Nurse Goodetouche

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You sit at the bar, and nurse a drink. Someone told you about this club while you were working. Now that you think about it, you aren't sure you remember if it was a coworker or a customer. It was some weeks ago now and you had to struggle to just remember how to get here. You were sure that the bus out to the industrial side of town was the wrong one. The only reason you even got off was that the stop had street lights. You followed the line of lights and found the club, tucked into an old warehouse. The bouncer had eyeballed you, and thought for a moment before waving you in. She was obviously torn on if you belonged on the inside or not. You were supposed to be able to have your wildest dreams fulfilled here, and while the clientèle is eclectic, you aren't sure what or who it is you actually want. The last hour, you've watched the shows and seen people come and go from the club. Someone even approached you, a beautiful woman, with brown hair down to her shoulders, and thick thighs that could break a neck.

You are too shy to actually make a connection, and just stammer when you try to talk to her. She smiles, but walks away. Frustrated, you finish the rest of your drink and decide to just call it a night. The club was here well enough, but there doesn't seem to be anything here for you. After paying for your drink, you slink out of the club annoyed at the waste of a night. The bouncer gives you a sly smile as you walk away, and you trudge down the street to the bus stop. However, you never reach the but stop. Partway down the street, someone hits you on the back of the head and you collapse to the ground. Consciousness drifts in and out, like the tides. Several people hang over you at one moment, then then you fade back out. The next time bright lights shine in your face, making your head hurt before the darkness washes back over you. The sensation of flying, and lights in your eyes. Harsh voices, too distant for you to understand and then something goes over your face before the darkness embraces you again.

Groaning, you blink several times. There are more lights, but they aren't as bright as the singular one. Calling that a memory feels wrong, you more felt the light than remember it properly. Your brain feels less cotton filled than it did when you were swimming through vague sensations instead of actually being aware. Your body hurts from your neck to your legs. Swallowing is tender, and you don't try to say anything. When you try to move an arm, you find it's been restrained to the side of the bed. Someone leans over, but with the lights behind them all you see is a shadow. Their voice is partially unintelligible to you in your current state but you do understand that you should be asleep for longer. A chill hits your arm, and flows through your body, sending you back to sleep. Whatever you had seen bleeds back into the deep dreams you have lived in the last several days.

A similar chill hitting you from the inside is the next sensation you feel. The same lights as last time, and someone leaning over you. This time though, she starts to come into view. Blinking hard several times, you think you start to recognize her. She tried to talk to you at the bar. You open your mouth to say something, but she puts a finger to your lips before you can. “Your body has been through a lot, the last week. Don't try to talk yet. You need your strength to heal, and your throat isn't quite ready for the strain.” As the woman comes fully into view, she is wearing scrubs with a name tag you can't quite read yet. You briefly consider asking questions anyway, but in a moment of clarity realize you would just be sedated again. In the end you just lay quietly in the bed, your arms on the rails. Before the woman leaves, she leaves you with a little remote. “When you start to feel pain, just press the button and it'll stop that in an instant.”

She walks out of your field of view and leaves you to your cloudy thoughts. You sort of remember going to the club, but beyond that it's hazy. You saw the woman at the bar, but you are sure you left alone. Now you are here, restrained into what you think is a hospital bed, and the woman is dressed like a nurse. The aches from the deep pit of your stomach to your neck begin to make themselves known and with some reluctance, you press the button. Moments later everything feels fuzzy again. You don't actually fall asleep this time, but time ceases to be consistent for you. Seconds take hours, but sometimes you realize you have been in the same position long enough that your body aches. You struggle to piece it back coherently but really can't parse how long you spend like this. At least the sharper pains fade when you pressed the button. Time marches on and you are forced to use the button several more times. Sometimes you think the woman appears and tinkers with the IV bags that are being fed into your wrists.

