The Dragon's Due Chapter 1

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Whispers have been going through the town, all day. Scouts saw a Dragon again, but not Gorlom the massive bronze beast which has 'owned' your town for longer than anyone alive can remember. Instead, they saw a lithe amethyst beast flying out far past the forbidden woods. Everyone in town was thrilled when Anne, the last girl selected by lottery as an offering to the monster, came home unscathed after a couple days. Now, nearly five months later everyone had forgotten that the lottery had ever happened. Young women were allowed to pursue their hearts instead of waiting until they were too old for the monster Gorlom's tastes to ensure the town would not be razed.

You locked yourself in your single room split log cabin this morning and hope the lottery will not be resumed. As young women are wont to gossip, you know that most of the maidens in the village aren't anymore. The fear of Gorlom killing the whole town in retribution if ever given a sullied offering again had kept a surprising amount of women honest, but without the fear of killing their loved ones... There wouldn't be any point lying about it either. If the lottery does start again, the elders won't hesitate to inspect the women who claim they’ve been intimate. And you don't want that secret getting out either.

Thinking back to last night, perhaps you should have left as well. She said she was going to steal away into the forbidden woods and, once she made it through to the far side, find a town without a dragon lording over it. At the time you balked at the idea. If a place as remote and rural as this was interesting enough for a new dragon to take up roost, then surely there are dragons everywhere, demanding tributes and sacrifices. Risking your life going through a cursed woods only to end up in the same situation didn't sound wise. A worse situation you said, what town wouldn't offer up strangers and save two of their own? No, you said, you were going to stay.

Banging your head on your lone table, you wish her the best of luck. You loved her too much to beg her to stay. Pounding your first in frustration you get up to look for something to numb the pain. Wiping a tear from your eye, you dig through your small storage chest, hoping to find one last bottle. Throwing aside the cold weather bedding and the ugly clothing you inherited you find a lone bottle rolling about the bottom of the chest. You down the last swallow of the clear liquor, and almost retch as you feel it burn it's way past your tongue and down your throat. Tossing the bottle to the ground, it shatters.

You curse in frustration at the broken bottle, at yourself for breaking it, at the world, and at her for leaving. Everything would have been fine. Kicking the shards under your bed you sigh and look for something to eat at least. Looking through the house you don't find much. Admittedly this isn't very surprising you hadn't much in the tiny pantry in the best of times. Some stale bread at least fills your stomach, stopping the ache from hunger and the burn from the alcohol. Sitting back down, you hold your head in your hands. Maybe you could sneak out and get to the forbidden woods too. Worth a shot at least. Getting caught is tantamount to admitting to being a virgin, so you would be too valuable to punish if you got caught.

Quickly you run around the house, collecting the last of the bread, a blanket, spare clothes. Not much, but better than running away in the dark with nothing at all. Wrapping your small stash up, you set it on the table and wait for the sun to set. Looking out from your lone window you guess you still have a few more hours to wait. The anxiety of the wait keeps you from staying still, but after a few minutes of pacing, it feels like you will go mad. In the late afternoon your nervous silence is broken by the town bell. It's a call to a meeting. The elders must have decided on a course of action, and the thought of this makes your blood run cold.

The time to leave is now or never. Anyone who isn't at the meeting will get swept up by one of the town guards before the meeting beforehand. Out your window you see the workers in the fields closest to the forbidden woods passing by. Living in the outskirts of the town has its advantages, you think to yourself. Scanning the interior of the small home you grew up in, one last time, you take a deep breath and pop out through the small window on the south facing side. Peering around the side of the house, you scan back and forth. No one left in the fields, but they already harvested a good deal of the crops. No guards close to the woods either.

