Escape Velocity chapter 1

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Warning, readers have found this story to trigger flashbacks around parental trauma; Please read it at your discretion.

You roll onto your side, waking yourself up. Pressing the button on your clock you see it's just after midnight. They should both be asleep by now, but you want to make sure. slipping on jeans, you quietly open your door. No lights on from their room. Walking quietly, you slink to the kitchen and pull a very small cup of water from the tap. Your throat is parched from worry, and you want to hurry back to your room. Tip-toeing back to your room, you see the light remains off. The fans in your computer spin up almost silently, but still far too loud for your preference. Seconds later they rev down to idle speeds and the dim glow of your monitor bathes half of your room. A couple passwords and double clicks later, everything starts to feel better in the world. 'hey bby was missin u,' a smile crosses your face and your heart flutters; everything is better for a little while. 'Sorry, wanted to make sure they were both asleep. Dad knows two of my classes are labs this semester and he just got upset last time I told him I was working on homework.'

'ya ur old man is controlling and u think u r gonna put up with this 2 more years?' The cursor blinks in the chat box while the idea of two more years of hiding sinks in again. 'It's not that bad. Not like I could stay in class without him paying for everything. Then I can get a job and be self-sufficient. He can't say anything if I am paying my own way.' 'whatever u say bby any thought 2 my idea? come over after class someday and we can chill every1 is cool here' You close your eyes and sigh. You want to. You want to so badly. You met an amazing woman and she lives less than an hour away. 'Gimme a couple days to get ahead on some school work, and set up an excuse. Then yeah, I will come over and we can meet each other.' 'squeeeee! ill pick out something wonderful for u to wear itll be a blast' Your already racing heart slips into overdrive. 'Wear? Uh are you sure? I know you said everyone is cool but unless we are alone I don't know that I am up for that.” An instant later the response. 'rofl u worry 2 much' 'ill make sure every1 is gone then itll be just u and me <3<3<3' That thought makes your face burn. Alone with her.

'i got ochem @8 bby just wanted to peer pressure u again new it would work <3' She logs off before you can give a response. Not wanting to risk getting caught right now, you shut your computer back down and crawl back into bed. Your mind races with how you are going to pull this off. Rubbing your right side, you close your eyes and think how to keep this secret. You got way ahead in your final lab on Tuesday and Thursday, so maybe you can get everything done tomorrow and have Thursday free. That would be some time. An hour lab alone won't do it, You run your fingers through your hair. Reaching out with one hand you pick your phone off the table and squeeze the damn thing. The hard plastic case digs into your hand and you let it drop back onto your nightstand in frustration. You were so excited when your parents gave you that phone. Quickly you learned it was another way for them to control you. Constant text messages, and phone calls. Don't wait too long to reply or to call back. Unless you should be in class, like they just contact you to play mind games. The worst part is when your dad uses the Find My Phone feature to find you whenever you aren't where he thinks you should be.

The first time he did that you almost had a heart attack. You rub your side again thinking about it. He called out of nowhere, demanding to know why you were out at fast food instead of home. It took all of two days for that new freedom to turn into a new shackle. You squeeze the phone again. This time your screen pops on and your contacts open up. The list is short enough to fit on one page. Your parents, sister, and aunt. And your lab partner Paul. Paul! He owes you a favor from last semester, maybe you can talk him into hanging around the lab for a few hours holding with your phone. Hopeful that something truly nice can happen for the first time in a while you finally drift off to a fitful sleep. The next morning you go through your routine as usual. Bathroom, and books packed, then downstairs and breakfast. Both of your parents are sitting at the table, your dad behind the newspaper. “Get home on time for once. I need your help cleaning out the back shed.” You hastily respond that you will be home promptly, not wanting to break the fragile peace that exists at all times around your father. Toast and oatmeal. The fastest thing you can make without someone nagging at you for not eating.

Like every morning, you restrain yourself from wolfing your breakfast down in one long bite. Finally, you wipe up the last bit of oatmeal with the corner of your toast and get up to put your dishes in the washer. “Don't forget! Be home ON TIME” your father bellows at you as you pass by him. Your mother just wishes you a nice day as you walk out the door. The drive to school passes by in a blur. By the time you find parking you have to run to avoid being locked out of the lecture. After getting out of your morning class, you drift to the student commons. Paul usually hangs around waiting for lunch to start at Eleven. “Hey, Paul! How's lunch?” “It's breakfast when it's the first thing you eat, you know that man.” You wince slightly. “Hah yeah, hot dogs for breakfast. That is truly how champions start the day right?” He ignores your ribbing and takes another bite of his hot dog. “Listen, I need a big favor. Remember how I got you those notes last semester right before the finals?” He swallows and looks at you side-eyed.

