The Kobolds of Mothhome

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You wipe the sweat from your brow and sit on one of the larger rocks that litter the ground around you. The only road through this part of the Hazy Mountains is thoroughly blocked. Rummaging through your pack you dig out your map and unroll it on the ground. A day and a half to get back to Crumblerock, then three heading north to Highbridge and pass through the mountains there, before heading south again to finally reach Bluelake. Counting up the days on your fingers, you realize that you will arrive days too late. Master Selg will be displeased if his bid is too late to be considered, enough to cost you your position in the guild. Looking at the map again, you try to read the scratched off paths and trails. Maybe something that isn't suitable for wagons will do for you? Squinting hard, it looks like a path south of you was only scratched off twenty or thirty years ago. South here means venturing closer to the Dragon Realms, and the thought of running into a dragon chills your blood. But the map's trail only adds a day at most to your trip, plenty of time to reach Bluelake. Besides, if an actual dragon was roosting this close to Crumblerock the little village would have been abandoned. Likely the trail fell apart somewhere, possibly taking wagons with it.

Carefully, you fold the old map back up and return it to your pack. You break a piece of bread off of a loaf, then close the pack back and hoist it to your back. The snack does a little to fill your stomach as you walk back down. The split in the trail is below the tree line and, you assume, overgrown, which explains why you missed it on your assent. The trees and vegetation return as you head back down the mountain range, and you stop to inspect each thin spot, hoping to find some sign of the disused path through the mountains. After an hour or so of searching, you thank your luck when you find signs of wagon ruts still in the hard rocky ground. The direction they appear to head off in lacks older tree growth, and you almost squeal in excitement as you start to blaze into the woods. The disused trail winds south, before snaking back to the east. It's slow going, as the actual trail is mostly overturned by roots and if you don't watch your step you could trip and break an ankle.

It's mid-afternoon as you emerge from the tree line again. Clouds are starting to settle in, making it hard to see off into the distance. The Hazy Mountains have certainly earned their name, you think. The afternoon haze doesn't slow you as much as the overgrowth had. Besides the fallow part of the trail behind you, there doesn't seem to be a reason for this trail to have been scratched off. With just a little bit more luck, you can reach the peak of the trail before it gets dark. The thought of tomorrow being all downhill rallies your spirit. You do reach the top of the climb before the sun sets, though your heart sinks at the sight. Instead of an easy descent tomorrow, you are staring at the entrance to a cave. If the cave was ever marked properly on your map, it was completely destroyed when the trail was scratched out. With nothing else to be done about it now, you settle down near the mouth of the cave. You had collected firewood for the night while you were below the tree line, and now you settle down to build the fire.

While the night chill is starting to bite, you decide to keep two of the branches you carried up to use as crude torches. This high up, the only sound you hear is the cracking of the fire and the occasional burst of wind. You use your pack as a pillow and close your eyes to the thought that your trip into the cave tomorrow must surely be brief. The fire dies down to a smolder as the night passes and you fall asleep among the thin curls of smoke. A commotion startles you awake, strange voices shout and before you can react you are pinned to the ground by a pair of small creatures. Rough, scaly flesh rubs against you. “Quick, the pouch! Goddess said remember the pouch!” Says one of your assailants in a gravelly voice. You struggle and try to throw off the two creatures crawling over you. Before you can worm out from under them, a sweetly moldy odor enters your nose and the world begins to spin. You fall with a thud, and as you fade out, lizard-like feet gather around you.

You regain a semblance of consciousness, though the effects of whatever that smell was are slow to wear off. You feel like you are flying, though your arms and legs ache, like they are being pulled out of your body. Opening your eyes just exposes swirls of dim light and makes your stomach turn. Trying to move, you find that your wrists and ankles are bound. Risking nausea, you open an eye again. The world is more obliging this time and slowly spins into focus. In the dim light you realize you are being carried, tied to a pole, by a band of kobolds! When you try to scream, you feel the gag in your mouth. Panic fills you, and you being to struggle, hoping that maybe they will drop you. “That isn't going to do you any good lass, the Goddess demands all interlopers be brought to her for judgment.” One of the kobolds tells you firmly. You are taken aback by how well dressed he is, the few kobolds you have had the misfortune to see in the past wore rags as ratty as the beasts themselves looked. These kobolds however, looks like they eat every day and even practices hygiene. That doesn't stop you from struggling more, a well-groomed human eating beast is still a human eating beast.

