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from Norintha

#Long #Vampire #Magic #GroupSex

The rain is coming down unusually hard tonight. You tighten your cloak as wait at the door. The least they could have done is let you wait inside, while they see if the Boroughmaster will see you. It doesn't seem like many people have been interested in the Boroughmaster's offer. Even the tavern keep scoffed once he heard why you were here. You thought he was just a prick, but now you are starting to doubt the whole thing. The idea of going back to the tavern and waiting the rain out starts to sound appealing. Thunder claps and you tug your cloak tighter still. It's dark, you could pretend to be someone else and try again in an hour when the rain is done. More like tomorrow, with how unreasonable it seems to be to expect to see the Boroughmaster at this early hour. Gritting your teeth in the cold you brace yourself for the walk back. As you begin to turn, the door opens again. “The Boroughmaster will see you, but do make it quick. My master enjoys his solitude.” With a nod you follow the footman inside.

A fire roars off to your left, someone seated in an overstuffed chair. The footman waves you in that direction and quickly steals away to some other part of the residence. Several bookcases line the walls as you approach the Boroughmaster. “Boroughmaster, I have come...” “Yes yes, please remove yourself from the rug.” Looking at your feet, you see that you are standing on quite a large bear skin rug. A slightly muddy rug now you see as you take a step back. The man makes an audible sigh.

“Yes, you have come why? I have no need of a governess, and every other position I may need is already filled.” Taking a deep breath to regain your composure you respond “I was under the belief that you needed to have some vermin disposed of.” “Vermin? Rats? We don't have rats.” The gangling older man reaches for a bell and rings it three times. The footman returns moments later. “Please show the rat catcher the door, perhaps direct her to the tavern, I am sure those sorts would have need of her services.”

“The vampire! I am talking about the vampire!” You say with a degree of exasperation. “The vampire? Oh yes, bring me its head and You'll get your pay. Though, you look a little green to be out hunting the eternally damned.” Before you can defend your reputation, the Boroughmaster waves his hand and the footman takes you by the arm. It takes all your self control to not reach for your blade, as you remember that this isn't some bar you can just walk away from after.

'What pompous old tit appointed that pompous old tit?' You think to yourself as you are thrust off into the night. The rain is still coming down, and the fire had ruined what small resistance to the cold you had built from the travel and wait. 'Where does he get off calling someone green? He hasn't slain the creature, and he isn't offering nearly enough for anyone else to answer. Just because he happens to be right this time.' You continue to curse the man silently as you count out the coins in your purse, hoping to be able to at least spend a few hours nursing a drink, if not asleep in a bed.

Reaching the tavern again, you return to the smoke filled building. The weak fire was more embers than flame, but with all the windows closed as much smoke as heat filled the common room. Placing four dirty coins onto the counter you ask for a drink and a room. “Aye, I can do both.” The muscular man says as he places your money under the bar. He points to a door to the side of the bar, and pours off a weak looking beer and thrusts it towards you. Without another word you down the watery drink in one long pull of the mug.

You stumble off through the door, your head dimly aware of the beer. A sliver of light pours in from a tiny window. You see a straw filled mattress dimly. The room stinks of filth and rot, but it's dry and slightly warmer than outside. You wouldn't dare lie on the bare mattress naked, but your clothes will do. You do pull your sword from its scabbard and leave it by the side. You give your wet cloak a few swift flicks to get the worse of the water off. Finally deciding it's as dry as it will get, you lay down on the mattress and pull the cloak over you as a blanket.

Loud knocking at the door greets you in the morning. “Clear out! It's morning now and your coin was for the night.” A loud groan leaves your mouth, as you reach for your scabbard and sword. The only other thing you brought with you, a small kit full of the tools of your trade, is still laced into the side of the cloak. Your back aches from the poor quality mattress, and you stand stiffly, but you push open the door, and pass the tavern master.

The morning light is harsh on your eyes still, but even squinting you can see what must be the creature's home. As you leave Breyton, a branch of the road splits off and leads into the woods. The sign has been marked through to read certain death, and the branch hasn't seen use in many years. You hope that you don't stumble on a bear like the one that made the rug you saw last night as you set out down the dilapidated road.

You keep your hand on the hilt of your blade, in case something were to dive from the woods to accost you. It doesn't take long to notice that there isn't any wildlife, other than the occasional bird. Somehow that knowledge doesn't make you take your hand off of your blade. The road continues to wind through the woods, eventually reaching a river. The covered bridge that spans the river looks as poorly maintained as the road, and gives you pause.

Off in the distance you see the creature's castle sitting on a hill. That sight gives you the resolve to test the bridge. It creaks and groans but the bridge stays standing as you cross. You trudge onward, the morning sun rising towards midday. It should still be daylight by the time you reach the castle. This should be easy enough, and even the poor pay will keep you out of the rain for long enough to properly dry out.

It's now that you notice that while the road itself is ramshackle, none of the plants are overgrowing into it. As if nature herself was too offended to try to reclaim the land. That thought sends a chill down your back, and is the first time you have second guessed the wisdom of your plan. You grip the sword's hilt harder as you continue to trek to the castle, the rest of your journey is in silence, save for the occasional caw of a crow.

The woods clear out as you reach the peak of the hill. The gate through the outer wall is open and you draw your sword before stepping through. To your left you see stables, no sign of any horses from what you can tell though. The courtyard extends around the edges of the inner keep and presumably meets behind the structure. The keep's heavy looking wooden doors sit shut.

You take a deep breath and position yourself to give the door a mighty shove. As your shoulder makes contact with the door, both halves swing open effortlessly. You stumble but catch yourself before falling to the ground. The foyer is lit with the waining day's sunlight and a candlelight chandelier. A tattered rug leads to a grand staircase leading to a second floor balcony. There are several doors to either side of the staircase, all of the closed.

You almost jump out of your skin as the front doors close with a slam. No matter how hard you tug on the brass ring, the door refuses to budge. Turning your back to the door, you see that a path of candles lights the staircase. Instead of just taking the invitation up, you check each door in the foyer in turn. None of the three doors on the left move at all.

Your heart races as you approach the first door on the right. Someone is crying on the other side. Like the other doors, this one refuses to move even as you throw yourself against it. Finally, you wedge the end of your blade between the door and the wall and force the door open. The end day sunlight pours into this room, bathing the room in a goldenrod glow. The room is well appointed, with a desk and mirror, a fine bed, and a nightstand.

A young woman lays in the bed, crying and she sniffles to a stop as she sees you. “Help me, NO! Stay away!” The woman shouts in her panicked state. You place your sword back in its scabbard, and sit on the edge of the bed. The other woman winces as you take her hand and looks away from you. “You have nothing else to fear, I have come to slay the creature and after, I will escort you back to Breyton. The woman starts to cry as you say those words.

“The monster changed me, and I am not from Breyton so I fear they would be disinclined to care for one such as me now.” The woman turns to face you and you see that the left side of her face is covered in snake scales and a yellow eye looks back at you. You launch yourself off the bed, your back to a wall now as you draw your sword once again. “Stay back, demon!” The woman breaks out in loud sobs again, her body bending in inhuman ways under the blanket now.

Several heartbeats pass and the woman is still curled up on the bed, crying. You hesitantly put the weapon away and approach the bed again. “I am sorry, I just wasn't expecting to see” “A monster?” the woman cuts you off through her tears. “Perhaps the creature's magic will be dispelled by slaying it? Do you know where it spends the days?” The woman dries her tears with the bedspread and nods. “I can take you to the monster”

She pulls herself out of the bed and you see her lower body is that of a snake. The scales start to checkerboard into human skin under her breasts, which you catch yourself starting at before realizing she intends to roam the castle naked with you. You follow her back to the main hall, and she points up the staircase. “She will be in her study by now.”

The woman evidently has not had this form for long, she struggles navigating the steps and has to pull herself along with the railing. The second flood landing is filled with paintings of taciturn men, all dressed in formal outfits, and all looking like they are sitting in judgment of you. The pictures fade and flake as you follow the woman into the recesses of the keep.

She leads you to another sturdy door. This one swings open with just a touch from her hand, revealing a narrow, spiraling staircase. The woman reaches out with each hand to steady herself as she climbs up the steps. Light pours in from the part of the exterior wall with windows, leaving the rest of the climb in the dark. Another door creaks open in the darkness and you are forced to raise a hand to the unnatural light on the far side.

The woman once again points, this time into the room “She is in there, already hard at work on whatever foul endeavor has her attention now.” You nod in the darkness, and pass the poor woman as you enter the room. “Show yourself, damned monster!” You fumble with the lacing holding your toolkit in your cloak and the leather satchel tumbles to the ground. Quickly, you snatch it back and force the top open.

The room appears to be empty, aside from a heavy wood looking table, next to a human sized pot. The chill races down your spine again as you consider that. The room is continues, lined with heavy book cases all the way down to a desk at the far end, with a full backed chair facing the desk. Shadows flicker in the candlelight as you walk past the candelabras, catching your attention.

You feel around in the leather satchel and find the dried aromatics. You grab the small handful and crumble it in your hand and sprinkle it over yourself. A laughter comes from the far side of the room. “Is that garlic and laurel? Have you spilled your dinner?” A figure appears from behind the chair. “Oh no, dear me, you think your little herbs will protect you?”

Reaching into the little kit bag again, you pull out a glass globe. As the figure approaches, you catch a brief sight of her face as she seemingly floats from shadow to shadow. You hurl the globe, and it shatters at the approaching vampire's feet, splattering water across her legs. She sighs “The pants are silk, do be careful with your little toys.” You lose track of her and the next moment, she is almost within arm's reach now.

There is only one item left in the hunter's kit and you let the satchel fall to the ground again as you wave a cross in front of the vampire's face. She roughly smacks your hand, sending the tool flying across the room. “You misunderstand me, I find your beliefs repentant, I am not repelled by it.” She leans forward, and whispers into your ear “Tell me, what is your next toy, little hunter?”

Your hand falls to the pommel of your sword, and you pull the blade out and thrust it forward, to only find air. Your target is still approaching you from across the room. “A sword? Really, you thought a bit of metal would be your savior?” You pull the weapon back, preparing to lung forward only for someone to reach around and hold them back. A forked tongue flicks at your neck “Now now, you should show Mistress some respect” the snake woman whispers.

The vampire approaches you and slaps the sword from your hand. “I bet you thought that trinket was silver. Do you want to explain why you have entered my home? Attempted, rather poorly, to kill me?” You struggle but the woman behind you is far stronger. “You kidnap and kill and have terrorized Breyton, of course Fpeople would rise up and kill you, you monster. Look at how you have hexed the poor woman behind me.”

“Hexed? You poor child, she is the crowning pinnacle of my science! I have given her purpose, and she is learning to love her new form.” The woman behind you grinds her hips into your ass, a noticeable firmness pressing into you. Grimacing, you strain your neck to face away from the vampire. She places a finger on your chin, and makes you face her. Her eyes are a deep black, you feel like you could fall into them. The only sensation keeping you in reality is the occasional tongue flick teasing you.