“Yeah, I do. I also know when someone starts talking about how much they have done for you it ends up being a doozy. So spit it out what do you need?” Your friend continues his meal as you begin. “Well, I need you to hold onto my phone in the lab for a few hours on Thursday. I just need it to show up as being here instead of with me.” Paul shakes his head. “Why not just drop it in a drawer? it'll probably still be there the next day.” Oh no my dad would not like that at all. I can't risk losing it or coming home without it.” Paul pops the last bite into his mouth and chews it shaking his head slowly. “I worked my ass off to get these last few labs to be basically nothing. I wasn't even planning on showing up on Thursday.” Your heart sinks and you start to plead with him. “Please man, you needed those notes to pass. I just need a few hours to go meet a girl” Paul cuts you off hearing that. “Woah, a girl? I have known you for three semesters and not once have I heard you say anything about dating anyone. Yeah, I'll magnanimously give up my free Thursday. But you'll owe me. And I won't stay all night in the lab.” He reaches into his pack, and hands you a marble notebook. “I am gonna go home and rest for Thursday, fill out my data for me.”

You pass the next couple hours finishing your homework and going over lecture notes. Your afternoon lab was almost finished and you round out the last several calculations and verify your results fairly fast. Dropping your phone on the workbench, you slump forward and rest your head on your arms. No way that your dad will believe that you had to work late Thursday if you come home early today. The time passes slowly, even after double checking every number in your notebook. Finally ten to four and it's officially time to leave. You arrive home at four thirty on the dot. Getting home merely on time isn't always good enough for your dad, but you are willing to risk it today. Hopefully he is just in a regular bad mood and not a terrible one. You leave your backpack in the car, then walk through the fence and back to the shed. Two overturned boxes and the lawnmower's handle is bent now. You can hear him swearing from twenty yards away as well. “GET YOUR GOOD FOR NOTHING ASS IN HERE AND CLEAN UP THIS MESS!” Running, you reach the door as he finishes shouting.

He turns to look at you “You're late again.” And pushes past you with enough force that you have to catch yourself on the shed door to avoid landing in the dirt. Two hours later and you have the spent oil consolidated into as few bottles as possible, and the cardboard broken up. With as much effort as you could muster, you partially unbent the lawnmower handle. It might be enough to pull the line taut and engage the drive but you aren't sure. You push the battered lawn tool back into the shed then grab your pack from the car and walk in to clean up for dinner. Dinner is the same as every night. Your father finds something to complain about and does it loudly, while your mother offers encouragement. Thankfully tonight, it appears the subject of his ire is the lawnmower and the manufacture. Like usual he gets louder as the meal and his line of beers goes on. By the time he gets to bellowing about the problems of outsourcing he retires to his recliner to pass out to the television. You finish your meal silently and take both your plate and your father's off to the washer before going up to wait for your parents to go to sleep.

Eventually, the time is right and you power your computer up again. She isn't online yet. You putter around, checking your email and reading the internet with your chat off in the corner. It's agonizing waiting for her to log on. System clock says that it's almost midnight too; she should be around. Passing through browser tabs does nothing for the growing sense of anxiety. The longer you sit around in the glow of your monitor the greater the chance one of your parents will wake up and see the glow. The instant you see her status change to online, you message her. 'Heya! You free for Thursday? I pulled some strings with a friend and everything will look normal to my dad' Her typing indicator flashes 'o i am busy this Thursday can we next week?' The text drops your heart like a stone. You won't see Paul before Thursday and you don't think you can get him to come on two days he doesn't need to. 'just messin with you QT, come on over~' 'also since when do you have a friend lol' It's all you can do to not scream, you just need to hang on for two more days! 'Fine, my lab partner. I pulled some strings with my lab partner.'

