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#Tentacles #Plants #Bimbofication #Inflation

A bead of sweat drips down your forehead into your eye. Groaning, you wipe it away, like you have been all day. The deep forest was significantly thicker and deeper than you had expected. Even though the sun almost never reaches the ground, almost all of your journey has been a hot sweaty slog. You ran out of food two days ago, and now as you upend your waterskin, you find you are out of water too. That realization makes you slump forward in despair. You haven't seen anything even as substantial as a stream in days.


#Furry #TF #Accident #Bimbofication #Drugs #Magic

“Coming!” You yell, to whoever is knocking at your door. Your phone says it's almost three, and you are expecting your friend Sarah to visit today. Sarah is, as a matter of fact standing in the hallway of your apartment building. She walks in and slips off her tennis shoes next to yours. The muscular woman hands you her purse “I just need to freshen up, I have a few jars of weed in there if you want to pack one.” You nod, taking the bag to the living room as Sarah walks through the kitchen.