“Silly, silly girl. You came into the home of a vampire, armed with legend and toys. And why? Because someone told you that I was terrorizing Breyton? Stealing their women? It is Breyton that terrorized me! They send you cut purses to kill me while I sleep!” The vampire has become quite animated at this point “And why I ask? because I give the poor women of Breyton an escape from being married off to some swine herd who can't tell the difference between a pig and his wife.”

“She's telling you the truth” The snake woman intones from behind you, one of her hands drifting down, towards your breasts. “You could have so much fun, if you just listen to reason” You stop struggling, as the woman isn't actually hurting you “So you just, give the women a warm lunch and a pat on the back?” The vampire grins as you smart off to her “Something like that yes. The hunters though? I usually kill them. Useless insects invading my home.”

Your heart freezes upon hearing that. She looks you deep in the eyes again “You at least had the decency to be cute.” “Does that mean we can keep her, Mistress?” “Now pet, don't get ahead of me.” The vampire picks you up with one arm, and your sword flies from the ground to her other hand. She knicks your neck with the tip and pulls you towards her for a taste. “She would make quite a tasty snack, otherwise.”

You go limp in her grip “I yield, you may do with me as you wish.” The vampire smiles again, her fangs in full view now. She drops you to your feet. “You are lucky, the last visitor became my new pet. This time, I need an assistant.” She walks towards the middle of the room, and her pet, the snake woman pushes you along behind her. As you reach the center of the room a ring of candles flash alight.

Her pet slithers around you, and works loose the laces of your jerkin. She pulls your cloak off and works the jerkin up and over you. Your breasts flop out and she flicks her tongue at your nipples. Her tail curls around your legs as her hands drift to your pants. The sword belt is quickly undone and drags your pants to the ground. You nervously note the snake woman's bulges.

The vampire walks a circle around you, spreading a circle of salt around the three of you. She traces five lines inside the circle, while chanting deeply in a language you don't recognize. After she finishes, the snake woman pushes you to the ground, her tongue forcing its way into your mouth and wrapping around your own. Her parts rub against your girldick. Despite yourself, you can't help but grow hard at her attention.

From your view on the ground, you see the vampire casually unlace her pants and step out of them. Her fingers run along the side of her shaft, and it sparks to life. The snake woman pushes herself off of you, as the vampire slowly swaggers over, her pendulous member swaying. Her pet leans over you again and whispers “On your knees when Mistress approaches.”

Your heart feels like it's about to explode out of your throat, as you roll over and push yourself up to your knees on the cold stone flood. She appears to ever so slightly float as she strides over to you, the slowly rising moonlight giving her a silvery halo. She pauses for a moment at the edge of the circle, and utters something else in the flowing, somehow both flowery yet gravelly language before crossing over.

She stands before you now, and rests a hand on your head before guiding your face to her member. Accepting your place in this you close your eyes and reach forward with your mouth. You run your tongue under the base of her girlcock, before tickling at her head. The hand that guided your head reaches down to your neck, and a nail runs gently through the knick she made with the sword before. The hand pulls away and you hear a slight sucking noise as she cleans her finger.

The vampire's hips thrust more of her girldick in than you were expecting and you cough around the powerful member as it bounces in and out of you. Her pet grabs you by the hips, and pulls your ass into the air. She slithers between your legs and positions her members squarely behind you. Her twin tips prod you gently before she eases one into you. Your eyes water as she pushes in deeply and holds you there.

“Relax little one, let it wash over you, and soon you will serve a higher purpose, Me.” She takes hold of the back of your head and thrusts deeper yet into you. Her member strains the limit of your jaw, and you are forced to hold your breath in this position. You tremble from the lack of air, and she lets you breath again as you approach the edge of consciousness. You greedily suck air from around her girldick, her musk overwhelming your senses.

Your head swims from the rush of air and the magic of the ritual. The snake woman behind you slides back out and pushes in her second tip, the two members pulling her into you while they stretch you. The two women slam you back and forth now, vigorously fucking you. A hand wraps around your own hard shaft and pumps you in rhythm, a soft moan escaping around the large girlcock filling your mouth.

The vampire is continuing with her chant, and you feel a wind blow through the room and extinguishes the candles, save for the candelabras around the circle. The next moment those collapse and set the salt alight with a green glow. You panic, as the flame races around circle and through the lines underneath you. The green flame jumps from the salt to engulf the three of you.

Neither of the women filling you act like they notice the fire, and you realize the flame has no heat, nor is it consuming you. The vampire finishes her incantation, and her thick, warm, seed launches deep into your throat, and you feel her thumb pressing on your neck, forcing you to swallow every drop. Her pet pounds away into you until her members stir deep inside you, and the twin spurts dribbles across your insides.

The thumb pressing on your throat, and the hand pumping your girlcock is too much for your body, and your own seed fires into the circle and burns away in a shower of sparks. You can still feel the vampire's seed course into your body. Somehow it feels like it's filling your veins and you curl up onto the floor, a burning ache alight inside you. Rolling on the floor, you grasp your head as the fire races to your face and a pair of fangs force themselves out of your jaw.

The next moment all of the pain ceases and you can breath easily again. Looking up, you see Her standing over you. You were calling her a monster an hour ago, now the only word that could escape your lips is Mistress. Grasping at the stone floor you pull yourself back to your knees and bow deeply before her. “Thank you, Mistress.”$JennyFoxes


from Norintha

#DommePoV #Exhibitonism #BDSM

You lean back in your chair and finish the club soda you were nursing. The current show on stage is going well, the domme is painting up her pony sub in a coat of slick looking black liquid latex. The two seem to be having fun and soon the pony is led through the crowd. As the pony softly squeaks through the crowd, you admire the slick sheen on the pony's ass. She seems quite pleased as her hips give the tail plus a degree of sway back and forth. While your eyes watch the domme work the pony's tail plug in and out, your mind wanders to the show you are going to give tonight. You startle back to the show as the pony's hoof clops on the stage edge. She's getting railed at the stage edge now, and only lasts a few more moments before she leaves a mess down the side of the stage. After she wipes the stage side clean, she leads her pony pet around the side of the stage and to a back room, perhaps for more intense play.

There is still a few minutes before your show is due to start, but you dislike being late, so you stand and go to the room you reserved for the night. It's one of the smaller play rooms, it has a basic bondage bench with hard points to bind to, and a rack for clothing, but lacks the fancy rigging that the larger rooms have. You slip off your tennis shoes, and pull down your jeans, socks, and panties in one movement. Tossing the clothes into a pile under the rack, you continue to undress.

The gray fitted tee comes off next, your breasts bouncing as it does. Finally you undo the clasps behind your back and let the bra fall to the floor. You pull the fitted leather pants out from your garment bag, already hanging on the rack from when you arrived earlier. You slide the tight pants on, and adjust your girlcock so it is front and center. The matching leather top is more of a struggle, finally fitting into place with a grunt. Another quick adjustment, getting your breasts at the diamond window on the top.

Finally, from the bottom of the garment bag you pull out the toys you brought. An oak paddle, an anal vibrator, and a cat o' nine tails, are both coming out to the stage with you. As you exit the smaller play room, you see that the staff has already prepared the stage as you asked. The St. Andrew's cross and a pillory are both out, and ready for you to use. You look out to the audience, your experienced eye gauging who would make a good volunteer for your show.

A staff member announces over the speaker system that you will be looking for a volunteer for your show tonight. From the stage, you see many eager people but you know who you want already. One woman, comparatively modestly dressed in a skirt and knit top almost raised her hand but put it back down. You can see the yearning in her eyes though. Without saying a word you point an immaculately manicured finger at the hesitant woman. She looks lost in her own world for a moment, then stands up and practically runs up and joins you on the stage.

You lean close to the young woman and ask her name, and whisper a safe word to her. She responds that her name is Ellen and that she understands the safe word. You grin wickedly, take Ellen by the hand, and lead her to the pillory. The thick wood of the pillory has been stained a rich mahogany color, and the holes have been worn smooth with rounded edges. You pull the pillory open with one hand, and push Ellen into place with the other. The top half of the pillory falls with a heavy wooden thunk, you then close the metal latch, and insert the locking pin, securing Ellen firmly in place.

Ellen gives the restraints a couple good pulls, trying to see if she can work her hand out. She continues to gently struggle as you slowly spin the pillory on its turntable. Her tartan patterned skirt covers her full, round ass, and thick upper thighs. She isn't wearing any sort of thigh highs or stockings, leaving you easy access to drag your nails slowly up her inner leg, up and under her skirt. You let your hand gravitate to between her legs and feel a small girlcock start to perk up. You hook the waistband of her panties with your thumb, and pull them down as you withdraw your hand. Finally, you pull the skirt up and over her ample ass, showing it to the audience.

You press the palm of your hand onto Ellen's ass and rub in a slow circle before giving her a smack. The impact ripples across her ass and down her thigh, before you slap her ass a second and then a third time. A bright red hand print adorns Ellen's ass now, and you run a finger across the impact spot and she wiggles as you do so. You rotate the pillory so she can see the audience as you show her the oak paddle. She bites her lip “Um, that looks like a lot of fun...”

The pillory turntable squeaks as you spin Ellen's ass to the crowd again. The paddle connects with Ellen's ass, causing more noise than pain, but still causing your restrained target to jump in the pillory. You give her a series of strokes, each one causing a loud clap and sending her ass and thighs rippling. After pausing for a moment to admire the growing impact mark you have left, you change your grip and swing again. Ellen lets out a loud yelp. After giving her another nine painful strokes with the paddle you return it to its place on the ground and rotate her around to see the next toy.

You select the cat o' nine tails and wave the tips of the flogger in front of her eyes before letting the ends gently brush the side of her face. Ellen's eyes widen and you wordlessly rotate her ass to face the audience again. You start to apply the flogger by softly underhanding your swings. The cat o' nine tails tickle at the bright red marks that the paddle left. Ellen let's a soft giggle escape her lips and shakes her rear at you, almost taunting you to swing the little flogger with more force.

Now you bring the end of the flogger up and over your shoulder, and give her a bite with more force. Ellen cries out half in pain, half in pleasure. You swing the flogger again, even harder and and this time Ellen outright moans in ecstasy. As you continue to beat your volunteer, her sounds cause your girlcock to press and strain against the leather containing it. After you give her several strong bites from the flogger you drop the toy and press your index finger into the marks you have left, before dragging it down Ellen's plump thing and to between her legs, where her member stands fully hard and dripping. As you spin her to face the audience again you ask her “Such a good pet, would you like a little reward?” As your fingers tease her slender little part.

You look her in her watering eyes, as she answers yes. Grinning, you pull the locking pin from the pillory and flip it open, before taking Ellen by the hair and leading her to the St. Andrew's cross. You help her get onto the foot plates, before strapping her legs to the lower half of the X shaped device. You flip your index finger up, and she looks confused for a second before she realizes you mean for her to take her top off. She wriggles and out pops her tummy first, and then her full bust. She drops the top to the side and allows you to continue strapping her to the cross.

