Working Woman

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You check your phone again. No new mail, just like five minutes ago. Sitting on the edge of your bed, you fall back your phone next to you. It was a long shot anyway. A chance to live and work and socialize with other folk like you. Even an offer of well paying employment. Sighing, resigned to something else you curl on the bed and try to sleep your phone beside you. The buzz under the pillow wakes you. Groggy and with only the moonlight to see by it takes you almost a minute to realize you were atop your phone.

Nervously, you check your notifications. One email. Sliding in your passpattern you pop open the email. 'Congratulations! Your application has been accepted!' The email continues 'As per the posting this job involves close personal work with a variety of clientèle.' The rest of the email contains the address and parking instructions. Tossing the address into your GPS, you see it's a long drive, but not impossible to do in a day. Which is nice as your orientation date is the day after tomorrow. You toss a few things into a bag and set off.

Pulling out of your parking spot, you feel like you have just drank ten cups of coffee. As the hours pass, however, the powerful thrill turns in to anxiousness. What if this personal work is to difficult? Is dropping everything and moving at the drop of a hat wise? Catching sight of a mile marker, you are over three hundred miles into the trip. Bit late to get cold feet. Turning the volume up you just try to lose yourself in the rest of the trip ahead of you. Crossing state lines hardly registers as the drive rolls on.

Tanking up at the last gas station marked on your directions, you look to the horizon. Scrub, brush, and hills as far as you can see. Few changes over the final two hours except the sun setting behind the hills. Bouncing along the dusty trail leads you to a gate. Buzzing in, you enter the code from the email. The large metal gates slide into the thick, matching fencing and you drive to a small parking structure here in the middle of nowhere. Following the directions soon you're parked, walking to the only other building you can see. You can only describe the building as a mansion. Queer flags of various designs hang over most of the window sills. Dropping your bag onto the mat at the front door, you pull on the door bell. A ringing echo can be heard softly on the other side.

Seconds that feel like eternities pass before the door opens. An attractive woman in a short skirt and revealing blouse opens the door. She looks you up and down “You must be the new girl.” Hoping to break the tension you add “Not many clients look like me? Without a hint of amusement, she replied. “Hardly, our clients show up at the appointed time. Early can be worse than late here.” Your face burns in silent agreement to the woman as you enter the building. “I suppose we can make room for you tonight however, please follow me.” You find the room to be rather over decorated. Plush loveseat, plush recliner, and a four post bed with delicate canopy. Laced and frilled sheets. The bed is however as comfortable as you could have hoped for and hardly have time to toss or turn before falling asleep.

Your alarm goes off just after the sun rises. As you wipe the sleep from your eyes, the same woman as last night walks into the room. Your orientation will be in 45 minutes, here is a map of the facility for you. Make it to breakfast as well, you'll need it. After a surprisingly filling breakfast, you follow the map's directions to the far side of the mansion to what is labeled a 'conference room'. You take a seat in one of the chairs at the table. A tall, thin woman in a striking skin tight dress is already waiting there.

The door opens a couple minutes later and a shorter woman walks in. Her dark makeup, and long flowing clothing makes her look like a B movie event hostess. She pulls out a chair close to the first woman and pulls out a nail file to work on her tips while waiting. Promptly at the top of the hour the same woman enters the room and sits at the head of the table. “My name is Madam Kelly. And to cut to the chase, this is a brothel.” She continues “We however service a very special client base to ensure a safe, queer working environment.”

The prospect who was in the room when you arrived nods. “So we only service...” She trails off. “Yes people like ourselves.” Is the simple answer that Madam Kelly offers her. “It's a lucrative paying brothel, and well all of you knew what kind of work this was from the coy ads.” “And remember, just like the email promised, we do offer simply the best health care that money can buy. That is what drew you here in the first place.” Hearing this you just look down at the table and think about what that means to you. Leaning back, you listen to her continue.

You can see the other women try not to be shocked by the revelation. “We aren't just going to turn you off onto clients without training though.” Madam Kelly walks around the table, and hands each of you a key with a number etched onto it. “Second floor, east wing, your instructors will already be in the room.” As the others leaves the room, Madam Kelly tugs on your shoulder. “I will be your instructor, please proceed to the room, I will be along presently.” Nodding, you obey her instructions and head to the room.

When you open the door, you are surprised. The room looks to be fifteen feet or so to a side, tastefully decorated. A full sized bed, a dresser, and a desk account for the furniture. The bed feels comfortable as you sit on it. After a few moments you lean back into the mattress. You hear the door open after about ten minutes of waiting. Without looking up, you listen to Madam Kelly speak “If we both decide this is a good fit for you, this will be your personal room. This entire wing is the residence for the staff. She brings herself into your view.

