Fixing Faith

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Looking in the mirror, your dress shirt is absolutely laying funny. Turning to the side you sigh as you knot your tie. “Must be the smoothies I get” you mumble to no one in particular. Black slacks and black shoes. Grabbing your pack you catch one last look in the mirror. Running a hand through your hair, you think you still cut a good look. Stack of tracts to pass out, and a bible in the pack. Cross around your neck, proudly displayed for everyone to see. Another day of saving sinners from Satan and His minions in the modern world.

Putting on your helmet, you push your bike out the front door, locking up behind you. The Sun is already out and shining in your eyes, it'll be a hot day today. It's a refreshing ride to the beach, basking in the glory of creation. As you ride, you rattle through your list. You get to the beach and hope The Sinner isn't there. Of all their flaws, slothfulness isn't one of them. One of those trans people, they flaunt their hatred of God and the natural order – this world doesn't bat an eye. A day along the boardwalk handing out literature, then home and dinner. Finally, you reach the smoothie shack. The Sinner is working again, they are almost always there working. You put on your best smile, The Sinner might be saved yet. “It's gonna be a hot one today, you should have a large before you go saving souls!” They say as you walk up to the shack, shaking your head “Just a small.”

“Have you looked through that new pamphlet I left for you? I think it'll answer a lot of the questions you had that led you to this.” They just laugh, and give you the smoothie as you pay. “Oh, and here is your punch card! Looks like you get a free one next time.” Small blessings, you think to yourself. Going down the boardwalk, you start your day of handing out salvation to anyone who will listen. In this world though, most people have closed their hearts to being saved. More and more people just crumble up the word in your face.

It's both depressing and heart lifting to minister along the beach. The concentration of sinners, and proud at that, is high. But when you reach someone, and the light enters their eyes it feels worthwhile. Though, you admit, overall it's been far more depressing than heart lifting. The long day drags on. People curse at you, make obscene gestures and try to rip away handfuls of literature to toss to the ground. By the time you have trudged back to the shake shack, and your bike the sun is going down. The Sinner waves at you, painted up like a doll.

“You want your freebie tonight? I can make you an end of the night special.” Pulling down your shirt, and re-tucking, it you notice your figure looks off again. You start to wave the offer away before The Sinner interrupts “Looks like you almost died in the heat, you sure?” Wiping the sweat off your brow you figure nothing could really hurt. It isn't like you sat for lunch or anything today. Pulling out the punch card you put it on the counter. The Sinner takes it with a smile and pours berries, juice and a scoop of protein powder into the blender. Handing your drink over, The Sinner sets about closing the stand. Sitting at the little table, you sip the smoothie. Your head starts to pound, and you set the drink down to rub your temples. The shutter on the stand slams shut startling you. Taking a breath, you feel flustered.

“You okay? You look like you are overheating” The sinner asks from around the door to the shack, in their lilting voice. “Just brain freeze.” You answer with a dismissive wave. Wiping your brow, you pick the smoothie back up and take another long, slow draw from the straw. You exhale sharply, and your head spins. The rest of the smoothie spills as you slump forward at the table. The Sinner runs over to you. “Ah careful now, let me get you out of the Sun where I can help you.” They get an arm under you and lead you inside the closed shack.

Laying you on the floor of the stand, they stand over you. “Alright honey, this was for your own good.” Going through your pack, they dump the rest of the leaflets into the trash accompanied by snapping plastic and a heavy thud, as the hard bound bible crushes several discarded smoothie cup. You try to protest, but your arm weighs too much to move. Bending down, she pulls the cross from your neck, stating “This has one more part to play” before slipping it into a pocket. She reach over and pull a bottle of water from the back wall. “Here, drink this” They open the water and you take several sips, swallowing something. “Good, Now just close your eyes, and relax.” The voice echoes in your head now and halos swell from the lights. You blink and the darkness encroaches. The last thing you see is The Sinner pulling your white dress shirt off, to toss it in the trash with your tracts and bible.

