Lair of the Hypnospider

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You sigh in exhaustion and wipe the sweat from your brow, before you is a dark cavern. The locals warned you that it was dangerous to go into the mountain, and that you should stay on the trails. Many people have entered the mountain, but you've never heard of anyone returning. You can't decide if that's a sign that the caves are dangerous or if there is something that the village that the base of the mountain would rather you not find. You hope that whatever is in there is valuable, and that you can carry it back out. It takes you a moment to dig your tinderbox from the depths of the leather pack you carry with you. You put the small box on the ground and return to the pack, now looking for the pouch of pitch. The small lined pouch slipped to the very bottom of the pack, forcing you to dig out your rations and the oilcloth you carry for your sword. The rest of the items go back into the pack while you look at the thin evergreens that dot the land. One of the trees near you has a branch thick enough to make a tolerable torch. The green pine will smoke more than you would prefer, but at least it's fresh and won't just burn to ash in minutes.

A few hacks with your blade, and you have the soon to be torch in your hand. You plop down next to your pack and get to work making the raw limb into a torch. The knife in your boot works well to prune the smaller branches off the thick tree limb. Soon, the piece of wood is a single length, straight enough. The wide end goes into the pouch of pitch, coating it well and leaving you with enough of the sticky black rosin to make one more torch. A few sparks from the flint and steel in the tinderbox and your torch ignites with a woosh. The tinderbox packs back up quickly, and goes back into the pack next to the pouch of pitch. With a grunt you stand and position the pack on your back. The torch smokes heavily, as you expected but it casts enough light for you to see your way through the cave entrance. The few footprints you see as you walk through the cave are old, and settled into the floor. No animal prints mingle with the human prints, which is reassuring. Whatever is dangerous here, it probably isn't an animal nest. That thought leaves you feeling safer, but you force yourself to maintain a careful pace even as the acrid smoke from your torch invades your nostrils.

The cave has an unnatural feel to it, it stretches onward but with a regularity. The walls and ceiling don't have tool marks as you know them, but haven't been formed by water erosion. You press onward, creeping along slowly. If the cave has been trapped, you won't stumble rashly upon one. So far, however, nothing untoward has appeared. The cave continues onward into the heart of the mountain and there is nothing for you to do other than press onward, as you try to push the warnings from the villagers out of your mind. After an anxious hour spent slowly delving into the depths of the cavern, you reach something curious. The cave splits into two passageways. Both paths have faint footsteps into them, and none returning. Both also continue onward, farther than your torch can reveal. You consider flipping a coin on which way to go, but before you fish a coin out from the small pouch on your belt, you decide to head down the right passage. You aren't sure why, but some gut feeling in you says that you want to go right.

Some distance into the branch it starts to slope and curve. Up until now you had felt confidant just trying to map the cave in your head. It had been almost level, and fairly straight, heading into the core of the mountain. It didn't get anywhere near the actual core of the mighty mountain you were trying to cut through. This branch however, it's sloped downward and now is winding back and forth. By the best of your reckoning you are deep in the earth. If you end up coming out the other side, it will still be far faster than cutting around. You grunt and plant the torch into the ground. Sitting next to it, you dig out a bit of hard bread. Faster or not, you couldn't hope to cut though the mountain without some supplies and you were well aware of that. A banquet it is not, but the thick, hard bread does fill your stomach. A swig from your water skin, and you wipe your chin. When you face away from the torch, you notice a faint sweet odor from farther down the cave. Now that you feel somewhat revitalized you decide it's time to press on.

The sloping cavern continues forward, at least you hope it's forward. By this point you could be winding around underneath the entrance for all you know. Eventually, you arrive at another split in the passage. This time however, you don't waste time pondering which way to go. The sweet smell you noticed while eating seems to be coming from the right. Your head screams to follow the scent and you can't argue against it. Your curiosity and certainty are rewarded soon with an open cavern. Something lives in this cavern. The sweet smell is strong in this room, notes of rotting vegetation and fermentation hit your nose here. Whatever the source may be, it must be close and you strongly desire to find it. The open cavern has some order to it. Shelves hold curious pottery and glass items, and in a back corner is a stash of coins, weapons, and other items that someone venturing into a mountain might have. You push onward to the back of the cavern to see if there is an exit. You find nothing but curious webbing. Nothing appears to be in the webs though and you don't find another exit back here.

