Bull Whipped

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You look at your feet while waiting for Miss Kelly to come home, hoping she will have calmed down by then. You didn't mean to embarrass her in public. She sent you directly home, while she stayed to smooth things over at the club. Time feels like it is dragging, but a peek at your phone tells you it's been less than an hour. You wipe a tear from your eye as you ruminate on how hurt and upset Mistress is. Hopefully she comes home tonight at all, so you can try to start making it up to her. The night continues to pass excruciatingly slowly, and you wish for nothing more than for it to end. Finally, you hear her keys in the lock, and the door open. Mistress makes her way to the living room, and you see from her expression that trying to explain or excuse yourself would be a bad idea. “Pet,” she says dispassionately, “You need to make a decision tonight.” You nod vigorously; anything for Mistress you think to yourself. “Do you want to stay here, with me? After your display at the club, I am not so sure you actually do.”

Hearing that question makes your blood run cold. You almost instantly fall to her feet and wrap your arms around her legs. “Of course I do Mistress, I want to stay with you forever.” You manage to choke out between sobbing tears. Mistress grabs your hair and pulls your head back, and looks you in the eyes. “Save your tears, little one, you'll have need of them later.” She pulls you away from around her legs, before taking you by the wrist and pulling. You get back to your feet before Mistress can drag you along the floor as she leads you to the basement door. The steps creak and you hold the rail to keep from stumbling and falling to the basement floor. She leaves you by the anchor point on the floor as she digs through the supplies under the stairs. Soon she walks back towards you with rope and metal restraints in her arms. You watch her thread the ankle cuffs through the large metal O set into the concrete, then tugs on your legs, making you step forward. The cold metal doesn't offer much give to stretch with, and you start to resign yourself to sleeping on the cool concrete.

From under a coil of rope, Miss Kelly pulls out handcuffs and threads them through the same ring the ankle cuffs are trapped in. You squat down to offer your wrists. Mistress clicks the cuffs around your wrists and you sit on the ground, prepared for a rough, cold night. Then she passes an end of rope between your waist and your limbs. That end of the rope is soon run up to the rigging in the ceiling. “Stand.” Miss Kelly orders. You rise as fast as you can, getting to an awkward stoop. Miss Kelly feeds the untied end of the rope through another spot in the ceiling's rigging and gives it a strong tug. You feel the wind knocked out of you as you are forced to your tiptoes by the rope. “You'll stay doubled over like that until I come back, spend the time thinking about what you have done.” With that said, she turns and walks back up the stairs and flips the light off before locking the basement door. Your muscles start to ache almost instantly from the cold and painful position.

Time passes and you fade in and out of a fitful sleep from muscle cramping. Whenever your muscles relax enough for you to sleep, the rope around your midsection digs in painfully and if that doesn't startle you awake again the eventual coughing fit from the restricted breathing does. After what must have been the whole night, Miss Kelly opens the door and you listen to the stairs squeak as she descends to the basement floor. She undoes the rope around your abdomen and you collapse to the floor. You cough as the eye hook in the floor drives into your stomach. Her fingers weave into your hair and she pulls your head back to look her in the eyes. Your body aches from the night of restraint and you hope that she has decided that you have learned your lesson. Her nostrils flare before she addresses you. “Worm, I have decided what your punishment will be.” Your heart drops upon hearing that last night wasn't the actual punishment.

The muscular woman undoes the bindings keeping your wrists and ankles in place and dragging your body across the floor, before dropping you in a crumple on the hard ground. “Stand.” She orders. As cramped and aching as your body is now, you don't dare to do anything but rise as she bids. She's wearing little. Sturdy looking boots, tight panties, and a leather bra. You marvel at the curves and muscles on her body even as you push your body to simply stand. You are standing in front of a wooden support. On the far side you know she has a metal ring, but you haven't been hooked to that ring yet. Miss Kelly pulls your wrists around the support and she uses a pair of metal handcuffs through the ring to hold you in place. The ring is just above head level for you and doesn't present a painful or uncomfortable position compared to how you spent the night. You turn your head and watch your owner walk to under the stairs where she stores some of the more awkward toys she uses on you.

“Face the wall, unless you want to risk an eye.” She almost barks at you, as she catches sight of you watching her. After a couple minutes you hear her walk back over to you. “Open.” Your jaw pops open almost reflexively. The taste of the leather bit she puts into your mouth is familiar and almost comforting after last night. The leather straps tighten around your face and you gently bite into the bit, finding a comfortable grip. Miss Kelly's boots clop on the concrete floor as she walks away from you. The footsteps stop, and several moments later you feel an intense stinging feeling and hear a cracking noise, followed by a burning sensation and you bite into the bit hard enough you worry you might break a tooth. A second and a third crack followed by even more of the intense pain. By the third strike you fall forward, your knees no longer able to keep you standing your eyes gush a stream of tears as Miss Kelly swings the whip again and again.

