The Ranch 2

BDSM, Drugs, Group Sex

I wake you with a kiss. You blink your eyes several times and I kiss you again. Another tablet, you swallow it without protest. I smile and call you a good girl. Hearing that makes your whole body tingle. I sit next to you, letting you rest your head on my shoulder. Gently stroking your hair “We need to get you into the shower, you have a busy day today.” You open your mouth to say something, but after a moment the thought has drifted out of your head. Taking you by the hand I pull you gently up from the bed.

Cupping your breasts in my hands, I squeeze them gently, as I lean in for a kiss. Rubbing your nipples with my thumbs, I pull away from the kiss biting your lower lip. “Such a pretty girl you are. Everyone will be so pleased with you.” You blink several times, confused. I push you forward gently, and soon you find yourself standing in the shower, a jolt of water smacking yourself in the face. Coughing and sputtering you blink your eyes repeatedly as the water begins to flow in undulating waves and splattering into sparks.

The floor of the shower zooms at you suddenly and you throw your arms out to catch yourself. A second later you realize I bent you forward. Feeling the warm water wash down your back, it turns into a warm blanket. My arm wraps around you as your knees start to bend in relaxation. Remembering where you are, you steady yourself while holding the position. The wave of water moves to your ass and hips. Soon it feels like your girlcock is wrapped up in a tiny blanket and your eyes roll into the back of your head. Whimpering softly you start to space out.

A sharp smack later and you return to the shower. “Relax, but stay here dear. This is a lot easier if you can stay standing.” You open your mouth to respond, but find you can't even understand the mumbles coming from your mouth. Spitting out a bit of shower water, you just not. Breathing deeply you try to relax as much as you can without zoning out completely. Suddenly you feel something push into you, like a giant wiggling tentacle spreading you open. The wriggling and warmth feels so good though you can't help but moan again, and bite your lip.

An army of wiggling feelers tickle up your sides and grab your breasts. It isn't until you think to look down that you realize that the fingers of my hands are the feelers and you cry out in ecstasy as you figure out the tentacle in your ass is my tongue. Soon you find yourself wrapped in another blankety warmness, only this is actually solid. I rub the soft towel all over your body, drying you off from the shower. Pulling you by the arm “Come, you need to get something in your stomach before the day begins.” Nodding you follow.

You hardly see what I shove into your face. But your tongue tells you it's chocolaty and coconuty and herbish all rolled into one. “That should fuel you until lunch at least.” I continue to lead you along by the arm, back to the couch in the living room. “Just wait here.” You melt into the soft, full couch. Looking up at the ceiling, you realize the sloped wood has rails running crisscross the whole room. Near the peak, coils of black rope dangle. “Just relax, we will have you suspended up in the air for everyone to see in no time!”

The words muddle around in your head and you are still trying to understand “up” and “air” when I fasten cuffs around your wrists, thighs and calves. Pulling you forward, the soft lined strap that goes around your midsection tightens. “Take a deep breath” I cinch it. “Up we go!” I say as the world is ripped out from under you. You brace yourself, expecting a painful landing on the ground. Opening your eyes a few seconds later you find yourself laying on your back, but in the air. Looking around you realize that you are at waist height.

The straps around your torso support your weight, you feel a slight draft blow around you. Trying to move an arm you find the rigging isn't inclined to move. Without anything to hold on to, you can't meaningfully move you arms or legs. “One last touch” I say with perhaps too much enjoyment in my voice. The world goes black as I place a blindfold over your face. “We are having a party today, and you are my party favor. Be good for everyone and I'll have a reward for you later. You nod, causing a gentle swing.

As far as you can tell it isn't long until guests start to arrive for the party. Several women trickle into the house, mingling and chatting. Most at least admire you in words, while several run a hand down your side, or gently roll a nipple between their fingers. Before long, one rests her dick on your lips. Wanting to behave, like you were ask to do, you open your mouth letting it fall in. The woman gently cups one of your ears as you suck and stroke her girldick with your tongue. The member grows as you work, and she starts to thrust.

On your back in the air, the woman is able to force her cock deep down your throat, in a way you haven't felt before. Unable to breath when she is all the way in, you sneak air as she pulls back for each thrust. The deep throat fucking causes your own member to stir and grow. Another of the women gently strokes at your own girldick as the first woman slams deep into you, forcing her thin seed into your stomach. Slowly pulling her long cock out, you suck at the head, trying to get every drop out of her. The second woman now climbs on top of you.

You swing slightly as the woman centers herself on your hips, before she leans forward and takes hold of your breasts. Her warm mound against you stirs your semi hard girldick, while her fingers knead your breasts. Her thumbs gently rub your nipples, coaxing you to a moan. Balancing herself carefully, she sucks on one of your nipples. While she teases your breast with her mouth, she slides your girlcock into her pussy; warm and inviting. Using you as a living sex swing she uses the momentum of the rigging to slide you in and out of her.

You feel her hands on your stomach, her nails softly digging into you as she steadies herself. The swinging back and forth increases in intensity, and it feels like a gale storm is whipping past you. She cries out and the swinging slows as a moist warmth flows onto you. A moment later the woman pulls herself off of you with a wet plop, and then she spreads her squirt gently across your hips with her hand. You can feel her hot breath on your neck before she whispers “Thanks for the ride” and bites your earlobe softly.

You gulp down air, your head drifting freely. In the distance you hear yet another voice “Sit in front of her Ashley, both of you are going to please me at the same time.” The shuffling of people near your head, and then your face is buried in a soft ass. Warmth radiates from her parts and you can feel that near your forehead. Poking your tongue out, you lick at her soft opening. The woman stumbles for a moment before steadying herself. You can just hear her sub crawl into place and suck on the end of the woman's cock.

Licking and poking and prodding at the woman's entrance, you feel her thighs gradually tighten around your head. Then trembling, more stumbling, and mumbles from the submissive a few inches from you. The woman pulls away from your face, satisfied. Her submissive leans in, and kisses you softly. Her tongue tickles yours and she passes some of the woman's cum to you during the kiss. Resting her forehead on yours, you can hear her giggle softly and brush your cheek with her hand. “Maybe Miss will allow me a turn later.”

“What a good girl you’re being!” You hear me as I drag my nails down your side and across your hips. “I think you have earned a reward.” You can hear the motor of the vibrator before I tease your opening with it. My hand softly strokes your sticky girlcock. Pushing the vibe into you, I nudge it around inside. The twin stimulations feel amazing, waves of pleasure growing from your core and lapping out your limbs to your fingers and toes. Biting your lip to keep from crying out, your whole body shakes in the suspension. Turning the vibrator up as I work it in, you give in and moan loudly. I milk your girlprick in long full strokes, until you exhale and go limp, a spurt of your girlseed mixing with the cum drying on you from before. Seconds later, I kiss your forehead. “Such a good girl.”$JennyFoxes