The third strap tightens under her soft tummy, and the fourth is high up enough under her chest that her breasts point forward. You take one of her wrists and pull it to the restraint point and bind her, before repeating with her other arm. “Hold on” you say to Ellen as you let the brake off from the cross's rotation point. The cross spins 180 degrees, and Ellen's skirt drapes over her stomach, her stiff girlcock open to all to see. You reach off stage and a staff member hands you the vibe, now sleeved and lubed.

You reach down and rest your index finger on Ellen's lips, and she sucks on it for a moment. Once your finger is moist, you pull it out and start to push gently into her ass. Slowly, your finger works down to the first knuckle and you probe in a circular motion. Ellen's hard member leaks down onto her skirt as you loosen her up. She whines as you pull your finger out, then exhales with force as the thicker vibrator replaces your finger. The vibe starts to whir away in her ass after you flick the switch, and twist the timer to gradually increase the speed of the pulses.

Another 90 degree spin and now Ellen is suspended horizontally, and you reapply the break. With a step to the side, you position your crotch in front of Ellen's face and slowly pull the zipper down, letting your girlshaft free of it's leather restraints. Your girlcock points pendulous at Ellen's face, and she licks her lips before reaching her tongue out for a taste. As her tongue reaches the head of your parts, your hand takes hold of Ellen's girldick.

You thrust your member into her waiting, willing mouth. Your thumb rubs along the underside of Ellen's shaft as your other hand runs though Ellen's hair. The vibrator slowly speeds up as the timer runs, your hips thrusting in and out of your stage pet. Her girlprick twitches in your hand as you stimulate her, your hand getting covered in her slick juices. Ellen moans in pleasure from around your girlcock, her hips trying to thrust into your hand.

Ellen wraps her tongue around your shaft and tickles at the bottom of the head of your member. You let out your own groans of enjoyment as she continues to bring you closer to release. Your thumb focuses on the end of her dainty parts, while the vibrator rattles away inside of her, finally causing her to let three tiny spurts of seed, and a bead slowly dripping from her to the floor. Your other hand slides behind her head as you shoot a powerful shot of your own girlgoo into the back of her throat. She coughs and sputters but swallows every drop.

You carefully remove the whirring vibrator and spin Ellen back to upright. Her arms fall limply to her side after you undo the restraints. You place your arm under her breasts as you release her, helping her to stay upright. She snaps back to reality enough to grip the sides of the cross as you let her legs free. Her knees start to buckle, and you wrap an arm under her shoulders and help her to the small play room where she can come down from the heady excitement of performing on stage.$JennyFoxes


from Norintha

#TF #Restraint #Drugs #Furry

The wind whips at your face, and you pull your cloak closer. It does little to warm you for the chill feels like it bites at your very soul. Even if the innkeep was only trying to get another customer with that silly story, waiting until daybreak may have been the better idea. It's far too late to worry about that now though, and if you press on and keep to the river you should reach Breyton before three bells. Don't travel at night here, stay on the road, he said. Take the coach or many friends to go to Breyton. You grumble and try to warm your arms, the growing clouds come with blasts of cold air. Well if you didn't have the money for his straw mattresses, you certainly weren't hiring a coach. The woods through here are thin and the river runs straight to Breyton, a coach seems unneeded. You wonder why the road doesn't follow the river and realize your thirst. Pausing, you stumble down to the river and pause for a drink. The last time you stopped to catch your breath the Moon was still rising. Now though, the clouds obfuscate all but a telling pinprick of moonlight. The water is cold and crisp and you feel refreshed for your walk.

The ground is soft by the riverbank and you lean back, giving your eyes a quick rest from the strain of traveling at night. Listening to the rushing water a few feet away, you don't notice the soft rustling of the underbrush. You do notice the pin prick on your neck however. Your head starts spinning as you roll onto your stomach and try to push yourself up off the ground, only to fall back to the soft dirt face first. The last thing you feel as you pass out is someone grabbing you by the legs and pulling.

You slip in and out of consciousness several times. The first time is after hitting your head on a rock as you are being dragged along. Laying on your back, you feel yourself jostle around and briefly see the sides of a cart enclosing you. In your hazy head you feel like a giant squeaking rat is pawing you back and forth. You regain awareness again as you land on the ground with a thump, and someone cursing loudly. Slipping away again, now you feel a warm blanket swaddling you tight enough you can't move your body.

A bright light startles you awake again, your head aches and swims but you don't feel the encroaching fog this time. You try to rub the residual tiredness from your eyes, but find your arms can't move. Furthermore, you are restrained in a vat of liquid. Instinctively you try to tread water in the vat, but unsurprisingly your legs are tightly bound together to the same surface your arms are. “Just hold still, my pet. We shall be finished here soon.” A voice from behind you calls out.

The voice ignores your pleas to be released, or to even tell you what is happening. Your heart beats faster, and you hear the rustling of thick chains being pulled. Above you gentle moonlight starts to pour in, and you crane your neck to see the ceiling pulling apart above you. The moonlight fades away as the clouds lazily float in front of the moon. Drops of water ripping through the liquid and land on your face. The voice mutters from behind you as hear something scrape heavily along the ground.

The rain comes down harder, as you watch your captor cranks a metal pole up through the opening in the roof. You hear a clap of thunder in the distance, the storm growing in intensity. The pole extending up to the darkness, you watch the person who you assume drugged and kidnapped you. The first thing you notice is that she almost glows with an unearthly pallor. The second is how tall and thin she is, though she is seems to be hardly exerting herself with her load. She has two chains over her shoulder, thicker around than her arms. With a grunt she hoists the chains over the edge of the vat, the ends quickly sink into the translucent green liquid.

Some of the contents of the vat splashes onto your face and you gag at the bitter taste. Trying fruitlessly to spit the taste out, the woman chuckles. “I wouldn't be worried about the taste for long, pet. You will have more important concerns soon enough.” In another context the woman would be attractive. You can just make some details of her figure out from behind the thick leather apron she is wearing. Tight slacks show off the curve of her hips and the ruffled blouse must plunge deep below the neckline. If she had asked you to follow her instead of drugging you, she likely would have saved herself a good deal of effort dragging you.

A flash creeps in from the far edge of the opening, followed almost immediately by a roaring clap of thunder. “It is almost time, little one! Steel yourself, this is going to be ah, an initially violent change. And it will hurt. But we all have our own price we much pay for progress!” She rushes back out of your view, still ignoring you calling out to her to let you go. “Why would I let you go, upon the promise of doing anything I desire, when the only thing I desire from you happens here and now?” she finally snaps at you.

You continue to struggle against the metal bindings as the claps of thunder approach closer and closer. There isn't even enough give in your bindings for you to splash the liquid and your captor chuckles softly as she watches you continue to squirm. The next bolt of lightning is bright enough that you wince away from it. The rain is coming down in heavy blots now, bouncing off your face and rolling into the vat with you.

The thunder still rolls in your ears when the next bolt forms. It strikes home at the lightning rod and it feels like time has slowed. You swear you can see the electricity crawl down the rod and into the vat. Blazing hot pins and needles race throughout your body, and inside of your mouth. You try to scream, but barely avoid choking on your own tongue before slumping forward. Your body convulses against your bindings.

The electrified pin poking feeling is more intense towards the bottom of the vat, save for the fire raging in your mouth. Turning first into a burning pain that feels like your legs have been slashed open before beginning to melt. Silent tears roll down your cheeks as the pain continues to your girldick and your heart beats so hard you fear it may over exert itself. The blazing gradually gives way to an intense itch.

You continue to thrash against the metal straps holding you in place. To your great surprise, you manage to slip your legs free! Your lower half starts to rise in the green liquid, residue swirling deep in the vat. Your body bends unnaturally at the restraint across your midsection and the ends of your legs gradually appear on the surface. Or rather, what your legs have become as an emerald scale covered tail bobs in front of you.

You hear another grunt and the clank of heavy chains again. This time instead of the ceiling, you are what is moving. The wood slab you are bound upon rises up from the vat before landing roughly on a stone table behind you. The woman appears before you again, looking sweaty and disheveled, but meeting you with an icy, clinical gaze. She runs a hand along the side of your new tail.

You demand to know what she has done to you as you keep struggling. “Yes! You should bask in my genius, see what I hath wrought! With a rolling noise, a cracked mirror rolls into your vision, and your blood runs cold as you see what she has done. From your stomach down your body is covered in emerald scales, and your legs truly have become a snakelike tail. The scales fade to a flesh tone as they rise to your breasts, turning to skin around your nipples. Your arms look as if you are wearing snake skin gloves.

The woman grabs you by the chin and looks you in the eyes, though it feels like she is looking through you, instead of at you. She brushes your cheeks with her fingertips. “Pity, the splash only got part of your face.” She steps back out of the way and you see now. The left side of your face is covered in the same scales, checkering to flesh by your nose and a yellow eye with a narrow slit for a pupil stares back. The right side, which was untouched was the same face you saw in the river a few scant hours ago.

You gape slack jawed at all this, and your tongue falls down your scaly cheek. The tip of your tongue has split into two pointy tips and reaches to the wooden table. Your eyes water again, this time in shock instead of pain. “It's awe inducing isn't it? How I manipulate even the human form to meet my needs?” The woman proudly exclaims, misinterpreting your tears as exultation.

Without saying anything more, she places her hands on your genitals. Slowly stroking your girldick, it feels like she is rubbing up and down at the same time. She smiles for the first time since the lightning storm as your feel yourself get hard. As distraught as you are, her hands feel so good and your tears gradually abate. You moan softly, ending the sound with a hiss and the end of your tongue flapping outside of your mouth.

She undoes latches on the side of the table and pushes the metal restraints through the off of you, allowing you movement again. Your muscles feel so tired after the day's walk and the night's transformation, you can do little more than lay on your back still as the woman brings you to full stiffness. Summoning all your strength you lift your head to see her. The woman has stripped out of her heavy work smock, her heavy breasts looming over you.

Looking down to see what amazing thing she is doing, you see her own large girlcock rub on your own. Or rather between the two halves of your own member. She sees your confusion, and uncharacteristically takes pity on you. “Reptiles have a unique configuration, so it only follows that my snakegirl would have a similar arrangement; does it not?” You nod, only understanding that it doesn't matter how you feel about this.

You can feel your right cheek flush as she continues thrusting between your genitals, while also stroking half in each hand. Pleasure ripples through your body for the first time tonight, and your head falls back to the wooden slab with a light thump. The woman's thrusting speeds up as she falls into a rhythm, with her pumping fists. She grins, and bears her unnaturally pointed teeth, her breathing getting deeper now.

You hiss-moan again, much louder this time. Your flicking tongue brushes a nipple, sending entirely new pleasure crashing inside of you. Unable to do much more, you keep playing with your breasts with the tip of your tongue. The woman on top of you gives a powerful thrust with her girlcock, and her fists push down on the bases of your split member.

