Bird Droppings

Random thoughts from a weird and queer bird

So back about a decade ago, I was hanging out with a bunch of neo-hippies all the time, trying various mind-altering substances and attending illegal raves in the woods. It was an exciting, fun, and heady time in my life.


About 7 years ago, I used to do something that I call “Astro-Camping” all the time. This would involve driving out to some remote, dark location on a moonless night with my telescope and looking at the stars, galaxies, and more. I would do this about once a month and it was nearly a religious experience for me, in many ways. Seeing the universe laid out before me, the stars, galaxies, and nebulae that make up the tapestry of the sky. The history of all matter and energy.


I need to see

Everything around me falls apart Even though I’ve tried, I’ve done my part The terror the heart I see around me goes But in this place I know I know..

Here I am I see you calling back to me Everything I am we feel in all we see Reaching out to touch that part of me inside Everything I know I need I wish… I could hide.

Ohhhh I need to see Oohhhh I need to be Ohhhh I need to see Oohhhh I need to be

Sinking in the feeling of this place Falling in the fears around I must face Darkness is the soul I’ve always known Facing down the truth that it’s my own.

And now I see I need to go out there Looking farther than I’ve ever dared to stare Dreaming dreams beyond my highest destiny It’s not for you, It’s not for them, It’s just for me


I need to see the parts of me you cannot see Walking down this path I need me What’s the meaning of this all? Can I even make the call?

Never tear me away from myself again Ripping tearing sense of what I am Burning deep inside it calls to me The answer to my dreams my heart, my me

Ohhhh I need to see Oohhhh I need to be Ohhhh I need to see Oohhhh I need to be

A friend of mine, who joined my server, asked me the other day about concerns around privacy regarding Mastodon and similar decentralized volunteer-run software solutions. One of his biggest concerns is who can read what, and what the implications of that could be. We talked for a while and ended the conversation that day, as it was on New Year's Eve and the ball was dropping and all... But I thought I should go into more detail into my thoughts and understandings around privacy and similar issues related to mastodon and whatnot.


If I suggest that replies should mention, will that work here? Because otherwise, I don't think replies will reach me at all on this platform.

This is a test of the bird blogging system. This is only a test.