Rave Night

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You look skeptically at Ashley as she holds an outfit for you. “It's cold out, and you want me to wear that?” The latex top and miniskirt appear far too revealing for your tastes. Loose jeans and a t-shirt and a hoodie over top would be much more your speed. She shakes her head. “No no, you will overheat super fast once we get inside! Fifty people dancing and rubbing and partying all at once makes a building heat up.” “Yeah, about that, I still don't know how you talked me into going to this. Couldn't we start out having like, a game night?”

The young woman sighs, her moderate chest bouncing as she shakes her head. “I want you to get out and meet people, not min max numbers for three hours. Now stop complaining, trust me, and strip. You have to at least try this on before you say no. It's gonna look great on you.” Rising from Ashley's bed you peel off your jeans and the tee you had on. She walks around you twice, then unhooks your bra. “I have a better one you can borrow for tonight. It'll perk up your boobs.” You blush, at hearing her talk about your body like that. “I love you and your tits, you know that. But this is a party. Dressing up and showing off is half the fun! Now dress.” She thrusts a handful of clothes into your hands and crosses her arms expectantly. Giving up, you put on the padded bra Ashley offered.

Slipping into the tight top, you struggle for a moment before getting both arms inside and sliding it down. Ashley straightens the back while you work up the miniskirt. Turning and looking in the mirror you grimace; it covers everything, but only just. You bounce on your toes a few times and see the white of your panties in the mirror. “Okay, I tried it on. How can I dance in something like this? Everyone will see my balls!” Ashley puts her arm around your shoulder. “No one is going to be looking, and no one cares there either.” “Besides, I keep telling you, that's a problem you could solve real easy!” Not dignifying her with a response, you start to look through her closet to see if there is anything in there you do like. The woman jerks you away. “Come on, I don't want to miss the bus.”

Ignoring your protests she thrusts precarious heels and a pair of fishnets into your hands. “Just get them on by the time we get there.” You wad up the fishnets and slip on the shoes to follow her out the door “Damn why won't you let me bring a jacket?” It is beyond brisk. Several minutes of cursing later and the bus finally pulls up. It is mercifully empty, so the two of you make it to the very back. Taking the corner seat, you slip off the shoes and discreetly work on the tights. Leaning on Ashley, you rest, until she tells you the club is next.

The cold air bites as you step off the bus. “Just a couple blocks, follow the lights.” The bright lamps illuminate the street and warehouses all the way to the club in the distance. Blowing on your hands, you keep pace with Ashley. “And you've been here before?” “Stop being a buzzkill, it's a really great place. Plus you really couldn't do this kinda club downtown anyway! Out of the way is good.” Somehow that doesn't really quell your nerves. Freezing, you reach the line at the entrance. You can hear the music from outside.

You look up to the windows, seeing lights strobing through every color of the rainbow pouring out. Ashley pulls on your shoulder; distracted as you are, you didn't realize you were next in line. The bouncer looks you up and down skeptically, while Ashley pleads with her eyes. At last, you're ushered in. The temperature difference smacks you in the face, the club is practically a sauna! The driving bass line of the music thumps as Ashley tries to get your attention. Eventually, you see her waving at you. She points to the bar as she walks away.

Not interested in a drink, you mill over to the railing that separated the walkway from what was now the dance floor. The crowd sure appears to be enjoying themselves, bouncing and rebounding to the songs. Sniffing though, you smell something. It smells floral in nature. Lavender, it smells like lavender. To your left you see a woman wearing a tight black shirt with the word 'staff' in fluorescent letters. You ask her about the smell, you can't really hear her but you make out the words leak and gas. She is holding gas masks and hands you one.

Taking the blue painted mask, you breath deeply. The lavender smell seems to be much stronger inside the mask, much to your surprise. Coughing you almost drop the mask, but as you exhale the world feels suddenly very fuzzy. And the music pulses seem to make the lights brighter. “Oh no honey, that is the leaky one!” The staff member sounds much clearer now. She hands you the green mask that was in her other hand. A little dazed, but suddenly very happy you came, you put on the other mask and breath in deeply. Still lavender, but smokier. You cough and due to the mask, breathe in more when trying to clear your lungs. By the third lungful you manage to get the mask back off. Now you notice that Ashley has returned, sipping a drink. Waving her over you ask if you can have a sip. “Well sure, you can.”

