The Gooirl in the Cave

Goo Girl, Restraint

You pull your cloak tighter as you walk through the night. It's cold and you didn't have any time to pack before you fled your home. Far better to be gone fast than risk getting caught though. The woods, the superstitious lot told everyone from childhood to stay away from THERE. The wind picks up and the pale moonlight is spread wildly as the branches sway. You stumble and slip several times as you keep up your pace, each time your cloak and clothes rip at the gnarled branches and brambles that makes up the undergrowth in the woods. Stopping to catch your breath after the fourth or fifth time you realize the cloak has shredded to near uselessness and you discard it. Shivering you slow your breathing, clutch your arms to your chest and try to preserve some body heat. It's now that you realize how quiet it is.

Holding your breath you strain to hear the buzz of insects or the cries of an owl, even the howl of a beast. Just the in and out from your lungs. The trees are thickening and the ground rolls up and down irregularly, slowing you to an almost crawl. Deciding to continue you shuffle forward. The wind howls and a shiver runs down your spine. It's getting colder, and you have no idea where you are going. A noise finally breaks the silence, the patter of rain falling on the leaves above you.

Muttering to yourself as the cold rain starts to filter down to your face you walk into the side of a small hill. The freshness of the mossy hill fills your nose as you push yourself back up to your knees. Wiping bits of mud and moss off you trudge up the small hill. Sliding down the far side balance on your legs you land next to a small cave in the side of the hill. Shaking your head you decide to continue until it's too dark to press on, or the drizzle stops. The wind dies off and you start to feel like your luck is looking up. The trees grow thicker as your teeth chatter in the chill. The thickness of the boughs above blocking out the light almost totally now, at least keeps the rain off you too.

Stumbling with one arm out in front you bounce from tree to tree pressing on. Another howl of the wind breaks the silence, moments later you realize none of the branches moved, and no chill came. Your heart starts to race. What if there is SOMETHING else out here after all. You can't see anything ahead of you and think back to the hill. The howl rips through the air again, closer, from the front. Turning around now you start a brisk pace through the pitch darkness now, hoping to find thinner woods, or the cave or something. The noise grows even closer and the branches rip at you as you run.

The rain starts to seep through the trees again, but no moonlight joins it. You squint and strain and don't dare slow afraid of what might be in the wood. Seconds pass in to minutes and finally hints of moonlight fall to the forest ground again. With the bits of light helping you, you return to the small cave in the hill as the rain increases in intensity. Giving up for the night you crawl far enough inside to avoid the worst of the weather, but not far enough to lose the bits of moonlight. Your clothing is soaked from the rain you realize. Peeling it off, you lay it out on the ground with the hope the outer layer will dry enough to put back on.

Stretching out on the ground you feel around for a rock or some such to rest your head on. Finding nothing, you strip off your under layer and ball it up under your head. Closing your eyes you hope to get some few hours sleep before light. Quickly finding a comfortable position you start to drift off. You snap back awake, something around your wrist. You pull with a start to no avail. Your wrist is pinned in place.

Looking down, you can just make out an arm holding you down from the shadows. Turning to see who is there you see a face peer out to meet you. Or rather the lack of a face. Your heart feels like it is going to explode, and the breath has fallen from your lungs. You try to move but your legs are ignoring you. A body slowly travels the abnormally long neck until it meets the head at roughly your proportions. The body pulls itself next to you, rippling like liquid it's form changing before your eyes. Breasts that match yours grow on the chest, thighs form and a member grows from the base of the creature. The featureless face presses to your lips, and tendrils tickle your tongue.

Your girlcock stirs at the kiss, deep and endless. Relaxing slightly as you get another lungful of air the face pulls away. With a moist sliding noise the creature slips on top of you. A warm wetness slides down over your own member and down your legs. Looking down you see legs growing down along yours and watch as they bend unnaturally as they curl around your own. Another arm reaches out and grabs your other arm, the hand melting around your wrist. Your girlcock fully sticking into the goo that has covered you. Ripples and twirls glitter in the moonlight as you feel edges and ribs slide up and down your member, like warm soft tongues worshiping your girlcock. Biting your lip softly you moan as the goo teases further between your legs, to the gentle cleft of your ass.

Spreading your legs slightly, you cry out as a gooey tendril pushes into you and begins to feel around. Bucking your hips instinctively, the goo responds pressing back with some force. Giving in to your lust, you keep a rhythm with the goo and lean in to kiss back. The goo begins to tingle all along your skin as it convulses and pushes back on your girldick. Your face flushes and your nipples grow erect, goo pulling and teasing at them as they push in to it. Flexing your legs against the goo's lower tendrils forces it deeper in to you.

Cradling you now, the goo slides in and out of you rapidly. The tiny tendrils rubbing along the sides of your shaft as you travel the goo making you hyperventilate. You hardly feel the goo nip at your shoulder, leaving perfectly round marks on one side. Grabbing on to the ground to steady yourself, you ride on the gooey tentacle with all your might. Your tongue drips out the side of your mouth, and you curl your toes into the goo as you flex your legs. Through the corner of your eye you see your girlseed dribble into the goo.

Whimpering and gasping for breath as the goo continues to softly massage your girlcock and you gently twitch. As you regain your senses from the orgasm, you find yourself being pushed over to your stomach and shoved up on your knees by the goo. Folding your arms and resting your forehead on them you relax and prepare for what you know is coming next. You feel the bulk of the goo wash over your back and the tentacle pushes back into you. As the goo pushes in you, a tentacle grabs your hair, and pulls you up. Pushing on the wall of the cave for support you thrust back as the goo's tentacle extends and withdraws itself rather deep in you. Biting your lip to stay up you your head drops down and you see a bead of your own goo slowly reaching to the floor of the small cave.

The goo slithering up your back splits itself down either of your sides and curls around your breasts before joining again and the featureless face reforming. Meeting it for another kiss, the tendril tongue dances across your tongue, tickling it all over all at once. The goo starts to bubble and gurgle, tickling you all over. As the goo writhes over you, a noticeable lump travels up through the goo. As the tendril tongue rams to the back of your mouth the lump spurts deep down your throat. Swallowing roughly, the tendril withdraws. Feeling exhausted you flop on the floor, unable to either fuck more or leave. The goo gurgles softly again, and covers your body in a thin warm layer as you see the rain still falling outside the cave. You drift off to sleep, head spinning from the day.$JennyFoxes