Stolen Hearts chapter 1

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You look at the hand written directions. Is that a 23 or a 25? Damn it, why did they say to leave your phone at home and write the directions by hand? That's a bit paranoid even for this. Shaking your head you turn left. “Twenty three it is.” You say to no one in particular. The rolling grassland melts along. Speckled with the occasional house far off in the distance. 'Only house on Barnstorm Road' Simple enough, though it's two boring more hours until you find the turn and you can't see a house in the distance at all. Pushing forward you speed on down the road, figuring if there is only one house you might as well take it at 100 miles an hour.

Fifteen minutes later a house comes into view. Modest single story house with two vehicles parked out front. You recognize the late model beater Jan drives, and assume the truck belongs to Ramona. You smile, remembering Jan driving that thing back in high school. It was a piece of garbage a decade ago. Time and living out here certainly wasn't kind to it. Pulling your car in next to Jan's you park and get out. Stretching in the warm sun feels good, and you pop your back as you walk to the front door. Knocking firmly on the door several times you then cross your arms and wait for someone to answer. Some shuffling at the door and it opens wide.

“Welcome! It's great to see you again after all this time! Mona dear, she is here now!” A woman with short hair, about five nine walks in. You don't recognize her but obviously she is Jan's wife Ramona. Sighing she waves halfheartedly at you. “Don't be like that dear, you wanted the best driver I know and here she is.” Yeah, but why did she have to be one of your old girlfriends?” Jan rolls her eyes. “Can we just focus on the job? She drove way out here to make help us all make a good chunk of money.” Rubbing her forehead with one head Ramona responds “Yeah, yeah. Ok you two follow me into my little command center.”

“I have spent weeks doing the preliminary work here. Selecting our target, the time of day, our in and out, and down to our gear.” Ramona starts her talk as the three of you walk to a room at the end of the house. Flipping on a light you see the room is almost a small armory. No windows at all and a rack of riles, shotguns, and pistols. On the far wall, a white board with an overlay of the south west United States projected onto it from a phone. A small circle about a hundred miles from the national border draws your attention. “That where we are hitting?” You ask as you point to it. “I am getting there” Ramona says curtly.

“As I was saying this job has been meticulously planned. It's a small bank, in a small town so out of the way you can't hardly find it on the internet. Mostly farm and ranch land, no super centers but it's not drying up and dying either. By my math they should keep well over a quarter million in the vault. We just need the last bits of intel to finish the actual assault plan.” You balk at the number and roll your eyes when you hear the plan isn't completed. “I thought you said that you two were ready for me to do some work, Jan” You cross your arms and consider the shitty drive back home facing you. “Hon, just trust us ok? We do have something for you to do right now.” Jan says as she gently takes hold of your forearm.

Ramona draws your attention back to her. “As I was getting to where you come in. Jan and I are the ones actually going into the bank, we can't really go check out the inside ourselves the day before we hit the place. But you, the driver, sure can. Who cares if a teller sees you or your face ends up on the cameras, you won't step foot in the bank the day of the job.” You pace over to the gun rack “Still sounds a little slipshod. Just have me pop up look around and leave? I am sure that would garner attention after the fact.” Ramona nods “Yeah it sure would make you look suspicious, which is why that isn't the way it's gonna go down.”

You hear a bubbling noise from behind you, and when you turn you see Jan exhaling a cloud of smoke. Breathing in and coughing, your eyes water. Powerful stuff. “Damn it, baby. She was having a hard enough time following along without you getting her high.” Jan pulls on the bong again, while walking past you. She reaches up and embraces Ramona with a kiss, and you can see trails of smoke from Jan passing the hit to Ramona. “Yeah but Mona darling, you needed something to help you lighten up.” The taller woman laughs slightly as the smoke pours out of her mouth and nose. Rubbing her eyes with her thumb and index finger she clears her throat.

“As I was saying, before my wife so kindly interrupted me, is that you are going to take a trip from your home down to El Paso. I have listed each stop you are going to take. And you will do a small amount of banking business at each stop. That way when you actually stop and case the bank we care about you won't stand out like a sore thumb instantly.” You raise your hand, not wanting to cut Ramona off again. “Yes? I would really like to finish this sometimes today” You make your question brief: “Why can't you just pull this info off the internet? Seems easy enough to find to me.” “Well towns kinda smartened up over the years and realized bank and governmental floor plans shouldn't be open for inspection any more. And the only thing easier to find online than information, is who was looking for that information.”

