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Shaking my head, I just sigh. “I really didn't want to have to do this. I was hoping that we could reach an understanding with each other.” I click your leash in place, while you look up at me with a mixture of defiance and confusion. You resist even now, as I tug on the leash. You relent as I pull harder. We head, not down the stairs to the basement dungeon, but to the dressing room. “Pick something, it doesn't matter what, you won't need it for long.” Starting to feel like something is amiss, you quickly grab a modest skirt and blouse.

You fall in line behind me without protest, and I lead you into the car. After a short pause- pulling up the directions and sending a couple quick texts – I pull us onto the road and start the drive. You watch as the suburb quickly melts away behind us. The trees grow thick and the road narrows to a poorly maintained two lanes. As far as you can tell the thick pine curtain extends far off into the distance. Turning to look at me you start to ask where we are going. “Just don't. Don't talk. Don't do anything. Just. Don't.”

Shrinking back into the seat of the car you gaze out the window and fight back tears. This is beyond anything you have ever seen before. The GPS beeps about an upcoming turn, and soon enough a narrow unpaved road appears. We turn down it, still curtained by thick trees. The minutes feel like hours but we soon reach the end of the drive. 'Miss Kelly's Finishing School' Says the sign as we pull into the parking lot. For the first time in an hour you can feel your heartbeat run at a normal pace. This won't be as bad as you worried it could be.

Composing yourself as best as you can, you follow me up the steps and into the lobby of the school. The building is quiet, the only sound a pair of heels approaching. A woman opens the door labeled 'Office' “Welcome! We spoke on the phone this morning, is this your trouble maker?” You’re blushing as the woman points at you Wordlessly, I nod. “Well if you both would follow me back into the offices.” The woman points to a row of chairs outside of her door. “You may wait here.” I follow the woman into her office and you can hear our conversation.

“Rampant poor behavior. Not just talking back or performing poorly, or a lack of effort.” Seconds later the woman's response “Mmm, sounds like we need more than simple suggestions. We could start at a week-long battery and see how much more breaking she needs from that.” Sucking air in between my teeth I sit in silence for several seconds. By now you have turned in the chair and are peeking in under the blinds of the office window. “No, I think we should handle this in a more aggressive fashion. I understand you do that?” “Well yes. An intense deep wipe combined with a course of hypnotol. That would leave us with a mostly blank slate. Natural talents and learned skills would be retained of course; what would be the point otherwise.” “Yes, that is what we are doing.” Is my immediate response.

You swallow hard, this doesn't sound very good. Moments later Miss Kelly and I both walk from the office. Bending down I kiss you deeply. “I love you, pet. This training is for the best; both of us will be happier when it's finished.” Hugging you powerfully I finally let go. Waving her crop in front of your face Miss Kelly addresses you “Come now, before we begin you should be in the proper school uniform.” Not wanting to risk making whatever this training is go harder, you follow her out of the offices, and across the lobby to a dressing room.

“Strip” She orders you, holding a leather tipped crop in her hands. Whimpering softly you start to pull off the hastily selected blouse and skirt. The crop traces under your full chest, and down your stomach before lifting your girlcock forward. “You'll make an adorable drone.” Not quite understanding, you mumble out a quiet “Thank you.” Miss Kelly smiles subtly “Not many soon to be drones thank me for the effort.” She passes you red underwear and a matching padded bra, the combination of which show off your curves quite well.

From the rack in the end of the room, she pulls off a hanger with a black and blue latex miniskirt and top. Between the panties pushing your girldick forward and the short miniskirt, it's impossible to hide your bulge. Shifting it back and forth you blush at the realization. Watching you blush, Miss Kelly tips your face up to hers. “You won't have to worry about feeling embarrassed much longer.” She walks towards the door of the dressing room and you follow along asking “What kind of training is happening to me? What do you mean by become a drone?”

“You are going to become the perfect submissive, my dear. Your owner wants that, and I suspect you want that too. You wouldn't be in this kind of relationship, this long, without understanding your place in the world on some level.” She leads you to a room with a strange chair. “I mean I suppose...” you falter on agreeing with her. She waves at the chair “Please front down, legs in the stirrups.” Looking at the odd seat, you carefully work your way onto the contraption. “Face into the headset.” follow the direction, you feel a strap across your head.