This time as awareness bleeds back in, you don't feel as much pain from your groin or neck. Painful sensations still strobes across your chest, however. You feel too weak to try to move, even if you could. But you can wait, and eventually she walks back in. This time you can make out her tag. Nurse Goodetouch. She goes about her job of changing your fluids, and almost finished before she sees that you are awake. “Oh, hello cutie. You are doing well healing, if you keep it to a whisper I think you can talk.” Several questions race through your mind, Where are you? Who is she? What has she done do you? Is she going to ever let you go? After several moments thought, you decide to ask her what she has done. You ask the question, but the whisper you make sounds lighter and airier than you are accustomed to.

The nurse smiles before answering your question. “All I have done is submit you to the charity and tend to the fluids going in, and out, of you. If you mean, what the doctors have done, then they have just helped bring about your deepest secret desire.” You try to shake your head, but can hardly move it without feeling winded. You might not even be able to speak above a whisper. Catching your breath, you try asking a second question. This time, your voice comes out stronger, but still wrong. It sounds like you, but not in the pitch you are used to. Nor with quite the force you expected.” Nurse Goodetouch breaks her smile for a moment, then squeezes the hand holding your pain button. “If you aren't ready to talk calmly yet, you should sleep some more.” She fades back to darkness as you sleep again.

The next time you see her, she is adjusting the bags again. You feel stronger than you have since before you were taken here. “You are going to be released soon, you lucky duck. You are healing well, and soon you can perform the aftercare you need at home.” The thought of standing still sounds tiring, but the idea of being able to leave invigorates you. You try asking more questions, now that the nurse seems receptive to you talking again. “What are you doing, with the IV bags?” you ask in the still alien voice. You had thought the difference was from whatever the button would push into your body, but now that you are mostly clear headed and it still sounds different, you aren't sure anymore.

“Well, my good little patient, as you have been asleep, you need some basic fluids for your body to function right. Saline, some background pain meds, after the surgery you needed a transfusion, and some hormone regulation. Once you are discharged I can show you how to do that last one yourself. Just a little jab once a week and you'll be fine.” She pulls a small mirror from a pocket in her scrubs, “Here, let me adjust you forward some so you can see how much better you look now.” As you slowly rise forward, you see two large lumps enter your view, almost like you now have breasts. Nurse Goodetouch pulls your blanket down, and you see two nipples sticking out from the two large breasts that now hang from you.

She moves the mirror some, and you can see the slightest of scars on your neck. “You are healing quite well, and shouldn't have any marks at all from the shave and scraping. The results sound lovely too, you are going to be happy with it.” You feel stunned, breasts? A new, softer voice? She pulls the blanket down to your feet, and you remember pain between your legs too. Readjusting the mirror, you watch as your shaft comes into view. A wave of relief washes over you, but like the tides, drains away. Under the base of your dick, there is a lone inch long scar, along your deflated looking sack. Before you can say anything, the nurse continues. “There is just one test before you can be released.” One of her hands starts to knead your new breasts and the other takes a hold of your shaft. The shock and surprise slowly wash away as your cheeks start to glow warmly. Her hands feel so good, and your nipples react, getting almost as hard as your member. “Oh, your girldick likes the attention still.” She says smiling. You couldn't fight this even if you wanted to, and you don't think you even want to.

Sinking back into the pillow, you savor the nurse's attention now. You wish she could play with both nipples at once, and still stroke your girldick as she called it. Her hand pumps you faster and faster. The waves pulsing through your body are the strongest you have felt, your head falls to the side. While you can no longer watch the nurse, you still enjoy what she is doing. Finally, quicker than you had wished, an orgasm flows through your body. It's foreign in strength, but oh so enjoyable, and leaves you feeling almost as exhausted as pressing the button does. The nurse continues to work your part after you feel the waves die away. “Good news dear, perfectly clear. You should be able to leave tonight.” And with that she fills out a couple lines in your chart and walks back out of the room.$JennyFoxes