring. Leathers leans off of you, and as you catch your breath, she wraps her arm around your neck and leads you away. Stumbling on the slick alleyway, you struggle to stay on your feet as Leathers drags you to the door you saw a few minutes ago. Denim walks back into your view, slides the key into the lock and pulls the heavy metal door open. Leathers tugs you into the back playroom.

Creaking on rarely used hinges, the door slowly swings shut behind you. The room looks much like the other club playrooms, except half the floor is bare concrete. “No one knows you’re back here, and no one can peek in on our fun.” As Leathers speaks, she removes her jacket. The woman pushes you to the ground, and you watch Leathers walk to the side wall. Before you can see what she is doing Denim prods you onto your back with a sharp heel. The shorter woman straddles you in her ripped fishnets, leans forward slowly and holds your face in her hand. She pulls you forward for a kiss, then you feel warm wetness in your mouth. Denim releases your face and slaps you, causing you to swallow in surprise. Flashing on the far wall next to Leathers is a small red light. “Smile, star!” She chuckles and walks back towards you.

Grabbing your hair, Leathers twists your head up to hers. “On your knees, filth.” Then she lets you fall back to the ground. Shoving yourself onto your stomach, you push up. The rough concrete digs into your hands and knees, and you look up to see Leathers grinning down at you. Denim grabs your hair and yanks your face down to Leathers' boots. “Get to work, you worm!” Denim commands you as one of Leathers' boots waves slowly in front of your face. Closing your eyes you stick out your tongue and give the leather boot a lick.

Strong flavors of leather and polish, backed with hints of the street and dust. You cough and sputter as Leathers moves the other boot about. Shaking your head, you try to refuse. The spike of Denim's heel presses into the small of your back, and crying out, you open your mouth. As you work at the other boot Denim whispers into your ear. “If you don't start in the dirt, worm, you won't ever move up”. You hear her jacket land somewhere in a corner before an arm wraps around your neck. She isn't as muscular as Leathers is, but forces you back easily.

A bead of sweat runs down Denim's arm and across your face. “Feels so much better to have that off finally. Looking good for the club can be quite difficult” She muses as she forces her armpit over your mouth and nose. Her gentle musk overtakes your olfactory senses. “She must really like being under your arm, babe.” Leathers speaks as she kisses Denim, her hand petting you gently. You give into your baser nature, licking Denim's underarm. Sweaty and musky, she tastes wonderful. Denim laughs softly “That tickles, you dirty worm you.”

The smaller woman drags you to the padded half of the room and drops you back to the ground. Leathers is facing away from you, waving her ass slowly as her skirt works down her hips and thighs before landing at her bootless calves. Turning with a twirl, she walks towards you. Stopping in front of you, she wiggles her toes. You stretch your neck to lick at her toes, before sucking on them. Strong hints of the leather in her boots, and salty sweetness of her sweat from the night in the club. Leathers groans as you work your tongue between her toes.

Getting on her knees she rests with her ass over your face. “Time for you to pay up on the bet, babe. I'll get comfortable over here first.” Leathers leans back, resting her hips on her ankles and forcing your face between her cheeks. Reaching with your tongue, you tickle her. “Oooh fuck, she is good with that. Come over here, I got something for you too.” It's hard to hear with Leathers' thighs around your ears but Denim walks before Leathers. Looking around Leathers' large cock you watch Denim drop to her knees and start to suck upon her shaft.

You continue to poke and prod at Leathers' tender entrance as her weight wavers over you. From under her cock, you watch Denim pull Leathers' cock totally into her mouth. Bobbing up and down on the girldick, a bead of her drool slowly slides down Leathers before landing on you. The musclebound woman quivers and shakes, her thighs squeezing your head. Rivulets of sweat run down her back and off her backside, onto your neck and down your face. Denim makes a muffled noise as you feel her chin hit your forehead and Leathers seems to hold her in place.

Leathers cries out and puts more of her weight onto your upturned face. Unable to pull in a new breath, you focus on continuing to please her as her cock twitches and pumps its load into Denim. She pulls away, and you hear her sit on the room's padded floor with a loud thump. After a long pause Leathers pulls herself off of you, and you gasp in a breath. Looking over you see Denim wiping her chin before making eye contact with you. “Oh, I think our dirty worm still has a lot to work to do.” The woman stands up and dusts off her knees.

Denim grabs your shoulder, and pulls you over onto your chest. She sits back on the padding, spreading her legs. Her short denim skirt does a poor job of hiding her panties, slick with moisture. Crawling over to her, you carefully work her panties down with your mouth. Your tongue teases Denim's labia, then Leathers gives your ass a rough smack. “Up on your knees and spread open.” Raising your ass into the air, you wave it teasingly at Leathers. She silently pins your legs down with her own as she gets in place, thumping her hard cock on you.

With hardly any other warning she pushes into your tight, waiting ass. In tandem with her partner Denim mashes your face in her crotch. Her sweaty musk sends shivers down your spine. Running your tongue along and inside her labia causes the woman to grab your hair. She squeezes her thighs as tightly around your head as Leathers did a few moments ago. Behind you Leathers slowly slides back out, pauses, then pushes back in. This time her hand trails down your hip and between your legs, finding your own swollen and needy little girlcock.

She runs her nails down your shaft “Work for it, you filthy pig.” Her girldick tickles your prostate as she continues to use you as her cock sleeve. The waves of pleasure are dizzying, though Denim running her nails through your hair helps you stay focused on pleasing her. Tracing within her labia and tickling across her clit, your tongue dances across her genitals. She cries out in pleasure and her body quakes, but she only tightens her thighs around your head. Leathers pounds into you harder and harder, one hand stroking your desperate? girlcock.

Working around Denim's clit with your tongue, you feel her breathing quicken and a rumbling groan. A splash of her fluid hits your mouth, and you lick deeper; aching to clean every last drop. The cock in your ass continues to slam in and out, hips meeting ass over and over. Leathers' girlcock twitches deep in you and she moans with pleasure as she fills your insides with her seed. Her hand continues to work your own girlshaft, the building monsoon of pleasure in you reaching a crescendo. Your own seed splashes on the padding of the floor.

Leathers pulls back and rises, letting the circulation return to your legs. Curling on your side, you writhe as the pins and needles feeling wracks your body. Denim gathers and hands Leathers the pile of clothing from the ground. “Looks like she enjoys being used like this.” Leathers walks back to the red light while sliding her skirt up. The light flashes off and she puts a small object into her jacket pocket. She stoops over you and ruffles your hair. “Don't worry about the key, the door will lock on by itself. See ya around, cutie.” She works her boots back on and takes Denim's arm as the two women exit the dark, cold room your clothes in hand.$JennyFoxes