Rainbow Pony

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Waking up, you can't help but grin. The calendar has been marked with 'Pony Event' since the turn of the month. Last time was fun, and you are pretty sure that I got another can of that liquid latex. The day drags on agonizingly though, the minutes tick slower and slower. By the time that you finish your chores it's early after-noon and still far too early to go. That doesn't stop you from poking around in the closet, finding a box in my name. Shaking it gently, it rattles like a jar or bottle, with a gentle liquid shifting inside.

You bite your lip and squeal audibly in excitement. This has to be more! With this knowledge the days crawls on even slower. Idly watching the clock, the seconds stretch into eternities. Day dreams composed of hours of pony play pass scant moments and you groan in frustration. Eventually, I come home and we have a light dinner. I can see the excitement in your eyes and how exhausting the wait is. I tug your arm and we cuddle on the couch as the clock slowly advances. Finally I give you a knowing nod, and you run off to get dressed while I pack. You start to dig through the closet for the first clean things, a simple green fitted t and slightly worn jeans.

We meet back at the front door about ten minutes later. You grab the gear bag without being told, the bag as heavy as it was last time we did pony play. You walk with a slight spring in your step as we head to the bus and practically buzz while we wait for our stop. Getting off at the warehouses, the street lights are hardly needed as the full moon blazes away. A group of people meet us walking away from the club. “Don't bother ladies, there is a private event tonight; list and everything.” I just smile and nod knowingly at them.

You keep your mouth shut as we pass them, even more excited, curious about what is so special it's a listed event. The bouncer waves us in without checking her list, giving me a grin as we pass by. Your eyes have to adjust to the dim lights of the club. Blinking several times, you see much of the lighting has been replaced by candlelight and fires. In fact, as you look around you can't see a single electric light. The flickering uneven lights cast a myriad of shadows around the edges of the club, though the stage is well lit.

As your eyes adjust you realize all the patrons are naked tonight. Casual nudity isn't rare here of course, or casual sex for that matter. Everyone being naked here is unusual though, and your lack of nudity suddenly makes you feel rather embarrassed, like you are overdressed. You walk past the stage, intending to get to one of the play rooms to change into your gear. The idea causes you to mentally laugh, even here there are social conventions. I tug your arm before you hit the playrooms though, and pull you back towards the stage.

“It's a very special event tonight my love, and you are going to be the star.” Placing a hand on your ass, I push you up the steps to the stage. Quickly stripping off my own outfit and tucking it into one side of the gear bag, I follow you up, my breasts bouncing on the way. Looking out, the shifting shadows play across the audience. While some of the people are still milling about, most have turned to look at you. Crossing your arms, you look nervously back at me. I wrap my arms around you and give you a hug, before working your skirt down.

You step out, and follow my lead. Slowly stretching one arm up, you peel the green t-shirt and off, slowly revealing first your tummy, then cleavage. Tossing the piece of clothing atop your skirt, you turn and face away from the audience before bending and slowly working your panties off. Twisting on one heel, and obviously having fun now, you face the audience again. Your half hard girlcock waves in front while you unclasp your bra. You shift both shoulders forward, letting the bra drop to the ground. I kick the pile off into the shadows and point.

Looking to the ground, you see a circle marked on the stage. Strutting to the mark you take your place. From here the crowd takes on inhuman features as the light and shadow fight in your eyes. The sound of the gear bag draws your attention away. I pull out another can of the latex, and your hooves. Stepping into them quickly, your fluster dies down and you start to feel the part again. You lean forward, letting me attach your bridle before standing back up. The light and shadows only flicker more intensely now.

You can hear me open the can, and a flash happens in the corner of your eye. You resist the urge to turn and look though, staying in position as a well-trained girl should when in a show. The crowd has grown totally quiet, which is unusual for most shows. The first daub of latex goes onto your calves just like the last time. After the initial chill you remember from the cool liquid your body starts to feel warm. The warmness comes with a tickle that makes holding still difficult. Taking deep breaths you brace yourself.

The warmness spreads up your entire body while your calves and lower legs start to feel an intense tingle build and the warmness fade. Your heart pounds as I keep applying the goopy liquid to your thighs and hips. As I continue your uncovered body gets warmer and warmer. You bite the bit of the bridle and close your eyes trying to maintain your composure. In the background of your head you think you hear a low chant coming from the audience. The tingle in your legs grow and you struggle to stay standing, like your muscles have turned to rubber.

