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from Norintha

#Chastity #Surgery #Furry

You wake up bright and early, even though your appointment isn't until the afternoon. Your girlcock strains hard against the small metal cage you have kept it trapped in for the last two years. You wonder if she knows she is going to get a brief moment of freedom today. Far too excited to get back to sleep, you get out of bed and pull the basket of clean laundry over next to you. You toss your work clothes off to the side, and pick a cute top with an abstract pattern, pairing it with a solid black knee length skirt. It looks mild outside, so you skip leggings. You finish getting dressed in a few moments, and spend several minutes admiring yourself in the mirror. Your pert breasts look good in the form fitting top, though your cage causes a small bulge under the skirt. This is first time in a long time it has done so. The sensation of your cage wagging around free under the skirt, instead of held close with tight panties, makes you feel a little dirty. You straighten your skirt as much as you can, and accept the tiny bulge. It will be the last time she'll have the chance to do that to you. Time passes excruciatingly slowly as you pace around the house. Doing the small chores around the apartment help to pass the time. By the time your stomach rumbles for lunch, you have a sparkling clean living space. On the walk to the bus stop, you think about what to pick up on the way home. It's difficult to think about anything else than your appointment though, so you push that decision off until later. The bus is crowded today, and you have to stand. You cling to the pole, trying to contain your excitement. The sway of the bus and the rhythmic stops and starts every block swishes the hem of your skirt around your knees, and knocks your cage around between your thighs. By the time you reach your stop, you carry your purse in front to preserve your modesty as the cage pulls on your girlballs.

It's a short walk from the bus stop off to the mod and piercing shop. The cute, older, skunk at the front desk waves at you as you enter. The skunk hands you a clipboard and you sign in, your appointment still a good fifteen minutes away. You pass the board back to her and she comments “Oooh, getting locked up for life are you? That's always hot.” You notice a bulge in her skirt as she spins in her chair to file your paperwork. The clock ticks on while you wait until the mod artist is ready for you. The receptionist steals glances at you while you wait, and you decide to ask her for her number on the way out. Finally your mod artist, an anteater named Tiffany, walks out from the back. She stands about six feet in her heeled boots, and beckons you forward by wagging a single finger at you. “Ready for ya, dear.” You practically jump out of the chair, you've been waiting for this for years.

You follow Tiffany into the back of the shop, her full thighs wrapped in leather pants. The room has several posters, showing off all sorts of piercings and other modifications customers can buy. In the middle is an old looking medical exam chair, complete with stirrups. A small stool and a cart with tools sit next to the chair. A surprising number of offered modifications involve holding the customer's legs apart. Tiffany invites you to sit and spins the chair to face one of the walls. “Have you decided which piece you want for the new cage?” She points to a poster on the wall before you. The first option is called the Through and Through, and looks almost like a bike lock fed is through the new cage. Next to it is a cage called the Bulge, with a gentle curve to the urethral insert. That style would make the cage bulge out; advertising its presence. The one you want though, the last one, is called the Stealth. It's insert has a tight curve intended to force your girlcock back into your body.

You nod and point, as you knew from as soon as you saw that cage, you needed to be in it. Tiffany smiles “Let's get started then.” She sets your legs in the stirrups, and spread them apart. “First thing, we need to get you out of your current cage.” From the mirrors on the ceiling you watch Tiffany take metal snips off of a small tray on the cart. With a soft grunt of effort, Tiffany clips the two braided metal locks off of your chastity cage. Your atrophied girlprick struggles to push the cage away, even with the locks missing. Tiffany helps, placing your old cage on the same tray as her tools. Without your cage on, you actually feel naked and a touch embarrassed. Your balls jiggle and try to retract for the first time in years as she pulls off the back ring. “Don't worry the anesthesia will make them descend again when I need them.” You watch Tiffany take a syringe from the tray and then inject the contents between your legs.

“We are gonna play a little game, while we wait for that to take effect.” Her hand brushes your girlcock, the first time someone has been able to take it in their hand in ages. Her thumb rubs under the head of your member, which struggles to bring itself to an erection. She gently pumps your girlprick, coaxing it back to life, before extending her tongue and licking at the tip. Her moist mouth meets your member and your heart pumps, while a cold feeling slowly spreads up from between your thighs. She slowly pumps her head up and down, her tightly pursed lips stroking the short length in her mouth. Tiffany's thumbs press and knead under where your balls hang, sending trembles through your body. The anteater's long tongue coils around your meager shaft, stroking it while she sucks on the head of your girldick. Your fingers grip the ends of the armrests, which you try to use as leverage to push against the anteater's agile hands.