Your head lolls to the side and you watch as blood drips to the ground, the sharp bite of the whip splitting the skin on your back open. Your mistress swings the whip again and the growing pain matches the well of tears streaming from your eyes. Each swing of the whip bringing another line of burning across your back and more blood running down your bare ass and the sides of your legs before it pools in a small puddle under you. Finally, after what feels like an eternity, the next swing never comes. You listen to Miss Kelly walk towards you again. She undoes one shackle on the handcuffs and you collapse to the ground, knees splashing in the crimson puddle of your blood. You struggle to not fall onto your side, but you can't muster the strength to look your owner in the eyes yet. A slight stream of sweat pours down the light of Miss Kelly as she walks back into your limited vision.

You are grabbed roughly by the wrist once again and pulls you back over to the bondage bench. You are draped over the bench, you couldn't fathom moving, but Miss Kelly locks your limbs into the shackles anyway. She walks away again, and a foul, acrid smelling bucket lands next to you as well as a small cylinder. You cry out as a hand presses onto your back. Her hand squeezes and presses, and drips of blood ooze down your sides. Miss Kelly's breathing speeds up, and it sounds like she is bringing herself to full arousal. She takes her place in front of you, and a rock hard girlcock covered in your blood waves in your vision. Your stomach turns as she undoes the bit in your mouth. It slides out of your mouth and lands on the bench for a moment, before bouncing off the ground. She runs her fingers close to your scalp, tightly gripping your hair, and pulls your head back as she rams her girldick home, into your mouth. The coppery acidic taste isn't as strong as the bucket of – perhaps vinegar – that sits next to you.

Working your tongue around Miss Kelly's girlcock helps you focus after the harsh punishment, giving you an emotional grounding after the beating. “Don't bite, if you want to spend another night in this house.” She orders as she leans over and across your back. She straightens up seconds later and you close your eyes, knowing what comes next will hurt. Your owner pours a large pile of salt onto your back and she exhales sharply as she starts to work the salt into your wounds. Her fingers trace the salt into each individual whip bite, and the tears start flowing again from the hard little shards of mineral being pushed into your soft flesh. Quickly the sharp spikes melt into a dull burning ache as the salt, blood, and sweat all meld into a slurry on your back. A salty bloody hand strokes your cheek as Miss Kelly slowly thrusts her cock in and out of your mouth. “After this, you'll keep your behavior in mind at all times, won't you pet?” Her words come as she leans over you a second time.

Something is removed from the bucket, and a stream of the harsh smelling vinegar pours from the object before she drags it over your back. You try to scream around Miss Kelly's cock, but she just forces it deeper into your mouth as you do so. A vinegar soaked piece of cloth is draped across your back, the acid seeping into the drying lines of salty blood, filling in the wounds you have suffered and lighting them on fire all over again. Once the sobs of tears stop flowing down your cheeks your Mistress holds the side of your head as she continues fucking your face. The warmth of her groin in your mouth is soothing, and familiar. You hope to feel her rip a load of her thick, gooey seed down your throat and for your punishment to be done. Cuddles and a loving kiss and you can return to how things have been. Her girlcock twitches and strains, but instead of the load you have come to know and love she pulls out of you.

Removing herself from your view you can only imagine what she is going to do next. You are thankful the next feeling is her probing your ass before sliding her girlprick in. She pushes in roughly, but not painfully. Her cock slides in and out of her ass rapidly. She has a single minded purpose, and it must be to fill your ass, claiming you once again as her cumrag. She pushes lightly into your back as she slides in and out, out and in. Each time the press hurts less as the rag on your back dries off. Finally, after what must have been twenty minutes of her using your hole you feel the comforting feeling of her tight, hard hips pressing into your ass. The warm load fires out into your ass with a pressure you haven't felt from her in a while. You have just started to let yourself enjoy the warmth of her love when she leans forward and rips away the sheet that has dried into the blood and salt that permeate the lashes on your back. You scream out, as the salty, bloody mixture is ripped out from each and every stroke that crisscrosses your back. The gory sheet falls to the ground as Miss Kelly undoes the shackles holding you to the bench. Her finger guides your face by your chin as she stoops down. She kisses you and forces her tongue into your mouth. You lay there as she pulls away.

Her eyes meet yours “I love you my dear pet.” She pulls your arm around her shoulder and she leads you back up the stairs. Miss Kelly stops by the bathroom door, and guides you through and to the tub. She turns both knobs and spends several minutes making small adjustments to the temperature before she is satisfied. She reaches for a soft sponge, and saturates it under the tap. The sponge is squeezed out over your back, and the warm water washes the dull burning feeling out of your wounds. Gentle motions along your shoulders melt the sore ache from the strained muscles. She gently pats your back dry, while you use a second towel to wipe the water from the rest of your body. Your eyes meet Miss Kelly's again, and you see the warmness that was missing the last day has returned. You rest your head on her shoulder while she wraps your midsection in gauze. After several layers she kisses your brow. “Come pet, we have both had a hard day; let's go to the bedroom and I'll hold you while we drift to sleep.”

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