Sitting back in your chair, you let Ramona finish. “Now you need to go around the building, find the back exit and parking. When you are inside, look for the cameras and guards. I assume you can count. Memorize the layout as well. When you get to El Paso we will meet you at the hotel and we will finish the final planning.” Ramona gets up and walks over to the phone and turns the projector off. “And I saw you roll your eyes at the take, remember this town only has three police cars. It's not a huge fortune; but we could get away to spend it.” You can't fault Ramona's logic there. Standing you grab the bong Jan set down and pull a rip from it yourself, finally relaxing from the long drive.

Exhaling your own cloud, you see Jan has has crawled on top of Ramona. She always was turned on by thrill seeking, but this is a new level. You watch the two women kiss, Ramona's hand tracing down Jan's side and hangs on the waist of her tight jeans. Their hips grind together while Jan snakes her hands up Ramona's top. The taller woman cries out loudly. Embracing again, Ramona works Jan's pants down to her knees. Jan's small bulge pokes out from her panties, while you can just tell Ramona's much larger member is straining on her own jeans. Jan leans onto Ramona's shoulder as the other woman slowly works Jan's girldick.

Ramona cries out, Jan having bitten her shoulder. Ramona works her wife's dick faster before the smaller woman collapses on the bigger woman. Jan pushes herself down off the chair a few seconds later, and fumbles with the fly to Ramona's pants. She turns to you and asks you to bring the bong over. Blushing when you realize that the women know you are there you silently do as asked. Jan takes another hit before starting to lick and suck at Ramona. Trails of smoke come from the corners of Jan's mouth. Ramona holds Jan's head down to her crotch, forcing her dick down Jan's throat.

Ramona groans and curls forward, her load shooting off into Jan. “Yo driver, bong me!” she barks roughly at you. Feeling slightly strange about watching your ex and her partner have sex while discussing a bank job, you hesitate before lighting the bong once more. “Don't be so uptight, Mona really likes a show.” Ramona scowls at her partner for letting that secret out, then grabs the bong from you and lighting it herself. Coughing, she leans back into her chair smoke trailing from her nose. Jan waves the bong at you “One more for the road babe?”

Groaning, you kill the bowl, and stretch before getting out of the chair you were in. Jan bounces up and gives you a tight hug and walks you out the door. The harsh midday light is jarring after being in the windowless room. The car seat burns and you curse quietly as your arm touches the hot leather. Pulling out, you begin the long drive back home. While long the drive is uneventful, giving you lots of time to think about the job in a few days. Mentally preparing yourself to up heave your whole life, such that it is, you go through the list of things to watch for when in the target bank.

Packing up a bag of clothes and the few pieces of electronics you have, it doesn't take you long to clear out your apartment of anything of value to you. Calling the hotel to book a room is the last thing you do the next day before locking up and pulling out of your parking spot for the last time. Pulling onto the highway, the gravity of what you are committing to is hitting you. You could turn back around and go home. Tomorrow would be another work day like any other. Those two would can go off and do their own thing. Somehow none of the thoughts reach your gas pedal or steering wheel.

The miles drone on, as you follow the pattern that Ramona had laid out for you. Stopping at the closest small town to each 150 miles you stop at the local bank, and withdraw money to gas up. Each town is different and yet the same. A main street called Main Street with a diner and general store somewhere within the same mile and a bank. None of these towns, if you can call them that, seem like they could support much more, and certainly only have banks because a hundred years ago there was a reason to be there. Stopping in some small highway side hotel late in the night, you go through the list for casing the bank tomorrow.

Your alarm buzzes, swiping it off you see it's ten thirty. Waking with a start, you realize you are late for work. Swinging out of bed, you realize that you aren't in your room. Waking up fully, you remember now. No more work days for you, one way or another. Too late for the continental breakfast, you check out to a grumbling stomach. How much of it is hunger and how much anxiety you aren't really sure, but you pull back onto the highway intent on stopping at the next diner or fast food you find on this trip. It's midday when you finally reach the exit for the target town. Taking the south exit you squint, unable to see anything in the distance.

Passing by a sign advertising gas, it appears the town is a good 20 miles out from the highway. Noting a local police car behind the sign you think to make a mental count. You pass by all sorts of ranch land all squared off with barbed wire. Signs advertising cattle auctions and fresh milk. Compared to what you were expecting, this town is booming. The pockmarked road however tempers your expectations. Two lanes and rattling your car every inch of the way. Pulling into the diner parking lot you stand and stretch.

You enter the diner and take a seat at a table, looking over the menu already in place. When the waitress shows up you order a burger and fries, just wanting to get back going. At the far end is sitting another of the town's police officers. Out the far window of the diner you can see his car parked. Your meal arrives, and is perfectly forgettable. The cop spends your entire meal leafing through a newspaper and nursing a bottomless mug of coffee. Laying down a twenty without waiting for the bill, you tell the waitress to keep the change as you mentally note the second vehicle.

