Overbred in the Stud Program

#Castration #Humiliation

Stepping out of the shower, you pause to admire your form. A fine shiny mane runs from the top of your head, down the back of your neck. Well muscled arms hold the towel as you run it from your abs, down each leg to the hoof, before drying your half hard cock. With a quick flex of your rear, you shake the water from your tail toss the towel to the floor and leave the bathroom. You enjoy the sun's light against your naked body, a perk of the breeding program. Pausing to stretch before the workday you jog to your work-room on time, and prepare to begin your day in the breeding program. The green light above the door flashes to prepare you for your first client. To your mild surprise Rachel, the lead gelding in the breeding program, walks in. “Still a while until my next certification, so I assume you earned some reward time?” The slender chestnut gelding sets a leash she carried in on a table next to the door and bats her eyes at you “Something like that honey.” Her hand reaches down and starts to stroke your shaft, which stiffens to a mighty length in her grasp. “I do have a little time before work starts though, so I did pencil myself in.

Rachel bends over the bed, hands on the soft mattress holding her up. She grins and arches her back, tail flicking up and exposing her entrance for you. With her years of experience and just a little bit of lube you push into her ass, her tail flicking across your chest when your cock hits her prostate. You push and pull your hips to and away from hers slowly at first, but Rachel seems interested in dictating the rhythm and the bed starts to squeak along to your powerful thrusts. You wrap an arm around her flat chest, tweaking one of her nipple piercings as you pull her closer to you. Leaning into the bed more, you pin Rachel's hips to the bed as you thrust faster into her. She tries to buck under you, but lacks enough strength to budge you. You snake your left leg around hers and pull her legs further apart, letting you push deeper into her. Rachel's only response is to stomp her right hoof on the ground and shake her mane in your face. Rachel goes wild underneath you now, as you run your cock along her prostate like a master violinist. You wrap your other arm around her hips, pulling her firmly onto your cock. Pounding as deep and fast as you can into her, you feel the orgasm build in you as you pin her in place on your cock. A gentle lifting feeling in your balls and you fill her deep with your cum. The gelding twitches in your grasp as you gently lay her onto the bed. You wipe a bead of sweat from your brow as you pull out of Rachel and sit next to her to catch your breath.

She stands and picks back up the leash she brought in with her. “Come on big boy, I need to take you in for a sample” Rachel says as she clicks the leash on to your collar and tugs. “Don't be difficult, or I can get security to bring you in for me.” You put your hands up to your chest in defeat “Good, now wipe yourself down and lets get going. After a quick towel off you set out after Rachel out into the larger campus, a rare event for you, down to the medical center all flanked in green lawn. Most of the gray-draped property trainees gawk at both of your naked forms as Rachel leads you through the medical center. You certainly encourage them, flexing and showing off your muscular body as you pass by. Eventually she leads you to a room deep in a maze of corridors, all the same. The room is the same off-white that the rest of the medical center is painted with. She pulls you to the center of the room, to a standing restraint rack. “Arms” She says while trying to lift one of your arms up to the thick leather wristbands.

Rachel tighten the straps around your wrists and knees, spreading your legs far enough apart for her to access your cock. “Maybe this would have been easier before your fun-time?” you offer. She slides your soft shaft into a collection tube, and seals the cup shut with a bit of medical tape. “Oh I have a few tricks for that don't you worry.” She walks off behind you and you listen to a drawer open and shut and a minute later the wet noise of lube being squeezed out. She walks back into your view, wearing a thick, flared, strap-on glistening with lube. “Just relax and let me get the sample.” You find that idea a bit hard to swallow, but she puts a finger to your lips before you can say anything. “I could gag you if you want, instead.” You shake your head no, and Rachel takes her finger from your lips and disappears behind you again. With a couple cranks the restraints force you to your knees and tilt you forward, so that she can take a mounting position behind you.

The cold chill of the lube on your ass makes you gasp as the strap-on pushes into you. The intense stretching feeling burns until the tip of the toy hits your own prostate. You shiver as the mix of pain and pleasure stimulates you, and grows your cock in the specimen collection tube. Rachel pounds roughly, her smaller hips bouncing off of yours while the straps hold you in place. She wraps an arm around your chest, anchoring herself in place as she pumps and thrusts the toy in you. Rachel rocks in and out of you, the restraints holding you in place creak as her motions tug on them. The flare on the end of the strap-on teases and presses on your prostate, overpowering the discomfort from the size of the toy. You close your eyes and let yourself melt into the pleasure of the stimulation while you hang from the leather straps. As you dangle weakly, her toy finally coaxes an orgasm from you, welling from deep inside and expressing outward, filling enough of the collection cup.

She pops out of you with a wet plop, and places the strap-on out of view before walking back in front of you. “Sample done, right?” you ask. “Well we got the sample, but that was more of a by-product of why you are here. You let yourself get severely over-bred and we really can't let that happen.” Your heart starts to thump, you know what over-breeding means. You watch as she walks to the tall cabinet that dominates one wall of the medical room, and grabs several items; forceps, suture set, an ampule of medicine among other items in her hands. Rachel returns, carrying a set of blinders, that she fits over your head. “It'll be easier this way, trust me.” the gelding assures you. One pin prick, then a second at the base of your cock and then a cold chill spreads between your legs. You listen to Rachel duck beneath you “Can you feel that?” “N n n o” you stammer out. “Good, just relax and you'll be done fast.” Her words do little to help you feel better, nor do they distract you from the odd sound and an unexpected tight tugging feeling on the left, then the right.

She gets up and flashes into your view for a moment, and you listen as she rummages for something before getting back down between your legs. More dull stretching, verging on discomfort and a vaguely heavy feeling between your legs, quite the opposite you were expecting to feel after Rachel adds you to her cohort. She finally cranks the restraints back to a standing position and releases you from the leather straps. You don't wait for her to take the binders off, and remove them yourself. Looking down, you see your meaty cock locked in a bright pink chastity cage, with the lock broken shut. The cage is being held in place with what you would normally call comically large silicone implant testicles. “Not only do we not need to worry about your lack of self control now, you can serve as a visible reminder to the studs while working as a gelding in the breeding program.” She attaches the leash once more and you meekly follow her out of the medical complex. You elicit more stares walking back, the bright pink cage drawing everyone's eyes to the dull red scar running down the length of your scrotum. “You can spend the day moving into the gelding barracks and recovering, you have a busy shift tomorrow; you need to help evaluate a new lead stud.”

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