Without waiting for her to say anything else you gulp down a mouthful of the sweet, fiery liquid. Snorting, “What was that Ash?.” “Rum and cola, helps me get ready for the evening.” She downs the rest of drink before taking the green mask from you, and breathing deeply under it. By now you realize that you have been swaying back and forth to the beat of the music. It's actually rather fun, now that you're here, experiencing it. You pull on Ashley's arm, and the two of you move out onto the dance floor, where she takes hold of you; and squeezes into the crowd.

The hot, throbbing mass of people bounces and pushes along to the music and you push back. Ashley finds someone she knows in the dancing crowd of people. She is a tall, beautiful woman, wearing bright colors and swaying as hard as anyone else. The two embrace and she hugs you. The woman pulls out a little mint tin, and passes something to Ashley, who swallows it. She offers the tin to you, and you take one. It isn't very minty and Ashley smiles as you swallow it too. The woman accepts Ashley's invitation to stay and dance with the two of you for a bit.

The lights pulsate and the music bounces and after an indeterminate amount of time, Ashley and her friend start to walk away. Turning as they pass you, the friend grabs you by the shoulder and points to the far wall. The party is a lot more fun than you expected, but you follow. The two of them walk to one of the doors, and you follow them both inside. A padded floor and bench, with what look like straps. The friend closes the door behind you, shutting out the flashing lights and dulling the thumping music. Somehow the room feels warmer than outside.

Ashley must feel the same way, as she pulls her dress off. You strip off your tight latex top, and a coolness rolls over you. Ashley's friend puts her hands on your shoulders, making you jump at first. She begins to rub them though, and explosions of pleasure fire off in you. She leans around and bites your neck softly, and your girlcock starts to stir under the tiny miniskirt. Ashley approaches, breasts bouncing and cock already hard. She stretches over and kisses you deeply as her friend reaches around and starts to fondle your nipples.

You feel your face flush – you don't even know the woman behind you. Everything feels right and good to you though, especially when Ashley pushes her tongue into your mouth. Running your hands down Ashley's sides, you hold her hips as she sways slowly and pulls your skirt down. She breaks the kiss, and spins you by the shoulder to face her friend. You kiss the woman, who runs her nails up and down your back. The feeling is like zaps of electricity coursing through you. Your knees feel weak and you slowly sink to the floor, eyes on the woman's bulge.

The other two women start to kiss, while Ashley's friend works her panties down. Her girlcock dangles in front of you, tantalizingly. Excitedly, you take it in hand and guide her member into your mouth. You run your tongue along the sides and under the head, and she moans loudly. As you bob and suck, the girldick expands. Your nails run between her legs and she wobbles. Ashley pins you into place with her hips, and you keep sucking the girldick of her friend while they make out. You suckle on the end of her member, and stroke down the rest of the shaft to her ass.

She pushes Ashley a step back, and the two of them help you stand. They lead you to the bench, where the woman sits. Ashley turns you to face her and kisses you. As you make out with Ashley, somehow your panties go missing, freeing your own hard girlcock from cotton bondage. The other woman grabs your hips and gently lowers you onto her cock. You bite your lip, the new sensation intense. She bounces you gently, working her member deep into you. As you settle onto the feeling of her cock in you, Ashley reclines, moaning, onto your own girldick.

The woman behind you starts to buck her hips, the stiff girldick in your ass filling you satisfyingly. Ashley seems to enjoy riding on your girlshaft, as she digs her fingers into your legs to steady herself. The cock in you pounds harder and harder, riding Ashley through you. Faster and faster the woman bounces both of you. Warm feelings of ecstasy flow between the cock in you and Ashley on your own. The breath is yanked from your lungs as you feel the woman's cock twitch and spurt her load into you, her hand on Ashley's member as she holds you.

Ashley spills her seed on the padded floor of the playroom, and her orgasm shakes her on your girldick. Behind you, the woman bounces you again prodding you with her parts. The waves of pleasure, warmth, and love wash over you too, and you bite Ashley's shoulder as you fill her. The three of you move to the floor of the room, enjoying the feeling that everything is perfect for now.

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