Her thick seed launches out and splashes on your breasts, where your tongue licks at it. Your own orgasm crashes like a wave and your girlseed comes out thinner, dribbling down the sides of your new genitals. The woman takes a deep breath with her eyes closed, before wiping her hands off on the discarded lab apron. “Once you have regained your composure, sit up slowly.” She turns and starts to walk from the room. “And place that filthy apron down the chute, once you figure out how to move.” She leaves the room while you lay on the slab and take in all that happened tonight.$JennyFoxes


from Norintha

#Restraint #AnonymousPartner #SexWork

The bus slows as it reaches your stop, and your legs ache as you rise from the seat. Last week was rough on them and you are still a little sore. The line of street lamps leads off toward the lone occupied warehouse, long converted into the club. The line to get in enters the edge of your vision as you approach the former warehouse. Stopping for a moment, you decide to skip the entrance and you catch the smirk of the bouncer as you pass by the entrance and continue to the far side of the building. You don't see or hear anything from the alley you went down a few weeks back. The door at the end is locked tight as well. As you turn back and approach the mouth of the alley you see the line to get into the club has sprawled down the road to the bus stop. After thinking for a moment, you decide to turn the other direction and begin to walk. The street lights continue on for several more blocks, down into the heart of the warehouse district. You follow them almost to their end, looking down each alley as you pass.

As you reach the end of the row of lamps, someone kicks your knee out from underneath you and pushes you face first to the ground. The wind is knocked from your lungs as you land with a rough thud. Before you can push yourself onto your back, a sharp heel digs into your kidney. With a groan you go limp, showing that you have surrendered to your assailant. A now familiar voice says “Well aren't you a persistent little cutie? What should we do with her this week love?” Denim responds “Mmmmm, I think she needs to work for it this time.”

“Good thing you wore a skirt, otherwise I'd have just torn your pants off and left you with nothing to go home with” Leathers casually adds as she digs her fingers into the material of your top and rips into pieces tearing it off of you. With a soft tear you see parts of your panties land near your head. Denim sits on your back, squishing your breasts into the cold concrete. She holds one of your legs bent all the way back, while Leathers ties your ankle to your upper thigh. The pair repeat the process with your other leg, leaving you almost immobilized.

Leathers grabs one arm, Denim takes your other arm and they both pull you over to a street lamp. The rough sidewalk tugs and catches at your skirt pulling it down to your knees by the time they position you, propping your upper back up on the lamp pole. Leathers holds your wrists behind the lamp, while Denim snaps a cold set of handcuffs on you, keeping you in place. Denim rolls your skirt up to your waist, balancing it on your girlcock before the women pull you forward some, your ass and girldick on display.

Denim walks out of sight for a moment, only to return with a pipe, a length of rope, and a pair of small objects with straps on them. She threads the rope into the pipe, while Leathers uses her superior strength to push your knees as far apart as she can force them. Running the ends of the rope between your knees Denim ties off the makeshift leg spreader. Your hips already ache slightly from being held this far open. The smaller woman slides one of the small objects over your eyes, the sofly lined eye mask blinding you to what comes next. The other small item is an O ring gag, which stretches your lips wide open as it's fitted into place.

A set of nails run down your inner thigh, causing your girlcock to twitch. “Oh, our little fuckpig likes that!” She digs her nails in deeper and your leg shudders in response. You hear a gentle spurting noise, and feel a finger rubbing cold lube into you. “Let's put you through the paces before we open for the night. Need to make sure the product is good.” With no more ceremony Leathers plunges her girldick deep into your ass. The O ring gag makes whatever noise you tried to make into one drawn out “aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!” She presses on your shoulders, forcing you down into a more slumped position.

Her cock probes and pushes, even in this cramped position she brings waves of pleasure rippling through you. Her hands move to your hips, pulling you towards her large girlshaft with each thrust. You hear the musclebound woman growl and lean her head forward, knocking yours back into the light pole, as her seed rips through you. She trembles slightly as she pulls out of you, a bead of her girlcum leaking out your ass to the concrete below. “You look like you enjoyed yourself” Denim says to her partner. The other woman just grunts an acknowledgment, and gently slaps your ass as she stands.

The two leave you in that position and take up places somewhere behind you, probably leaning on the wall of the warehouse. It sounds like they are having their own bit of fun, you can hear them loudly fondling each other as they wait. It isn't a long wait, the growing clack of heels on the sidewalk is your only clue that someone is approaching. The unknown person drunkenly voices their approval of the show that Denim and Leathers is putting on. “If it's too hot, you can use that dirty slut tied to the post.”

The stranger crawls on top of you, the taste of alcohol on her breath. Her member probes at your ass, already slick from fondling herself while watching the two women behind you play with each other. She fits into you easily enough, not as big or hard as Leathers was. She kneads at your chest, as she thrusts in and out “Fuck, those two are hot” she whispers into your ear before slumping her head to your shoulder. She pounds harder and harder into you, you wordlessly groan again, a bead of your drool dangling from the O ring.

She continues to work in you, her girldick finally meeting the call and forcing you open a little more. Her head cranes down and she sucks at one of your nipples when she moves her hands to hold you by the hips. She gives you several more firm thrusts before she lets her own torrent of girlseed off inside of you. She slowly climbs back off of you, giving your nipple a parting nip as she does so. A muffled sound of something falling next to you and then you hear her slowly, drunkenly, clack her heels back towards the club.

One of the women walks towards you and you feel a gentle pat on the head “What a good little worm you are tonight” Denim says as she looks you over. She walks back to where she had been watching you get fucked. You hear her mutter “Oh fuck, just put your fingers in a little deeper...” as she trails off already back to being fondled by her partner instead of paying attention to you. You don't realize another person has approached before you hear them ask about using you.

Without saying anything more this new person straddles your chest, her ass resting lightly on your breasts. Her girldick pops into your mouth, easily fitting into the gag forcing your mouth open. You run your tongue along the underside of her girlshaft, teasing the tip and dancing along the base. She roughly fucks your mouth, forcing your head against the cold metal pole more than once. With no great fanfare she blasts a load of her seed back into your mouth, and afterward she pulls your head back forcing you to swallow. Finally you hear her thank the two women before heading on her way.

You just lay there for a while, feeling slightly dazed and very used. The night gets colder as the evening drags on. After an indeterminable amount of time, a loud couple slowly approaches. You can hear the women behind you pick back up and Denim loudly moans again. As the couple approaches you can finally make out some of their conversation “...just too wound up right now. Otherwise we could just fuck on the bus.” Her partner doesn't seem to like the idea. “And risk the driver seeing? I bet they already put the pervs on this line. I'd rather use the fuckbox tied to the pole than risk some random guy seeing.”

She must have offered a persuasive argument as soon you find yourself under one of the women. She takes a similar position as the previous person did, but her cock fits tighter in the gag than the last one. She rests her hand behind your head, holding you away from the pole as she rubs her girldick on your tongue. Her partner rests her hands on your thighs as she settles in between your legs, and behind the woman in your mouth. Her own member probes at your now well used ass.

She slides into you rather easily, down to the base of her shaft. She would be balls deep into you had she still possessed a pair. Your own girlshaft flairs back up as the woman effortlessly plunges in and out of you. Her partner happy to grind her member deep into your throat. You cough and gasp for air as she leans back momentarily before pushing in again. The woman between your legs rubs the end of your cock getting the slick precome all over her hand and your member. The delicate hand leaves your member twitching, then seconds later you hear the woman in your mouth groan as the slippery finger slides into her own ass.

The twin pleasures ensure that she doesn't last much longer before she digs her fingers into your hair and sends a jet of her cum down your throat. She continues to cradle your head to her crotch for a while after, the finger in her still sending ripples of ecstasy through her. Her partner takes a little longer, hands holding the sides of your hips tight after the woman in your mouth finally withdraws. Beads of her sweat drop onto your stomach as she finally rips a thin shot of girlcum into your already full ass. With a huff she pulls out, and the two women walk away chatting about what position to take when they get home.

After a little while longer, someone walks up from behind and places her hand on your girldick. “You've had such a hard night, haven't you? You've been such a good little fucktoy tonight.” Denim runs a finger along the length of your member, arousing it yet again. “Finally, it's my turn” the woman says softly as she guides you between her labia and into her. You gurgle from behind the gag as she lets her weight slide her onto you. Giggling, she thrusts her hips and watches your exhausted form gain a new life.

The woman bounces up and down on you, without using her hands as balance. You thrust as much as you can through the tight bindings keeping you restrained. Her moans gradually build as she tightens the muscles around your member. Finally, with a pair of high pitched squeaks she slumps hard on your member. Her orgasm spasming through her body, along with the sudden downward weight lets loose your own release finally. As you loll your head to the side more drool leaks out from the O ring gag.

One of the women finally pulls the blindfold off. The light from right above shines rather harshly after the past couple hours of being in the dark. Leathers pulls the gag from your rather tired jaw, and swallowing properly for the first time in a while you turn your head towards the ground. As the handcuffs are undone, you rub your aching wrists. Through the electrified pins and needs of blood fully returning to them, you can tell you will have bruising tomorrow. Leathers pushes you to the side with a nudge from her foot before keeping it on your back as Denim undoes the ropes.

Now you see a coffee can that was sitting next to you. Leathers pulls a thick handful of money from it. “You did well fucktoy, I guess we can leave you with bus fare...” as she pulls a couple of the bills out and tosses them back into the can. You sit there dazed and half naked in the night air as the two women walk off arm in arm. Pulling yourself onto your knees the cold are blows across your chest as you gather the money and scraps of your top. Wraping your arms across your chest, you slowly walk back to the bus stop in a heady daze.$JennyFoxes


from Norintha

#Latex #PonyPlay #Exhibitionism #TF #Furry

Waking up, you can't help but grin. The calendar has been marked with 'Pony Event' since the turn of the month. Last time was fun, and you are pretty sure that I got another can of that liquid latex. The day drags on agonizingly though, the minutes tick slower and slower. By the time that you finish your chores it's early after-noon and still far too early to go. That doesn't stop you from poking around in the closet, finding a box in my name. Shaking it gently, it rattles like a jar or bottle, with a gentle liquid shifting inside. You bite your lip and squeal audibly in excitement. This has to be more! With this knowledge the days crawls on even slower. Idly watching the clock, the seconds stretch into eternities. Day dreams composed of hours of pony play pass scant moments and you groan in frustration. Eventually, I come home and we have a light dinner. I can see the excitement in your eyes and how exhausting the wait is. I tug your arm and we cuddle on the couch as the clock slowly advances. Finally I give you a knowing nod, and you run off to get dressed while I pack. You start to dig through the closet for the first clean things, a simple green fitted t and slightly worn jeans.

We meet back at the front door about ten minutes later. You grab the gear bag without being told, the bag as heavy as it was last time we did pony play. You walk with a slight spring in your step as we head to the bus and practically buzz while we wait for our stop. Getting off at the warehouses, the street lights are hardly needed as the full moon blazes away. A group of people meet us walking away from the club. “Don't bother ladies, there is a private event tonight; list and everything.” I just smile and nod knowingly at them.

You keep your mouth shut as we pass them, even more excited, curious about what is so special it's a listed event. The bouncer waves us in without checking her list, giving me a grin as we pass by. Your eyes have to adjust to the dim lights of the club. Blinking several times, you see much of the lighting has been replaced by candlelight and fires. In fact, as you look around you can't see a single electric light. The flickering uneven lights cast a myriad of shadows around the edges of the club, though the stage is well lit.