Clutching your pack close to your chest you walk as quickly as you can to the simple split rail fence. Crawling through the fence you make your way into the fields. Wiping the dirt from your skirt you continue through the tilled rows of dirt, stalks and leaves crunching beneath your feet. Looking left and right, you don't see anyone. Head down and shoulders forward, you start to power through the rest of the crops. As you reach the far fences you slip through the rails as easily as you did before. Turning to face the town, you take one last look at it. Exhaling with a huff you spin on your heels and find yourself face to face with Jedd, one of the town guards.

“Ahhh going for a little walk were we? Maybe you didn't hear the bells but we have a town meeting. Called by the elders themselves, can you believe that?” Jedd clamps his hands down on your shoulders firmly “Now we don't want to keep them waiting, do we?” He grabs your pack away and looks in the top. “Oh that is just a shame, that is. Well go on back to the town with you.” Turning around to face the village you start to walk. Jedd keeps one hand on your shoulder, and carries your pack with the other. It's a painfully slow walk around the fences and into the town proper. Everyone has gathered in the middle of town.

Jedd pulls you through the crowd and tosses you and your pack down at the feet of one of the elders. Your face burns red, as you look at the small crowd. Disproving stares from the burly farmers, while their wives shake their heads almost as if they feel a portion of your shame. Trying to hide the town from your gaze you see the other young women of the town, one of them in particular, Anna, has a look of rage on her face. One of the stoic elders pats her gently on the shoulder and whispers to her before turning to face Jedd.

“Caught her trying to run. Almost made it too, but she got sentimental before she was away.” One of the elders kicks your pack open, the bread loaf rolls out and the clothes scatter on the ground. “Mmmm yes well, I suppose this is proof enough that you are eligible for the lottery, miss?” Elder Traggart leans uncomfortably close to your face as he asks. Choking back tears, you nod. He joins the other elders in a tight circle while they talk in hushed tones. Looking around, the town has formed a larger circle around you and the town elders. Seven other women are in the circle with you, while Jedd, Shara, and the other guards are clustered near the elders.

Elder Traggart walks back over to you “While obviously we can't offer any sort of usual deterrent to ensure others don't try to run from their duties, due to the obvious lack of suitable candidates It was suggested that we dispense with the lottery this Moon Cycle and simply offer you up as our town's payment.” Leaning on his walking stick, the elder turns away from you and gazes at the other women in the circle. “After all, everyone else came willingly, knowing full well what we would be deciding tonight. However the covenant our town has survived by demands that it be a lottery. The dragons are fickle beasts as we all know well, and I won't risk their ire over such a detail.”

“Please, take them all to the empty grain storage and bar the door. We still have much to discuss.” Jedd clears a way through the crowd and the other women follow. Shara grabs you by the arm as you finally pick yourself up off the ground. Her muscles ripple under her jerkin “Come you, won't have you running again” her words addressed to you, in a gruff tone. Dirty looks from the town meet you as you make your way, half stumbling and half pulled, to the empty grain building. Shara pushes you firmly through the door, and you land on the, and bits of grain scattered or sticking to your palms. The woman spits on the ground near you and closes the door.

As you look around the building, you find the only light comes from a window directly across the building from the door. With all the crawling and being tossed about, you find your skirt is rather dirty at this point. Taking the time to brush yourself as clean as you can you take a deep breath. Walking over to the window you can see the mountain where the old dragon Gorlom keeps his roost. His home is high enough that all the towns that lived in fear of him could see him fly at the apex of the Moon Cycle. The fear of that sight, born because he was coming for what was his. Now you hope desperately that the scouts were wrong and there won't be any dragon flight tonight.

Turning away from the window you look around the building. Bethy and Rachel are comforting each other. It isn't a secret that they were more interested in each other than any of the men in the town. Milly is sitting by herself, drawn up and almost crying. The only other woman you could name is Anne and she is in the same foul mood that you would find her in on a nice spring day, or after having been given a gift. With a scowl, she points at you “They ought to have just picked you and saved us all the pain of this” She waves her arms around. “Trying to run away? Why don't they just make you do it!” She pounds on the wall of the building in frustration.

