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Warning, readers have found this story to trigger flashbacks around parental trauma; Please read it at your discretion.

You roll onto your side, waking yourself up. Pressing the button on your clock you see it's just after midnight. They should both be asleep by now, but you want to make sure. slipping on jeans, you quietly open your door. No lights on from their room. Walking quietly, you slink to the kitchen and pull a very small cup of water from the tap. Your throat is parched from worry, and you want to hurry back to your room. Tip-toeing back to your room, you see the light remains off. The fans in your computer spin up almost silently, but still far too loud for your preference. Seconds later they rev down to idle speeds and the dim glow of your monitor bathes half of your room. A couple passwords and double clicks later, everything starts to feel better in the world. 'hey bby was missin u,' a smile crosses your face and your heart flutters; everything is better for a little while. 'Sorry, wanted to make sure they were both asleep. Dad knows two of my classes are labs this semester and he just got upset last time I told him I was working on homework.'