Mastodon Getting Started Tips


Welcome to Beach City's Mastodon instance! We're a small instance full of friends and folks that know each other well.

Check out our Code of Conduct to make sure you know the rules we have around here, though they're pretty straight forward.

If you're looking for new folks to follow, check out the local timeline to meet other folks on Beach City. If you want to look further afield, check out the federated timeline to see folks from other servers! People in the fediverse are generally pretty friendly, so feel free to reach out and say hi!

We love content warnings in this corner of Mastodon, so consider liberally adding CWs to your posts. It really really helps keep the place nice and lets people opt into content instead of having to setup keywords to mute.

Things to do

It's helpful to add a bio and user avatar to your account to differentiate yourself from others. A post on the #introductions hashtag is also a really neat way to say hi to the server! You should also list yourself in the Beach City Profile Directory and add hashtags to your bio!

Everyone on Beach City has the power to create invites to bring new people in. Please invite folks! We love new folks! We just ask that you limit your invites to people you consider yourself to know well and who you think would fit in well around here.

If you want to chat in real time with other Beach City citizens, we have a telegram chat and a Discord chat you can join!

If you like things like Google Drive, Google Docs, and such, Beach City users are welcome to join our NextCloud instance where you get data storage, document editing, and more away from the eyes of awful corporations. Just ask a mod for an account.

If you like federated long form blogging, you can join our Beach City Write Freely Instance! This post right here was created on there!

Want to help us keep the lights on around here? Check out our Patreon where you can throw money at us and see a breakdown of our costs (and other great servers to support!)

Accounts to follow

If you post an image, be sure to drop in some alt-text for that image. I forget sometimes myself, so I've been following @alt_text, a bot that reminds you gently when you forget!

Want to keep apprised of who your admins are suspending and silencing? Follow @moderation_alerts to see those reports.

Admin Team

Your administration team consists of @pandora_parrot, @maxine, @jdorrance, and @anne! If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out. We're also the ones that receive reports from you, so report anything yucky you see out there that want us to know about!

Our goal is to make Beach City a safe, inclusive, and friendly environment to have social media the way you want it.

Welcome! And always remember!

Keep Beach City Queer!