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Standing quietly in the dressing room, you watch me dig through the costumes in the back racks. “I know it's here somewhere, tonight calls for something a little different.” Finally after minutes of shifting outfits around, and I pull something out triumphantly. A suit jacket, with short skirt. The bow tie dangling off the neck causes you to laugh. “Something funny, pet? You should be dressed already.” The outfit I picked out for you tonight could be described as 'A piece of rope'. Picking the skimpy thing up, you reluctantly strip.

Standing behind you, I help you loop the rope between your breasts, between your legs, and up your back. Pulling the harness, the soft rope slips slightly then locks in place. Then I reach around and cup your breasts, jiggling them in the braided rope that lifts and separates. “Perfect!” With a finger in a loop of the rope I pull you along with me. We stop at the entrance to the dressing room and I pat your ass “You may wear a simple skirt and top for the ride to the club as well.” The relief is palpable when you hear those words.

Pulling a plaid knee length skirt and simple white top from the rack you toss them on, along with a pair of shoes then we head out. Stopping at the door, I order you to pick up the packed play bag next to it. The bag is heavier than you expected, and clinks with metal. The cool spring air blows up the skirt, and chills your girlprick. Realizing now that the rope precluded wearing underwear you pull the hem down. Seeing you blush makes me laugh, and you hoist the bag in both hands, using it to pin down your girlcock and skirt.

The bus is more crowded than usual, and we head to as close to the back as we can manage. The rope rides up as we sit through the bus ride. Every other stop or so you discretely try to adjust the bondage into a less arousing position, your member behaving badly without tucking. Adjusting the tie, I lead us off the bus and down the lit road to the club. Even in the distance you see there is a tent set up outside the entrance tonight. “It's a special event tonight, so everyone inside must meet the dress code. You shouldn't have much trouble changing.

Ahead of us in line, you see many people in similar fancy dress as mine. Shifting back and forth on your feet, you start to feel underdressed. Watching you get anxious I lean over and whisper “I always take care of you, all you need to do is strip down to your harness.” You slip off the skirt and top you quickly threw on, and can feel your cheeks burn as your face flushes. I lean over and kiss your cheek softly as you work off your socks and the butterflies in your stomach fade.

Inside, the club is playing symphonic music instead of the usual bopping dance music. As your eyes adjust to the light, you see that tonight is a special event indeed. Where usually there are tables and chairs around the bar, now the tables and chairs are naked submissive. A living buffet runs along the stage, with trays of food arranged on the naked, muscular property. We walk through the club, arriving at a far wall. A row of short benches have been pulled out, and several people are sitting farther down with living tables holding food.

I point at the ground, and you set down the bag. Unzipping the bag, I pull out several lengths of metal. With the metal in hand, I walk behind you. The chill of metal nips at your back as I threat the rods through your rope harness. The rods slide down, to your knees. Carefully I guide you to your knees. Instructing you to reach behind you with both arms, I lean you backwards until your hands reach the ground. Without any further help, you get up on your feet. Reaching into the bag, I now produce several short leather straps.

One wraps around each of your legs at the knees, and one around each wrist. Two final rods slide through the shoulders of your harness and slot into the wrist straps. Testing the bars, you find they limit your movement but don't support your weight. In the crowd, you recognize Emily, and her sub Ashley making their way towards us. Ashley is harnessed similar to you, while Emily is wearing a tailored black leather suit with jacket and tie. Emily begins to pull metal rods out and arrange Ashley into a chair.

While you watch that process, I pull a long narrow bag from the larger play bag. Unzipping it, I reveal a long piece of glass and place the plank on your chest and stomach. You stagger from the added weight for a moment but adjust your distribution and steady yourself. Beneath the glass, you watch Emily as I enjoy a meal. Our drinks roll back and forth in their glasses as you breath, and your muscles tense as either of us press down with our forks. Ashley shifts and squirms, as Emily leans back and rests her weight on the woman's chest.

Your member, already excited from being bound, slowly starts to press the glass to one side. You watch me lick a finger, then slide it out of view. Moments later you feel the finger run along the bottom of your girldick and slide your naughty piece straight under the glass. Twisting your head to the other side, you can see Ashley's own small girlcock poking it's head out from underneath Emily. Finishing my meal, I put my thumb over your nipple and press downward on the glass. You cry out and the glass table shudders drawing attention.

Waving a member of the club's staff over, he takes away our dishes while Emily and I start to rearrange slightly. We pull the piece of glass off of you, allowing you to take a deep breath and relax from the reduced load. Emily, muscular as ever, picks up Ashley. She places her living chair in front of your face. A brief tickle and you realize I have pulled the metal rods from your arms. “Lower down pet, Ashley has been a good girl and I promised Emily she could use you.” Flexing down, you line your mouth up with the lithe girl's member.

Emily guides her seat in place and your tongue starts to lick and tease the smaller woman's girldick. Emily walks along your side, a hand idly running along your abdomen. She reaches back and gently rubs the nipple I pressed on through the glass a minute before. Your leg twitches slightly, the stimulation still intense, though your moan is muffled by Ashley's member. Emily drags a fingernail softly down your cleavage, and along your abdomen. She pauses momentarily to tease as your belly button before drifting to your girlbits.

Your member is quite hard, and it twitches as she runs her fingertips along the underside. Running the tip of her index finger along the top of your girlshaft, she takes the bead of pre that has formed and runs it around the head of your girldick, causing more twitches. “Mind if I?” Emily asks me while holding your slick girlcock in her hand. Without speaking, I nod affirmative and watch as she slowly undoes the leather trousers and pulls her muscular legs out, one at a time. Her heavy girldick sits forward in her panties.

Ashley twists and moans in the bracing that holds her in chair shape, your tongue darting across the end of her member. Taking one of each of your nipples in hand I alternate rolling and squeezing Ashley and yourself. Emily slips her panties off and reaches a leg over you. She slides expertly onto your hard member, resting her weight on your hips for a moment as she wiggles and adjusts her positioning. Pushing herself back up, as if she were doing squats she then lowers back down. Her own girldick stiffening from the movement and stimulation.

Ashley, finally unable to contain herself, blasts her load off your tongue and into the back of your mouth. She blushes and squeezes her legs as close together as her chair frame will allow. Moving both hands to you I work your chest softly while Emily speeds up on your member. You can feel the tell tale scar between Emily's legs as her thick girldick bounces on your stomach. You flex and try to arch your back, the rods still holding you stiff. Wells of warm pleasure lap inside of you, growing like a storm as Emily rides your girlprick faster. Finally, you explode inside of Emily. She slides all the way down onto your member as it fills her with your warm girlseed. With a few flicks of her wrist, her girlcock lets a river of her own clear girlcum drizzle down your stomach and into the ropes. Undoing the rods that hold you in place, I whisper “what a good girl you were tonight” as I go along.$JennyFoxes