Biting your lip you wager internally the risk of asking a question now. Two more straps across your back, and cuffs around your ankles and you are firmly in the chair. “My dear you are about to undergo rather intense mental and emotional reprogramming.” Your heart skips at this. Forgetting the strap holding your face in the headset, you try to turn your head. “It's a little too late to back out now, just relax and hold still. This intense a session requires medicine as well, and you don't want me to hit a muscle instead. You start to struggle.

The crop swats your ass thrice. “You stripped before a stranger, before letting yourself be strapped into that chair young woman. You know you need this even if you are too scared to admit it.” Miss Kelly responds with an icy calm. “Now, hold still” followed by a prick. A warm feeling spreads from your arm, through your body, and then your head. “Now be good and listen to the program” These are the last words you hear Miss Kelly say before earphones are placed over your head. The dark headset flickers on and text speeds by too fast to read.

Sunbursts of blue and red explode onto the headset before devolving into flickering static. A voice starts through the headset “You are no one, nobody, nothing.” It's hard to even think of the idea of struggling again, so much easier to melt into the chair and behave. You feel like you are flying in a cocoon of cotton candy now, the voice in the headset gently echoing “Drink of the River Lethe and forget all that you were.” Everywhere you dart your eyes the grainy static starts to twist and swirl and spin. You wonder where you are at now.

“Forsake your desires, forget your wants, become the drone.” Your mind feels so foggy now. Where your body feels like it's flying, your brain feels wrapped in layers and layers of delicate silks. Thinking is almost painful at this point, like electric shocks every time you try. Words float under the swirling static field. Follow Orders. Obey Commands. You are Drone #92401. Your eyes track the words Orders and Commands as they slowly leave the screen. Those words make you feel warm and safe and good. Is 92401 your name? 92401 is rather a nice name.

Somewhere in the distance you feel another prick, and a chill. “Submit to your Mistress, and crave Her lust at all times.” Your cheeks flush, and whine, me and my cock nowhere near you. “Her pleasure is yours, Your pleasure is nothing.” You breathe harder, your body heating up. The voice gets quieter and distant, while the static swirls fade from the headset. You very much feel like you are laying face forward in a chair now. Your mind isn't even reporting back that it exists, let alone if it's in the same reality as your body now.

The only feeling you have, the only thing you know, is that you exist for the pleasure of your Mistress. Just thinking about me makes your own girlcock twitch and drool. You don't even realize that you are whining out loud now, wondering where I am and when you can suck on me. Laying in agony the gentle heat from before is now a raging torrent of fire. You crave to be used, and filled up. Your girldick presses on the chair as the idea of being pumped full of girlcum day in and day out drifts gently into your head, as you idly lick your lips.

“Stand” You hear me say. Pushing yourself up without a thought, you are standing before me. “She still knows how to do everything she did before the treatment. But you will need to spend some time teaching her to do them again. Sex for example, or other more complex tasks.” You hear the words, and recognize they are talking about you; but that recognition doesn't spark a reaction. Leaning forward I look you in the eyes “What a perfect sub you are now, exactly as I need you to be.” The woman interjects “May I offer you a room to test her out?”

The woman opens the door and leads us both down the hall to another small room, this one with a bed. After showing us in, she closes the door with a click. “Tits on the bed, cheeks spread.” Without so much as a thought in your head you climb onto the bed and open your rear. I climb onto the bed behind you, and my girldick pushes its way inside. I slide it out and slam it back into you several times, then smack your ass with my palm. “Match me, drone.” You’re bucking your hips in time with my thrusts, while I support myself on your shoulders.

Crying out softly, you buck your hips against mine. The burning ache dying back to a dull roar, but still present. Digging your fingers into the mattress you push harder, knowing that only one thing can extinguish the blaze inside of you. Much to my pleasure, whenever I speed up you follow along perfectly. When I reach under you to squeeze a nipple you don't miss a beat. Pushing yourself up on your hands now I can easily cup both of your breasts while slamming my girlcock in and out, faster and faster.

Wrapping my arms under yours, I lift you back and up onto my girldick. Sitting you on my lap, I bounce you up in the air with each deep thrust. The shadow of your breasts bounce on the wall of the small room as you slide up and down on my hard shaft. With a grunt I pull you by the hips firmly onto my girlshaft, which explodes a load inside of you. “Good girl” I say as I lay you on the bed. Curling out next to you I drape an arm across you for several minutes “I think I want breakfast now, 92401”.

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