Bethy chimes in “Will you be quiet? Some of us are spending precious time with our loved ones!” Anne responds, “Oh yes, every six months you two might see each other for the last time; so we all get to watch you cavort shamelessly. Even now when they toss us in like so much food. At least when they locked us in the town hall with blankets and bedding everyone could ignore you.” Rachel retorts “And if you were the least bit agreeable, you might get an invitation to join in.” She then turns to you “You, first time being offered up? It's a perfectly natural expression of friendship and a healthy way to release stress, Bethy thinks you are cute.” She finishes with a wink.

Your face somehow burning even redder, you return to watching the window as Bethy expertly pushes Rachel onto the ground before crawling atop of her with a kiss. The thin clouds above part as the full moon rises into the sky. Scanning back and forth, you wait, responding to flashes and movements that end up being bugs and birds, your exhausted mind playing tricks on you. Looking away once again, you see Bethy has shoved her hand up Rachel's skirt, while burying her face in Rachel's exposed breasts. Rachel has resorted to biting her finger while she is pinned under Bethy. The smaller Rachel, pulls up her skirt showing off thin blond wafts of hair over her vulva. Bethy pulls her fingers out, and gives them a lick before lowering her face to Rachel's groin and licking deeply at it.

Rachel's face flushes red as Bethy slowly probes the other woman's genitals with her tongue. Rachel crosses her legs behind Bethy's body and pulls her close. Turning her head again to look at you, Rachel wiggles a finger at you. “I meant it,” She says breathlessly “You should come over and help poor Bethy out while I hold her down.” Bethy makes some kind of noise from deep between Rachel's thighs but you have no idea what she may have said. Rachel strokes Bethy's hair “Oh yes, just like that.” Before arching her back and digging her fingers into the dirt floor. Gasping for breath Rachel whispers “Come on, help the poor girl out.” To which, Bethy shakes her hips in the air.

Anne looks across the room, still grumbling loudly to herself before walking to the small window and pushing you away. “If I have to be here, I'll have the only place I can ignore those two.” Bethy is still buried in Rachel's thighs and the sounds alone has gotten your girlcock to strain on the bindings you have it hidden in. As you sit next to the two women, Rachel's labored breathing reaches your ears. Her gentle sounds causing your face to somehow flush redder yet, as your heart races in your chest. Bethy, feeling you sit next to her, spreads her, spreads her legs wide, opening further for you. The woman's ass and slit both open invitingly for you to lick or probe. Running two fingers between her labia, you tickle at the edge of her entrance. She shivers and thrusts her hips so that your hand brushes upon her clitoris.

Tracing a moist fingertip up, you find the woman's clitoris to be quite sensitive. Each touch sends shudders through her body, as you run slow circles around her. By now Rachel has both hands on Bethy's head, pinning the woman still no matter how much her lower half shudders and shakes. As you draw your fingers back out, her body slumps in disappointment. You can just hear her whining bubbling up from between Rachel's legs. You run the moist tip of your finger upward from the bottom of her mound, along her taint, and to her puckered ass. She thrusts at your finger, lusty for you to penetrate her with something. Your girlprick feels like it is going to tear through your undergarments as you look at the round, bouncing ass.

Biting your lip, you push the idea out of your head. That risk isn't worth the price. Instead, you get on your back and crawl between Bethy's legs and spread her labia wide with your other hand. Your tongue slowly, delicately, touches the tip of the woman's clit as you work your index finger into her ass. She slumps the weight of her hips and thighs back onto your face as soon as you make contact with her. The slightly sweet, slightly salty taste of her fluids fills your mouth and nose as they run down your chin like an over ripe fruit. Sliding your finger out and in of her ass, you slowly tickle around the base of her clit with flicks of your tongue.