When you turn around to explore the rest of the nest, you find yourself face to breast with a woman, who must have sneaked in after you. You look upward you find yourself lost in her beauty. With skin the green-black of obsidian, she meets your gaze with a pair of compound eyes. Whatever it is that you have been smelling, it totally washes out the burning pitch and pine tar from your torch, and melts away the desperation and fear that you brought with you into the cave. You feel your girlcock stir in the leather pants you are wearing. She grins at you wickedly, and you look downward to the rest of her body. Your body acts without thinking, and you back away in an adrenaline shock only to find yourself entangled in the web. She takes a step forward on one of her eight spindly legs, and touches your cheek softly with her hand. “It's been a long while since someone has graced my private sanctum with their presence.” The gentle warmth of her touch calms your racing heart. You hardly struggle against the webs. As much as you think you should try to escape, something else tells you to not fight at all. The spider woman continues to talk, with a voice almost as syrupy sweet as the smell that pervades the air around you now. “Most that invade my realm end up as meals, one as brash as you though, will enjoy a different fate.”

She raises one of her fore legs as she finishes and the blade sharp leg slices both legs of your pants open from waist to cuff. They fall to the ground useless now, and your hard girlprick threatens to rip the cotton undergarment you wear. You rest on the web, now any thought of fighting back long gone from your brain. The cotton puts up much less of a fight than the leather and the woman takes care not to slice your leg open as she frees your girldick from the thin jail. Her leg reaches up and cuts your jerkin and undershirt off as well, your breasts dangling free in the dimly lit cavern. You can't bring yourself to call the creature your captor, she's the most meaningful person in your life now. She's your Goddess, and she is going to reward your intrepidness. She takes your head in one hand and holds you still as she leans forward and guides her breast to your mouth. “Feed now, you have a lot of work to do very soon.”

You can't help but do as commanded and suckle at her breast. A thick, flowery, almost cloying sweet liquid flows into your mouth. The torch you were holding falls to the ground, but continues to burn. As you drink your fill, you lose feeling in your fingers and toes. The spider milk is filling and you drink as much as you can. Once you have your fill you can only feel bits and pieces of your body, some of your face, a bit of feeling deep in your torso, and a comfortable tingle in your girljunk. Your Goddess pulls her breast away once you are full. Her hand caresses your face, and she frees your head from the webbing. “You should watch what is happening to you, little broodmare.” An odd, narrow appendage starts to protrude from under your Goddess, with a cup shaped end. As you watch, a slender probing shaft sticks out of the cupped end. You watch the member reach out towards your girldick, and the cup wraps around the head of your member. The probe part tingles as it pushes into your cock and starts to work it's way through your body.

The cup is quite warm, and wriggles pleasurably, and the probe is more an oddity. None of that matters though, your Goddess wills it, so it happens. As you remain entwined in the web, the cupped end works your girldick like an expert mouth. You sense the faint tingle of blood rushing to your brain and an eyecrossingly powerful wave of pleasure in your girlcock. You would bite your lip if you still had that much muscle control. Finally, it feels like you could cum, but before your member starts to ripple with the familiar twitches of an orgasm, the needled end pushes further into your body. There is a quick burning sensation in your balls, but it fades after a moment. The pulses of the member of your Goddess's member catch your attention and you watch as it thickens. You feel your member stretch outward as the pulse moves into you. It's a warm, filling sensation and it flows through your girlprick and down to your scrotum. Your sack fills up to the size of a large piece of fruit. A similar tingle as before, and your Goddess retracts her ovipositor from you. “Just rest there now, you need your energy to sustain our young.”

Her milk continues to numb your senses, and your head dangles to the side. Time ceases to be a thing that has meaning to you, but periodically you gain moments of awareness. From the angle your head rests at, each moment allows you a glimpse of your expanding anatomy. From the size of fruit, it grows large enough to shame any stallion. Goddess always has a smile on her face after observing how well her children are growing in you. Your Goddess continues her periodic observations as your anatomy swells in size with new life. Occasionally She feeds you more milk, and sometimes even deigns to pat your head. “Such a good broodmare you are.” She even remarked once. That comment left you with a feeling of pride rivaling your enlarging scrotum.

As your sack approaches the size of the pack you once carried, sharp pangs of awareness return to you. For the first time since being bred by your Goddess, your girl prick stirs aware. It tingles from being woken, and looks withered compared to what it looked like in the foggy distance of your memory. The erection starts off almost painful as the flesh stretches. Your scrotum wriggles, fat with the Goddess' brood. The most feeling your body has had in your time stuck to the webs, and it is waves of pleasure rushing from deep inside you.

You watch your tiny girlprick twitch and tremble, an orgasm building in you. The feeling is almost as alien to you as the thought of walking or feeding yourself. You breathe as deeply as you can, and you head starts to swim. The meager gates of your release fall, then your girldick flexes and you start to cum. Instead of your seed, though, Goddess' young drip out two and three at a time. The powerful orgasm continues, and wraps your brain in a clarity that lasts for the hours it takes for Her brood to crawl out from you. The sensations are enough to overload your brain after the unmeasurable period of numbness, and most of what remains of your ability to think burns out. When you realize you still exist, Goddess is guiding Her breast to your face again.