“First thing, we will work on your wardrobe.” Opening the closet, she shows off a range of revealing clothes. Short skirts, and sleeveless tops. Bare midriffs. “You can wear whatever you wish on your time off, but most clients will ask for something special when you work.” “Well? Strip, you had better get used to showing off that body.” Blushing slightly, you pull off your jeans and t. She thrusts a bra into your hands and walks behind you. Fitting the cups on, she closes the clasp then reaches around to adjust your breasts.

She then works your panties off, letting your member fall out “Grab a pair from the dresser.” In the top drawer, you find several pairs of thin, lacy panties. Picking a color at random, you slide a green pair on. “Pull everything up front, that is why there is material there.” Blushing harder, you try to hide your bulge, as usual. She places her hand gently on it and adjusts that as well. Turning away from you she pulls a backless one piece from the closet and hands it over. Sliding into the tight dress, you watch her walk to the desk and open it.

“Don't forget your stockings and a pair of shoes.” Turning back into the closet you sift through packages of tights and fishnets and stockings, settling on a pair of dark full length stockings. All the shoes have much more heel than you have tried before though! Stumbling, you exit the closet. Catching yourself on the doorknob you look over to Madam Kelly. She looks up for a moment and waves you over. “Come here, we have work to do.” Balancing yourself, you slowly inch over to the desk before you finally reach the chair.

Sighing with relief you sit at the desk, your feet aching already. “I thought this would be some kind of uh...” She interrupted, not unkindly. “How to fuck lesson? I kind of assume you already know, but I'll see before too long. Before then you have to look the part.” She pulls out a rack of makeup and your eyes gloss over. She goes slowly slowly as she explains each layer “Now, the first rule is never touch your face”. Moments later she swats your hand as it moves to your foundation covered cheek. The Madam continues, hardly missing a beat.

She blocks the mirror, but you see the bright colors on the pallet. Nervously, you swallow, You've never had this much makeup on before. “You'll get the hang of this fast, most clients like the look”. Resting your hands on the desk, your nails dry as she goes back to your face. Half an hour later of work and explanation the Madam turns you to the mirror, and are surprised. The woman looking back never looked like this before. “Now, the next lesson is keeping that look during a session” The woman pulls your shoulder and you almost fall out of the chair.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she pulls her skirt up and takes you by the shoulder “Now, suck me off”. Falling to your knees, you lick and suck on her girlcock. Sliding it deeper into your mouth you let the end bounce on the back of your throat, bobbing faster as you hit pace. “Don't get your makeup on my thighs while you are down there”. You try to mumble from around her dick, but are surprised to feel her hands forcing your face farther down the member. Pushing back you try to keep from rubbing your cheeks on her thighs, while she works against you.

Madam Kelly lets up and you slide up from her member. She looks her thighs over for a moment then smacks your ass “Good job, now get your ass in the air.” Crawling onto the bed awkwardly, you take care not to break a nail getting into position. You can hear Madam Kelly pace. A shiver runs up your spine as a hand traces down your stockings. The dress is flipped up over your rear, and the hand rests softly on your ass. You lean gently into the hand grabbing at your rear, giving Madam Kelly a good handful. You feel her weight get behind you on the bed.

Holding still, you feel your undergarments working their way down your thighs. Moments later a hard cock thumps off of one of your cheeks. Madam Kelly's nails run gently up your freshly released girlcock, before drawing the bead of pre to your ass and fingering it into you. Her large member pushes its way in, causing you to cry out sharply. Madam Kelly laughs and pushes harder. Your eyes cross momentarily as she slams her hips against your ass. Before you can recover, she pulls out and slams in again, waves of pleasure echoing through you.

Biting your lip your head drifts to the pillow. Suddenly your head is yanked back. “Don't let your face touch anything” she admonishes you. Keeping a grip on your hair she continues to drive her girldick in and out with enough force to send your breasts swaying under you. Each thrust, sends another wave of pleasure through your body. Madam Kelly finally lets go of your hair, you fall forward but don't let your head hit the pillow. Her fingers dig into your hips as she pushes in once more and holds your ass in place as she fill it with her seed. She pulls out of you, and walks around the edge of the bed while you struggle to catch your breath from the power fucking. She tips your head up by your chin and looks you over. “I think that is enough for today, relax and compose yourself we start early tomorrow.$JennyFoxes