The effort truly doesn't seem to do you any good, and after several minutes not only do your limbs still ache but you feel exhausted too. Resigned to your fate for now, you watch the dimly lit cave passages twist and turn. Eventually you pass into the warrens, and see other kobolds going about their business. You see potters and seamstresses, even hear the clang of a smithy echo somewhere. It's enough to make you forget for a second that you are bound, gagged, and being carried 'for judgment'. As you twist and worm under the mountain, you end up in a room almost as bright as midday. One of the kobolds was carrying your pack, and has upturned it somewhere behind you. The kobolds mount the pole on a pair of notched stakes, leaving you hanging defenselessly. Your vision adjusts to the light, and you blink the pain out of your eyes. “Why have you entered my realm? Can't you creatures leave my children alone?” The voice comes from your left, and you are shocked by what you see. Standing before you is a seven foot tall moth lady. Feather-like antenna appear to point at you, and her fuzz coated wings arch over you. You've never seen a creature like this, and seriously doubt kobolds come from such a being. “I freed them from enslavement, I won't let your ilk hurt them either.” As she speaks, she walks across the room to your right, where you see a throne. A throne made from the skull of an immense dragon. Whatever she is, she must be powerful, slaying such a huge beast.

“Please, I was simply trying to get to Bluelake! Master Selg heard they found rare reagents and wished to bid on them for the guild.” The kobolds' goddess regards you silently, her expression is a mystery to you. She paces back behind you and you hear the spilled contents of your pack being kicked around gently. She returns holding your map “Your Bluelake isn't in this direction, how could you get so lost with the trail laid out for you?” With a shake of your head you respond “The road through was closed from a rock slide! Please, I was only trying to do as I was ordered! No one knows you are here, everyone thinks the dragons still rule here, please, please, let me go.” You are almost sobbing as you finish. “Let you go? Of course not, I couldn't risk you telling anyone that we are here. No, you shall never leave these warrens again. However, if you are telling the truth I may permit you to stay in my realm. If.” She reaches down and rest a hand on your forehead. Her hand feels quite warm, and the warmth feels like it's flowing into your head. A clamoring din grows in your head before memories of the last few days play in your head without you thinking of them. Memories of Master Selg and the Alchemy Guild in Hardport. Memories from before being left with the guild. You weakly struggle, as the kobolds' goddess learns your secrets and pains.

She pulls away from you and walks from the room, leaving you still hanging from the pole. A couple minutes later, your legs fall free; followed by your arm and you collapse to the ground. Five of the kobolds flank their goddess, each of them armed, and wearing matching leather jerkins. You roll to your stomach and push yourself up to your knees. The ache is already starting to fade from your joints, and you rub your sore wrists. The squat lizard-folk surround you, the two burliest of the five each grab one of your shoulders. The kobolds' goddess stands in front of you and lifts your face up to meet her gaze with a hand. Light almost seems to radiate from her, and her demeanor around you seems to have changed. “Don't mourn the loss of your old life, though you don't believe it now, you'll grow to enjoy your new life. You'll have a purpose here, more important than running messages for a hateful old man.” She turns away from you to speak to one of the kobolds. “Take her to one of the empty accommodations, do make sure she does not escape, Sleen.” The kobold, more muscular than the other kobolds, and with a vivid green ponytail, bows deeply; “Of course Goddess, Your will be done.” The kobolds lead you from their throne room. Your eyes take a few moments to acclimate to the dimmer light of the rest of the cave system. It's subtle but you do notice that you are being led deeper into the caves. As you walk you realize the passages themselves are tall enough that you don't worry about hitting your head, but the doors branching off are kobold height.

Finally, Sleen opens one of the doors and the kobolds lead you inside. The room is modestly apportioned, a short table with two low stools, simple shelves, and a bed far too short for you to stretch out on. The two larger kobolds continue to hold you by the arms, not that it's really necessary now. You are far too spun around to find a path out. Sleen waves the kobolds to pull you to the back of the room. Under one of the shelves, you see a thick chain attached to the wall. The lead kobold digs a shackle from the pile of chain and pulls it over to you. The metal shackle fits around your lower leg and Sleen produces a crude lock. “This will be a temporary situation”, Sleen explains. “The Goddess says you live here now, so until your heart moves, we must ensure you can't leave.” For the first time since being you left throne room the two larger kobolds let go of you. Sleen remains besides you as the other four kobolds leave the room. The chain that binds you is long enough to allow you to walk about the room, and even take a few steps out of your room if you were so inclined. “What did she mean by I have a purpose here? The only skill I have is as a courier, and I can't really do that here, like this.”