The first thing that snaps back into your world is the raging fire. Your heart is racing, but you can't get away. But, you don't want to get away. The fire looks beautiful, orange and red flicks dancing in the darkness. Watching more, you realize that you are watching a bonfire. “Sisters! I bring a new member for our family!” You recognize the speaker, from the smoothie shack. You never realized that she was pretty until now. A strange woman approaches her and begins speaking solemnly “Sister Samantha, you honor The Goddess with this offering.”

The woman you now know as Samantha answers “Thank you, this one has already been given treatments for months. Look how her breasts have started.” The other woman squats on the ground next to you and her hand squeezes your chest. Your face flushes and you bite your lip at the touch. Looking around, you see you are out on the beach still. The bonfire is raging away, and a group of people surround you. And all of them are naked. The strange woman approaches you and looks you in the eyes. “Are you ready to embark on your journey? Ready to make the offering?” The words soak into your head. You have no idea what they mean, but you feel no fear answering “Yes.” Hearing your answer, Samantha walks to the fire. “Goddess, accept this offering, and reforge it in Your Own.” She dangles something on a chain before dropping it in the flames.

Samantha walks back to you, her penis swaying between her legs. The flames outline her body, giving her a heavenly glow. She kneels down in the sand beside you and takes your face in her hand “Would you like to join us in celebrating The Goddess tonight?” You silently nod. She pulls you forward, your palms your palms meeting the sand. Samantha walks behind you and you hear her settle behind you. “Breath deeply, and hold it when you exhale” You do as she asks, and an intense pressure fills you from the inside. The feeling is new and amazing.

The fire looks like it's glowing all the colors of the rainbow. One of the other women walks in front of the blaze then, looking up, you realize her member is pointing right at your face. She rests a hand on the side of your head and smiles at you, and you return the smile. As hard as your heart is beating, everything feels perfect. You lean forward, mouth open. The woman slides her girldick between your lips. You run your tongue around the member, marveling at the tastes and texture. Behind you, Samantha slowly pulls your hips to hers.

As Samantha moves behind you, you hear a soft grunt. The woman you are sucking on doesn't break eye contact with you. With the fire glowing behind her, it feels like a power is moving between you. Soon, the woman withdraws and faces the fire and another woman takes her place. The woman opens your mouth with a finger before, she too places her girlcock into you. You lick and trace along her member with your tongue, while Samantha continues to push deeper and deeper into you. As with the last woman, you never break eye contact. And as before, she soon stands and faces the fire.

The ceremony continues, with each woman in the circle offering their girlcocks to your lips. Samantha's shaft has been bringing you pleasure this whole time, wells of enjoyment building in you, that you have never experienced before. Crying out, you drop your face to the sand. Opening your eyes you see, both your chest swaying as Samantha pushes in you, and a hand wrapped around your own member. A skritch at your head grabs your attention. The woman who originally addressed Samantha and grabbed your chest has come for her turn in your mouth.

Samantha though, has been working faster and faster. Finally you hear her exclaim “Oh Goddess” before a warmth flows inside of you. Samantha stays inside of you, pumping your girldick, while the last woman stands and walks to the fire. You squeal as Samantha's hand pushes you over the edge and you spurt out onto the sandy beach. Only then does she pull her flagging girlcock from you. Taking you by the arm, Samantha pulls you up, and to the fire. One of the women pulls an object, some sort of pan with a comically long handle from the fire. She tips it out on the ground, and you squint. Some liquid pours out into pentagram that has been drawn into the sand with a finger.

Samantha places a bowl of water in your hand and nudges you toward the pentagram. Guessing, you pour the water out over it. To your surprise, the shape hisses and cracks. The other woman walks over and picks up the cooled metal, only to gently squeeze it into your hands. She smiles and the metal feels red-hot for a fraction of a second. Before you even realize it the metal is cool again. Opening your fist you see the pentagram left on your palm, already healed. Looking around, all of your new sisters are smiling, and you can't help but to take it all in and smile too.$JennyFoxes