As your eyes adjust you realize all the patrons are naked tonight. Casual nudity isn't rare here of course, or casual sex for that matter. Everyone being naked here is unusual though, and your lack of nudity suddenly makes you feel rather embarrassed, like you are overdressed. You walk past the stage, intending to get to one of the play rooms to change into your gear. The idea causes you to mentally laugh, even here there are social conventions. I tug your arm before you hit the playrooms though, and pull you back towards the stage.

“It's a very special event tonight my love, and you are going to be the star.” Placing a hand on your ass, I push you up the steps to the stage. Quickly stripping off my own outfit and tucking it into one side of the gear bag, I follow you up, my breasts bouncing on the way. Looking out, the shifting shadows play across the audience. While some of the people are still milling about, most have turned to look at you. Crossing your arms, you look nervously back at me. I wrap my arms around you and give you a hug, before working your skirt down.

You step out, and follow my lead. Slowly stretching one arm up, you peel the green t-shirt and off, slowly revealing first your tummy, then cleavage. Tossing the piece of clothing atop your skirt, you turn and face away from the audience before bending and slowly working your panties off. Twisting on one heel, and obviously having fun now, you face the audience again. Your half hard girlcock waves in front while you unclasp your bra. You shift both shoulders forward, letting the bra drop to the ground. I kick the pile off into the shadows and point.

Looking to the ground, you see a circle marked on the stage. Strutting to the mark you take your place. From here the crowd takes on inhuman features as the light and shadow fight in your eyes. The sound of the gear bag draws your attention away. I pull out another can of the latex, and your hooves. Stepping into them quickly, your fluster dies down and you start to feel the part again. You lean forward, letting me attach your bridle before standing back up. The light and shadows only flicker more intensely now.

You can hear me open the can, and a flash happens in the corner of your eye. You resist the urge to turn and look though, staying in position as a well-trained girl should when in a show. The crowd has grown totally quiet, which is unusual for most shows. The first daub of latex goes onto your calves just like the last time. After the initial chill you remember from the cool liquid your body starts to feel warm. The warmness comes with a tickle that makes holding still difficult. Taking deep breaths you brace yourself.

The warmness spreads up your entire body while your calves and lower legs start to feel an intense tingle build and the warmness fade. Your heart pounds as I keep applying the goopy liquid to your thighs and hips. As I continue your uncovered body gets warmer and warmer. You bite the bit of the bridle and close your eyes trying to maintain your composure. In the background of your head you think you hear a low chant coming from the audience. The tingle in your legs grow and you struggle to stay standing, like your muscles have turned to rubber.

“Just a little more, my good girl.” I whisper to you as the cool latex covers your chest. You try to focus on breathing, but an unexpected heaviness on your bust distracts you. From the corner of your eye, you could swear your breasts were larger. The bit of latex you can see almost looks like it is scintillating. Wondering how the liquid could do that does more to distract from the tingle and weakness spreading to your core. I undo the clasps on the bridle, and the leather straps dangle from the bit, still in your mouth.

This time, I work the latex higher up your neck, reaching your hair line. The brush feels rougher than you were expecting as it crosses your cheeks, and covers the edges of your ears. The last stroke carefully crosses your face. Your limbs feel like they are stretching in an abnormal way, but it isn't painful at all. I softly run a finger across your eyes, breaking open enough for you to see again. The only thing in your vision though is a glowing light that seems to circle you.

The audience has gotten louder too. Not cheers or raucous cat calls, but loud chanting in a language you don't recognize. The tingling from the latex assails every inch of your skin now, and you fear that you might fall over if the feeling grows any stronger. The lights die back down, and the crowd grows silent. Your eyes adjust back to the usual stage lighting, and can see the latex is a swirled rainbow of colors instead of deep black as last time. The dry latex still whorls on your skin. You move to touch and see if it's still wet.

You don't realize that your arm is bending in the middle of your forearm until your hand touches your other arm. Your heart almost pops out of your chest and you land on your backside, with a soft squeak. Looking up at me wordlessly your mouth gapes open. “My pretty pony, isn't this what you have always wanted? Always dreamed of? Deep in your heart, isn't this exciting?” Your heart races as the words sink in, what you always wanted. Looking at your forearm bent awkwardly the meaning seeps into your realization.

Wobbly you try to stand back up. Pliant latex where you once had firm thigh muscles make this a more difficult exercise than it was before. Taking you by the shoulder, I help you to get back on your hooves and lead you slowly around the stage. Your ample thighs squeak as they rub together, and the tips of your tail tickles at your rear as it dangles. Being led through the crowd, you see that most of the audience is, like you, something more than just human now. Antler and fangs, and proportions that can only be described as feral. Turning back to the stage, you see someone brought out a bondage bench to the stage as I walked you through the spectators.

Stumbling slightly, you climb back onto the stage and whicker softly as I bend you forward onto the bench and tighten the straps around your torso. Your newly increased bust flows to either side. A pair of solid thuds later and your arms are locked to the legs of the bench. My legs press against yours, the warmth of my body pressing on your backside. Your tail flops to the side, tickling your thigh as it trembles. My hand reaches under you, and wraps around the thick flare that is growing between your stomach and the leather of the bench. A finger reaches out and traces gentle figures along the underside of your now massive girlcock.

You reflexively stamp a hoof as my finger teases your now drooling member. Lightly, my nails trace down to the base of your shaft and cup your swelling balls before reaching an entirely unexpected piece of anatomy. My finger, slick in your juices, pushes into and along your labia before brushing against your clitoris. You let loose a mighty whinny and flare your nostrils as the wave of pure pleasure ripples through you. One finger, then two and finally a third push into your vagina with soft squeaks joining each movement. The crackles of pleasure cause your tongue to drift out and under the bridle's bit before the whole thing finally falls to the floor next to you.

Pulling my hand slowly back out of you, I smear your fluids along your ass, your latex skin squeaking still. Reaching under you once more, my hand slowly strokes up and down the side of your girldick once more becoming slickly sticky. “You make the perfect lubricant dispenser now, my pet. Two pumps and I am slick enough to enter you.” You start to catch your breath once my hand leaves your genitals. You are focused enough that you miss the slight squeaking noise coming from just behind you. Your attention drifts blissfully as pressure at both of your entrances snaps you back to the club. The familiar feeling of your ass being filled is met with the almost alien feeling of my girlcock squeezing into your shiny new latex pussy.

With a grunt and snort you relax and let me enter, my girldick and the strap-on each sending waves of pleasure echoing through your new body. My weight presses down on you, as drops of my sweat roll down your sides. Holding your shoulders, I push myself up and slowly pull my hips away from yours. My fingers dig into you, distorting the rainbow swirls as I pull myself towards you again. Your hips thrust on the firm bondage bench as your girlshaft throbs for attention, as the twin firmness in you slides in and out at a slowly growing pace. The warmth of my breath washes down the side of your neck before me nip at you.

Faster and faster, my hips slam into you, sending ripples through your form and further sliding your girlcock along the now slick top of the bench. By the time you feel the splash of my seed inside, you are already braying as your own girlcum squirts out, before pooling underneath you. Releasing you from the bondage, I help you slowly sit up the new weight of your breasts pulling you slightly forward. My lips meet yours and I lean into the kiss, pushing you back onto the bench.$JennyFoxes


from Bird Droppings

This is part of a 5 part series on my adventures helping my friend move. Check out part 1 and start there!

The Plan

The planned route The penultimate leg of our journey would have @norintha and her belongings dropped off at the Reno/Stead airport, KRTS. From there I would either go directly home, or hang out with folks for a bit before heading home. The end of our journey was in sight, a mere 3.5 hours away.

Hot and Spicy

Of all of the takeoffs that we performed during this trip, this one was going to be the most dangerous. The reason was density altitude. Every other flight was either light weight, lower altitude, or during a cool time of day. This flight was departing at 11:30AM Mountain Time, fully loaded with cargo and fuel. The heat of the day was rapidly approaching, and my density altitude calculations showed the air getting thinner and thinner around us.

As we took off, this problem immediately reared its head at us. The temperatures on my engine cylinders rapidly shot up. 350ºF. 360ºF. 370ºF.

The Lycoming IO-540 naturally aspirated engine in the Piper Cherokee 6 300 is rated to only go up to 400ºF as its maximum temperature. After this temperature, it starts to have problems. Indeed, anything above 350ºF for an extended period of time isn't great for the engine, although it's fine to run it up there for a while.

The temperature kept climing. 380ºF. 390ºF

Another thing about the engine being at 400ºF or above... Oil doesn't survive at that temperature. So if the engine temperature rise above that, it would be rubbing metal against metal without lubrication.

393ºF 394ºF

Why was this happening? When you take off from a high density altitude airport, you want to maximize the amount of power that you're producing in your engine. To do that, you reduce the amount of fuel in the fuel to air mixture until it is burning at its hottest, optimal rate. However, in the initial climb especially, there's not as much air flowing over the air cooled engine. Worse, at a high density altitude airport, there's less air in the air to flow over the engine...

The fix is to make your climb more shallow, to allow more air to flow over the engine, and/or to enrichen the fuel to air mixture. More liquid fuel actually cools off the engine. Of course, both of these things reduce the plane's ability to climb. A shallower climb slows the plane's ascent, and more fuel in the fuel to air mixture reduces its power output.

As the temperature started to reach 397ºF, I was doing both of these things quite aggressively.

My altitude and airspeed over time You can actually see the slight decrease in climb rate in the climb chart in this graph here. The green bar is my altitude, and you can see how it initially climbed quite quickly, but then starts to round out. That's where I was slowing my ascent to cool the engine.

I carefully played with the fuel mixture and climb angle to get as much performance as I could get out of it without overheating my engine. As I increased my fuel richness and reduced my climb rate, the engine temperatures started to come back down and I breathed a sigh of relief. It was slow, but we made it to 10,500 feet and leveled out.

Exchanging rain and thunder for turbulence

Initially, the air was relatively smooth as we leveled out at our cruising altitude. The water below us was red with what was presumably salt, and it was beautiful. It also was probably cooling the air off a bit.

Mountains rising out of the Great Salt Lake of Utah As we flew past the water onto land, we were hit with a wave of substantial turbulence. You see, as the ground is warmed by the sun, it causes the air around it to heat up as well. This causes that air to rise. Those columns of rising air, or thermals, are lovely for glider pilots and folks looking to gain altitude. Unfortunately, they also bring with them a lot of turbulence.

For about the next hour we found ourselves being fairly constantly tossed about in the small plane. Bumps and thumps pervaded our experience as we were tossed to and fro. It was definitely light to moderate turbulence, nearly as bad as my flight back from the Grand Canyon. Oddly, I was more worried this time because of all the cargo in the back.

