The Street Corner

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The bus slows as it reaches your stop, and your legs ache as you rise from the seat. Last week was rough on them and you are still a little sore. The line of street lamps leads off toward the lone occupied warehouse, long converted into the club. The line to get in enters the edge of your vision as you approach the former warehouse. Stopping for a moment, you decide to skip the entrance and you catch the smirk of the bouncer as you pass by the entrance and continue to the far side of the building.

You don't see or hear anything from the alley you went down a few weeks back. The door at the end is locked tight as well. As you turn back and approach the mouth of the alley you see the line to get into the club has sprawled down the road to the bus stop. After thinking for a moment, you decide to turn the other direction and begin to walk. The street lights continue on for several more blocks, down into the heart of the warehouse district. You follow them almost to their end, looking down each alley as you pass.

As you reach the end of the row of lamps, someone kicks your knee out from underneath you and pushes you face first to the ground. The wind is knocked from your lungs as you land with a rough thud. Before you can push yourself onto your back, a sharp heel digs into your kidney. With a groan you go limp, showing that you have surrendered to your assailant. A now familiar voice says “Well aren't you a persistent little cutie? What should we do with her this week love?” Denim responds “Mmmmm, I think she needs to work for it this time.”

“Good thing you wore a skirt, otherwise I'd have just torn your pants off and left you with nothing to go home with” Leathers casually adds as she digs her fingers into the material of your top and rips into pieces tearing it off of you. With a soft tear you see parts of your panties land near your head. Denim sits on your back, squishing your breasts into the cold concrete. She holds one of your legs bent all the way back, while Leathers ties your ankle to your upper thigh. The pair repeat the process with your other leg, leaving you almost immobilized.

Leathers grabs one arm, Denim takes your other arm and they both pull you over to a street lamp. The rough sidewalk tugs and catches at your skirt pulling it down to your knees by the time they position you, propping your upper back up on the lamp pole. Leathers holds your wrists behind the lamp, while Denim snaps a cold set of handcuffs on you, keeping you in place. Denim rolls your skirt up to your waist, balancing it on your girlcock before the women pull you forward some, your ass and girldick on display.

Denim walks out of sight for a moment, only to return with a pipe, a length of rope, and a pair of small objects with straps on them. She threads the rope into the pipe, while Leathers uses her superior strength to push your knees as far apart as she can force them. Running the ends of the rope between your knees Denim ties off the makeshift leg spreader. Your hips already ache slightly from being held this far open. The smaller woman slides one of the small objects over your eyes, the sofly lined eye mask blinding you to what comes next. The other small item is an O ring gag, which stretches your lips wide open as it's fitted into place.

A set of nails run down your inner thigh, causing your girlcock to twitch. “Oh, our little fuckpig likes that!” She digs her nails in deeper and your leg shudders in response. You hear a gentle spurting noise, and feel a finger rubbing cold lube into you. “Let's put you through the paces before we open for the night. Need to make sure the product is good.” With no more ceremony Leathers plunges her girldick deep into your ass. The O ring gag makes whatever noise you tried to make into one drawn out “aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!” She presses on your shoulders, forcing you down into a more slumped position.

Her cock probes and pushes, even in this cramped position she brings waves of pleasure rippling through you. Her hands move to your hips, pulling you towards her large girlshaft with each thrust. You hear the musclebound woman growl and lean her head forward, knocking yours back into the light pole, as her seed rips through you. She trembles slightly as she pulls out of you, a bead of her girlcum leaking out your ass to the concrete below. “You look like you enjoyed yourself” Denim says to her partner. The other woman just grunts an acknowledgment, and gently slaps your ass as she stands.

The two leave you in that position and take up places somewhere behind you, probably leaning on the wall of the warehouse. It sounds like they are having their own bit of fun, you can hear them loudly fondling each other as they wait. It isn't a long wait, the growing clack of heels on the sidewalk is your only clue that someone is approaching. The unknown person drunkenly voices their approval of the show that Denim and Leathers is putting on. “If it's too hot, you can use that dirty slut tied to the post.”

The stranger crawls on top of you, the taste of alcohol on her breath. Her member probes at your ass, already slick from fondling herself while watching the two women behind you play with each other. She fits into you easily enough, not as big or hard as Leathers was. She kneads at your chest, as she thrusts in and out “Fuck, those two are hot” she whispers into your ear before slumping her head to your shoulder. She pounds harder and harder into you, you wordlessly groan again, a bead of your drool dangling from the O ring.