'hah nerd' Smiling you type your retort 'Says the senior year Organic Chemistry major?' 'lol rekt' The two of you continue to chat for the next forty minutes or so, mostly bubbling about finally meeting after months of chatting. 'class early again 2morrow night love.' She types as she logs off. Butterflies launch in your stomach, as you power your machine off. You can't even keep your eyes closed, let alone sleep from the excitement. By the time your aching eyes stay shut, the first strands of morning sunlight bleed through your curtains. Wednesdays are about your least favorite day. 'Math lab' is just a short way of saying 'Extra long lecture, and a grad student getting half minimum wage might be around to help you for fifty minutes afterward.' Makes it fit in the little listing box, that is for sure. On days when there is someone to help it's almost tolerable, just for the help. Right now though, the lecture agony of sitting though the lecture is compounded by your excitement for Thursday, and feels somehow even slower than usual. You struggle hard to pay attention to your professor, but he kind of drones on these long days. Finally he finishes, and you dart over to the library and hope to grab a grad student. At least the time will pass faster that way.

Once finished with the lab time, you head home in high spirits! You needed less help with the coursework than you had thought. The bits of assistance that you've been getting are paying off. Home by noon means you beat both of you parents home too. You fill that time hovering around the house, doing bits of cleaning as you go. Nothing will ever make your dad truly happy, but you can at least give him less to blame you about. Today, he stomps past you in silence, grabs a drink from the fridge and sits in his chair, with the TV going. He stays there until dinner when he does this. It's what passes for a good mood with him. Dinner is quiet, your dad stumbles his plate back to the living room and manages to not spill it. Small talk with your mother about your grades. Your dad wants you to take a part time job before the next semester and start paying for some of the balance of your education. You actually like the sound of that, the more places you have to go, the harder it'll be for him to tell you where to be and when to be there. The idea of possibly squirreling away a bit of money on the sly crosses your mind too.

You have no problems staying up until late enough to risk turning your computer on. And there she is 'Hey! stil on 4 2morrow? Rai and Sherri are goin out 4 a d8 night, we r almost alone.' That sounds fantastic, the fewer new people you need to negotiate being around, the easier meeting Steph will be. 'Oh, that's cool' You hope that you come off as nonchalant. The two of you talk for just a little while longer, and then you fall into the most comfortable dreams you have had in a long while. Paul isn't at the lab when you walk up. It's still several minutes before class starts, but you would be happier not trying to explain to the adjunct why you are blowing off the final lab of the class. You anxiously pace in place watching as the rest of the class dribbles past you into the lab room. Finally you see him pop from behind the door to the stairwell. You hand him your phone and the briskly head to the same door he just exited. “I'm not staying here all day, if you don't show up at a reasonable time, I'll be at taco hell working.” “Gotcha,be here by two fifty.” As you zip through the door and down the stairs. You've got a three hour lab, and Paul didn't give you any leeway at the front end. With your bad parking spot you spent seven minutes and thirty two seconds to get onto the road, as the eye you have glued to your phone's clock tells you.

It's an uneventful drive to Steph's rental, she shares it with three other women; also in their later college years. A knock on the door, and anxious seconds drag on like hours. Finally a thin woman in a floral print sundress and colorful bandanna in her hair several inches shy of six feet opens the door. “Heya, cutie, glad you could make it.” Steph takes you by the hand and yanks you in the door, before giving you a tight hug. I'd introduce you to Leigh, but she is sleeping it off. “That's fine, I am really here to meet you anyway.” She grins and leads you to a couch, and pushes you onto it. Steph drops herself unceremoniously onto the couch next to you and grabs a remote from the cluttered table and dumps it into your hands. “You wanna pick something to watch?” She leaves you to fumble with the remote, while she picks up two of the bottles on the table and pries the lids off of them with a pop and fizz each. She passes you one, as you settle on a piece of syndicated science fiction. It's a bit middle of the road idealist, but you've always had a soft spot for it. Besides, it's one of the few things you even recognize.

You pull deeply from the bottle, expecting a sweet soda. Instead you get a mildly bitter, mildly bread tasting liquid. A cough and a rough swallow later and you get the mouthful of beer down. You haven't risk more than smells from your dad's empty cans, taking one of his beers would be a capital offense even now that you could buy your own, if you had money. “Woah, you ok there?” Steph slaps your back lightly, helping you force it down. “Oh yea, I am fine. I uh, just wasn't expecting a beer. In the middle of the day, I mean. I wasn't expecting a beer in the middle of the day.” The realization you haven't ever had a drink before dawns in her eyes almost instantly. “Just be careful with that one, ok cutie?” Steph has a second pull of her own drink, and you match her. The flavor is actually growing on you, now that you have a sip at a time. By the time the show's theme song has finished you have had about half of the beer.

