Precious Trifles

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You are forced into a kneeling position, Laureth has turned her back to you and is fixing her hair in the reflection-less mirror. Her thralls grab you by the shoulders to stop your struggling. The one to your right smells to be of Laureth's own creation, while the one on your left is some sort of snake woman. If you were still human, she would make your skin crawl; as it is you see her as a cruel japery of the natural order. Laureth, finally satisfied, turns and walks over to you. She grabs you by the jaw and tips your head back to meet her eyes. “Oh my dear sister, you really thought you could keep me from ascending to our creator's throne?” “Spare me your disdain, and don't call me your sister. You broke our creator's heart when you left.” She shakes her head and laughs. “Dear sister,” she adds pointedly “I broke her heart long before that, besides, you think I could have left had she willed otherwise? In the end she wanted me gone as much as I wanted to leave, and so, I did.”

“Of course, none of that is any concern to you; and yet here you are darkening my study with the murderous intent in your heart. Dear sister.” She lets go of your jaw, allowing you to answer for yourself. “It is as you said, I came to stop you before you could take our creator's place now that she is gone.” Laureth slaps you hard. “Presumptuous! She was my mother, and her throne is mine to take. Enough of that, I have a more immediate matter before me. I would have been content to leave you with your petty fiefdom, now I have to remove you from play.” You give a weary sigh “Then be done with me, it's embarrassing to be held down by the likes of these two.” “Kill you? No, dear sister, I shall make you love me.” “That shall never happen, strike me down; this is beneath my dignity.” Laureth laughs again, harder this time. “Dignity, dear sister, you won't have that problem much longer.” She waves her thralls back. Seeing one final moment to strike, you launch yourself at her, your fangs out. The next moment you bounce off of an invisible force and land painfully on your ass.

Only now do you look down and see deep grooves filled with salt in the stone floor, forming a protective circle. Laureth stands over you and begins to chant in the tongue of ancient Juraie. The salt in the circle glows blue, and as she continues to chant it sets itself alight. You throw yourself against the walls of the circle as the flame overtakes you. What remains of your clothing and armor flakes to ash and blows away. The blue flame washes through you, colder than ice. You scream as Laureth pulls the flame from your body into her hand, with a feeling as if she had ripped your bones from your body in one swift motion. You slump to the side and fall to the ground, the salt in the circle totally spent. Weakened from the spell, you can't move despite your bonds having burned away with your clothing. You watch the fire coalesce in Laureth's hands before it winks out.

She bends down, letting you see what is in her hand. A small round gem, glowing with an inner light. You recognize it instantly, a soul given form. “You belong to me now, everything that you are, and that you have known is here, in this delicate little stone.” She rolls the stone between her thumb and forefinger, and you expect her to crush it into powder. Instead she walks to the large desk to the side of the study. The other vampire returns some minutes later, carrying a small silvery contraption. With a wave of her hand, you roll yourself onto your back, and a flick of her fingers causes your legs to spread open. You watch, unable to struggle, as Laureth works a cage around your girlcock. Though it looks silver, you feel your strength drain away into the accursed mythril fixture. Laureth releases your body, and you pull your still weakened body up and look at the device on you.

Your soul gem is fit into the end of the cage, restricting your girlcock even more. Laureth stands and faces her thralls, “You may take her for tonight and have your ways with her. Send her back to me when she is finished.” She turns back to face you once more “Don't enjoy yourself too much, you wouldn't want to harm that pretty stone.” The thralls drag you effortlessly out of the room, while your mind fills with a new hatred, and single-minded revenge. In your weakened state, you can offer little resistance as the pair carry you through the castle. Instead of being thrown into a cell, you are tossed onto a large bed. “On your knees.” The snake woman commands. When you don't instantly comply, the lesser vampire squeezes your nipple sharply. “She said on your knees, plaything.” The snake woman grabs your hair and pulls your head back. With some degree of difficulty you push yourself up to your hands and knees.