Pulling out of the parking lot, you exhale as the police car still in the lot fades into the distance. Much to your surprise there is an intersection with a stop light in the town. A third police car passes through the intersection as you sit at the red light. When your light is green you turn the way the police car had come from. Minutes down the road you finally find the bank. Circling around the building, you take a parking spot in the back. Noting an exit in the back as you walk to the front. No ATM, just a drop box as you enter the building. An older man in a brown security firm hat sits on a stool, reading his own newspaper hardly notices you enter.

Looking around under the guise of popping your neck, you see a camera bolted to the far wall to the right. A single sad looking cubicle is also to the right. On the back wall is a glass windowed door with the word 'Banker” slowly peeling off the glass. Three teller booths, with brass bars, stand on the left. A lone teller waits at the booth, the other two slots both with “see next teller” signs up. Passing your card to her, so she can manually pull up the account, you note the swinging counter between the teller's side of the counter and your own.

As the teller hands you your money and card. You see there is another camera, behind the tellers watching them work. A door that leads to the safe sits under the teller's camera. Thanking the woman, you turn and leave. Committing the details of the bank to your memory you pass by the inattentive guard and exit the building. Biting your lip, you casually stroll back to your car and start the engine. Leaving past the rear of the bank, you see the banker has a window with a simple screen. Driving under a power line leading to the bank, your radio warbles for a moment as you turn back onto the road.

Stopping at the same light you did before, you see a police car drive past. You recognize the driver as the cop from inside the diner and notice the front left quarter panel of his car has mostly caved in. Adding at to your list of interesting things you saw while in town, you make the right turn and continue down. Passing the diner you ate at and some time later the same police car sitting behind the same sign advertising gas in town. Clicking your tongue to yourself, you think that this town probably hasn't seen anything more serious than a jaywalker in the last twenty five years. They have no idea what they are in for.

Your schedule takes the rest of the day to finally get to the hotel in El Paso. The city traffic is painfully slow compared to the hundreds and hundreds of miles of highway you drove the last several days. The hotel itself is packed, whatever convention that is happening is already in full swing. Walking from the desk through the lobby, you find Ramona and Jan among the patrons milling around. Pulling you by the arm, Ramona starts “Come on, we don't have time to gawk. I want to pick your brain and put the finishing touches to the plan.” Jan bounces along “Yeah I need to unwind from all that driving, and can't do it out here.”

The smaller woman pushes past you as soon as the light on the door lock flicks green. You hear her shoes clatter on the wall as she kicks them off. Ramona and yourself are hardly in the room before Jan has stripped her top and bra off. Almost tripping over herself as she works her jeans off, she beelines straight to the bathroom and you hear the shower turn on. Ramona pushes past you and cracks the bathroom door open “Not yet, don't you dare. I want you level headed for this.” Jan, now just in a pair of white panties that show off her package, walks back out with a dejected look on her face “I was just getting the room steamy enough.”

Ramona pulls a small marker board from her suitcase and tosses you a marker. Without needing to be told, you draw the layout of the bank as you remembered it. Camera on the wall to the right. Banker office to the back right, adding in the window you saw out back. Teller cages and swinging counter. Ramona seems obviously pleased with the results. “There might be more to you than driving after all. Alright so you drop us off at the door, and pull around back. We walk in and I take the guard. Jan will spray the wall camera with paint and I will sweep the lobby. She will pull the banker from his office and make him open the vault while I round up anyone who is inside before forcing them into the vault. Drill out a few lock boxes, out through the window and then South we go.

“Monaaaaaaa!” Jan whines, her cheeks flushed. “Yes yes, go get in the mood.” The woman turns to face you. “Go join her, you've had a long day and tomorrow isn't going to be easy.” The woman turns back to her suitcase and starts digging through it. Not one hundred percent sure what just happened you walk over to the door, your eyes still on Ramona. She is now laying out clothing on the bed. Opening the door, a wall of steamy hot air rolls out. “In or out, close the door!” Jan snaps. Jumping in fast you shut the door behind you. The shower is running full blast and Jan is standing at the counter with her bong.

“Hot steamy water keeps the smell from lingering.” She says matter of factly. Bubbling, she pulls through a hit and passes it to you. The two of you pass it back and forth until it's empty. Feeling more relaxed now you stretch and move to the door. Jan pulls your shoulder gently. “You are a little overdressed” She says as she tugs at your waistband. “I talked Mona into giving you a chance tonight.” She smiles impishly and bites her bottom lip. Swallowing, you think for a second, before undoing your fly. Stripping down to your panties, you follow Jan out of the bathroom.