Sleen walks to your bed and sits on the edge. “Goddess has said that you will help us release certain pressures that have been building in our home now that She rules us. And you will, Goddess has said.” The kobold has begun undoing the leather laces on their jerkin and breeches. Watching the kobold strip it dawns on you what their goddess has ordained for you. Instead of revulsion though, the dull glint of Sleen's scales in the light are almost cute. Further-more it appears you had somewhat misjudged Sleen, as plump, scaled breasts hang off her frame, and a meaty looking kobold cock is nestled between two thick thighs. Your heart flutters, and butterflies fill your stomach as you realize how attractive you find the naked kobold. You approach the bed, the chain rustling behind you as you do. With one hand on the bed, you lower yourself to your knees and reach out for the kobolds' girlcock. Her prick is scaled like the rest of her body, though the scales are small and softer. The gentle touch of your fingers causes her girlprick to stir and grow. Guiding the gently pointed and flared tip of her member to your mouth, your tongue anxiously reaches out and tickles at the underside of the head of her part. Sleen gently rests her hands on your shoulders and spreads her legs, making more room for you.

The scaled girlcock slides easily into your mouth, though you can feel her continue to grow. You wrap your lips tightly around Sleen's girlcock and bob your head to the base of her shaft. She grows surprisingly thick, and the point of her head can touch the back of your throat when you shove her whole length in. You fight the tingle of your gag reflex, hungry to keep Sleen in you. The soft scales make sliding her cock easy, despite the thickness. The tip of your tongue runs along the pattern of scales, back to the end of her girlprick. Sleen digs her fingernails into your shoulders as you tease and tickle the end of the kobold's fat girlshaft. Sleen takes her hands off your shoulders, and swings her legs around and over them, squeezing your face into her crotch. One clawed hand gently runs through your hair, while her thighs squeeze your head. Your tongue darts along the underside of her girldick, skipping from scale to scale. Her thighs squeeze tighter the longer you suck and play, and you can feel her whole body gently shake. You grab her backside, and push her prick as far down your throat as you can. She groans loudly and you feel her part twitch and flex, as it pumps a hot, sticky load off the back of your throat. The kobold's cum pools in your mouth, and you swallow her seed. The ropes slowly slide down your throat, pulling the later lengths down.

The kobold unwraps her thighs from your head, and pulls her member out of your mouth. A single bead of her cum connects her part with your throat still, and you lick it off the flared end of her girlcock. She spreads one of her legs onto the bed, and reaches under her still hard girldick. Her girlsack looks full, and closer to the scales on most of her body. She uses her other hand to guide you to her proffered girlballs, and you open your mouth. Your tongue helps to slip the scaled sack in. Much to your surprise, you count four girlballs total. Sleen groans in pleasure, and the musky flavor causes your own girldick to strain hard on the breeches that contains it. Her fat girlcock bounces against your forehead, getting oozes of her juices in your hair. Sleen leans back, and strokes your cheek with a thumb as you slurp and lick her girlballs. She weakly pushes your head away after another minute, and quickly regulates her breathing again. Sleen gets off the bed and pushes you breast first onto the small bed. In her excitement to get your pants off, Sleen ends up ripping them, revealing your girldick dangling hard between your legs. You feel a lone finger tracing along the head of your shaft, before she gently grips it.

The fat monster of a cock presses greedily against your ass, and you close your eyes and bury your face into the mattress. Your cries are muffled as Sleen pushes inside of you. Between the remains of her previous orgasm, and the smooth scales she is able to push in with almost no resistance at all. Sleen slowly pumps your shaft, drawing your attention away from your ass. The kobold's hips pull away from you, before pressing back into you. As she increases how fast she fucks you, she speeds up rubbing your girldick and you start thrusting your hips back and forth. Sleen's heavy sack swings pendulous, bouncing off of your parts each time she thrusts into you. Her member reaches deep enough into you that you start to drool on the mattress. Her hand continues to slide the length of your girlprick, gripping it just firm enough that the texture of her hand drives you wild. Your own moans now fill the small room, as Sleen slowly brings you to the edge and leaves you there. She pounds your ass with enough vigor that the bed moves a fraction with each thrust. Your moans morph into a high pitched whine, and the waves of release lap at you. Without ceremony, and with much less for than Sleen, your orgasm spurts onto the compacted dirt floor.

While your girldick continues to twitch and slowly drip, both of Sleen's hand now hold you by the hips. Her claws dig in as she pulls you towards her with each push. The kobold slams into you with even more force, and her claws threaten to cut into your flesh as she holds you in exact place. Her girlprick tremors and flexes exactly as it had in your mouth, and Sleen leans in with all her weight as her meaty member pumps yet more of her cum into you. With a final grunt, she pulls back out. She runs her claws softly down your back, and you shiver from the pleasure wave. Sleen helps you to crawl onto the diminutive bed, before dresses herself. After she collects herself she turns to walk out of the room. The kobold stops at the door and faces you again “See? Goddess is right, you belong here.” Then she continues out, onto whatever duties she has. The thought echoes in your mind. This dimly lit cave does somehow feel more like home than any place else, even despite the chain currently keeping you in the room.$JennyFoxes