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Your phone buzzes with a new text message. You know from the pattern that it's Adrienne messaging you from thirty feet away again. You read the message after logging into your phone: 'Hey love, I finally finished it! You should come soon!' She must have finished another of her devices she is always tinkering with. Leaning back in your chair, you think about a response for a moment then send 'You mean I should come down to the basement?'

She responds almost instantly 'No silly, stay right where you are I already have everything set up!' “Huh” you say to yourself, wondering what she means by that as you recline in the desk chair. The thought leaves your mind again as you reach for the controller, intending to pick back up where you left off. The next moment you feel something brush against your groin and almost jump out of the chair.

The feeling continues, like someone is trying to undo the fly to your jeans. You lean back and look under the desk, and your heart falls out of your chest from the shock. There is a hand under your desk. Adrienne's hand. And it's trying to reach your girlcock. Now hyperventilating, you close your eyes expecting everything to be normal when you open them again. You can still feel her hand work at the zipper, and then the zizzing noise as she pulls down your zipper.

Without opening your eyes you feel her worm a finger, then two, into your fly to coax your growing member out of your pants. Braving another look, you see her hand is coming from out of the bottom of your desk. Or rather, from a glowing pink hole in the bottom of your desk? It's slightly confusing to see, but she is making it hard to concentrate on. Her hand is firmly wrapped around the base of your member now, pumping up and down rhythmically.

A small moan slips loose from your lips and you just lean back and let her hand do whatever it wants. Her nimble fingers squeeze and pump at your shaft, and tickles at the head of your girldick “Oh Hell!” you shout as the feeling gets more intense. from the corner of your eye you can see that her tongue is sticking out from the hole as well now. The disembodied tongue flicks back and forth at the head of your member, the tongue's stud flashing as it hits a beam of light coming from the lamp.

Your whole body quivers for a moment and you shout out again before letting your load of girlgoo free onto her floating tongue. The hand withdraws through the hole, after giving your girldick a gentle pet. The phone buzzes again as you gather your thoughts and catch your breath. After you put your member away and zip your pants back up, you look at the message Adrienne just left you. 'Come down to my lab, I have something cool to show you!'

After wiping the orgasm from your eyes, you stand and make your way down the hall and to the basement stairs. The light over them has burned out again, so you grip the weathered wood rail as you make your way down to what Adrienne calls her lab. She added a dividing wall and a door to the basement and struck a claim for her workspace. The major difference is she has a pair of work benches and she covered the exposed pipes and wires in the ceiling.

As you pull the door open, you hear a faint humming from the other side, and pink light is pouring out from the cracks in the door jamb. You see Adrienne in a white button-up and denim overalls standing by one of the benches, which has the source of the pink light glowing away on it. “Babe, wait until you see this!” She says excitedly as she sees you walk in. She reaches up from her tip toes to kiss you before turning back to the work bench.

“Well I figure that as you were there for the test run, you must be as excited as I am! One of Adrienne's hands idly reaches for one of her tightly curled locks. You know that she always plays with her hair when she gets excited and you can't help but think it's adorable. “Yeah, that was just amazing you made some kind of port...” She energetically cuts you off “Portholes! Yes I invented a trans-spacial porthole! I call it such as the holes are generated by these little ports.” She points at the small device on the bench, with the pink saucer sized light glowing.

You lean forward to get a better look. A small metal cube with four metal arms extending from it, the tip of each arm is projecting part of the porthole, as your girlfriend calls them. “I snuck one onto the bottom of your desk this morning, by the way... I hope you aren't mad.” You look back at her grin, hand in her curls again. You grin and lean down for a kiss. “Oh uh, don't use the hair dryer or the microwave when one of these are on. They are kind of power intensive.

“You are sure these are safe, right?” You ask, with a tinge of trepidation in your voice. Adrienne scrunches her face in the way she does when she isn't totally sure of an answer. “Oh yes, totally safe. I know exactly how they work and you have nothing to worry about. Now, why don't you go back up to your desk and I'll let you know when we need to do another test.” She grabs your hips and twists them back to the door. Taking the hint, you kiss the top of her head and walk back up to the rest of the house.

Before you return to your desk, you change from your jeans into a loose skirt. Feeling like you have done your part for science you return to your computer, and pick back up where you had left off in your game. You hope that Adrienne will run another surprise test so you try not to get too invested. Another thirty minutes pass and you start to hit the zone and relax in your chair.

Suddenly the power flicks off, and you are left alone in the near dark. The pink glow from under the desk is now the only illumination. A slightly moist probing presses through your skirt, and stimulates your girldick. You consider lifting up the skirt yourself so your girlfriend's tongue can find it's goal easier. Before you make up your mind though, you feel the skirt moving and your member being licked.

You lean back in the chair, and lazily spread your legs open. A gentle tickle at your girlballs and a wetness around your ass draws your attention to the pink hole open under your desk. That is when you see that it isn't Adrienne's tongue but two purple writhing tentacles probing beneath your skirt. You sit up, apparently startling whatever is playing with you as one of the tentacles wraps around your hard girlcock.

Try as you might, you can't push yourself away from the desk. You see your phone buzzing away, Adrienne asking for you to come down to the basement now and help her. Another pair of the purple tentacles push out from under the desk and grab your arms, wrapping them to the arms of the chair. You tip as far back as the chair can go. Now that your arms are restrained the tentacle around your girlshaft unwinds and goes back to teasing you.

As much as your first impulse is to struggle, waves of pleasure ripple from your member. You realize that you are breathing deeply from the stimulation. The second tentacle is joined by a third, which plays with your balls. The tentacle as your ass slowly pushes into you while your member peeks out from under the hem of your skirt. The tentacle finally flicks the damp skirt up and over your waist.

The slick, slightly ribbed tentacle in your ass pushes and pulls, the sensation leaving your legs slack. Watching near helplessly you see the tentacle flick at the head of your member before the end of the tentacle opens and engulfs your girlprick. Muscles inside of the tentacle ripple and undulate all along your member. Finally, your eyes nearly cross and you shoot a load of girlcum inside of the tentacle.

The creature doesn't let you go though. The tentacle in your ass continues to pound you into the chair until you feel a warm liquid filling you. The tentacle withdraws with a slick plop and the cluster withdraws back to where it came from. Laying unbound in the chair you continue to catch your breath for several more minutes. Finally, you are able to push yourself back from the desk and stand up.

You half stumble your way down to the basement to find Adrienne laying on the floor, looking like she has come repeatedly. She snaps to attention as you wave your hand in front of her face. “We may have a small problem” she mumbles as she pushes herself up to her feet. You nod, asking “What was that? How did that happen?” Adrienne ignores your questions and points back to the work bench. “It took my design documents!” She trails off as you turn to face the workbench.

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