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#SpiderWoman #Ovipositer #Impregnation

You sigh in exhaustion and wipe the sweat from your brow, before you is a dark cavern. The locals warned you that it was dangerous to go into the mountain, and that you should stay on the trails. Many people have entered the mountain, but you've never heard of anyone returning. You can't decide if that's a sign that the caves are dangerous or if there is something that the village that the base of the mountain would rather you not find. You hope that whatever is in there is valuable, and that you can carry it back out. It takes you a moment to dig your tinderbox from the depths of the leather pack you carry with you. You put the small box on the ground and return to the pack, now looking for the pouch of pitch. The small lined pouch slipped to the very bottom of the pack, forcing you to dig out your rations and the oilcloth you carry for your sword. The rest of the items go back into the pack while you look at the thin evergreens that dot the land. One of the trees near you has a branch thick enough to make a tolerable torch. The green pine will smoke more than you would prefer, but at least it's fresh and won't just burn to ash in minutes.