Steph drains her drink at about that time and moves two more bottles on the table forward, before returning to reclining on the couch next to you. She rests her head on your shoulder, her arm around your chest while you two watch and your drink empties. The beer is gone before the first commercial break, and that is when Steph makes her move. Steph's hand drifts from your chest, to your stomach, and down to the fly of your jeans. Your cheeks were already beginning to flush from your drink, and that heat spreads through your body as Steph makes a move on you. The beer already had you feeling adventurous, and the wandering hand causes your girldick to spring to life. She looks you in the eyes “You wanna go on?” Wordlessly, you wrap your hand around hers, and help her undo the zipper.

She carefully fishes your member out of the fly in your boxers before she straddles you. Now you realize, Steph isn't wearing anything under the sun dress. Her stiff girlcock rubs on yours and she leans forward kissing you with some force. Her tongue darts into your mouth, the faint taste of beer still on her breath, and starts to dance around the tip of your tongue. You gingerly put your hands on her hips and run them up her sides, before returning them to her hips. She's shifting back and forth on your lap now. With each stroke your girldicks rub against each other, sexual juices intermingling. Steph grabs your wrists and moves your hands to the inside of her dress, and you hold her soft, smooth hips in your hands as she works the dress off over her head.

Her pert A cup breasts wave in your face as she stretches her arms up while continuing her hip movements. Seizing the opportunity, you lean into Steph and taste one of her nipples. She guides your head forward a little, and you take the nipple into your mouth, prodding her with your tongue, and sucking at her breast. Steph is breathing noticeably harder now. Suddenly, your partner slides off of your lap and to her feet, before pulling yet another bottle, this one of lubricant, from the table. “You are as ready as I am, I felt it.” She grins wickedly while holding the bottle between the forefingers of each hand, like a game show host. You take the bottle from her, excited, trembling, but excited. She pulls you up to your feet with a mighty effort from the slight woman. Once there, she works your pants down to your ankles

Steph pushes the coffee table to one side before she drops to her knees, her elbows on the seat of the couch now. Her ass sways at you, teasing you almost. Your girlcock is rock hard, and the cold lube doesn't do much to shock it down. You squeeze a bit between Steph's cheeks for good measure before aiming your girlcock and entering her. She exhales slowly as you push into her. She grabs your lubed hand by the wrist, and places it on her own member. It feels a bit awkward at first, her girlprick is at an unfamiliar angle. But you find that if you stroke down her member as you push into her, and at the same rhythm, you can manage both actions simultaneously. She feels so warm and pleasurable to be in, and the cooing groan she makes each time drives you forward.

You resist the urge echoing in the primeval part of your brain to mindlessly slam away into her, instead gradually building speed. As you pump faster, Steph has a harder time supporting her own weight by her elbows. Soon her face has sunk into the cushions and her arms lay limply to either side. “Fuuuuuuuck, just keep-” Steph interrupts herself with another moan of pleasure. “Going, as long as.” Another interruption, “long as you can, babe.” Your hips continue to rebound off her ass, and she stops responding in any way, other than moans and groans. Her girlprick flexes and twitches, and Steph starts making a continuous high pitched whine. You stroke her subtly firmer, faster and the pitch rises.

The stroking continues, and you worry that this is verging on cruelty when her member twitches out of your hand, and she squirts off onto the side of the couch and onto the rug on the floor. Her ass flexes in time to her girldick and you hold her hips in both hands. You can resist no longer, and begin to wildly pound your girlcock deep into her. Your fingers dig into her hips, and you pull her ass as firmly onto you as you can. Your powerful squirt of girlseed elicits another moan from the girl under you. As you start to pull out, she reaches up and weakly grabs your hip. “Just stay for a moment, is good.” Happily, you oblige Steph, waiting until you naturally popped out of her.

Steph takes several deep breaths and pulls herself up to sitting on the couch and reaches over and opens the next two beers she had lined up. She pats the couch next to her, and you sit. The third act of the show is still going, and the two of you finish your drinks leaning on each other while the show finishes. “You enjoyed coming over today, right? I wasn't too aggressive?” Steph asks. You turn to answer her “Of course I did! I've wanted to meet you for months, and I wouldn't have had sex with if I wasn't interested in you too.” Steph grins and playfully retorts “Oh ho ho, you are interested in me now?” You match her grin and nod. You see by the clock that it's time you should get going back to school. Parking might be better but the drive isn't gonna get shorter. You shrug off a bit of dizziness and you excitedly give Steph a kiss before heading out. The end of the school year is coming up, and you aren't sure exactly when you can see her again, but you promise it will be as soon as you can manage.$JennyFoxes