As we crossed into Nevada from Utah, I briefly tried 12,500 ft MSL and found it to be smooth and gentle. Unfortunately, I also discovered that the already intense headwind was even 10 knots worse up there. We were only doing 100 its over the ground at that altitude and wouldn't get into Reno until as late as 2:30pm or later. @norintha reassured me that she could handle the turbulence, and we dropped back down to 10,500 ft.

Elko from the air As we flew back over Elko, NV, I snapped an almost too late picture of the little town. It was nice to see the little town that @coda and I had stayed in overnight on the way to Denver just 2 nights prior. Seeing that made it feel like we really were starting to unravel this long journey. We pressed on into the turbulent skies

The sameness of Nevada

I didn't get many pictures or videos of our flight through Nevada, for several reasons. For one, I was being beset with considerable turbulence most of the time. I needed to stay focused a lot to keep the plane upright, level, at altitude, and pointed in the right direction. The other reason I didn't get many pictures is because Nevada, while being beautiful, is kind of... the same everywhere. It's all brown valleys, alkali lake beds, and brown mountains.

A river in Nevada Moments like this picture are frankly rare. At least, that was our experience of Nevada as we flew through it. The intricate and varied textures of Wyoming and Utah are vastly superior to the simple mountains and valleys stamped out in Nevada. It was like someone took the clone tool and just repeated the same terrain over and over again there.

Brown mountains in Nevada I mean really. How many pictures like this do you really want?

Pyramid Lake That said, there are definitely some lovely areas of Nevada, and some really interesting places to fly too. After 3 hours of flying, this place, Pyramid Lake, came into sight. Our destination was almost upon us.

Cargo Delivered!

Reno/Stead airport came into view on the other side of a hill, and we landed. It was a fine landing. A little hard, but in the gusting crosswind I had landing there, I was very happy with it.

Our final track looked like this: Our track log going to Reno

The airport layout was a little bit confusing, but I managed to find an empty parking spot to park in while we emptied the plane and waited for @norintha's partner to come pick her and her stuff up. They were a little confused by the airport layout as well, but they eventually found us, and I showed them how to drive up to the plane. They shocked me by managing to get literally everything loaded up in their little car in a single trip!

They offered to give me a ride to their place to get some food and drink, but I refused. As much as I could really use a break from all of the flying I'd been doing, being this close to home, I just wanted to get home and finally relax.

Returning to home

@norintha and her partner helped me gas up the plane, and I took back off. The climb rate was AMAZING now that I was over 500 pounds lighter. Though the terrain being a bit close made me spiral upward as I climbed to a nice altitude to cruise over the nearby terrain.

My track log leaving Reno You can see my route here

A beautiful mountain north of Tahoe A picture of the eastern face of this mountain was probably the last truly lovely photo I took. I was really in love with this mountain, though as I watched another plane flying on its other side, I realized that it would have been better for me to get on its windward side instead of its leeward side. Ah well, I was high enough and far enough away that it wouldn't have been an issue, but it was a good thing to learn for next time.

Farmland in California's Central Valley Maybe it was the fact that my oxygen tank had emptied and now I was getting some mild effects of hypoxia. Maybe it was the fact I had been awake since 5am. Maybe it was the fact that I had now been flying for over 8 hours that day. Whatever it was, while I was cruising over California's Central Valley just south of Sacramento, I started to cry with a feeling of joy, pride, and accomplishment.

Since my first visit to an airport when I was little, watching a massive machine of metal climb into the air like magic, I've been fascinated and amazed by the magic and freedom of flight. With this adventure, flying 18 hours over 3 days, crossing 1700 miles going halfway across the country and back, dodging severe weather along the way... This adventure felt like a milestone to me in realizing those childhood dreams of being able to be free like a bird and take to the open skies. It reminded me a little of how I felt after the first time I ever flew an airplane without my instructor. I was also so happy that @norintha was back in a reasonable range, and immensely looking forward to flying over the mountains and visiting her from time to time.

A mountain range This mountain range may not be remarkable to anyone else, but for me, every time I see that familiar shape, it represents home. It's the mountains around the Livermore valley, and straight ahead (blocked the propellor) is the Calaveras Resevoir that I usually fly over on my way home. There was some very moderate, almost severe, turbulence coming through the south end of the Livermore valley, but I brought the plane in and landed, taxiing back to my mechanic to get some outstanding work done.

@coda was waiting for me by the gate, with kisses and hugs celebrating my return.


I lie on the ground exhausted

I was exhausted. Flying 18 hours and waking up so early and not having proper meals had taken its tole. I jokingly collapsed under the plane for a moment while @coda emptied the plane of our travel stuff and loaded the car up with things.

We drove home, stopping for boba and Pad Thai for me, and I spent the rest of the day relaxing with my partners, chilling out after such a wonderful adventure.

What a trip!


It should be noted that the term “Pandora Moving Services” is entirely in jest. No money exchanged hands. Indeed, the flight was performed entirely under FAR part 91, the rules for a non-commercial private pilot. The entire flight was conducted under Visual Flight Rules, flight plans were filed, and a weight and balance and density altitude check was performed prior to every single flight.


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This is part of a 5 part series on my adventures helping my friend move. Check out part 1 and start there!

The Plan

While the flying that we had planned for Sunday, August 10 was not intended to be the most difficult, it was certainly planned to be the longest. The first leg would be a 3.5 hour flight from Denver to Ogden starting at 6am. At Ogden, we'd fuel up, use the bathroom, then press on to Reno, another 3.5 hours away There we would drop off all of @norintha's belongings and her move would be complete. I would then fly another 1.5 hours home. In all, it was planned to be 8.5 hours of flying in a single day.

Leaving Denver, CO for Ogden, UT

My flight plan from Denver to Ogden

We woke up right around 5:00 AM, well rested and chipper. I took a shower and then @norintha and I fumbled with the Kuerig coffee maker to try to get some coffee out of it. The front desk of the quaint English themed hotel we were in had promised us little bags of breakfast, but no one was in the office. So we walked to the airport in the warm cloudy morning, talking about board game kickstarters and the like. We paid our fuel and parking bills and started getting the plane ready.

The plane had already been fueled up the previous night, but it did need some oil from all its travels the day before. 2 quarts of oil later, we were off!

Denver Mountains and clouds The plane lurched down the runway and climbed slowly into the warm Denver morning. We could feel the cargo we were carrying along with the density altitude, weighing us down. But climb we did towards the beautiful but pervasive overcast sky.

My planning had told me that we would have a few hours before the weather would start getting exciting in Colorado. My planning said we'd be delightfully west of the weather by the time it got rough. Unfortunately, that planning did not quite meet reality. As we leveled out at 10,500 ft. MSL, our cruising altitude for this trip, I pulled up the ADS-B NexRAD weather data on my Foreflight and scouted ahead.

Before us, right in our path near the Medicine Bow VOR, was a fairly powerful, but dissipating, thunderstorm. To the south west of it was a line of other storms, all growing in strength. To the west, throughout Wyoming, we were seeing other small rain storms starting to pop up. It looks like our anticipated quiet morning wouldn't be quite as quiet as I had hoped.

That thunderstorm, closer I really loved the shape of this thunderstorm, so well defined against the nearby clouds.

To cross this line of thunderstorms, we had a few different options. We could try to fly north east and go around the thunderstorm, but that would cost us a considerable amount of time to get sufficiently safe distance from that storm. We could go south over Laramie and perhaps aim for the city of Saratoga, navigating south around the mountain ranges in the area. This would keep us out of the bad weather, similar to how we approached Elko, but it would also put us into some more difficult terrain. Plus, the storms down there seemed to be growing. I felt there was a pretty big potential of getting stuck without a good out down there.

I initially decided to cross the storm between the second and third weaker storms. As I got closer to them, we switched to fly in the larger and clearer gap between the first and second storms.

The dissipating thunderstorm It was a good thing too. The first storm was heavily dissipating, and the two storms behind it had leveled up powerfully and were spitting lightning out of their dark rainy depths.

Several thunderstorms As we scooted past them, hugging the windward side of the first storm, we looked at the other storms in awe and fear.

Into Wyoming

Beautiful terrain As we passed through the line of thunderstorms, I let @norintha take the controls for a bit while I relaxed and snapped some photos of the beautiful Wyoming countryside.

Beautiful terrain The play of light and shadow on the mountains, clouds, and plains was truly breathtaking.

This video was my absolute favorite video of the entire flight. The intricacy of the ground in the dull morning light, diffused by the intense cloud cover above, made this intricate landscape really pop.

As we continued to the west, we saw plenty of rain storms south of us. Near the city of Rawlins, WY, we encountered yet another thunderstorm, but this one was isolated by itself and we just moved along south of it, ignoring it completely. Though just before that happened, I saw two black specks flying towards us away from the storm! I quickly grabbed the controls back from @norintha and turned to the left, dodging the two birds that were flying at 10,500 feet MSL right towards our plane! Encountering birds at this height was incredibly unusual and quite scary, but we dodged each other with minimal fuss and nobody got hurt.

The big storms

As we were approaching the city of Rock Springs, WY, the weather we could see ahead looked kind of ominous. Three growing thunderstorms all plopped to the left and right of our course. We flew to the north of one, with plenty of distance between us and the storm and scouted ahead.

Two storms standing like gatekeepers before us The two ahead stood like guardians before us. Between them we could spy the open sky beyond. Blue, cloudless, stormless air that would take us through the rest of Wyoming and into Utah. Over the radio, we could hear the big jet airplanes all requesting deviations from the area to avoid the storms. We were in the middle of a tempest.

Once more, we “hugged” the windward side of a thunderstorm as we flew between the two storms. I watched the distance between the storms and carefully carefully threaded the needle, ready to turn around at the first indication of turbulence. After a few minutes, the storms fell behind us and we were out into the clear! As the sun came out from under the clouds and blue skies filled our vision, I let out a cheer of delight and relief. We were safe! We'd made it through the weather!

Blue skies before us Nothing but blue skies before us!

A line of clouds stretching to the south Behind us, the sharp edge of the weather system continued further to the south, but for us, we were in the clear.

Into Ogden Brigham Airport

A picture of a navigation chart I made a minor mistake. In planning to fly into Ogden, I had missed considering the mountains to the east of Ogden. You can easily see how I did that by looking at the above chart. The mountains just 5 miles east of Ogden had peaks as high as 9,500 feet MSL. I would have to descend into Ogden at 4,537 feet MSL from well above that height over potentially busy class delta airspace. Not ideal. I checked in with ATC on what they recommended and they suggested approaching from the north, specifically using a waypoint called CARTR.

We aimed for it, climbing to 12,500 feet MSL to get out of the mountain turbulence caused by the tall mountains below us, and I reviewed the chart. Wait a minute... CARTR was basically right above another airport. Brigham Airport. And they had fuel and a nice long runway... Why were we going to Ogden anyways? Screw it!