Bethy's thighs clamp tightly around your head. With your other hand, you snake a finger into her vagina. Licking and rubbing her clit with your tongue you slowly alternate which finger is inside of her, pulling the finger from her rear, and pushing the ones on your other hand into her vagina, then returning them to their original positions. Her moans of pleasure are loud enough for you to hear through the many sets of thighs they are traveling through. A fist pounding in the dirt is the only other noise you hear, as Rachel is brought to a climax. You can tell she let go of Bethy as the other woman's cries of pleasure have gotten louder.

Hands sneak under your top and squeeze your chest softly, working your nipples expertly. Firm pressure builds and throbs under your nipples as she presses and works them. Your fingers both push into Bethy at once, causing her to let loose a muffled cry. Rachel pulls your neckline down around one of your breasts and gently laps at your chest with her tongue. Catching your breath you return to massaging Bethy's insides, the womans moans of pleasure echoed in her quivering hips. Her body stiffens. She cries for the Goddess. Warm juice drips down onto your face, and the woman slowly falls forward, taking her weight off of you.

Rachel looks you in the eye before kissing your cheek and licking her girlfriend off of you. “Your turn, cutie” She then traces a slow finger down the front of your dress. Your face flushes and you move to wave her hands away from your hemline. Stuttering you respond “That really isn't...” you trail off as Bethy levers herself up on to her elbow “She knows what she is doing, just lay back and let her show you.” You press your knees together, and push your back against the wall of the building. “No, it's uh, it's really ok.” You doubt that letting anyone find out would be good for you.

Before Rachel can make another attempt, the door to the grain storage opens. Shara and Jedd walk in, each holding a sword. Behind them Traggart knocks a stick on the door jamb, snapping everyone to attention. Shara speaks up once everyone is looking at the door. “The elders have decided that lots shall be drawn to decide who shall be offered!” Her voice booms in the small room. Hearing those words, Milly's wails pick back up. Shara glares at you, her hand resting on her sword pommel still, while Jedd walks around the room offering a straw to each woman in turn.

Milly pulls a straw that is longer than the one pulled by the woman after her. Upon seeing this her tears dry, but she still looks like she has seen the dead as she stumbles, shoulders slumped, out of the building. Bethy pulls an even longer straw, while Rachel pulls the shortest straw so far. Bethy clings on Rachel, tears welling in her eyes, while the first woman you don't know leaves as well. The other two women you don't recognize each pull a straw longer than Rachel's as well. Bethy sits there holding her now visibly upset partner. Jedd offers one of the two remaining straws to Anne who hesitates a moment before reaching.

The straw she pulls is as long at Bethy's and she looks smugly at the two women, as she is allowed to leave as well. Nervously you extend your hand, taking the last straw between your thumb and forefinger. Holding your breath, you pull the bit of plant out of Jedd's gripped fist. With a sly grin and an almost imperceptible twitch of his index finger, the straw breaks with the faintest of snaps. The piece you pull out is far shorter than Rachel's. You start to protest, but Elder Traggart in his advancing age saw nothing and hushes you. Rachel breaks down crying in Bethy's arms and fall to the ground, as Shara and Jedd grab you by the wrists.

The two guards pull you from the grain storage kicking and screaming, until Shara punches you in the stomach. “Shut your mouth and show some dignity. No one will remember a runner well, but you can at least not teach the children that this is how decent people behave.” Spitting and sputtering you let them drag you without any more resistance to the largest cart the small town has. Shara climbs onto the cart first, turns and stoops at the back edge. She grabs you by the shoulders while Jedd places his hands on your ass and shoves you into the cart.

Shara uses her grip to pin your back to the rough wooden side of the wagon. Jedd pulls your wrists through the slats and binds them to the wood. After he finishes restraining you, he climbs up onto the wagon and joins Shara in sitting next to you. Elder Traggart climbs to the front of the cart, his walking stick across his lap. One of the farmers in the town, who won't look you in the eyes, finishes harnessing a mule to the wagon and hands a short crop to the elder. Prodding at the poor beast, the mule starts the trek to the altar.$JennyFoxes