The anesthesia is starting to work, no matter how hard you grind on her hands, you can't feel them pressing on your prostate. Tiffany is aware of this, and slows how fast her tongue works your girlcock, letting the numbness slowly spread. You close your eyes, and push yourself to focus on what sensations you can still feel as the growing cold slowly approaches your member. Her claws dig into your thighs now, as she continues to tease you with the chance of a final release. A whine escapes you, as you start to feel the anesthesia work itself into your girlcock. The anteater slows as she feels your member start to soften. You open your eyes, and your gaze meets hers as you try to pump your member along her tongue. The warm, soft sensations of her mouth die away to a cold nothing. Your limp girlcock slides out of her mouth. She smiles slyly “Sorry hon, I guess you lost today. Unless you want to watch, you should probably lay back. I'll tell you what's happening as I do it.”

You decide to just let her do her job, the chance of one more orgasm having passed. She snaps on a pair of surgical gloves, and shaves between your legs before she starts to work on your body mod. She holds a pair of small silicone half spheres up. “First, a nice little home for your prostate. It's quite effective at preventing direct contact.” She continues to explain “Maybe I will give you an example after we finish.” Tiffany continues along, tunelessly humming as she performs her modest rework of your plumbing. “And now we open a new ending to your urethra between your legs. It'll take you a while to learn how to pee again, so don't be too embarrassed if you get it all over yourself.” You nod, half taking in what she is saying. “There we go hon, that's the hard part done.” Now that the surgery part is over, you watch as Tiffany picks up the slim line Stealth cage you picked out. The metal ring works just like your last cage, and the anteater deftly works it behind your still unfeeling sack.

The cage part, is what really makes the new cage different. A metal insert the length of the cage slides into your girlcock and forces your limp girlprick into a tight curve, holding it against your body. The two pieces of the cage slide together, though instead of a lock, Tiffany uses a fusing metal to make the cage one single piece. “No matter how tight, or how short your outfit is now, no one is going to be able to tell if you have anything at all.” A tingle runs up your back as you hear that, and you can't help but grin. Tiffany runs one of her hands along your ass. “One last thing, just a little demonstration.” She changes her gloves, and works a small bit of lube into your ass. The chill of the lube is different than the numb cold of the anesthesia, and tells you that feeling is starting to return to your body. Her finger slips in and you can feel her prod around, searching in you. You shift your weight slightly, helping her find your silicone coated prostate. You are sure she is in the right position, but you simply can't feel it like you are used to.

She smiles more as the realization that your last orgasm is long gone dawns upon you. The second pair of gloves join the first in the trash, and she helps you stand. Looking in the mirror, you turn from side to side admiring how the new cage forces everything tightly back against your body. “And if you ever decide you want to be rid of those little annoyances,” One of her hands brushes your balls. “Do let me know.” You quickly get dressed, wanting to pick up dinner and get home to spend the rest of the weekend resting. The receptionist skunk hands you the receipt as you finish with her, and you notice a phone number at the bottom, with her name next to it.$JennyFoxes


from Norintha

#Dragons #Goosex #Plants #Tentacles

Your sleep is fitful, and you dream of what your life was even just a few days ago. Living with her, she gave your life meaning. Each time you see her in your dreams, she slips through your fingers and disappears into the fog again. Like she did when she fled to the forbidden woods. By the time you wake your captor is moving around their home, changing the contents of piles while talking to themselves. It is a few more minutes before they realize you are awake. “Make yourself useful, start sorting through the rest of the furs. Anything burned, or with the bitter stench of that oaf Gorlom, haul out and off the edge.” Even from your back, you see the pile is taller than the dragon standing before you. To call the task daunting is an understatement, even the lighter of the pelts and furs are weighty for you. It's been a very long day since you last had food and your stomach rumbles along to that realization.