I told ATC we were switching over to Brigham, closed my flight plan, crossed the mountains east of Brigham, and began my descent into Brigham. I had to descend from 12,500 feet MSL to 4,200 feet MSL, so I aimed for a rapid descent so we could get down, use the bathroom, and get some gas. Unfortunately, my 1500 feet per minute descent turned out to be a bit much for @norintha. Her right ear wouldn't pop and she started to experience an absolutely horrifying amount of pain as the pressure inside her ear canal built and built. As I landed, she was practically screaming in pain, and she was really scared about what was happening. Luckily, I've dealt with this before in a commercial airplane and knew that, despite being excruciatingly painful, all she had to do was pop her ear and she'd be okay. It took three times, but she did finally manage to get her ear popped and restored to normal.

Our final flight track for this route was here: Our flight track from Denver to Brigham

Fuel adventures.

As we taxied into the Brigham airport, the place was desolate. There was no one there, no movement at all. Very few planes even. There were no other planes in the sky. It was eerie. We pulled up to the fuel pods and I put my credit card in to order a bunch of gas. Flipped the handle to start fueling and... nothing. I looked at the machine and it clearly had charged my card. But nothing was dispensing. I sighed and ran it again, resigned to the fact I'd have to dispute or otherwise handle the charges from the first time. This time my card got declined.

Okay, I was starting to get nervous. I'm at this desolate, empty airport in the middle of nowhere with no fuel and this machine isn't giving me anything. What?! I looked at my phone to pull up information about the airport and perhaps get a phone number I could call to get help and... I saw a NOTAM. “Runway 03/21 Closed”

Wait wait... This is a single runway airport. Brigham Airport from above

If the runway is closed, did I... Did I just land illegally on a closed runway!? Is that why no one is here and the fuel machine isn't working?! But but!!! I mean, the runway did look kinda fresh but was it really that fresh!? Oh no!

For a moment I panicked and my thoughts were racing about what to say about this, what to do...

Thankfully, in my panic, I calmed down and realized that I was looking at the information for a different airport. oh. BREATHES We're fine here. LOL.

Now calm, I got to handling the situation correctly. I called the FBO, no answer. I called my bank and found out my card was declined for fraud. As we figured that out, I studied the fuel machine and realized what had happened.

The On/Off switch had been in the On position when I first tried to fuel the plane up. Unfortunately, the machine is REALLY particular, and it was expecting it to switch to On after running the credit card. So it never started the pump. When I switched it to the Off position, the fuel machine decided we were done fueling and instead shut down. What you have to do is first make sure the switch is in the off position, THEN run the credit card, THEN turn the switch on. Credit card issues handled and plane now successfully fueled, we were good to go.

The story concludes in part 5!


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This is part of a 5 part series on my adventures helping my friend move. Check out part 1 and start there!

The Plan

My flight route from KEKO to KBJC

Our plan Saturday morning was to get up at 4:30am, get to the airport by 5:30am, and get off the ground as soon as it was light. Remember, that we were doing this to avoid all of the heat of the day. Also, today was going to be the day that I helped pack all of @norintha's things. Hopefully, we would get to Denver before the weather got too exciting, land, and start packing. Unfortunately, reality had a few hiccups on the way to accomplishing this.

Trouble getting out

The first problem we had was that @coda didn't get any sleep that night. They were up all night long and didn't sleep for a minute. This made getting up that morning a bit more challenging than it could have been.

The next problem we faced was getting back onto the airport. As I mentioned in part 2, we could not easily find any way off the airport that gave us a way to get back on, and we were too tired and hungry to spend too much time searching.

The only thing we did find was this: Sheet of paper with scary writing on it

Yeesh. $200. Well... Looks like we were waiting until 6am after all... But after a few minutes where I stared at the barbed wire fence around the airport and considered ways to jump the fence... I decided to call the $200 callout number and tell whoever answered that I didn't want them to “come out” and cost me $200 or whatever, and just wanted to know how to get onto the airport.

Luckily, the person that answered the phone had a good answer! He gave us directions to a special door with a keypad, and the code to get in. It was already 5:45am, but we were gonna get out early after all!

A quiet morning

The takeoff was unremarkable, and afterwards, @coda slept/dozed while I flew for about 3 hours. The terrain I saw was breathtaking.

Beautiful picture of mountains This was just west of the great salt flats. Just gorgeous mountains.

Beautiful scenery Now starting to fly over the Great Salt Lake of Utah.

Sun reflecting off mountains More of the Great Salt Lake.

Mountains over farmland The mountains just to the east of the salt lake. Continuing east.

Beautiful terrain over Wyoming

More Wyoming Terrain More Wyoming Terrain More Wyoming terrain. That state is so beautiful.

Yes, more

Here's the track route for this segment of the journey Picture of a track log

Time for things to get messy

As we got within an hour or so of Denver, @coda woke up and started getting ready to fly. I could see up ahead that we had some weather brewing, and having my “autopilot” ready was quite important.

Up ahead, near the city of Cheyenne Wyoming, storms were a brewing. Down near Fort Collins, a thunderstorm had developed next to the mountains. Little bits of it seemed to be breaking off to the north and heading towards Cheyenne, then east. With @coda behind the controls, I turned my attention back to all the sources of information at my disposal: ATC, Flight Service, and ADS-B NexRAD weather.

The closer we got, the worse it looked. The rain was thickening up more and more. I searched for a way in, and saw a path where the NexRAD was showing a gap we might be able to fly through. It lead roughly from the Pine Bluffs airport to the Gill VOR. As we flew closer and closer, I heard and watched another airplane successfully navigate that path going the other direction. I figured we should go for it.

Some of the rain to the north of Denver However, as we got closer, the rain to the south looked more like a wall, and no gap was found. Talking to ATC, they suggested we continue east into Nebraska and turn south around Kimball, Nebraska. This deviation added at least 30 minutes to our flight, but it got us around the worst of the weather.

We continued our descent into Denver. I'd like to say that my landing at Rocky Mountain Airport was nice, but it really wasn't. Perhaps because of the high altitude or perhaps because of my exhaustion, I wound up bouncing it down the runway. Ah well. Any landing you can walk away from, right? 😆

Our course wound up looking like this Our final course near Denver

Down in the Valley

After landing and securing the airplane, I met up with my coworker Joelle who would be helping us out with her truck. @coda hopped a taxi/uber/lyft into downtown to spend some time on the town while Joelle and I started a 2 hour drive north into the Denver Mountains Driving in the Denver Mountains

The drive was beautiful and rustic. Joelle's truck got covered in dirt and grime. We arrived at the house and helped @norintha pack her things.

Truck all dirty With the truck loaded up, @norintha said her goodbyes, then we left to go back towards the airport.

Back at the airport

Weather Radar Wouldn't you know it, as we were heading back to the airport, another thunderstorm started to brew up just southwest of the airport. Being in a truck, and not a plane, made this infinitely safer, but it looked like it would be a pain in the butt loading the airplane with all the stuff while it rained. Also, the rain storm kinda looked like some sort of Pac-Man trying to eat the airport, IDK.

Luckily, we somehow managed to arrive just in time. The composite radar showed rain descending over the runways only but nothing was hitting the ground, and we were north of the runways on the ramp. We drove out onto the ramp and quickly loaded up the plane. @coda had even finished hanging out in the city and came back to help out and get dinner with us afterwards.

Two folks stand in front of an airplane, loaded with boxes Somehow, we managed to get all the crap in the plane before any rain fell on our heads. I carefully weighed each box and calculated the weight and balance for the airplane with each box, making sure that all the boxes met the appropriate weight requirements for flying in each location they were in. It was wild seeing the plane so full to the gills with all that stuff, but it also felt really neat.

The plane finished, we decided to get dinner near the airport. I did a yelp search and saw a British pub basically on the airport grounds! We drive over there in Joelle's car and had a delicious British dinner. It was worth it. All 4 of us were exhausted from all of the work and travel that day.

After dinner, I looked up where our hotel was. I knew it was near the airport, as it was another “free” hotel I got in walking distance so we could get out early in the morning again. As we walked back to Joelle's truck, I discovered that we were... already there. The pub we just ate at was literally the restaurant for the hotel we were staying at. I waited until we were at the truck and pretended to give directions for how to get to our hotel. “Okay, what you're gonna wanna do is... stay right here. We're here!”

@coda departed the party and went to the Denver International Airport to catch a commercial flight home. @norintha and I tucked into the quaint English-themed hotel. The bed was soft and while I didn't get a full 8 hours, I definitely got a really good night's sleep.

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This is part of a 5 part series on my adventures helping my friend move. Check out part 1 and start there!

The plan

My flight plan from KRHV to KEKO

To make sure that I was able to minimize the amount of flying I'd be doing during the hottest parts of the day, I planned to do most of my flying taking off right around dawn. Unfortunately, doing so on the first leg, out of Reid-Hillview, could be a problem. Specifically, San Jose has a nasty habit of being covered by a blanket of clouds every morning until as late as 10:00AM, and I'm not an instrument rated pilot (yet).

To avoid being trapped inside San Jose and being forced to do a lot of flying during the heat of the day, I decided that we'd fly out part way on Friday evening, close to sunset. This would avoid the hottest parts of the day over the desert and get us out of San Jose while we could.

The first planned route was KRHV VPBAV VPBAS HNW SWR FMG LLC BAM KEKO. It would take roughly 3 hours to traverse. At the other end, I used some rewards points and got us a “free” hotel directly across the street from the airport.

My partner @coda agreed at the last minute to join me on our flight out to Denver. They've learned enough about flying now that they can help out with things like steering the plane and such, reducing the workload on me and giving me more brain space to work on other problems. I knew that we were going to run into the possibilities of bad weather on our way out there, and having them as a sort of “co-pilot” would really help.

Heading out

The California Central Valley We departed Reid-Hillview around 4:30pm on Friday evening. Our plan was to fly to Elko, NV and get there before the sunset, since we didn't want to be dealing with mountains in the way. With 3 hours of flying in front of us, that left us basically an extra 60-90 minutes of sufficient light to see where we were going. While we would also have moonlight, I didn't want to rely on it. I also didn't want to leave so early that we'd be running into really bad weather.

The area around Yuba Pass As we climbed up over the Sierra Nevada mountain range, I called up flight service, reported our position, and started asking about the weather up ahead. According to them, there was a thunderstorm just southwest of Lovelock that was heading northwest and would probably get in our way. We continued on, recognizing that we may have to divert before we got there.

A weird grove of trees near Yuba Pass I don't know what this collection of trees is, but we saw it just east of Yuba Pass and it was wild looking, so I snapped a photo of it.

The first blocks of weather

The Nevada Desert near Reno As we went west of Reno, I called up Flight Service again to talk about our options. Things had degraded massively. The weather south of Lovelock had moved out of our way for the most part. But the weather around Battle Mountain was horrible and getting worse by the second. A massive storm, easily 30 miles in diameter, was brewing and getting worse and worse. This was smack dab right between us and our destination. Flight Service advised that we do not continue our flight past Lovelock, and I agreed. But what to do instead?

One of the cool things about using Foreflight and an ADS-B equipped airplane is that we were able to view the same weather radar information that Flight Service and ATC were looking at. As @coda flew the plane further east on our course, I poured over the map and considered our options.