Ramona, dressed in supple black leather. Her well defined body showing through the skintight outfit. A mean looking crop in hand, she taps the bed and Jan bounds over. Crawling on the mattress on all fours, she stays obediently as Ramona attaches a collar to her neck “My little slut brought a friend to play, did she?” Jan looks over her shoulder at you. Slipping out of your bra, you walk over next to the bed and crawl onto it, joining Jan. “Mmmm someone is on their best behavior tonight.” Ramona smacks Jan's ass with the crop thrice. “You could learn something from your little friend here” She punctuates the sentence with a smack to your ass.

You whimper and strain not to break the position. Jan laughs and you hear the crop on her ass again. “If you can't stay quiet, I have a use for that mouth of yours.” Ramona walks in front of the two of you and slides her member out of the leather pants. Thick, and slick looking, she waves it in front of Jan before grabbing a handful of her hair and shoving her girlcock down Jan's throat. Ramona calls out softly and wobbles a moment before she steadies herself. “Get to work on her, but don't distract her.” Ramona lifts the waist of Jan's panties up with the crop before letting it snap back into place.

Turning around on the mattress, you work Jan's panties down to her knees. She lifts her legs up one at a time, letting you work the panties off the rest of the way without missing a beat. Ramona taps your shoulder with the crop, before tapping the bed under Jan. Getting on your back you get under Jan from the side and reach up, licking at her girldick. She makes a slight noise as you do, and her member already half hard grows in your mouth. Sliding her cock in and out of your mouth slowly, her body trembles and the crop hits your side. “Pace yourself” Ramona admonishes.

Slowing down, Jan stops quivering and more intense sucking sounds build up to your right. “Fuck yes, that is it, slower babe.” Another crop to Jan's ass “I said slowwwwwwwer.” The bed starts to shake, and you grab Jan's thigh to keep yourself under her. The crop taps your chest. “You stay there, I'm gonna ride this one while you keep sucking on her.” Ramona drags the tip of the crop around the edge of the bed as she walks. and gets her knees onto the mattress. A hand smacks Jan's thigh. “Hope you are ready for this. Otherwise it might be a shock.”

As Ramona spreads Jan's legs apart, Jan kicks one of Ramona's legs out from under her. Ramona lands on the mattress and Jan leaps on top of her, the tag on the collar jingling. “I think that you are the one getting ridden tonight” Jan tells Ramona as she pins down Ramona's shoulders with her knees. Rolling to the end of the bed, to give them room to work this out, you watch the two women roll and struggle to end up on top. The bigger woman ends up on top of Jan, but Jan has her legs wrapped around Ramona's head. She grabs what little hair she can from Ramona and pulls the other woman towards her hard girldick.

Ramona struggles but is losing and soon Jan locks her legs in place giving Ramona little option but to suck off Jan. The smaller woman arches her back in pleasure. “Forget how good she is at this. She still needs her ass filled though, you should do it.” Ramona doesn't make another sound, but rather shakes her ass in the air at you. Repositioning yourself behind her, you grab Ramona's hips in your hands. She shakes her ass at you again, and you give it a slap. Jan grins and thrust her wife's face deep into her groin. Ramona groans as you push your cock into her. Grabbing her hips again, you pull yourself firmly against Ramona.

Jan leans back a little, and pulls Ramona off of you. Then she thrusts back, pushing her wife back onto your girldick. The two of you start to pass the muscular woman back and forth like a ping-pong ball. Jan suddenly grabs hold of Ramona's head with both hands and curls over her wife. Holding the woman in place, Jan pumps a load into her mouth. You can just her Jan whisper “Suck me clean, we both know you want it.” Ramona evidently complies as Jan lets out several more soft coos. before pulling her member out of Ramona. Keeping one handful of Ramona's hair, Jan pulls her head to the mattress “Now, finish off our friend and you can get off too.”

Sitting on the back of her wife's head, Jan reaches under Ramona and slowly pumps the woman's hard shaft. Slowing your thrusting to match Jan's speed, you hear Ramona whine. Then the woman starts to show off her strength, thrusting firmly back onto your hips before driving back into her wife's tender hand. She bucks back and forth, you digging your fingers into her hips to stay in her. Pounding back as you steady yourself, she just responds by going faster. Jan squeezes Ramona's head with her knees, but that just makes Ramona work faster. A pool of warm pleasure builds inside of you. Pounding faster the pleasure pushes inside of you harder and harder.

Finally the dam breaks and you thrust deeply into Ramona, thick girljuice filling her insides. Her wife, seeing you shudder with pleasure and release, leans into the handjob and wastes little time letting her wife finally come over the edge herself. Getting off from on top of Ramona, Jan says “Just come to bed with us tonight. You can always have a shower tomorrow.” Looking at the clock, it's quite late. Deciding to take the women up on the offer you pull the sheets up over the three of you and drift off to a rough sleep.$JennyFoxes