The Time I Narrowly Escaped Drug Related Disaster

So back about a decade ago, I was hanging out with a bunch of neo-hippies all the time, trying various mind-altering substances and attending illegal raves in the woods. It was an exciting, fun, and heady time in my life.

So it came to pass that during one such visit way out in the Santa Cruz mountains that I decided to join my friends in trying ecstacy for what might have been the first time.

Now, my friend had gotten the E in powder form and had measured it out into pill capsules for us to use. Basically like a couple doses per pill. A nice strong double dose.

Back in those days, I wasn't drinking a lot of water. I was kinda perpetually dehyrdrated. It was also super late at night, so my throat was super dry. We all took the pills at the same time, but mine got stuck on the way down.

It kinda lodged itself part way down my esophagus, and sideways or something. My friends told me I was imagining it, but I was sure that it was down there.

It definitely seemed to be the case when, half an hour later, they were all starting to come up on the E, and I was sitting there still completely sober.

They were sad for me and offered me more, but I knew the pill was still in there and didn't want more. AAAAnd we managed to not bring water with us. OOPS.

So I'm sitting there for a bit, listening to the music, totally sober, while my friends are all getting really excited about how amazing everything feels and whatnot.

And then the cops showed up.

If you've ever attended underground raves like this, cops breaking up the party is a pretty common risk. It was one of my first times experiencing it though, so I was really anxious and scared.

They were letting everybody leave, but now I had a problem.

Driving under the influence is bad. It makes you a danger to others, AND it makes you susceptible to being put in jail. We were a bunch of trans-feminine/trans-women fleeing a broken up rave, and my other friends were as high as kites.

Luckily, I was sober. So... I became the designated driver.

But I was a designated driver with a time bomb in my throat.

At some point, that pill would dissolve and I'd get high.

But we've gotta get outta there to avoid the cops. A bunch of trans-feminine folks are not going to necessarily be on the good side of the cops.

So I drove. The traffic was terrible. I kept worrying about that pill in my throat while my friends comforted me in their drugged out ways.

I don't remember exactly when, but I'm pretty sure somewhere along the road, I stopped feeling like the thing was in my throat.

So I'm driving home and I'm like, “If I start coming up, we're pulling off to the side of the road and I'm gonna just rest here or something”

I'd love to end the story with an exciting tale of racing home as the effects of the drug were affecting me or something like that, but this story ends without too much more excitement.

The E finally entered my system some time during the drive, and I began feeling the effects around the time we got home. We wound up having a nice night in.