A zoom in of our flight plan Looking at this map of where we wanted to go, you can see that Battle Mountain was smack dab directly between us and Elko. Looking past the clusterfuck that was at Battle Mountain, we could see that Elko was still in the clear. In theory, we could still get over there... But how? Going north wasn't a good option. That flew us into other weather that had already continued north, and put us right in the path of some of this really bad weather. Plus, it would eat a lot of time that we didn't necessarily have. That option out, I looked south.

Now, south of Lovelock, Battle Mountain, and Elko, the weather seemed largely good. While there were some rain storms down there, they weren't yet developing into the monster thunderstorms they would become further to the north. They were just dark clouds and gentle rain down there, at least from the radar. But getting there would require us to fly through restricted airspace.

I called up Flight Service and asked if that would work out. They said “Huh. Yeah, actually. That looks good to us over here.” I thanked them and flipped over to ATC and asked permission to go through the restricted airspace.

ATC: “Well uh, R-4813 is currently active. We have special use military vehicles active in that area.”

Me: “What about R-4816? Could we go through there?”

ATC: “Yeah, actually. That should work. You are cleared through restricted area 4816”

WOO HOOO!!! That meant we could make it in good time towards our destination. We pressed on!

I don't know what kinds of “special use” vehicles they had over there, but I do know that a flight of several F-16s in tight formation wound up flying right underneath us as we passed through the restricted airspace.

Dark clouds over the desert We carefully and cautiously approached the dark band of clouds that was feeding the monster thunderstorm some 60 miles north of us at Battle Mountains. It was largely uneventful. A little rain, a little minor turbulence, and we were through. That put us through the weakest part of the line of storms and left us seemingly in the clear to reach our destination. We began our left turn towards the mountains, steering down the valleys between the tall mountains below us.

Racing to the finish line

As we closed in on our destination, we checked in again with NexRAD and Flight Service to see how we were doing. To our horror, a thunderstorm had developed over the top of Elko. Worse, another system was starting to build just south of it and was heading right for Elko.

It was starting to look more and more like we weren't going to be able to put into Elko this evening. I pulled out my iPad and started researching alternative destinations to go to. Having lost time for our existing diversion, we didn't have a lot of daylight left to spend. The best place for a diversion, I thought, would be Wendover, UT, a small town 90 miles east of Elko. I should have liked to go further, perhaps all the way to Salt Lake City, but looking on NexRAD indicated the presence of more thunderstorms in the way, and I wasn't about to start navigating around those at night.

We travelled up the valley, silently hoping for the weather around Elko to move further north. And... it started to. The weather reports I was getting on the ground seemed to be clearing up.

But it was hard to be sure, right? While having all this information on board the airplane is fantastic to help you make the right decisions, ultimately it is only advisory. The reality is what you see with your eyes when you get there. The weather reports sounded better, but were they actually better? I decided we'd fly past Elko on our way to Wendover to get a better look.

It was around this time that I noticed we were flying up a valley north right in between two thunderstorms. Uhhh. NO. I took the controls and executed a quick 90º turn to the right to switch valleys and get us a little more space from the storms. We skirted the northwest edge of a TFR (A temporary flight restriction due, in this case, to fire fighting.) and came up along the Ruby Dome mountains.

Rain over the desert At this point, the small rain storm just south of Elko was starting to develop into a thunderstorm of its own. We watched lighting come out of it and strike a peak just south of the town. We were racing it north, keeping far to the east of it, watching it grow in strength.

Battle Mountain Clusterfuck As we moved further north, we finally could see the giant fuck-off thunderstorm that was hovering over Battle Mountain to the northwest, miles beyond Elko. That thing was a monster.

By some miracle, as we worked our way north next to Ruby Dome, Elko came into view. Beautiful. Clear. VFR for days. While the small storm loomed to the south of it, Elko itself was clear for now. I viewed the situation carefully.

I know that flying near thunderstorms can be extremely dangerous, especially in their path. They can cause severe turbulence even in the clear air ahead of them, lulling unwary pilots into their dangerous traps.

With this knowledge in my head, I considered several things all at once. 1. The storm just south of Elko was small and slow. It wasn't very strong. 2. Diverting to Wendover at this point would result in us needing to do a little bit of night flying over unfamiliar mountainous terrain, not something I was keen on. 3. I had the Elko airport in sight, and knew we could be on the ground in less than 5 minutes.

I put it all together and made what was probably the riskiest decision of the whole flight. I turned left and made for the Elko airport. I descended quickly over the town, made a beeline for the runway, and landed with nary a blip of turbulence.

As we rolled out down the runway, both of us let out a little cheer of nervousness and relief. We were on the ground, safe, and done flying for the evening. We rolled over to the fuel pods to refuel the airplane and watch the storm.

Landed at Elko, with storm in background The rain storm briefly dropped a little rain on our heads, but quickly moved north and west of the town, ignoring us. Shortly after this, multiple other airplanes started to arrive, including at least one commercial jet. We tied the airplane down, grabbed our bags, and left.

Our final course looked like this Our final flight track

An evening in Elko

Figuring out how to get out of the airport was hard. Both of us had missed dinner, and were famished and tired. We grabbed the first door out of the airport, even though we didn't see a door code or any way back in, and headed for dinner. We had food at this amazing Mexican place next to the airport called Costa Vida, then crossed the street to go to our hotel.

The Hampton Inn we stayed at was surprisingly posh and comfy for being “free” for us, and honestly pretty cheap even if it wasn't free. @coda and I turned in, watched the new Rocko's Modern Life movie on Netflix, then went to bed in a super comfy bed, alarms set for 4:30am the next morning.

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The mission

My friend @norintha has been in a rough living situation in Denver, CO for a while. The environment and situation wasn't working for her at all. She made arrangements to leave and move to Reno, NV, and her friends there were going to come get her.

And then their car broke down.

My friend was now trapped up there with no way out and few, if any, local friends who had the resources to help out.

That's where I come in.

One thought was that I could grab a Friday night commercial flight out to Denver, rent a big van for a 1 way drive, drive up into the mountains Saturday, pack her stuff, then spend 16+ hours driving her to Reno and another few hours driving myself home before turning in the car.

Another option... I own an airplane with an awesome amount of weight carrying capacity for a small plane. In less time, for actually less money... I could fly my plane out to Denver, pack the plane full of my friend's stuff, and fly her and her stuff to Reno, NV. My airplane with doors open

After careful review of weather forecasts, weight estimates, and more... I chose the latter.

The danger of the mission

So far in my flying adventures, I've only flown east of California once, out to the Grand Canyon. Prior to that, I've mostly flown around California and north to Oregon. Some of these have been excellent and long flight in their own right, but flying all the way to Denver, CO is unlike any of those from before.

Danger 1: High Altitude Flight

Picture of a Mountain, suggesting high altitudes

Most of my flying to date has been with the ground well below 3000 ft MSL (Median Sea Level). Most of the trip out to Denver has the ground well above 5000 ft. MSL, with considerable portions as high as 8000 ft. MSL. This changes a LOT about flying.

To give yourself enough distance above the ground to get things like nice glide distances in case of an engine out, cruising altitudes as high as 11,500 ft. MSL may be necessary. At that altitude, the airplane engine, airfoil, and pilot all find their performance levels reduced by the lower density of air that higher altitudes have.

Engines need to combust a mixture of fuel and air in order to produce a maximum output. As you reduce the air molecules available in a given volume, it gets harder and harder for the engine to produce that level of horsepower.

Wings, control surfaces, and propellors do their thing by interacting with air molecules that flow over them. Reduce the amount of air molecules around them, and you also reduce the effectiveness of all of these things. Landings, take offs, and more are all negatively affected, and careful calculation of how much runway will be necessary at a given altitude, as well as what kinds of climb rates to expect, are vital.

And last, but not least, human pilots need plenty of oxygen to enable their brain to function well. Reduced air density at high altitudes means reduced amount of oxygen available to the pilot. While FAA regulations don't require supplemental oxygen below 12,500 ft. MSL, pilots and passengers both can start to experience minor degrees of hypoxia well below that. Even a small reduction in blood oxygen levels can have significant effects on the ability of a pilot to process the information and make the decisions necessary for the accomplishment of a safe flight.

Danger 2: Desert Heat and Mountains

A view just east of Reno, NV Most of the environment between here and Denver, CO consists of what we call “high desert” environments. Hot, high altitude areas with lots of mountainous terrain. This makes for some unique challenges.

Hot air tends to be less dense than cooler air. As a result, even if the airplane is flying at, say, 11,500 ft MSL, hotter air might make the airplane “feel” as though its flying even higher. This affects all of the same things that high altitude affects, including the engine, airfoils, and human pilots. The altitude that the air “feels like” is referred to as the “Density Altitude” and it is critical to calculate what that is when flying in high desert environments.

Heat is also one of the things that energizes air flow. Hotter air, in a sense, “gets excited.” As air gets heated up, it tends to rise, creating thermals, clouds, wind gusts, and more. Over the hot deserts in the afternoon, this can create turbulence that is virtually unbearable, or in some cases, downright dangerous.

All that hot air moving around gets even more exciting when it encounters mountains. In these scenarios air acts a lot like water does when traveling over the rapids. It splashes up over a mountain range, accelerates over the peaks, and rapidly drops off the other side. In valleys and narrow passes, it can accelerate to extremely high speeds. All of this can create extremely dangerous downdrafts that airplanes will struggle to get out of in the high density altitude around them.

Understanding the affects of heat, especially around mountains, is vital to navigating difficult environments like these.

Reason 3: Challenging Weather

Hot air causing air to rise and move around? Whatever could that result in? A thunderstorm dropping rain far to the left of this airplane Oh yeah. Rain. More importantly, thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms are nobody's friend in the air. Flying within a thunderstorm's area of influence can result in turbulence so severe it can rip the wings off your airplane and hurtle you to the ground. Even the big commercial jets steer well clear of these powerful convective systems.

In California, where I've done most of my flying, the weather is almost always clear skies and sunny. The only clouds I have to deal with are the marine layer that comes in and blankets the city in a thin layer of cloud a thousand or so feet above the ground. On the rare occasion that we do get some “real weather” out here, it's easy to just cancel flying plans and stay on the ground and not worry about all of that.

Unfortunately, if you want to fly pretty much anywhere else in the country, especially over the high desert in the summer, you're going to have to contend with this kind of weather and figure out how to navigate it.

Preparing for the mission

Dangers of the flight loaded up in my mind, I began preparing for the flight several weeks in advance. I studied everything I could on thunderstorm avoidance. I watched air safety videos about people who flew into these monster storms and died. I reflected on mistakes I've made in the past myself. I studied the weather forecasts on many different sources, especially AccuWeather and Windy TV. It looked as though most of the worst weather was going to be out of our way, though the chaos of weather meant this could never be counted on entirely. I talked to fellow pilots about my plans and got their ideas of what I should and shouldn't do out there, especially ideas about routing.

Given the size of the stuff my friend was bringing back with us, I decided to pull out the seats in my airplane to make for extra room and give us a little more weight headroom. The back of my airplane, sans seats

I wrote up VFR flight plans, submitting them to the FAA, and prepared. The journey began Friday, August 9, 2019.

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