She continues to work in you, her girldick finally meeting the call and forcing you open a little more. Her head cranes down and she sucks at one of your nipples when she moves her hands to hold you by the hips. She gives you several more firm thrusts before she lets her own torrent of girlseed off inside of you. She slowly climbs back off of you, giving your nipple a parting nip as she does so. A muffled sound of something falling next to you and then you hear her slowly, drunkenly, clack her heels back towards the club.

One of the women walks towards you and you feel a gentle pat on the head “What a good little worm you are tonight” Denim says as she looks you over. She walks back to where she had been watching you get fucked. You hear her mutter “Oh fuck, just put your fingers in a little deeper...” as she trails off already back to being fondled by her partner instead of paying attention to you. You don't realize another person has approached before you hear them ask about using you.

Without saying anything more this new person straddles your chest, her ass resting lightly on your breasts. Her girldick pops into your mouth, easily fitting into the gag forcing your mouth open. You run your tongue along the underside of her girlshaft, teasing the tip and dancing along the base. She roughly fucks your mouth, forcing your head against the cold metal pole more than once. With no great fanfare she blasts a load of her seed back into your mouth, and afterward she pulls your head back forcing you to swallow. Finally you hear her thank the two women before heading on her way.

You just lay there for a while, feeling slightly dazed and very used. The night gets colder as the evening drags on. After an indeterminable amount of time, a loud couple slowly approaches. You can hear the women behind you pick back up and Denim loudly moans again. As the couple approaches you can finally make out some of their conversation “...just too wound up right now. Otherwise we could just fuck on the bus.” Her partner doesn't seem to like the idea. “And risk the driver seeing? I bet they already put the pervs on this line. I'd rather use the fuckbox tied to the pole than risk some random guy seeing.”

She must have offered a persuasive argument as soon you find yourself under one of the women. She takes a similar position as the previous person did, but her cock fits tighter in the gag than the last one. She rests her hand behind your head, holding you away from the pole as she rubs her girldick on your tongue. Her partner rests her hands on your thighs as she settles in between your legs, and behind the woman in your mouth. Her own member probes at your now well used ass.

She slides into you rather easily, down to the base of her shaft. She would be balls deep into you had she still possessed a pair. Your own girlshaft flairs back up as the woman effortlessly plunges in and out of you. Her partner happy to grind her member deep into your throat. You cough and gasp for air as she leans back momentarily before pushing in again. The woman between your legs rubs the end of your cock getting the slick precome all over her hand and your member. The delicate hand leaves your member twitching, then seconds later you hear the woman in your mouth groan as the slippery finger slides into her own ass.

The twin pleasures ensure that she doesn't last much longer before she digs her fingers into your hair and sends a jet of her cum down your throat. She continues to cradle your head to her crotch for a while after, the finger in her still sending ripples of ecstasy through her. Her partner takes a little longer, hands holding the sides of your hips tight after the woman in your mouth finally withdraws. Beads of her sweat drop onto your stomach as she finally rips a thin shot of girlcum into your already full ass. With a huff she pulls out, and the two women walk away chatting about what position to take when they get home.

After a little while longer, someone walks up from behind and places her hand on your girldick. “You've had such a hard night, haven't you? You've been such a good little fucktoy tonight.” Denim runs a finger along the length of your member, arousing it yet again. “Finally, it's my turn” the woman says softly as she guides you between her labia and into her. You gurgle from behind the gag as she lets her weight slide her onto you. Giggling, she thrusts her hips and watches your exhausted form gain a new life.

The woman bounces up and down on you, without using her hands as balance. You thrust as much as you can through the tight bindings keeping you restrained. Her moans gradually build as she tightens the muscles around your member. Finally, with a pair of high pitched squeaks she slumps hard on your member. Her orgasm spasming through her body, along with the sudden downward weight lets loose your own release finally. As you loll your head to the side more drool leaks out from the O ring gag.

One of the women finally pulls the blindfold off. The light from right above shines rather harshly after the past couple hours of being in the dark. Leathers pulls the gag from your rather tired jaw, and swallowing properly for the first time in a while you turn your head towards the ground. As the handcuffs are undone, you rub your aching wrists. Through the electrified pins and needs of blood fully returning to them, you can tell you will have bruising tomorrow. Leathers pushes you to the side with a nudge from her foot before keeping it on your back as Denim undoes the ropes.

Now you see a coffee can that was sitting next to you. Leathers pulls a thick handful of money from it. “You did well fucktoy, I guess we can leave you with bus fare...” as she pulls a couple of the bills out and tosses them back into the can. You sit there dazed and half naked in the night air as the two women walk off arm in arm. Pulling yourself onto your knees the cold are blows across your chest as you gather the money and scraps of your top. Wraping your arms across your chest, you slowly walk back to the bus stop in a heady daze.$JennyFoxes