“Just a little more, my good girl.” I whisper to you as the cool latex covers your chest. You try to focus on breathing, but an unexpected heaviness on your bust distracts you. From the corner of your eye, you could swear your breasts were larger. The bit of latex you can see almost looks like it is scintillating. Wondering how the liquid could do that does more to distract from the tingle and weakness spreading to your core. I undo the clasps on the bridle, and the leather straps dangle from the bit, still in your mouth.

This time, I work the latex higher up your neck, reaching your hair line. The brush feels rougher than you were expecting as it crosses your cheeks, and covers the edges of your ears. The last stroke carefully crosses your face. Your limbs feel like they are stretching in an abnormal way, but it isn't painful at all. I softly run a finger across your eyes, breaking open enough for you to see again. The only thing in your vision though is a glowing light that seems to circle you.

The audience has gotten louder too. Not cheers or raucous cat calls, but loud chanting in a language you don't recognize. The tingling from the latex assails every inch of your skin now, and you fear that you might fall over if the feeling grows any stronger. The lights die back down, and the crowd grows silent. Your eyes adjust back to the usual stage lighting, and can see the latex is a swirled rainbow of colors instead of deep black as last time. The dry latex still whorls on your skin. You move to touch and see if it's still wet.

You don't realize that your arm is bending in the middle of your forearm until your hand touches your other arm. Your heart almost pops out of your chest and you land on your backside, with a soft squeak. Looking up at me wordlessly your mouth gapes open. “My pretty pony, isn't this what you have always wanted? Always dreamed of? Deep in your heart, isn't this exciting?” Your heart races as the words sink in, what you always wanted. Looking at your forearm bent awkwardly the meaning seeps into your realization.

Wobbly you try to stand back up. Pliant latex where you once had firm thigh muscles make this a more difficult exercise than it was before. Taking you by the shoulder, I help you to get back on your hooves and lead you slowly around the stage. Your ample thighs squeak as they rub together, and the tips of your tail tickles at your rear as it dangles. Being led through the crowd, you see that most of the audience is, like you, something more than just human now. Antler and fangs, and proportions that can only be described as feral. Turning back to the stage, you see someone brought out a bondage bench to the stage as I walked you through the spectators.

Stumbling slightly, you climb back onto the stage and whicker softly as I bend you forward onto the bench and tighten the straps around your torso. Your newly increased bust flows to either side. A pair of solid thuds later and your arms are locked to the legs of the bench. My legs press against yours, the warmth of my body pressing on your backside. Your tail flops to the side, tickling your thigh as it trembles. My hand reaches under you, and wraps around the thick flare that is growing between your stomach and the leather of the bench. A finger reaches out and traces gentle figures along the underside of your now massive girlcock.

You reflexively stamp a hoof as my finger teases your now drooling member. Lightly, my nails trace down to the base of your shaft and cup your swelling balls before reaching an entirely unexpected piece of anatomy. My finger, slick in your juices, pushes into and along your labia before brushing against your clitoris. You let loose a mighty whinny and flare your nostrils as the wave of pure pleasure ripples through you. One finger, then two and finally a third push into your vagina with soft squeaks joining each movement. The crackles of pleasure cause your tongue to drift out and under the bridle's bit before the whole thing finally falls to the floor next to you.

Pulling my hand slowly back out of you, I smear your fluids along your ass, your latex skin squeaking still. Reaching under you once more, my hand slowly strokes up and down the side of your girldick once more becoming slickly sticky. “You make the perfect lubricant dispenser now, my pet. Two pumps and I am slick enough to enter you.” You start to catch your breath once my hand leaves your genitals. You are focused enough that you miss the slight squeaking noise coming from just behind you. Your attention drifts blissfully as pressure at both of your entrances snaps you back to the club. The familiar feeling of your ass being filled is met with the almost alien feeling of my girlcock squeezing into your shiny new latex pussy.

With a grunt and snort you relax and let me enter, my girldick and the strap-on each sending waves of pleasure echoing through your new body. My weight presses down on you, as drops of my sweat roll down your sides. Holding your shoulders, I push myself up and slowly pull my hips away from yours. My fingers dig into you, distorting the rainbow swirls as I pull myself towards you again. Your hips thrust on the firm bondage bench as your girlshaft throbs for attention, as the twin firmness in you slides in and out at a slowly growing pace. The warmth of my breath washes down the side of your neck before me nip at you.

Faster and faster, my hips slam into you, sending ripples through your form and further sliding your girlcock along the now slick top of the bench. By the time you feel the splash of my seed inside, you are already braying as your own girlcum squirts out, before pooling underneath you. Releasing you from the bondage, I help you slowly sit up the new weight of your breasts pulling you slightly forward. My lips meet yours and I lean into the kiss, pushing you back onto the bench.

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