Her cold hands grab your hips, and you brace yourself. She pushes one of her members into you, and you feel her other rubbing on your caged girlcock. You weakly hang your head as the snake woman pounds you. As disgusting as this feels, you can't help but be aroused from the stimulation. Your cheeks flush slightly, and your girldick stirs in the cage. You can feel the warm, smooth surface of your soul gem affixed to the end. You watch as the gem is forced against its fitting and flares for a moment. Your mind races harder, realizing that something, some part of you just winked from existence. You try to piece together what you just lost. You still have your rage at Laureth, and at this situation; but holes slowly gnaw away at your memory now. The lesser vampire has crawled onto the bed in front of you, her cock waggling. She grabs your hair and pulls you up to face her girldick. She bares her fangs at you “now remember, no teeth.” Before laughing, knowing well you are constrained fully by the mythril on your body.

Her ladycock rams into your mouth, pushing against the back of your throat. With each thrust from the snake woman, her members stimulate you more, burning new holes in your memories. Something important was ripped from you. Struggling to remember what was just burned away, a tear forms and rolls down your cheek. The vampire's girldick in your mouth should repulse you, but you can't help but feel titillated by it now. You look up at her as she wipes the tear from your cheek. “Just a little longer, and it'll be over.” She pulls out, as does the snake woman, but just long enough to flip you onto your back. The snake woman pushes back into you, using both parts of her hemipeen. You cry out from being stretched so far, while your girlcock rattles your cage more. The pretty sparks coming from the dimly glowing stone catch your attention for a moment. You are pulled back by the vampire standing over you, squeezing one of your breasts while jerking her girldick over your face.

Wrapping your legs around the snake woman, you find that she can thrust even deeper into you. Your fingers dig into the mattress caged ladydick or not, waves of passion wash through you. The vampire standing over you shoots off a thick dribble of ladyseed across the bridge of your nose, and down your cheek. Stretching out your tongue, you are just able to lick a taste of her off of you. Your girlmember strains painfully in the cage now, and after another twinkle from the stone, you see it's no longer glowing. The snake woman slams into you hard enough to slow push you into the vampire, still looming over you. “Harder, please” you utter between gasps of air. Some dim thought in the back of your head screams at you to stop, but you are so close to release. She grins and the vampire presses down on your shoulders, keeping you from sliding more. “That's right, beg for it now.” The vampire whispers as she bites your ear gently.

Thick pulses from inside you tell you that the snake woman is putting quite a volume into you. Finally you can hold back no longer and fire several weak pulses of your own girlcum through the end of the cage, covering smooth stone. Breathing deeply herself, the snake woman pulls out of you, a bead of cum dangling to the end of half of her hemipeen. “Clean yourself up, toy. Our generous Mistress demands to see you now.” Quickly wiping the cum off of your face with one hand, and from your cage with the other; you hungrily swallow all of it. You see now that the beautiful mythril cage that adorns you is fitted with a dull little stone, rough and gray like a pebble. The snake woman smacks your ass, “What's the matter? Mistress is generous, but she is not patient.” You walk quietly back through the castle. With some effort, you return to the study and find the Lady of the castle sitting by a fire. You kneel respectfully and announce yourself. When she finally deigns to acknowledge you, she stands and stands before you.

With a wave of her hand, the dull gray stone set into the end of your cage flies up to her hand. She smiles a fanged grin as she observes the stone for a moment, before blowing on it and scattering it to dust. “What was that stone Mistress?” She answers without looking at you “Just a trifle, trash and nothing more. Perhaps later we can find something pretty, instead of that junky old rock.” You think how pretty the silver cage holding your girldick would look with a glowing stone and smile. She looks you in the eyes. “And how are you, my dear pet?” You stammer for a moment before answering. “I am well, Mistress. I was ordered here by the ladies after we finished our fun.” Your mistress smiles upon hearing this. “Such a good pet.” You can't help but beam upon hearing this remark. She returns to her chair, and dismisses you with a wave. “Yes Mistress, I love you Mistress.”$JennyFoxes