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from Norintha

#Drugs #Threesome #Intense

The first thing you are aware of is the pounding headache, the second is how much your muscles each ache. Opening your eyes, you find you can see very little as you sit up. All you see is a smear of color, and you try to rub out the blur from your eyes. Finally, blinking repeatedly, you bring the double vision into focus; the headache is now only screaming. As your vision sets you discover yourself to be sitting in a cage, you can just make out other cages at the edge of what you can see in the dimly lit room. It's cool in the cell, as you realize that you are naked. Rubbing your arms together for warmth you look around the cell. You cannot stand, or stretch out all the way without sticking your legs though the bars. You are grateful that the floor of the cage is some sort of padded mat. It's not the most comfortable thing, but it's far better than something hard like concrete. Your muscles burn as you move, but you manage to pull yourself to your knees. You feel a flicker of hope when you see that the other two cells are filled. Not that you are happy that other people are here too, just that maybe one of them can tell you where you are, and why you are here. Both cells hold a single woman, quietly sitting in their respective enclosures. The longer you sit up the better your head feels. Now that you can focus a little, the darkness of the room dies off a little. You still can't see the walls, nor the ceiling; but you can kind of make out the features of the other women. To your left, a heavyset woman sits. Her arms rest on her thick thighs, the shadows obfuscating her groin. Heavy breasts hang off of her frame and thick, dark curly hair frames empty looking eyes. You also see there is a thick bottle by the edge of her cage.

Looking to the right, a shorter woman, probably capable of standing on her knees and not hitting her head on the top of the cell, is sitting. Her legs are folded to her right, her arms rest on her stomach. The head of a girldick sticks out lazily from between her thighs, and your starts to wander about why you might be here. Your neighbor to the right has long wavy hair that falls to her breasts, which are pert and firm looking. She has a similar expression on her face as the first woman does, and sits next to her own bottle. When you attempt to call out to the women, you let out a weak rasp and feel a sharp shock of pain from your throat. The next moment, you taste the coppery flavor of blood. Bringing your fingertips to your neck, you feel the rough bumps of a scar and sutures. A chill crawls down your spine and you sit back down. You spend the next several minutes squinting at your body and feeling around where you can't see. Thankfully you don't find any other alterations to you.

After getting yourself back under control, you try waving at your fellow captives but neither of them respond. There isn't anything in the cell, or on the small bit of floor you can reach through the thick metal bars for you to throw to get their attention either. Eventually you give up on getting the attention of either. You sit near the back of your own cell, legs curled to your chest and head resting on your knees. Why are you here? You can't remember anything beyond what must have been hours before you lost your freedom. Your stomach aches in hunger and it dawns that your last memories weren't of last night, but days ago now. Out at a strange club, had a couple drinks. Not many people were around, as it was early in the night still. You can't shake loose any other memories, not even the face of the barwoman who served you.

What's going to happen to you? Your mind starts to race through the possibilities. You convince yourself to push the grimmest ideas out of your head, the women here first must have been here a long while to be that unaware of the world. Having recently moved, you don't know anyone yet. No one is going to know you are missing, know that you are here. Even the thump of you slamming your fist into the padding in frustration muffled enough that the other women don't hear it. Somehow, you eventually fall asleep. The mat is soft enough to sleep on at least. Once you sit back up, you immediately see that there is a bottle in the corner of the cell now. The bottle is big enough around you can grasp it in both hands and seems to be full, as it is heavy enough it's difficult to lift in your weakened state. You discard the lid to the side of the cell and take a deep pull from the bottle.

The flavor of uncooked dough fills your mouth, and the liquid is just thick enough to coat your tongue. With some effort you force the substance down. It doesn't exactly taste bad, but you wish the taste didn't linger in your mouth as it does. It does start to fight your ravenous hunger. There is a fast internal debate in your head between rationing the bottle's contents and drinking it all, to feel a bit of contentment and comfort. You decide to drink all of the bottle at once, and discard the empty bottle to the side of the cage, like the others seem to do. The liquid fills your stomach to almost surprising satisfaction. The next time you wake from sleep, the bottle is gone again. That is the cycle of your life now. Eventually a bottle shows up in your cell and then when you wake up again it's gone. You have yet to see either woman actually drink from their bottle, but they also don't seem to be losing weight.

A sharp klaxon sounds, and awakens you with a start. You bang a leg on a cell bar before you remember where you are. You see your bottle has been returned again, but another noise distracts you for a moment. Both women are greedily drinking from their bottles, then dropping them and sitting back as they had been before. Your bottle feels lighter than it usually does, and as you drink you discover why. The bottle is only half full, and seems to be filled with just water. It fills your stomach, but doesn't feel as satisfying as the usual 'meal' does. You wonder why this bottle was water only, and why an alarm sounded for it. Does that happen every time, and have you just been sleeping through it? You doubt that, even though it would explain why you never saw the others drink.

Lying on your back, you see something new for the first time since your bottle; which must have been a week ago now. A piercing red light in the ceiling. You've stared at every inch of your prison, and this is the first actual light you have seen. You aren't even sure where the dim light that lets you see the cages comes from. As you look at the light, it starts to blur as you move your head. Whenever you blink, the light returns to a single red dot until you shift around again. The cell room starts to feel warmer too. A bead of sweat actually runs down the side of your head. As your head drifts to the side, you watch the short woman crawl to the edge of her cell. She wipes what must be sweat off of her brow, and seems like she is waiting for something.

Suddenly, several of the bars of all three cells fall into holes in the ground. The other two crawl out into the middle of the room. The spark of life returns to their eyes and they begin to cuddle and fondle each other. For some reason, you suddenly realize how sexy both women are. Your face and girldick both feel flush with a burning heat as you see their breasts, thighs, and curves. You turn to crawl out to them on your hands and knees, but find your limbs don't quite move how you expect them to, as you forward. You decide to settle for this position and pull yourself forward with your hands. Unexpectedly, the middle of the room feels like a soft mattress. You hardly notice now though, a fire burns in you and the only thing that can extinguish it are the others. They writhe and their bodies start to muddle together in your vision, and as you touch one of their legs it feels as if you were melting into her.

The shorter woman pushes herself awkwardly across your back and you roll over to your side, and worm your arm between the two of you. Your hand is able to find her thigh, and she makes a gentle moan as your fingertips run between her legs. Her girldick finds its way into your hands and you squeeze and rub her. She wordlessly bites her lip and the other woman wraps her arm around you from behind, a hand squeezing your breast. Everything smears in your vision as you turn to face her, and she kisses you firmly. Her body becomes part of yours, just how the shorter woman's had. You flop to your back, the smaller woman now lays across your lap. The curly haired woman wraps one of her legs around yours, and the woman across your lap starts to suck her girlprick. A soft squeak is the only noise that the curly haired woman makes.

Your own girldick starts to press into the abdomen of the short woman, and her own member has become hard in your hand. She lets go of the cock in her mouth and sits on your legs, before rubbing her parts onto yours. The slow rubbing mixes your fluids together, and elicits a soft groan from you. The other woman, seeing both girlcocks together, shifts to laying on her stomach and sucks on both of you at once. Her tongue wraps around one girldick, then the other. Sometimes it works between the two hard shafts and teases them back and forth. All you can do now is feel the heat flow through your body and breathlessly cry out. Your fingers dig into the soft mattress, and your member fires it's shot into the woman. She continues to suck on both of you, a bead of your cum drooling down her chin.

She has a hand on her own short, fat girlprick. After working herself while sucking both of you for another minute, she reclines onto her ass and runs one hand down under her heavy looking balls. The smaller woman rolls off of you, and you use the opportunity to bury your face deep between the curly haired woman's thighs and ass. Your tongue darts up and down, left and right. The short woman pulls your shoulder from behind and pushes you to your back, demonstrating surprising strength. She straddles you, her ass on your breasts and her member moments from being thrust into your mouth. You grab her ass, and pull her toward you, her girldick disappearing into you. Your tongue wraps around her member and slides up and down the length as you suck and slurp on her.

While you work her girlcock in and out of your mouth, the other woman has crawled between your legs. She hoists them up to her shoulders, and works two fingers into your ass. The fingers roughly stretch your ass open enough, so that she can guide the fat cock into you. If you still had the ability to, you would shout at the sensation of her forcing such a big member into you. Instead a creaking groan escapes your lips. Her arms wrap around yours and she grabs your waist as she grinds her hips onto your cheeks. The shorter woman slides forward, her knees coming down on the ground by your ears as she squats her cock deeper into your mouth. You gag for a moment, but keep sucking at her. She arches her back and you grab her breasts, giving her nipples a solid squeeze. She looks like she could scream and dibbles a slightly sweet tasting seed across your tongue, and down your throat.

The woman roughly fucking your ass squeezes your hips even harder. She has the look of a demon in her eyes as a wave of orgasm washes over her. Each twitch and pump of her massive member stretches you even farther as she fills your ass with far more girlcum than you have ever had in you before. The short woman has, by now, collapsed on your shoulder and simply cuddles on you. After the large woman's cock has stopped filling you up she leans back, and her girldick exits with a moist little pop. She leans forward and rests her head on your breasts. It is impossible to tell whose body belongs to who, so you close your eyes and let yourself dissolve into the other women until you fall asleep.

Some point later you wake up again. The three of you are in your cages again, and the other two look as blank faced as ever. Many of the thoughts that worried you before simply don't exist in your head anymore, and surely the rest will leave, eventually.$JennyFoxes